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  1. As far as my knowledge goes we have: Easter, Arkaelogy, Extinction Chronicles, Winter Wonderlands, Vday, Summer. these work on single player via steam if you put in the command line. Source wiki. Haven't tested it. Arkeology works without commands tho tested. Fear evolved is not :/. I asked this question aswell: I alsto tried spawning some event creatures. Skins works, zombie wyvern too, all else dont't
  2. i saw someone on youtube saying: -beta halloween Don't seem to work tho. Also you set these in steam launch options
  3. EVENTS single player Can I use -ActiveEvent=<eventname> command to start an event like this years Halloween ? On steam single player? Or do Only these work: <eventname> Easter Allows for the Easter Event to be activated Arkaeology Allows for the Arkaeology Event to be activated. ExtinctionChronicles Allows for the Extinction Chronicles Event to be activated. WinterWonderland Allows for Winter Wonderland 2018 Event to be activated. vday Allows for Valentine's Day Event to be activated. Summer Allows for Summer Bash 2019 Event to be activated.
  4. 2019 03 17 The bug is still there no artifact....... Single player....
  5. Are the events available for single player gamers ?
  6. IDk if this topic is still alive but eh... PC any map. Using obelisk for transfer. If you transfer items and dinos at the same time and you take items out first, the next dino you take out will be gone. if you take out dinos first then items will be ok. It used to be if you take items and dinos you wony even see dinos. But now you only can loose one dino. Also on the side note and the reason I got here by googling is my red obelisk is dead I cant access it. Map the Island PC. BLue and green are ok. The red ones option to clikc E is gone.
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