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  1. more like "debuff". lio magic has never worked. it actually nerfs the loot. 30min timer wasn't the only quirk why noone got/used them.
  2. kirjuta "K" mu discordi: kalmaar24#7577

  3. people really ought to check what ini modding does to fair game. removes shadows, leaves, bushes, day/night cycle, underwater mist, xplant effects, z stun etc. i don't understand why it's allowed. witness that through most of your everyday youtubers who have disabled or set their sliders down (left) in the options which already has poor taste imo. they aren't better players when they don't even render in grass within 5meters. they be like: "...for extra performance", "laggy" i be like: "uninstall"
  4. i guess i'm one of those few who'd cherish a page-full of bug fixes and balancing over a stupid new map. hell, i would have gladly taken dino tlc's over a new map. we know you just recycle the material...it bemuses me how you haven't figured out how to save scorched earth. we've given you advise (most are poop except mine) but we still see those empty servers. and when it's time to recycle old and unused for a new "modded" map, guess what...
  5. don't even care. can hear roleplayers fapping in the background but i know they will be ridiculously unbalanced and get nerfed 5 times, at which point the same pve scrubs start the mutiny...as always. number one priority should be: BALANCE THIS SHeT GAME!!!
  6. FREAKING HIDE (NOT DISABLE) THE DECAY TIMER ON PVP, FFS!!! and great dev feedback. we all wanted that arkpocalypse clarification. now we now.
  7. i don't even care where the term was coined at but most pvp gamers (doesn't apply to fps genre) use it. it's not just an ark specific term you might have missed. even rust has it. point is, it refers to a LARGE group. it's hard to quantify the numbers but lets say that these zerg guys come in 20+ numbers 24/7 and can easily cap a server (limit of 70, normally) by their own if they wanted to. official pvp is like that. bigger is better...to a point...they say
  8. by default i'd prefer them to "wait my command" i've asked this 1-2 years ago but as you can see...
  9. they just need to rework the trough icon above dino's head. first, realign the other symbols from stacking in the same location. the mateboost heart-sign for example makes it hard to read the other, and vise versa. once you clear that, you can start tweaking the actual icons. for troughs though, i'd like a gray version for no-food cases and obviously a colored version for when there's appetizers. not hard to implement and doesn't require you to add electronics to a low-tier item.
  10. i can already imagine the lightshow when 2 zergs are going at it on a capped server
  11. have you played atlas?! if you're not aware, then "wc" set the tribe limit to 500. very much brain. secondly, 6-man is specialty server. it's temporary. they asked the community what settings they would like as a "test" and overwhelming reply was small-tribes. it became way move popular than they would have ever thought.
  12. PA-THE-TIC i knew pve kids would come and highlight the stupid suggestions. "make 5x permanent", "make breeding events daily", "i want new dinos"...i may roll my eyes out of their socket.
  13. dude, i offline wipe you then. even at 6, people only do that, as there's space. a 6-man tribe can't be on alert 24/7. a 20 man tribe can, for a certain period until they drop like flies when getting tired of this "job-like" state
  14. wipe isn't fixing anything. dinos will be over-mutated again in no time. get a solution for that and then maybe ask for a clear slate...or new servers
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