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  1. so you don't want to balance the game to the point where it's self-sustaining, but instead go for the easy way out by shetting on everyone's hard work with a wipe...yep, you've clearly thought it through.
  2. don't even care. can hear roleplayers fapping in the background but i know they will be ridiculously unbalanced and get nerfed 5 times, at which point the same pve scrubs start the mutiny...as always. number one priority should be: BALANCE THIS SHeT GAME!!!
  3. 90% of the time you can just breed out those stats, even improve if the partner has something to give. it's not like the tame cap is 10 or whatever
  4. "immersion" is the wrong term for this case. a lot of guys would sacrifice "immersion" for more action so when you disable gamma via server settings, they'll just jump into their graphics controls, and you can't control it. so, as a server owner, you have to enable it for everyone for the sake of balance. think rust guys are having the same problem where you're supposed to use torches and flashlights and just sneak (whilst ark has more content to counter low-light situations) but people alter their gamma settings to get a few more shots. and it's not even a fully pvp problem. i know "rp" use it too, to avoid being stuck at base for 10-15min and wait for the daylight.
  5. so you want "structure collision" enabled? i'll let you know this promotes meshing, but what to you care, you pve
  6. the "help detection" range these dinos have is just as small as the aggro range, so once you've died to that wolf (you weak, git gut), it would have gone for your passive tame. either way, dead. it's your mission to keep your gang safe, ie use whistle commands, spikes, birds and/or fighter dinos that can help you out.
  7. i feel the same way. because i've played on both platforms, i can say that this change would only cater to pve guys. why? because you are allowed to build inside caves on pvp, eliminating all spawns. pve doesn't have that luxury and arthros keep spitting from the other side of the mesh. that's my concern. i want chitin to be immune to arthro spit and that's plenty to resuscitate this dead waste of a decently looking armor.
  8. do you perhaps play on the center?
  9. how? why? where? i've played on a modded pve server with an auction and i found it stupid how those who breed for the endless mutations, just basically give away their previous generations. it would kill the content for the noobs who take that bait. i know i was for this idea like a year ago but now that i've actually tried it, i find it full meh. if, then you can ruin pve and single player platforms. pvp doesnt need this anyways as people can take what they want. no need to ask
  10. FREAKING HIDE (NOT DISABLE) THE DECAY TIMER ON PVP, FFS!!! and great dev feedback. we all wanted that arkpocalypse clarification. now we now.
  11. that's why the video. it's basically visuals. you can turn fog, underwater particles, shadows, grass, leaves, heat effects and even day/night lighting fully off.
  12. a lot of aussies, it seems. everything's upside down. so, either re-balance 6+ fantasy creatures that are already op to accommodate breeding or, do the sensible and cut off manas penis. bobs need to learn mutations don't cap so everything can be turned into a godkiller over timer, quicker when the starting point is already past reason... but my opinion doesn't matter here. dis full of roleplayers
  13. ban ini modders sick and tired of people who do this. obviously it's cheating. i doubt any of the pve bobs are abusing it but on pvp it should be taken notice and acted upon.
  14. i'd go a step further. 1dmg per second which you are dealt by the sharp claws that these fliers have. this dmg, although low, will activate the aggro of wild and tamed neutrals. would be cool if it temporary woke up your tamed passive dinos too on pvp and it'd fight back from being forcefully taken. because lets face it, dinos without riders are stupid anyways. and yes, i want this for human transportation too. you can ask a saddle tlc afterwards for a second seat if yer salty.
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