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  1. 3)pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. steamforums had a warning over an hour before the update. we got the notice after the patch had happened. do smth about this crap communication
  2. i disagree. balancing items and dinos will take several months, let alone the dino refresh. i'd want to balance stats (half the gains per lvl up for both the character and dinos among other things), upgrade saddles (pimpmydino mod and revive the durability stat), weights of shEt like building parts (metal foundation weights 4 while a pike is 10), stacking (behemoth gates stack to 5 but a primitive stone pick from a dino loot can go over 1), kibble-tree/taming/breeding (self-explanatory), engrams and exp (2x has made a mess), loot from everything (caves aren't rewarded), through-terrain glitching spots (beacons and dinos in caves most notably), rework vanilla dinos and give abilities/roars to some if not all. and that's only scratching the surface. pvp balance is what they should be after. pve will have to accept the same fate. then comes optimization and performance and all the finalizing before release. i do hope they have planned something for us for at least a years worth of new content or updates after it's "out" so that people wouldn't grow tired of the game. i've been playing for ages now and the current rituals don't turn me on anymore. re-skinned dinos everywhere.
  3. was lucky enough to get a lvl 90 giga tranqed half a minute before the server going down. after the patch went for the narco and came back within 1-2 min to find it up and about. 50k torpor lost in that time i guess. gj
  4. tooltip for everything else is now gone. no info on lockers or gates or such
  5. Clamps max weapon dmg now @ 250% and saddle armor stops @ 100. cry me a river?
  6. peeps use guns. though dunno if they've been "clamped" as well and if so, then how hard.
  7. clamped to what? currently 500% effi ascendant rods can still catch 150-200+ armored saddles. mosa and giga being the most important beneficiaries.
  8. either deleted or reverted to base dmg. no more colored rockets.
  9. all primitive rocket launchers. c4 jihad has been nerfed so figured rockets were next. first thoughts are on giga rage mode and golem taming, and how it's gonna affect them. would be interesting to see how it all plays along. no crying on my end just yet.
  10. pvp meta is still within 10 dinos. this game will get dull pretty quick once you've released all the dinos. so you might want to leave a few post-release and start concentrating on polishing this turd. balancing in itself is worth a few months with the bugs creeping in every line of code you tough.
  11. AMD announced their prices. half a year. just saying
  12. you guys are talking about theoretical max stats. in theory, you wont be able to tame a rex with 222 points in melee (or any other stat except hp) as that would mean it'd have only base health. so, any tranq method will most likely kill it. basically 40 points is good. 45 and you can grin. 50 and you're noticed. 55 and you're crusaded to "sir". 60 points and you're neo.
  13. yep, they had to have a 12k rex at some point if babies like that are popping out. no impossible, just highly improbable. requires luck and a whole lot taming.
  14. can't pick up wild dinos on PVE
  15. foundations, fence+wall and pillar+ceiling stop spawns. gates and spikes don'd do anything in that regards.