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  1. if both parents were 150s tamed on a non-evolution day, then they'd tame at 95% and 71 levels. a baby is 100% which equals half the wild levels so 75 levels. baby gets extra 4 levels in random stats. no mutations as parents were wild ie no inbreeding.
  2. a lot of forest inhabitants can damage wood so you'd need at least a stone fence or higher tier, or avoid that and build on a platform. argents near the mountain so they may aggro if you have windows/balconies. but yeah, wood is viable on pve
  3. 1.4.2017
  4. from wiki main page.
  5. can you join one of the officials? if you haven't been added to the banned list by your "relative" then it might be a battleeye thing.
  6. noobs either don't care that they're blocking spawns or just don't know that they're doing so. they look at foundations having more hp as a deciding factor and spam ahead. plus, spawns have always been broken. our pvp server has only one spino spawn left and that's not because of buildings. others just don't seem to work. if you're on pve, you need to talk with your server. if on pvp, you may need to resort to douchism.
  7. take a screeny and show it to us. my experience has been some graining with the use of gamma but other than that, pc seems fine.
  9. follow the instruction on screen! top middle, in red. can't place crops because not in a direct sunlight. water pipes start from intake.
  10. you can glitch golems into falling motion and then kill it with a dodo if you want to. they wont fight back.
  11. put more points into movement speed now think about it. if a ptera would go 200% speed equivalent in just a few levels then what would they be like if people put 20-30 levels into them. game breaking i'd say. imho the current gains per level-up need to be lowered considerably. that way tamed dinos wouldn't outperform their wild counterparts as easily. having said that, now that soups don't work, you're only option would be to breed/imprint for possible speed bonuses...but that's just too much hustle for me.
  12. not just that. pvp guys go to video card settings and pump their gamma to max. a simple 3sec change that'll give you the upper hand in the dark. i bit my tongue on the very first day, when a dilo attacked me while my fresh character was waking up and scratching it's hand like it was noones business. then the daily struggles as you start ranking up, with tames and buildings and bugs that you will get used to avoiding. then a patch that breaks another piece and you play around the problem. i've ticked now over 3k hours and have lost all will to go on as well. i've tried to guide this cruise ship to better waters but have yet to see any significant improvements. with the current pace it'll take another half a year for devs to start working on the important stuff: the balancing, bugs fixes and optimization. things need to change and i'm not talking about a new dino.
  13. wait, what? you are healing your tames while they are unconscious, to be tamed? don't you know every bite they take will lower TE?! and berries don't heal anyways. so can't feed narco?
  14. ^^f12 for screenshots. especially powerful when you are breeding for stats.