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  1. Hi Kimi, I'll start off with just a quick summary that the thread in question was locked because community members were fighting amongst themselves. There are very few reasons we ever lock threads, but fighting among members is one of those reasons. We do not lock threads that criticise Wildcard. Discussion, even heated conversation targeted towards us, is fine. We can take criticism and do not seek to stop anyone from expressing how they feel or what they want to communicate us (within reason, like death threats and stuff really aren't cool). This is called a community hub for a reason, and it's purpose is to foster a community for players to interact with other players in, ideally in a positive way. In reference to your distaste for having volunteers moderators, we have a group chat that Casanova, Panda, Jat, and I along with every single moderator is in that we use for all decisions that are made on this forum. When a mod isn't sure how they should do something, they ask us. Our volunteers are people that we've worked closely with for a long period of time. They're my friends, I trust them to make level-headed decisions. Sure, there are cases when people may make mistakes, but it's always been important to me that people in the community be allowed to help shape the community they want to see. These are all people that offer their time to us, and I have always been grateful to them for that. You may consider it unprofessional, but I like it. I think it works well for us. We have moderators here, we have moderators on Steam, we have moderators on Reddit, all of which are volunteers from the community itself. They are people that know and play the game, they know how to help. Wildcard is not traditional, we are not like other game companies and don't aspire to be. Again, you may see that as unprofessional that we don't fit into the box of what a "good" or "proper", and that is absolutely your right to think that. My main task as a Community Manager is to relay information between the development team and the community. This includes talking about new upcoming features, as you've mentioned. It also includes reading through every social media we have (Steam, SurviveTheARK, Twitter, Reddit, Imzy, Instagram), collecting that information and then relaying that information to the development team in an informative manner so that issues and concerns are dealt with by us. Officially I have two titles with Wildcard by the way, I am Community Manager and a QA Analyst. QA is a part of my job. I am in a very unique position, as many of us who work on ARK are, in that we all do many things. Sure we have titles and usual tasks delegated to us, but we all help each other too. When someone needs graphics for something, I can design something for them. If someone needs help monitoring server deployments, I do that. I do QA on every platform we have which includes working with the Xbox and PS4 devkits. As I understand from you, you don't think that I should be doing all of that, and really that's a fair enough thing to think. It requires an often intense amount of time and dedication. I do not pretend to be an expert, this is my first position within the game industry. However for me it has been tremendously interesting to be allowed access to so many different parts of the industry within a single position and a single company. When a task is offered to me, I often leap at the chance to partake in it and to gain experience in that area. I do not think that this negative affects my role as a Community Manager at all, but again you are welcome to your own opinion. As ARK grew, it became very clear that Jat and I could not handle the volume of work that was being presented before us, I'll talk about the forums specifically. That's where people like Casanova, Panda, and our volunteer moderators come into play. Casanova built this forum that we're using, and Panda is the community hub lead. Both of these men are part of the community team. They have taken over the responsibility of managing this forum. Jat and I have very little input on how it is run on the daily. Panda and the forum staff forward important information from the forums to me. That does not mean that I do not also read the forums, I often do, but I have less of a direct impact when compared to Casanova or Panda. Stark and Jarvis also monitor the forums for bug reports/issues and relay that information to the QA team (which I am a member of) and then once issues are confirmed, those issues are brought to the people that can address those issues. What you see as "a man doing my job" is not the case, it's a case of hierarchy and people doing the tasks that are delegated to them. These are people that I work very close with, these are people that are my friends as well as my colleagues. Our intentions are always in the best interest of ARK and it's community. If you want to speak to me woman to woman, I can do that. I work almost exclusively with men on a daily basis, I am aware of the struggles that we face in this male dominated industry. But I am proud of what I have accomplished and I am proud of the work that I do. You can say and think whatever you like about me, that is your right. You can feel that I've disappointed you or feel that I should be doing a better job, but truthfully I work very hard. I am only human. I thank you for your commentary. I think that you are someone that genuinely cares about ARK as I do. I understand that you're disappointed that things are not better. I care very much about the ARK community, not only because it is my job to do so but because I am very passionate about ARK myself. I started out as a player in August of 2015 when I found the game on Steam and fell in love quickly. I've always loved dinosaurs from a very young age and ARK was everything I always wanted. My determination was enough that I was brought on board 5 months later with no experience other than fierce passion to make the community I had been a part of into something even better. I am very aware that everything that happens is reflected upon me, regardless of how little or how much it actually directly has to do with me, and that is just part of the job. I knew that this job would be a challenge unlike anything I had ever experienced before but I also knew that I had a drive and passion unlike anyone else and I still believe that to be true. I don't think I would be in this position if it weren't. So, with all of that said, I will take all of what you've said into consideration. I'll continue to work hard to direct the community into a positive direction. I will do my best to increase communication between myself specifically and the community. I do stand by my colleagues decision to lock the thread in question but will be sure to review with the team our guidelines when it comes to discussions on the forums. I truly hope this response addresses your concerns.