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  1. Splitscreen / Co-Op Support for PC. Splitscreen / co-op local support has been missing from pc for as long as the game has been out. It had VR support for some time (before they broke it), and it has controller support on pc as well as split screen on consoles, so why is there no split screen on pc? The market for this kind of thing isn't massive, but this would be really nice for people who play on pc and like to do local co-op stuff. Theoretically this wouldn't be too hard, right? It doesn't have to include multiplayer, just singleplayer offline co-op is enough. Hope somebody sees this, thanks. EDIT: What's even more saddening is that they what looks like a "working" mock up of split screen all the way back in 2015, yet it still has not been added, check this out:
  2. Blanket statement, provide evidence. I don't have telepathy, but I'm guessing you left because you realized how dumb what you just said sounds.
  3. Your argument is terrible. "His message wasn't to encourage people to cheat but people still will" Okay, let me give you an example of what you're doing. Let's say I'm claiming that someone is encouraging MURDERING other people. After someone points out that the person I'm criticizing isn't actually encouraging murder, I just say "well.. WELL MURDER WILL STILL HAPPEN! THATS THE POINT" What the heck does that have to do with it? Thats literally a complete dodge. Just beacuse people will still cheat, or will still murder has NOTHING to do with the claim of someone encouraging this behavior. Secondly, just about any kind of video can encourage behavior unintentionally. By your own logic, self defense videos where a guy is teaching people how to conceal guns is also encouraging you to rob or kill people with guns. "Just because people have good intentions, doesn't mean everyone else will view it the same." Yeah, no crap. Nobody denies that, and it does nothing for your argument. Just because Some people can take something in a way that the creator didn't intend for it to be taken, doesn't somehow mean the creator shouldn't have made the thing in the first place.
  4. He didn't even "encourage" people to cheat. He didn't specifically say that more people should mesh, he merely pointed out how to mesh in singleplayer. You're so biased dude, seriously look at what you're saying.
  5. Does encouraging people to "cheat" break TOS? There are many things that could encourage people to cheat, and so is it wrong to do that?
  6. Edit your post and remove the insult, we shouldn't be insulting these people that are just misinformed.
  7. Oh okay, so you play on server that are dead and don't have anyone banning meshers on them. If you had told me that in the first place, I wouldn't have been so perplexed by your claim. On the populated servers, you can't defend your base by meshing or else you're at risk of getting banned.
  8. What is bad about "broadcasting" how to exploit a game when it doesn't break TOS?
  9. Well yeah, I wish people didn't come in here without having any context and just throw their horrible, fallacious arguments out there as just to pipe in.
  10. How does one "build accordingly" to prevent getting meshed. Explain.
  11. If people don't argue about the game, it's never going to change. If nobody spoke up, nothing would happen, and thus there would be no feedback for the devs to learn from. I think you're making it seem like fixing meshing is an easy task. It's not, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. There are ways to fix meshing, but they just haven't been made clear enough to the devs. We need to make our voices louder and change ARK for the better.
  12. So if I show a clip of someone else breaking the TOS in a youtube video, does that justify banning me from the game? That's ridiculous. THINK before you post.
  13. Dude, what is it that you people don't understand? What consequences does he deserve for exposing an exploit within the UN-MODIFIED game in singleplayer?! It's not about how many subscribers he has. The only thing that his already established fan base has done is made this abuse become more well known in a much shorter amount of time.
  14. Go for it. If they ban you, that's completely unfair and unjustified in respect to their own TOS. Just like with that happened to HOD.
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