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  1. Not here to take "shots" at anyone, just sharing a similar experience.
  3. Extinction and Ragnarok PS4 PVE Official Had an exciting weekend myself. Tribe of three, we have been working towards taming titans for gamma King Titan Fight. We are just practice taming at this point so we will be good enough to go get all three for the king titan. We have our base in the desert and have tamed the desert titan numerous times but never tried the ice or forest. That being said, I dont know why it took us this long to try the other titans as apparently the desert is said to be the tougher of the three tames. Well i think they are right, we tamed up both the ice and forest
  4. Extinction PS4 Official Thought i'd share that it is possible to find the HOLY GRAIL Rex bp....141.8 Still in shock and so sad that it will not stay at this armor rating for too long..SERVER RESET WILL KNOCK IT DOWN TO 124.0
  5. Having a great time with the event, next we'll be going to abb for some reapers, drakes and crabs this weekend WooHoo!!
  6. So we will have to transfer drake and wyvern eggs from another map to make this kibble now, am I missing something. No way to get these eggs naturally on extinction, and you cant tame hesperonis from the caves anymore, so whats up? Why would they move titanboa to superior? HELP me understand?
  7. So you could bring a few metal dino gates and place them down in a circle around the drop, you'd have to be pretty quick about it. It's kind of resource heavy but you're probably getting free ones from the drops anyways right! This will allow you to stay back a bit and not get pounded on top of the drop by 30 spinos/rexes/trikes, hopefully lessening the chance of a rage, those red 100k drops will put up with quite a bit of punishment, just thinking out loud, saw lucky by nature try it in a video. SOLO IS TOUGH Another idea i had but havent tried is a quetz with plat saddle full of velonos
  8. I've had problems with my giga enraging from having too many enraged trikes/rexes at my feet when chompin thru..... could have been dismounted by getting enraged and just didn"t notice?
  9. Extinction 997 PS4 So we found a giga, level 145 female and decided to take it down and tame it. Gotta luv those ascendant longneck rifles we got from our gachas. We've got a trap just outside the snow biome, top right of the map just in the wastes. So getting it trapped was a breeze, but as we were kiting it to the trap we noticed the lag was interfering with its aggro, it would aggro us for a sec or two, we'd get a lag spike and have to re-aggro it over and over again, we didn't have to go far, but was definitely noticing something was off. Our server ping had been floating around 150 a
  10. A work around for a tame capped server, if you find something you have to have, and you have a dino you're willing to cull/kill to get this one. Knock said creature out, keep it unconscious, don't put food in inventory. Use the dododex starve timer to tell you when its food value has dropped enough that it will consume all food to tame it up. Kill your extra dino to make room on the server for this new one, as soon as the "too many dinos" changes to "put food in inventory" , put the food in now and watch it tame up. If someone else is doing the same thing at the same time on the serv
  11. The icons inside the beacons are for porting to the boss arenas, put the required items in the obelisk/beacon and you can go fight the boss, green is gamma (easy boss), blue is beta (medium level), and red is alpha (hard level). There are three bosses to complete on the island, broodmother, megapithecus, and dragon, each unlocking different engrams. You can also transfer to other servers (other maps, ragnarok, scorched, aberration) which are in your cluster through the obelisk/beacons. Official is separate cluster from legacy and so on.
  12. Didn't go so well in the cave of shadows yesterday with our 2 raised ravagers, it was the crabs and the baryonyx that eventually took us, we got all the way through (though next time we will be bringing some rockets) and were able to each grab an artifact but we were not able to get out. I had died at least twice trying to kill crabs it there, they pick you off your tames so quickly and have to sit there in its grasp and shotgun it to death, got lucky with the three before the artifact chamber as they were low levels, 20's or so, but on the return we were met with some newly spawned baryonyx i
  13. Spent the holiday weekend on Ab as our other servers are all tame capped, was a good time as we raised two of theses exceptional fellas. Me and my tribemate both got impregnated by ths same queen so we now have 2 red event reapers.....we're so spoiled....lol Also raised two ravagers in the cave of shadows, will be farming for the artifact this week, should be fun with the ravs in there!
  14. Spent the majority of the weekend on Aberration again, as most of our other official ps4 servers are at cap, Island and Ragnarok. We did raise another thyla on rag in the ice cave to farm the ice queen, lost one last week to a worm at the end of the top part, didn't leave him on neutral, logged in friday to a death message on it. No biggie right, just raise another....lol... shoudn't have left it there, well I know now. Had to kill a few of my ptera breeds to be able to get it to gestate. Went to abberation Saturday morning to birth our reapers, 125 level queen impregnation + 75 levels
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