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  1. The name "Motobite" is just a nickname for the Flexicalymene Retrorsa, which was a real Trilobite. I was going to call it "Flexibite," but I believe that name was copywritten so I didn't want to go there. Google "Flexicalymene Retrorsa," since that is exactly what my creature is based off.
  2. Aberration is a unique map, and it should have only the most unique creatures as such! I'd like to introduce my creature pitch, the "Motobite." This is a creature based on the species of Trilobite called Flexicalymene Retrorsa. Flexicalymene was able to curl up into a defensive position which gives it the appearance of almost having a wheel underneath, which was the inspiration! Dossier The dossier artwork was done by Oreloki! She is incredibly talented, so a big thanks to her. Common Name: Motobite Species: Flexcialymene Retrorsa Time: Ordovician Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Defensive Wild Considering the abnormalities of the creatures I've seen in these caves thus far, spotting an oversized Flexicalymene has made me feel right at home. I mean come on. It's a cute little bugger! Well, maybe its not-so-little. Flexicalymene - or what I’m calling the Motobites - are heavily armored, medium-sized scavengers. In the wild, they seem happy to feast on fish, much like their smaller counterpart, Trilobite conchadurus. On land, the Motobite's bizarre, built-in biological wheel, allows the creature to zoom ahead of any potential predators, making it a rival in speed to the giant mole rats. If survivors can get through the Motobite's tough shell, upon harvesting, they will find valuable radiation-resistant blood, that is even more potent than the mushroom brew for protecting creatures from the sickness. Domesticated Motobites can be tamed with the clever use of pearls. Survivors will find that the creature has more uses than meets the eye. Their affinity for pearls makes them excellent gatherers of the resource, which are easy to reach since the creature can scale any surface underwater, whether on walls or along cave ceilings. On land, the Motobite can pair its speed with a survivor’s creative use of charge lights, making it a mobile threat to the monsters who fear the light. The motobite can even use its saddle to shoot pearls as projectiles, spit-balling enemies faster than a kid who can’t sit still. Traversal The Motobite is an oversized, supercharged Roomba underwater, and on land it acts like a biological monowheel motorcycle! We've never had a creature that was capable of clinging to any surface while submerged, which is what the Motobite could be able to do, similar to a Rockdrake or Megalania, but underwater, gliding along walls, ceilings, anything! On land, it could be similar to the Roll Rat, whereas the rider does not have to be disoriented, and it could have much more control, even being able to drift 😎 Defense Because the creature has a hard exoskeleton, the Motobite's weakness is in its bioluminescent wheel that it uses to gain tremendous speed. The shell would be tough to pierce through, making it a formidable creature to kill early game, and a useful ally to have on ventures to the depths. Underwater, the creature could be immune to Electrophorus and Cnidaria, similar to the basilosaurus. Offense The Motobite can have three main offensive capabilities. First, using its speed on land, it can could run over creatures, delivering crushing blows to smaller enemies. Next, when paired with its saddle, the Motobite could have charge lamps attached to its front and back, making it an excellent mount for the Bioluminescent and Molten Element regions, where light-resistant creatures are in abundance. Last, the Motobite can utilize a specialized tube on its saddle to shoot pellet-like spitballs of pearls at its enemies. Silica pearls could do some damage, and black pearls could do a whole lot more due to their weight. Combined, these abilities make the Motobite an agile charge-light user with ranged abilities too. Utility Beyond the Motobite's uses in traversal, defense, and offense, the Motobite can have three main uses when it comes to resources and long-term utility. The Motobite's blue blood, similar to Horseshoe Crabs, could provide a radiation resistant property. After refining this blood into an injectable product, it can be used similar to the Mushroom Brew, providing an even more potent effect for your non-resistant tames. Next, the Motobite may shed Chitin in vast quantities, as it rapidly replenishes its hard exoskeleton over time, proving as a chitin farm for survivors! As the creature is great at exploring bodies of water, Motobite can be great for collecting pearls across the map, either using the resource as ammunition, or for a survivor's many technological needs. Taming Taming the Motobite could have a bizarre method, which I think almost humorous. Because of the creature's love for riding along on smoother surfaces, the Motobite enjoys riding on foundations that are less bumpy than terrain. As the Motobite can feel structures under its wheel, this raises its affinity, allowing you to feed it pearls. The structure type can determine the speed that its affinity raises. The smoother the better! From Thatch to TEK, the Motobite could be tamed with silica pearls or black pearls. Share Your Thoughts! Let me know what you think of the design of the Motobite! I think it fits very well for Aberration's aesthetic, and in seeing this real-life picture of a Flexicalymene, you may see where the inspiration comes from. Thanks for reading, and please upvote this creature if you want to see it in-game as much as I do!
  3. Hi! Thanks for putting our screenshot in the crunch. Please credit Golden Drop with that though, because he's the member of my team who made it. I only shared it for the public, with his permission Thanks!
  4. This is the best community crunch I've seen in a really long time. Lots of content, good communication. I appreciate it Ced, please keep it up and DEFINITELY have Wildcard hire more people to help make it even better.
  5. Wheres the community crunch? I mean come on they take about four seconds to put together based on how little content is ever actually in them
  6. This community crunch only went over things that happened LAST WEEK, and doesn't address the switch version whatsoever and how it's been handling in such a slimy, disgusting, horrible way. Jen, why do you have to be so dishonest with the community?
  7. That setting should be on console, look for DisableStructurePlacementCollision, and set it to true. Might only be in the server settings which would require owning a server from a provider.
  8. No, it doesn't exactly work that way. They like their own kibble, not their own kibble and up.
  9. DisableStructureColission and also yes, tons of dinos are a bit unnecessary now since you only need one type for each type of kibble respectively.
  10. I've tested all of the recipes and I can tell you they are correct, unless they were changed last minute. Just because I'm not part of wildcard doesn't mean I didn't input the right values.
  11. Again, check the kibble wiki for the new recipes. They aren't really massive changes.
  12. That sounds really frustrating, and I haven't heard any information about RTX. All I can say is don't use an RTX card to play ARK. That's the main reason I still haven't upgraded from my GTX 1080 Ti.
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