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  1. This is the best community crunch I've seen in a really long time. Lots of content, good communication. I appreciate it Ced, please keep it up and DEFINITELY have Wildcard hire more people to help make it even better.
  2. Yeah if you're talking about fence supports, they completely broke them so you cant connect them anymore. What a joke.
  3. Yeah this is a pretty massive problem. They just completely broke a couple of the structures so they cant even be placed down properly.
  4. Can't connect fence supports? So yesterday, a patch broke stone triangle foundations so it showed up green but you couldnt place them. I updated my server, problem fixed. Now today, I'm trying to place stone fence supports, except it says I can't because whenever I place one, and then try to connect another one to it, it says "Can't Place Stone Fence Support: Requires Nearby Foundation Support. My server is up to date. Please fix this.
  5. Yeah, what I meant was that I'll probably try your solution, not the admin command. The admin command would feel pretty horrible since it would give me every single note. apologies for my confusing post.
  6. Well, if you were able to reproduce it multiple times and get the dossiers each time, then yeah I assume that's definitely a workaround for it. I always play on my own mostly private servers, but I choose to refrain from setting an admin password. I believe theres also a command that just gives someone the person that issues it every single explorer note in the game, but that also requires admin cheats. I'll probably do that whenever I get around to killing a boss. on a side note, I suppose being an admin while killing the boss and getting the dossiers would be consistent with singleplayer, since you get them regardless on there where admin mode is always on. Unfortunately, this fact doesn't fix the bug itself and all the people who play on official are still screwed. Although... it's not as if any of them care anyways since most players are on pvp I think.
  7. I appreciate the callout. Not going to lie, after trying to get this bug fixed for about 5 months to no avail, I've simply given up. There not enough people that care about an issue this small for it to get fixed. It takes too much willpower of mine to continue to try and isolate what the issue is exactly. I guess it's good to know there are at least a few other people out there that care enough to also speak up about it.
  8. This bug still exists, ask anyone who has killed any bosses in the past few months.
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