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  1. font i can understand but pve guys, please, understand that google translate has spent billions of dollars and when you try to translate smth back to the original (english>x>english for example, you'll see huge anomalies. if there was a mistranslation, you know where everyone would point their fingers at you sure about that?
  2. eESTlane

    trading forums

    buying the game doesn't give you rights to this forum. anyone can join, even those that haven't bought it yet but are curious. do you remember having to link your steam account with this forum? no. well, not necessary. just participate and eventually (10) you'll get out of early bird status. though trade forum is empty and full of pve offers. you should try your connections on social media.
  3. ...and then it gets stunned and dies. the end
  4. wc be smart. wc see noone plays scorched so they force remaining players to log for refreshments. 200iq right there. while you're there, might as well collect the 24562263456217th butterfly saddle from that awesome air drop.
  5. look at my avatar. i am Evil. having acknowledged that, i giggled at your suggestion. if you truly wanna improve the life of the little guy, then you're doing it wrong. 1. x weak against rockets/golems. belong in the same turret cap. tedious fert/hydration job 2. non-native dinos shouldn't be let out. meaning, no titan transfers, among other creatures. 3. drop a vault into the sea 4. ini modders need banned!!! 5. vault is already cheap, but wouldn't mind smth smaller. glass-metal mod has a storage box sized "safe" 6. why does it matter. noone yolos cryofridges. when raiders get their hands on your dinos, means they've already breached your defenses and r having a bbq around your corpses. 7. atlas. those stats still suck even if +100 points. less tedious to just die, unless exp cut for every death. diminishing returns on all stats! (look at my suggestions) 8. maps are small. no point creating "hidi-holes". alphas would scan those regularly, as they do with current spots 9. huh? 10. is faulty. wc are "working on a solution". you know, "stay tuned"
  6. i guess someone didn't get the memo. you know what "dino cap" is there for?
  7. search function: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/search/&q=s%2B hatchery&type=forums_topic&nodes=64 and hatchery is op. if it saves you time, imagine what it'd do for a mega tribe. also, set timers when breeding. you don't have to stare at your dinos throughout the whole process. they'll get embarrassed.
  8. it's all because of these fishing scripts, that allow even a prim rod to catch those humongous fish at cap size. i've got no idea why wc haven't altered the transparency on the trigger-letters so a normal "white detection on coords x/y" wouldn't work...or have random colors.
  9. encourages build-farms. where do you even come up with these ideas? wouldn't it be more reasonable to have a server wide structure cap instead of the proximity/render one we have?
  10. i park my golem in front of cave entrance and flip the finger. gatchas be pooping resources so i wont even need to see daylight...so yes, a lot of people would like this.
  11. eESTlane


    what modded games you play?
  12. officials should stay non-stattable, or last case scenario, be run under diminishing returns. too much speed is lame and above all, cruel, even on pve. can't land and can't pick up dinos. regular dive into lava etc. on pvp, well, if you don't know, anything "fast" can be used to run through turret fire. honestly, classic fliers mod should be be half as effective...or have a cap. and yes, this has been suggested countless times.
  13. go play unofficial!!! i'm sure you'd find a few lunatic admins who don't care about balance. i find it weird how "mutating" has become the real "endgame". as you can tell, i hate mutations, especially when they are uncapped.
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