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  1. They asked about specific things that I don't like about the game, in multiple pages. I struggled to come up with many things besides these glaring bugs that kindof ruin it for me as a pve player.
  2. Alongside these things being broken, they also broke explorer notes completely this time as opposed to just having boss dossiers be broken. You can't even click on them anymore.
  3. Hello, With the recent patch 300.7, I have not been able to click on any of the explorer notes at all. Does everyone else experience this? Please do let me know. This kind of bug is not surprising because there is also a bug that prevents survivors from getting the boss dossiers when they kill a boss on any official or server that has been up for more than a week or two.
  4. Made my response, hope it is looked at and helps to slightly shape the game into something better. I talked a lot about how boss dossiers are broken and it really makes me sad
  5. Thanks for contributing. The more people that mention this exists, the more awareness there should be!
  6. Yeah, it is frustrating. Please consider submitting a bug report and just spreading awareness of this bug.
  7. Just to further prove my argument, look at how they fixed explorer notes in the past. Not sure if you remember, but explorer notes in general were completely broken for a month or two back in the summer, right after the beta and they recognized the issue and fixed it. This wasn't necessary whatsoever, and similarly to this issue, a lot of people did not care whatsoever. Regardless, wildcard fixed it. Now, of course that issue is of a greater scale, but it is EQUALLY as unimportant as this issue because they are both completely unnecessary as you say to the game and wouldn't be considered "critical". All we need to do is spread awareness of the issue enough to where wildcard gets enough reports that they think it as high priority to fix as the previous explorer note bug and then we'll see what happens.
  8. I understand where you're coming from, and I believe you as I have experience with submitting bug reports that have never been attended to as well, however, I think perhaps we should encourage them to do good rather than making it a final statement that they never will fix these things. The reason being, is that when they see people saying that they never fix stuff, that won't make them want to fix it any more, that will make them accept that their reputation as unchanging and will forever be associated negatively and with immense laziness. It is incredibly frustrating, but we should never just give up and say "eh, they're lazy, and they'll never change", in spite of their history.
  9. Garet, something you need to know about me is that I really don't give up. I will keep spreading awareness of this until it is fixed. There is nothing that can get in my way. I mean, it's really not that hard to fix it. It's essentially a bug that affects all ARK saves past a certain point. Some kind of trigger completely breaks the functionality of getting boss dossiers, and I still don't know what that function is, however; I do know how long it takes, generally. It takes at LEAST 10-12 days of a server being up with a few restarts in between ofc, and then it breaks. That's generally how long it took me every time, because at the 10-12 day mark I was doing bosses.
  10. Okay well listen up everyone, I actually got it to spawn and it was incredibly easy. All I did was kill everything in the cave and then wait like an hour outside the cave and it just spawned o_O Perhaps they fixed it?
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