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  1. Bugs like this are still not fixed. It's a shame to see the number of players that have taken the torch from me and still not gotten responses (I tried to spread awareness of this bug years ago). Thus, I'm making a video on this specific issue and will be trying to get it addressed as much as possible! #FixBossiers
  2. That could be a fantastic idea, being able to cut the horns for a hefty 100 keratin or something, so it could be similar to the Ovis' renewable resource. Either that, or I was thinking that the male Myos could have larger horns than the females.
  3. Thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback! I'll add a taming section to the page soon
  4. That sounds like a neat idea! I think having it be a beneficial companion to survivors in their taming and resource gathering adventures is what this thing is all about.
  5. Here's a picture illustrating how the resources could be clumped into a smaller number of 'parasaur-type detection rings' as opposed to having each individual resource show a ring.
  6. Thanks for voicing your concerns! You are misunderstanding exactly what it does, and the way that it does it. The Myotragus would have a 'set' number of resources that it is capable of sensing, per creature. For example, one Myotragus may only be able to sense Metal, Obsidian, Green Gems, Blue Gems, and Fungal Wood, While another Myotragus may only be able to sense Crystal, Red Gems, Silica Pearls, Black Pearls, and Sap. Secondly, this radar alert could be intelligent enough to only light up an 'area' for the client, not just every single node in that area. Lastly, as
  7. Introduction! Hey all, Welcome to my creature submission for Fjordur! You can read what I wrote below for the full Dossier text, along with some extra information, and a viewable Dossier that I myself along with two artists created! Credit largely goes to them Myotragus Dossier Text Wild On the surface, Myotragus sensorem looks like a regular mountain goat. Upon closer inspection however, this creature is a lucky thing to come across. In the wild, Myotragus sensorem is passive, though defensive when attacked. Myotragus are capable of scaling the steep slopes of
  8. This is the best community crunch I've seen in a really long time. Lots of content, good communication. I appreciate it Ced, please keep it up and DEFINITELY have Wildcard hire more people to help make it even better.
  9. The switch version will never be updated. Just wait another few years so you can see that I told you so. This version of the game is sorely dead and WC has swept it under the decaying rug.
  10. Wheres the community crunch? I mean come on they take about four seconds to put together based on how little content is ever actually in them
  11. This community crunch only went over things that happened LAST WEEK, and doesn't address the switch version whatsoever and how it's been handling in such a slimy, disgusting, horrible way. Jen, why do you have to be so dishonest with the community?
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