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  1. eESTlane

    Update on Conquest Servers

    i'm looking it from another angle. i never understood why they introduced mega-tribe servers while officials already are just that. i bet the new cluster wasn't even wc's idea. probably a suggestion from snail to get their "harassed" chinese guys a new battlefield. reddit has more info on all of it, and opinions. either way, people see the puppeteering. and i just laugh. i quit 7ish months ago
  2. eESTlane

    Scorched Earth Map Fix

  3. eESTlane

    Rex and Mutations

    please tell us how you're comparing a 4 day rex breed to a 2 day stego. one is compact, easy to feed and thus go through a lot of egg-popping. the other is clonky, time consuming and a meat sucker. tell me how many rex eggs you pump out compared to "your other dinos" you're referring to.
  4. eESTlane

    PvE Make blocking rivers against the CoC

    we can't see your tickets. post screenies of the blocking and of the gm response
  5. eESTlane

    hours of immunity

    i'd prefer adjusting orp to 3x turret dmg. means you're base will be raidable but it would be more difficult doing so. and, hide decay timer. read the forum for better suggestions
  6. yep, most pvp players don't use this forum. reddit and salt discord have much more action. can tell that by the many "what tek dino next?" meshing is pathetic in this game. only benefit that's come out of it is this classical hit:
  7. eESTlane

    Official 2 man tribe servers

    @Wraithhunter you haven't played much pvp, nor have you followed any streamers/youtubers. those little tamed soakers like pachyrhino/trike/stego can soak 100k+ bullets in an hour. do the math how long you sleep and how much ammo you'd need. if you are online, you can fend off but once you leave, they just need their supply of veggy cakes. 3x turret dmg should activate when your base is at the weakest, which usually means offlining, when your dinos are useless. i doubt there even is an unofficial server with your settings. if you find one, you can prove my point with just 1 week. i bet you'd get offlined in 3 days, best case scenario. official would obviously have more players so raiding would be even more easier.
  8. eESTlane

    New PvE dinos

    MAKE 1 SUGGESTION FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!????????????????????!+1+!??!?!?!?!+1+1+1+1+1+112 like, "bulbdog-jumping-out-of-joy-getting-you-all-moist" pve dinos?
  9. eESTlane

    small tribe

    small is small. it was meant for those that were left out on infinity-servers, for those 1-3 man teams to group up in particular. those "6" are already out of friend zone in most cases. i understand some are refugees from abused officials that didn't have the 20+ numbers, and i guess you're one of them, or made friends who you could use over the solo players that already went out of their comfort zone to find a group to play with. so please, no more. or possibly entertain me with the "xbox" tag. what's up with that?
  10. eESTlane

    Official 2 man tribe servers

    listen here you berry picker, i said "modded orp" which means not the orp you are used to. my version activates when all tribe members are offline and it switches on 3x turret dmg and 3x structure resistance for said tribe. i also want to hide the decay/demolish timer which people are using to spot offline tribes. i guess you don't follow any of the small tribe youtubers. 90% of the time they offline raid. same can be done on 1-2 man settings, even more so. if any version of offline protection, then it should be on those servers. i have no idea how you could think otherwise. and like i said, find a group. if you're not a good player then i would assume you'd be scared to get rejected but whatever...go unofficial then. see how many non-orp ones you can find for small small-tribes.
  11. eESTlane


    sarcasm? or poor engrish? did you mean "should NOT be allowed outside of asian servers"? maybe instead of being racist, you should promote ping-kickers. so basically those that are straining the server' latency and bringing down the frames for others, will be booted from the server.
  12. flame arrow bp!!! ask my pvp mates
  13. eESTlane

    Stop the meshing

    h.o.d and getjacked demonstrated a few techniques just recently. by that i mean a day or two ago. still easy to mesh. sleeping bags and climbing picks are the root of most evil. then there's blatant caps in the mesh. center has a few and scorched has one on the wyvern trench for example. wc should just erase the over-layered mesh so people wont have anywhere to build onto. instead, i heard they add another "rock" on the soft spot as a "barrier".
  14. someone always reports, that's how wc finds out. they then evaluate the situation until their fidget spinner stop. it's like a stopwatch to them. they can't waste more time on a problem than that. so when they found out the cliff platforms were used to block off enemy bases, they just wrote a new rule. took them a month to fix the issue, by cutting the plat build radius by half. bodybags are a running joke. i assume you rose this subject because of the latest abbomination wipes due to building on the surface. looking at the wiki, abb with cliff platforms is 10 months old. don't tell me noone noticed. flying in singleplayer on god mode and...
  15. eESTlane

    Ice Wyvern/ wyverns

    2600 is impossible unless you lost 20-25 lvls through experience. was it lvl 250ish before?