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  1. Resurrected


    I found some fossil, it appears mods are canceling out the event and I think I still need to use the command for the fossils to appear.
  2. Resurrected


    Hi, I play single player only. There is this new event Arkaeology will I be aible to expierence it as a single player player. Atm I cant see any tech rexes or fossils in game. I used -ActiveEvent=Arkaeology I do have 2 mods
  3. Resurrected

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Are the events available for single player gamers ?
  4. Resurrected

    Abberation Primitive plus

    Hi I posted this on steam but didn't got any answer. Hi, I am looking for some info since I recently started playing ark again and since I wanted a new start without loosing my buildings I thought why not primitive plus on abberation.Anyhow here are some questions I hope someone can answer.1. Industrial forge doesn't make glass is it a bug or intended ?2. I have a climbing pick engram, but can't find it where to craft all building don't show it.3. Can't cook mushroom stew nowhere, do I need a recipe or ? I've put the ingredients but nothing happens.4. Why don't we have an rock drake saddle engram ????? 5. Why don't we have the attachment to go up zip lines? Using zip lines just to go down renders them meaningless since everyone can glide down. Going up was the point.6. If I was to play with default ark settings on crop growth I'd probably never bake. Primitive plus has so much to offer in regards of cooking but even with my 99999x flora grow rate it's a grind to actually make food items.8. Obsidian pickax seems pointless since I get overall more material and the one that I need with an iron pickax or axe. Am I missing something?9. Who can damage lumber buildings ? Are they as strong as wood and bricks as strong as stone?10. Why is there no way to collect gass just pick it up.11. Alchemy table seems not to work as normal arks chemistry bench, it does not give more resources or is it just me, more like same pestle and mot.12. Industrial forge does not refine wood/fungi to coal. Why ? bug or intended ?13. Rock drakes If we can't ride em, can't hatch em it's gonna be relay hard fight with the last boss, also renders the radiation zone useless why go there ? Only for reapers? Overall rock drakes such an amazing journey to go get the egg and fly around.14. Long loading screen times. Seems like it really is a total conversion every time converting, making the ssd or hdd work, isn't there no way to have a separate game/files to avoid loading times. Just have the same game 2x times will take 2x space but you will save 4x time on loading screens.Over all seems we can build a lot of cool new stuff, yet the stuff is just for show it gives no meaning or usefulness, a few different types of arrows that do the same thing with no different benefits, a lot of different food that is basically unmakable played for 12h+ straight can't grow enough sugar to make a cocktail..... simpler to eat berries. Well with 999x rates it's posible but I can't imagine people playing it on default.No tek gear, okay, I undestand and agree but why leave the option to mine element go to the station (light metal obelisks across ark) and make tek element (all tho we do not have battery engram).Seems like nothing in primitive + was thought out and is just meh a very early accsses thing any idea if anything would get better or is it better to save yourselves a heartbreak and play regular ark instead of this unfully converted mode? Since I only play solo and I do't want to play if I know that there is no chance for me to kill a boss. In my regular play through on normal ark in abberation in took me a month to actually kill Rockwell with preparing ammo, building a base making stews, getting a drake, artifacts, trying different tactics and finally getting him down on like 4th time. On primitive plus it seems that this will not happen, I just need reassurance that it's posible to kill a boss, I don't mind it being hard or extremely maybe hard just so that it is actualy doable.
  5. Resurrected

    Singleplayer Bug/Issue Collection Thread

    IDk if this topic is still alive but eh... PC any map. Using obelisk for transfer. If you transfer items and dinos at the same time and you take items out first, the next dino you take out will be gone. if you take out dinos first then items will be ok. It used to be if you take items and dinos you wony even see dinos. But now you only can loose one dino. Also on the side note and the reason I got here by googling is my red obelisk is dead I cant access it. Map the Island PC. BLue and green are ok. The red ones option to clikc E is gone.
  6. Resurrected

    Aberation single player FATAL ERROR HELp

    After trying to remove some save files containing character and then creating new characters, moving files over and over. I got muy char back but all bases destroyed, then got some other char but with fatal error getting near base. And finaly somehow I got everything back. Worst 2 hours of this year and finaly everythnigs back raptoring Christhmas miracle. Honestly screw this thax for no support at all. 2017 who the raptor designs a game so that boom sudenly for no reason all your progres might get deleted. Freaking shame. UPDATE After Exiting game and trying to launch again. FATAL raptorING ERROR. After removing save files with words profiler and creating a new survival in game to the same map then exiting and moving back the previous save profile files overrighting I get the game to run. After exit and relaunching it Gives A FATAL ERROR AGAIN. WHAT CAN I DO ? UPDATE 2 SOLVED FIX FOR FATAL ERROR might fix it helped for me Not that anyone cares. I think I fixed it Solved it. In the future if anyone runs to a fatal error and is playing single player do this: Go to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame or where ever you installed the game and open the saved folder. In the saved folder open the folder witch name starts with the map like say Aberration_PSavedArksLocal or ScorchedEarth_PSavedArksLocal Then remove temporaly Localplayer and LocalPlayer.profilebackup. Start the game, start that map that got you error. create new survival. Exit game Go back to the saved folder and put back Localplayer and LocalPlayer.profilebackup. the removed files removed files click replace all. Start ark, start that map. Alt+tab or start. While the game is running go to the saved folder again and delete everything while the game is running. Then in game use admin comman saveworld (not sure if nesecery or any of this is) and exit ark New files should appear in saved folder and problem should be gone. I hope
  7. Resurrected

    Aberation single player FATAL ERROR HELp

    Reinstalled the game, still fatal error.
  8. Resurrected

    Aberation single player FATAL ERROR HELp

    Tried reseting resoliution. Nothing helped. i don't think Ive been this sad this year, I had 2 ships and 2 bases in different places started connecting with ziplines, explored the are with no admin commands, dieing alot. And finaly getting my ground, and now it's just pff gone. Couse of fatal error. Level 61 no xp multiplayers..... All those hours.
  9. Resurrected

    Aberation single player FATAL ERROR HELp

    Hi, ve been playing abberation since release in single player got a a lot of bases up and proggresesd quet a bit. During game play I got a fatal error https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqvwkykficvg9qi/Untitled.png?dl=0 And since then can't start aberation I after I click the aberation map and start it loads and after that boom Fatal error I don't even see the game. Other maps work fine and I can play them I restarted PC, validated ark files, I'm a Win 10 user, 1060 6gb Nvidia GPU 16 gb ram Nothing helps please help I can\t play the game