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  1. Why Can't we also fish salmon for this? So stupid limiting us like that to ONLY coel
  2. Yup a bunch of rag servers down too report your servers using the server outage thing on front page.... though not sure if they look at those honestly... worth a shot?
  3. Bunch of Ragnarok Servers DOWN! 476/471/468/467/842/113/114 Like title says at least all those servers are down 0/70, getting login lock. No one I play with can get in (its not just you). Report the outage from the home screen page here (not sure if thats ever actually looked at...) maybe it'll speed up the process. Hopefully fixed soon. Day counter still going so unfortunately think babies are still growing.
  4. Seeing as some changes from this forum have gotten feedback... ill bump this please upvote if you want this! thanks
  5. "the event content ending the 16" will that be the END of colored dino spawns? as well?
  6. this would cause soooooo many trolls! also its not hard to get like 100 element now and keep its up for like 2 months! lol
  7. Personally I could not care any less about the story line or cinematic whatever, just give us 15 more levels lol. I feel this is ultimately what most people are after. Especially with rockwell being basically impossible without playing ab and raising drakes. Where as the other bosses can be defeated with an army you can raise anywhere, most just want the levels. At this point no one is starting fresh on ab... so anyone that hit max level after island ascension is basically stuck
  8. Most creatures should be able to breed. With that said I understand some things like Mantis/griffin/wyvs/golems/reapers ect for rarity and balance reasons. It was not too long ago that water breeding did not exist. But why can we not breed something like Achatina, Araneo, Lymantria, Pulmonoscorpius, and even Arthropluera / Onyc? The dinos are already in the game, this seems like an easy win for WC. Just make them able to pop out a baby and we will play and breed them for MONTHS on Ark. I'd say 95% fo your player base doesn't care how the breeding happens (baby/ a cocoon/ an in
  9. 1 I'm really doubting Loaded Crysis has 2 posts on survivetheark... But doing a tlc on 1 dinos per month doesn't seem too crazy for them, and there are dinos that need it.
  10. I don't think we should get breeding events every weekend, or even every month. Would kill the game quickly, its supposed to be a grind. Especially with tek being much more easily available now most people have tek troughs which make breeding easy AND cryopods you can raise stuff literally any time you have free. The 2 times a year they do breeding is fine in my opinion.
  11. Was literally about to make this post! Upvote!
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