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  1. Why Can't we also fish salmon for this? So stupid limiting us like that to ONLY coel
  2. Yup a bunch of rag servers down too report your servers using the server outage thing on front page.... though not sure if they look at those honestly... worth a shot?
  3. Bunch of Ragnarok Servers DOWN! 476/471/468/467/842/113/114 Like title says at least all those servers are down 0/70, getting login lock. No one I play with can get in (its not just you). Report the outage from the home screen page here (not sure if thats ever actually looked at...) maybe it'll speed up the process. Hopefully fixed soon. Day counter still going so unfortunately think babies are still growing.
  4. Seeing as some changes from this forum have gotten feedback... ill bump this please upvote if you want this! thanks
  5. WC= Wild Card the developers of Ark Yup still can't log in, thank god for tek troughs a 2x most of my babies should have finished fine.... but rip the giga probably
  6. Same not just you, please address this WC. A pointless update at 1am EST lol now can't play at all on any rag server
  7. same not just you.. please address this WC
  8. OK not just me. I can't load any characters on rag (different GT and xbox too). As soon as it loads it just connection timeouts. Been trying for hours sometimes will load base like 1/4 of the way like everyone saying. Please fix lol also hi chip 'magnet time' lol
  9. "the event content ending the 16" will that be the END of colored dino spawns? as well?
  10. this would cause soooooo many trolls! also its not hard to get like 100 element now and keep its up for like 2 months! lol
  11. Personally I could not care any less about the story line or cinematic whatever, just give us 15 more levels lol. I feel this is ultimately what most people are after. Especially with rockwell being basically impossible without playing ab and raising drakes. Where as the other bosses can be defeated with an army you can raise anywhere, most just want the levels. At this point no one is starting fresh on ab... so anyone that hit max level after island ascension is basically stuck
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