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  1. eESTlane

    Allow sickle to harvest plot crops

    nah, me thinks a tek blast cannon that incinerates the crop plot to get 5k veggy is much best. alpha rockwell ascension to unlock so only the advanced can abuse this overpowered item.
  2. eESTlane

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    this pve is giving me cancer. probably just tired of imagining the possibilities and getting nothing in return from wc. but you guys continue the snowball fight in your fantasies. "sleds"
  3. eESTlane


    i laugh at "hard worked 100 tranqs and prim flak" seriously, go unofficial. the positives out-weight the negatives. you can easily get in contact with the server owner and ask them the important questions. you know, like up-time and wipes. rates and events/shops are usually on their ads/in-game f1
  4. eESTlane

    breed hybrids

    i hope you wild giga spawns inside your base and then you lose your character
  5. eESTlane

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    nice way of putting it. i bet wildcard made big money out of it 107 official se servers - 278 players - 14 most popular at this time of day how successful do you think the map was on unofficial community? basically i'm waiting for you to admit the whole thing was a failure. the experience might be fun for a while but noone really is up for more masochism. if they had to choose, they'd take other maps, and with travelling available, they have. doesn't matter if heat desert r cold desert, if it's a drag, it's a drag and people will avoid it...unless wc do their regular retarded balancing and counter the poor planning with another op aspect, like titans/mana/free element. yep, iz ghay. wc are losers. modders can probably do a better job at it.
  6. eESTlane

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    yeah, because scorched was soooooo popular
  7. eESTlane

    Evolution Event / Breeders

    pve i remember a while back wc tried to spice up the events and bring variety into them... they failed. some bs "crop growth" event. and when there were breeding weekends, those who couldn't log in complained, plus the lag and capped servers. "please extend". like seriously, go play unofficial!!! kinder to your irl situation, plus better admining,rates and mods.
  8. eESTlane

    Go to boss arena from tek transmitter.

    suggested. pve acceptable but definitely not for pvp or else cave dwellers wont see the daylight again.
  9. eESTlane

    Allow sickle to harvest plot crops

    totally np
  10. eESTlane

    Grappling Hook ability

    pvp says: "NO THX!!!"
  11. eESTlane


    autism much important, yes yes
  12. the smaller cluster it is, the faster it will perish. do large tribes and things will escalate even quicker. if it'll be a 4-map cluster, it'll be dead in less than a month, probably 2 weeks. i've played "crossark" when they came out and we quit after there was noone left to fight with. pve is boring. we had a smaller tribe and yes, took us 2 weeks or so to achieve the lamest ending. respect to the last unnamed enemy though for giving us a good fight.
  13. eESTlane


    activator...and pretty sure it's mentioned on wiki
  14. eESTlane

    My survivors are banned.Please help me!

  15. eESTlane

    gofundme a new game engine

    DO ET!!!1 say:" we can't solve the issues we've been trying to fix with this old poop we've been handed, even the meshing and what not, and we tried to avoid this by any means but we've come to a time where it's either that or ditch the sinking ship (pardon the pun) and start on ark2" we know atlas is running on newer ue4 and it's a "full conversion" of ark so it can be done. all the hick-ups can be cleaned up in a public community test server. half a year and you can do another few payed dlc's with the updated and improved code.