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  1. Lol. Okay, I wasn’t trying to touch a nerve. Easter wasn’t a celebrated holiday for the Hebrew religion either, they observe Passover. It has nothing to do with being against religion, as paganism is a religion in itself. It wasn’t until well after Christianity was formed as a separate religion that the Council of Nicea came together to establish common ground among the different sects of the Christian faith. Essentially, the time of year coincides with a period of days that are sacred to virtually every religion in some way. It’s not supposed to be divisive, but rather a unification where everyone could celebrate at the same time without feeling a sense or need to compete against one another. It’s a time for harmony where we can all celebrate around the same time but in our own way, and I think it’s kind of beautiful that people can get together and enjoy something without having to worry about little details like what god a person prays to. After all, it could just be that every religion is just a different perspective of the same god and angels and all the good people are going to land in the same place together no matter what words or names they use to describe it. Happy whatever, just be happy.
  2. Actually, it was a pagan celebration of Spring long before Christianity even existed. Just like Christmas, it was adopted as a holiday because it was easier to rebrand than to get people to stop observing it.
  3. You’re trolling, bub. You don’t represent WC, but you continually make statements as though you do. I disagree with every person that thinks there should be another breeding event, but few of them are trolling and unlike you, I don’t think they are wrong for wanting something. People address WC specifically and you can’t help but insert yourself into a conversation that isn’t directed toward you, has NOTHING to do with you, and has no bearing on your NON-official servers. Somebody says, “WC should...” fill in the blank with whatever, and there you are telling the person they are wrong for wanting or thinking what they think. You are trolling. “Lefty?” 🤣 Yeah, politics. Donkeys and elephants, neither of which I have time for. Pathetic, truly pathetic.
  4. If you’re concerned, try crafting a sign with your gamertag/user name or whatever, and include it in the screenshot.
  5. You said it. You are absolutely right, but you still have to admit they’ve done a pretty great job getting close. I really just wish they could separate the settings between PvP and PvE for the mana. Maybe there is even a better way to meet in the middle like increasing turret range instead of reducing the mana’s. Even with the nerf, they are still technically OP when it comes to other players, but as far as PvE goes they are in my cryofridge and have been since the previous nerf. They are basically useless now, for anything other than griefing, and ironically they are still kind of OP for that. There is probably a magic solution, but so far no wizard has come forth with the potion.
  6. Ah, I see. Personally, I use a different character on every map because I’m always afraid an update or rollback will prevent transfers or delete my character. It’s a pain leveling each, but my dinos don’t starve and my bases don’t decay.
  7. You can only use one character for each account. Not everyone has multiple accounts. If someone logs onto the server where their lost character resides, it will delete it, and they wouldn’t be able to access any of their tribal stuff from the other character anyway. Nevertheless, if a person has lost a character due to the rollback, they might be best served by creating a new character on a map they haven’t had a character on. At least then, they can try to participate in the event and just transfer the colorful dinos to their other server when their original character is restored.
  8. You should keep in mind that you do not represent nor speak for WC, and therefore if they have, you don’t have any reason to repeat what has already been said or is already known, because it truly is a “pointless exercise” to do so. Additionally, it is NEVER productive or contributory for you to troll members simply because they suggest or request something different than what the current policies and practices are. In fact, they did a rollback because people immediately complained about losing vaults, they are working hard to restore lost characters because people complained about it, they even changed the kibble rework because it was poorly balanced and people complained (I would even say it needs more work). In conclusion, you don’t know anything more than what has been disclosed to the public and possible changes are not up to you. Btw, I’ve been thinking about it more and maybe egg laying frequency isn’t the best feature for Easter. Perhaps a better, more appropriate multiplier would be an increase in incubation speed. Either way, it’s not up to you, and you can’t do anything about it, and WC can change, feature, or do what ever they want whether or not you attack a person for suggesting it.
  9. Yeah, I get that. Without regard to your post (which seemed polite and sincere), I prefer to leave WC’s perspective to WC. A lot of discourse occurs here as a result of members trying to speak for WC, especially those that criticize others for making suggestions or expressing their desire for fixes or improvements in the game. Again, nothing to do with your post, just something I think some other members of the community should keep in mind.
  10. I said it makes more sense for Easter. That’s what I said, period. Thanks anyway for the obvious.🤪 I somewhat agree. However, it may or may not result in extra breeding because people could just save eggs up and breed a lot without such an event. Although it might result in some extra breeding, mostly it would help players that can’t play as often fill up their fridges with fertilized eggs. Either way, not happening and no big deal. It would just make sense, that’s all.
  11. Your post is toxic. You’re doing exactly what you’re criticizing. In all honesty, as far as the community goes, the most toxicity comes from members doing exactly what you’re doing. While I don’t agree that a breeding event should occur (because it just causes lag and messes up the imprints on babies that were started before), I’m not gonna be like you and other truly toxic members that attack others for expressing their desire for events, bug fixes or other improvements. WC almost never responds to a ticket, and the ONLY time they do is when members start a major outcry. It’s the only way to get anything addressed and if your attitude was the norm, nothing would ever get fixed. Go ahead and praise WC, that’s fine but the REAL toxicity comes from the players that attack anyone being critical of the game just like you are doing.
  12. Agreed. Breeding events bring on the worst server lag, not to mention; they mess up the imprints on dinos already hatched/born. Nevertheless, it would be nice and make since if they increase egg laying and mating frequency. It is after all the season of fertility.
  13. Best update in a while. Lots of fixes, prim+ getting some love, they’re working hard on meshing and I can’t wait to try the choco bunny club. Kudos to the team. Credit where it’s due.
  14. ArkP1

    Fanart Friday 1!

    Did you even read the post you were responding to? The person said it would be super awesome to get some information about the Easter event. It would be super awesome. Yeah, this post says they are now going to separate information from these art posts, but that’s kind of the problem for people that want more information and aren’t coming here just to look at artwork. The point is that people already feel like a lot is going unaddressed or that not enough details and information is being given, and now they’re saying they are going to do posts entirely devoid of information. Anybody can read what they said but it won’t change the fact a lot of people would like to have more information and it would be “super awesome” to get it. Thanks for trolling any poster that expresses a desire for something other than what they are getting, though. You’re doing a great job.
  15. I call you out for trolling, bub. There’s nothing to agree or disagree with when the majority of your posts are telling people they shouldn’t ask or get answers to the questions they post, when you stalk through a person’s posts and put a handslap on every one, or mock and gloat of other’s misfortune that you don’t have because you host a server and rig the game in your favor. Even your posts that I agree with usually have some rude comment disregarding other users concerns or complaints. That’s all trolling bub, and you engage in it quite frequently. I don’t have to disagree with you to notice you trolling and I’ll call you out for it even if it contains a brief statement that might be true. I shouldn’t have said you “never” contribute because you occasionally do, but mostly you troll.