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  1. I'm on PS4, this happens to us when we transfer from another map to ab, if you restart your game and load directly into ab than the pink river should be much better and not so blinding. See if it helps you
  2. Not here to take "shots" at anyone, just sharing a similar experience.
  4. Higher Crafting Skill increases the quality of each item received from each colored crystal you open. Not the quantity or speed at which they drop.
  5. Extinction and Ragnarok PS4 PVE Official Had an exciting weekend myself. Tribe of three, we have been working towards taming titans for gamma King Titan Fight. We are just practice taming at this point so we will be good enough to go get all three for the king titan. We have our base in the desert and have tamed the desert titan numerous times but never tried the ice or forest. That being said, I dont know why it took us this long to try the other titans as apparently the desert is said to be the tougher of the three tames. Well i think they are right, we tamed up both the ice and forest in less time than we have ever tamed the desert. We used meks for both ice and forest, IT WAS A BLAST.
  6. Graf1cs

    50k veins solo

    Sure can, just keep the center node clear of damage as much as possible, try to get some velos unpodded whilst doing the rounds, 3 or 4 velos can help loads. GL
  7. Yes, it happens. Bad luck i guess. Seen a few vids on youtube of this happening also so you're not alone, luckily its 2x breeding, have fun with those giga babies.
  8. Got a few 80 - 90 armor from brute cave ( easy water cave, only need basilo ) on island. I got a few apprentice bp's from random red drops on the island tho very rare. And i got this this weekend from a purple OSD wave 16 on extinction Official PS4......WOOT!!!!!
  9. Extinction PS4 Official Thought i'd share that it is possible to find the HOLY GRAIL Rex bp....141.8 Still in shock and so sad that it will not stay at this armor rating for too long..SERVER RESET WILL KNOCK IT DOWN TO 124.0
  10. Island Broodmother, gamma, beta, alpha Megapithecus gamma, beta, alpha Dragon gamma, beta, alpha Scorched Manticore gamma, beta, alpha Ragnarok Dragon and Manticore gamma, beta, alpha also mini boss arenas Ice Queen and Lava Golem Center Broodmother and Megapithecus gamma, beta, alpha Aberration Rockwell gamma, beta, alpha Extinction Desert Titan Forest Titan Ice Titan King Titan gamma, beta, alpha
  11. They only unlock specific to the map your on, so you'll have to transfer your character to a scorched earth map, learn what engrams you want and then get to an obelisk or drop and transfer back to extinction. Remember that you'll need available engram points for this, you can mindwipe if you need to BEFORE transferring, but every mindwipe after this is done will also reset the S.E. ones you've just learned. And yes it is possible to loose your character while transferring, so keep it in mind.
  12. Ragnarok 458 Official PS4 Homestead Update Greenhouse
  13. Found on official that babies thrown down with cryosickness will not eat from trough, I've lost a few to this early on, now I put a few stacks on them after un-cryoing so they can still eat through the cryosickness phase. Maybe this helps you!
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