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  1. eESTlane

    Wyvern, dc, dangerous place.

    i definitely wouldn't put any of my fliers on neutral. maybe a select land dinos before an adventure but yeah, most of them were on passive at base (both on pve and pvp). ai is just too stupid.
  2. too bad i have to think for you. i'm promoting modded orp. when all tribe members log off, the system activates and your turrets and base get a boost, NOT be totally invulnerable as they currently are. this would mean your enemy would be stopped at the turret towers. your app on the other hand gives you a warning after it's already too late, ie smth gets blown up or killed. you'd still have to be near a pc to log in for defense, while orp could do it for you to some degree. i don't understand how you keep repeating "curbing offline raiding" and i give you literally the best option, you call it off-topic. try to explain your idea to a guy who actually works/goes to school, and doesn't just rot in his gaming chair.
  3. eESTlane

    Upgrade tribe log again ?

    use paint
  4. eESTlane

    Advanced Cooking

    custom foods + crafting skill = op recipes i'd only accept start boosting food when wc "cap" stats with diminishing returns
  5. eESTlane

    Wyvern, dc, dangerous place.

    i wouldn't want them to land. i've had same issues in the wyvern trenches and a few of my fliers have landed too close to lava so they got themselves scorched. on pvp, they'd be stupid enough to find comfort in enemy turrets. i don't have faith in ai. i'd just cross my fingers, knowing once i dc/die, the area unrenders and nature stops responding. not too fuzzed either as i usually dump a few lvls into hp, and even if my dino dies, evolution events are quite regular, making replacement easier.
  6. ask for dino tlc's, not mutated/new/"new" (skinned) creatures. remember how argy changed after the tlc? we have another 80 useless dinos who are only used in the eggfarm.
  7. get a life, seriously. ask for 3x turret dmg while under orp protection. i'd also consider 3x base protection (structures, not dinos)
  8. if they are inside the circle, then activate the cheapest boss arena and let them port over to a certain death. i'd kite a wild titan/giga or whoever has the bunch for a good old munch. rules are recommendations, not forced upon. wc are casual as f***
  9. eESTlane

    Trapped in my own base

    get a griffin and you have a chance tame a dodo and throw it into your enemy turrets. if none shoot, they are set for "humans only". meaning, you can tame an anthro next, or a few strategy can vary depending on what "unofficial" settings you are running, like taming rates, orp, bullet dmg etc. but in general, you are worse off. having a transmitter would help...
  10. eESTlane

    Therizino vs Alpha Rex

    comparing to rex vs alpha rex, a therizino is not far off. then maybe with 600+ dmg and a 60+ armor saddle at minimum...maybe. take a stack of veggies and it'd be a walk in the park. though i don't see a reason to even go for alpha rexes. alphas don't drop anything of value, really.
  11. eESTlane

    What Tek Creatures Drop Upon Death

    i'm sure the lore guys will claim the tek dinos to be mutations or experiments of sort by the people who built these "arks". as far as i'm aware, wc still haven't answered the alpha question. i'm filling that void with "because of parasites they are infected and abnormal". i wouldn't minds tek dinos dropping a few ingots, but not enough to make it a thing for farming.
  12. eESTlane

    Boats are too op against water bases

    logic, there is none. unless you build at the beach. everyone and their mother knows to build far away from water. i've seen plenty of dic* raft builds to know better. plus, you can easily glitch in just by ramming. i guess you don't youtube. wc will never fix it as physics are too complicated to code. that's why we don't have vehicles and the atv project will remain as is.
  13. eESTlane

    New game ideas

    roleplay much? yes, a lot of dinos need tlc, spider included. i'd personally prioritize more important creatures first. araneo is low priority, considering what its possible improvements could be. like, we already have slow/poison effects and wall climbers. primitive transportation like sleds and carriages are lame when i can outrun anything in game. blame wildcard's leveling system for that. only thing that i'd consider is a backbag or a small cart or smth that can take the place of the current bodybags. we need a realistic option for weight transfers. boats are meh. physics in this game are alien. do you know what happens when 2 boats come together? and have you seen how people hide their boats inside rock formations or cliffs? and once again, running is faster option, birds come second
  14. eESTlane

    Dino Nests

    so the "small" nest collects one dodo egg out of many, they poop a lot, while the 20 other tiny species that would qualify for the same nest, would just poop onto the ground? how peasant of you to suggest smth like that. or you want 200 nest for 200 dinos? even if you increase the capacity, i have mixed feelings about automatization. build a ramp and let the eggs roll into a pile!
  15. eESTlane

    New Gate Sizes Needed Desperately

    2x2 has been talked about for years