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  1. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Apologies for saying that you're raging at people, and I retract that statement. Now, you said something that was a terrible argument which was that: "there are thousands of people who don't post on these forums and play the game, and have been enjoying the current kibble system for years". This fact has literally no bearing on whether or not they're open to the change, or they dislike it. I honestly have no idea why you'd point out how lots of people are fine with the kibble system right now, when that is completely independent of whether or not they will like the new system. If you tell me that an update is coming out for a game that revamps a system within the game, and my response is that "there are already a bunch of people who don't post on the forums that like how the game is right now", that statement literally has no meaning. Just because someone already likes how something is, that doesn't mean they won't like if that thing is changed, or they will like if that thing is changed. That is dependent on whether or not they like said change. Now, let me point out most of your arguments relating to the kibble system are terrible. Your main argument is that the kibble system is removing content, and the reason it's bad is because it's removing content, not something external. Firstly we have to both agree on the definition of content. I would define content in a game as anything that the player can actually theoretically discover by themselves, without having to be told about. For example, I wouldn't consider a string of code that tells the game to do something in the background that nobody will ever be able to notice- as content, but I would consider a dinosaur, or a map, or the kibble system, as content. Now that we can both agree on content, we can get to why your argument is bad. Simply because content is being removed is not a good enough reason for saying that it's a bad thing. Content being removed could be both bad and good in your worldview, so simply because content is being removed, that isn't grounds for telling you why it's bad. If that were the case, then removing content in ANY capacity would be bad. Respond to each of my arguments in depth if you want to keep this up.
  2. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Unfortunately, you're in the minority with your opinions about kibble. Whether or not you want to rage at other people for liking the new kibble system is besides the point. This change is going to go into effect, the devs arent going to go out of their way to include the old system, and so you'll just have to install a mod that comes out at some point that uses the old system. Please stop arguing with people in this section since it's specifically centered around feedback for the kibble rework. Thanks.
  3. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    This is unrelated to kibble, but is related to the beta. Theres a bug where explorer notes can't be seen on the "explorer notes" tab. Theres nothing there.
  4. NeddyTheNoodle

    Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework Beta Is Live!

    Found a massive bug related to the beta specifically. If you got to the explorer notes tab, there is nothing there. It's just empty space. You can't see any of the explorer notes, even if they're unlocked.
  5. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Just FYI, I've updated all of the kibble and egg values in the wiki to where it's around 98% accurate. There were a few I didn't fully test like scorpions, basilosaurus, and dunkleostues, but the rest should be 100% correct at least. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble#Kibble_Rework
  6. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    The wiki is not accurate and is wrong about more than a handful of the dinos, like the egg recipes such as titanaboa eggs creating the extraordinary/special kibble, or compy's preferring basic kibble when in reality they don't prefer any kibble at all.
  7. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Please give a list of the dinos preferred kibble and which dinos produce each kibble, since I am still very confused as to which eggs make which kibble, and which dinos prefer which kibble.
  8. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/328639-the-team-who-ported-ark-survival-evolved-to-switch-wants-to-fix Here's my source.
  9. NeddyTheNoodle

    Structure Plus Beta Feedback

    It's really disappointing that the beta hasn't been updated in over a month. We've given you tons of feedback and you have yet to update it.
  10. In case you didn't know, Wildcard refuses to communicate with the company they got to port the game over, despite that company wanting to fix the switch version. WC literally just ran away with the money and stopped updating the game. I truly hope they get sued by Nintendo or Abstract Games for such a despicable thing to do.
  11. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    By "evidence", I mean explain your reasoning for why you think this way. The update makes the kibble tree much easier and less grindy. Why is this not a meaningful thing?
  12. NeddyTheNoodle

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

  13. NeddyTheNoodle

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Yeah just FYI, the wiki got changed by someone and completely threw off the actual real info. Should be accurate in a few weeks whenever the patch is pushed to stable.
  14. The community crunches seriously need improvement. They're just copy pastes of the last one with a different screenshot each time. If you think that's something that warrents paying someone for "work", then you might as well pay the community manager for just doing literally nothing. A 13 year old kid could create one of these community crunches effortlessly. Either hire a new community manager, or get the current community manager to do their job better and actually inform the community/make better anouncement "community crunches"