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  1. tbh, mutations killed balance. now dinos can soak turrettowers in 10min. gl official bobs
  2. pve? are you or the server tame capped? there should be warning on the egg.
  3. winners aren't collecting those chibis solo. much faster having an ally on each map. hopeless dreamers...
  4. ...yes maybe talk about the difficulties you might foresee or what stage you're worried about so we can give a more thorough answer
  5. would love to see the laser show on official servers when megas go at eachother, on a capped server.
  6. ikr impossibre can't be happening ...or wait did one of them create an alt here?
  7. people really ought to check what ini modding does to fair game. removes shadows, leaves, bushes, day/night cycle, underwater mist, xplant effects, z stun etc. i don't understand why it's allowed. witness that through most of your everyday youtubers who have disabled or set their sliders down (left) in the options which already has poor taste imo. they aren't better players when they don't even render in grass within 5meters. they be like: "...for extra performance", "laggy" i be like: "uninstall"
  8. i loves the bug subforum with 3 entries
  9. the thing with sandbox games, you write your own story. maybe don't use fliers for a week, do bosses with wolves, transverse caves in cloth armor etc. and what's the point of achievements when you can run them on single player or modded servers and they become unlocked even for official. out of those tens of thousands of players, only a handful have not "cheated".
  10. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20904-ark-mobile/
  11. it's fun when you play on a modded server where you have op gear and whenever you do die, you can port your gear back. second run is reminiscent. third is a chore. fourth you do by heart...and then there's cheating like tek suit or grapples/climbing picks and cryod dinos
  12. you as a member can now use search function. it'll reveal to you the 100+ same topics, though i was the original guy to suggest/spam it after small tribes came out. mts is my fruitling. and no need for a 15min "cooldown". it's meant for 100% orp setting.
  13. shopping channel ad "dis new product works amazin"...until you cluster those dinos up or are at their height. like, you think your "professional polish" (whick looks like a 20 year old design btw) is helpful in your base, where there are kibble dinos and breeders mushed up into tight groups? and only bobs would want the hp bar. and you do understand that those names are on fixed location. you just hit backspace to take the screenshot and then placed the bars wherever they suited your case. try to write that in code. tribe - green, allies - blue, enemies - red, wild - yellow...just saying
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