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  1. ArkP1

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    That’s nice of you, but it’s not really the solution I am looking for. We would like to utilize and use the capabilities and items we have earned and achieved. Our first goal was to help other players on our servers, but unless you have some very affordable element already on our server (because it doesn’t transfer), it doesn’t really address the issue of us having a lot more work ahead of us just to be able to access and use the things we’ve already unlocked.
  2. What’s the thinking behind a tribe going through all the trouble of taming, breeding, collecting artifacts and tributes—not to mention, running caves multiple times to loot decent gear—to finally be able to defeat the Broodmother (Alpha), just to find out you CAN’T EVEN MAKE THE REPLICATOR?!? All that work and time, to barely make it through and... forget the excitement. What did we get? We get to start over again breeding and running THE SAME caves for artifacts, so we can do it over again before we get a tangible benefit. The main thing we want to do is be able to craft the cryofridge and pods because aside from a friendly tribe giving us a fridge and pods early on in Extinction’s release, no one is selling or even crafting cryo if supplied with materials for anyone on any server we’ve played on. Everyday. Every single day, players are begging for someone to sell a cryofridge and/or a few pods, and the best we can do is offer to swap out a few to charge them for people. The island is overflowing with massive LAGGY bases full of hundreds of tames, from the smallest to the largest tribes, and now I know why. The fact is, smaller tribes don’t have anything the larger tribes need and the smaller tribes can’t even craft a Replicator to craft cryo. So much for cryo helping to alleviate server lag. It’s a great idea, in theory, but it doesn’t work when the only tribes that have it have already finished multiple island bosses and moved on to DLC, Rag or the Center servers. The island is basically a big storage shed filled with megastructures, tek troughs, dinos and absent mega-tribes, while a bunch of little tribes run around scrambling to find out the first time you run an ALPHA boss, you don’t even get enough element to make the thing that runs on element and lets you make the stuff that’s made with element. Given all the effort and time it takes to finally defeat the Alpha Broodmother, losing Rexes that took forever to breed; at the least, AT THE VERY LEAST, you should be able to craft atleast one tek item you worked so hard to unlock.
  3. I totally get where you’re coming from, but an announcement from WC explaining that they don’t know the future for Switch isn’t going to get you anything you don’t already have. It’s not just a matter of non-disclosures either, because you don’t go around making statements about negotiations before anything is finalized when one side or the other can completely change their mind and suddenly invalidate anything said public. Misinformation is always worse than silence, just ask Bethesda. Moreover, and nothing personal, but it’s also unprofessional to hijack and derail a thread to go on a rant about a company being appropriately cautious about making statements concerning confidential discussions of uncertainty. Frankly, if I were representing either or any side, I would avoid contact with anyone engaging in that type of conduct. Nevertheless, I am sorry you don’t know the future of Ark for Switch. Personally, I don’t think they should have ever bothered with porting to the platform at all. Currently, my primary concern is getting that d**n CHATBOX moved back to the previous location on console, and all this focus on an obviously novice ‘journalist’ trying to make a name for themself is a distraction from simpler more feasible improvements to the game, in general.
  4. I’ve played every version, including mobile and Switch. The only time I haven’t experienced major problems is with a $4k+ PC. I’m not suggesting that Abstraction isn’t getting the short-end of the stick. What I am saying is that WC isn’t telling Abstraction anything because they have no certainty, and anyone familiar with business knows you can’t go around discussing negotiations with anyone outside. Not to diminish Abstraction’s role, but it’s the same as not telling your landscaping company about what’s going on with a property you are renting. These types of negotiations are confidential and Abstraction isn’t a part of the NDAs, nor should they be at that level. I agree, it’s no good for the players or the developer teams that could provide solutions, but I also understand that WC isn’t going to put more funding into a project for a Nintendo version if certain conditions aren’t met.
  5. Only thing is, WC and Nintendo can’t come to an agreement. Big part ofthe problem is hardware. WC can’t really tell Abstraction anything until the “parents” get there stuff worked out, and WC isn’t going to make consolations if Nintendo won’t upgrade hardware.
  6. Perhaps not completely on topic, but does anyone know why the chatbox location was moved? The popup keyboard on Xbox completely covers it, and the chatbox still moves to the middle, covering up stats when in inventories. It seems to be in two of the worst possible places it could be. Was this a ‘fix’ for PC or something, because all it’s accomplished on console is redundant conversations and out of order responses that quickly spiral into confusion? The upper left corner seemed to be the best possible place for it. I only wish it would move to the lower left, instead of the middle, when accessing inventories. Can anyone enlighten me as to who was asking for it or was helped by it being moved? So frustrating now...
  7. I noticed that as well, but didn’t say anything because I’m hoping they fix the imprint timers and chatbox location first. For cryos, you can just add an M or F to the name, no problem. Right now, I’m wondering if this entire event is going to be a waste of time because everything we’ve saved an egg for was counting on a 100% imprint and with the event some dinos would mature with ZERO chance to imprint. It’s really lame we’ll have to wait until it’s over to breed if we want the imprints, and finding the evolution event won’t happen makes thebox of chocolates a slap in the face. Worst event EVER!
  8. I think the post has been edited, because I would swear the evolution event was mentioned before. No sign of it now. It appears there won’t be, and that does it for me. Now I wish they hadn’t done a V-day event at all, because it’s ruined the imprints and so much for my taming plans for the weekend. They really need an emergency patch to fix the imprint and should extend the event for a time equal to the amount of time until it’s fixed. I can’t believe we’re not seeing more complaints here. My server’s global chat is nothing but people complaining as they find out their imprints are ruined. Of course, you can’t really read them on Xbox because the keyboard covers up the chat.
  9. Yeah, I didn’t realize how bad the imprint would suffer. I raised a couple test dinos yesterday, thinking the imprint might work out in the 8 hours it takes, but it doesn’t. Thought maybe it would be more effective for the event, but it’s the same meaning 100% is impossible, not to mention; some dinos reach adulthood with ZERO opportunity to imprint. Unfortunately, we would have been better off with no event. Really disappointing because the only time we are really able to breed is during an event like this. Now, we’re going to have to wait for the breeding event to be over before breeding anything else. How’s that for irony?
  10. Being able to mate dinos without setting to wander is the best thing since cryopods! The ammo stacking amount is also a nice surprise, and showing the stats on pods brings cryo closer to perfection. As far as the chatbox relocation goes, I hope it gets reversed pretty soon because it’s in the worst place for Xbox users. Also, hoping the imprint timer gets an update before the weekend or I’ll pretty much miss out on the advantages of the breeding event. Overall, I really like the update except the new chatbox location. Keep up the good work and upkeep it to work good.
  11. I’m having the same problem. I think being able to choose the location of the chatbox is a great idea and should be added to the settings options. Personally, I think something more like a rss feed format would be great, coupled with the choice of having it appear at the top or bottom of the screen.
  12. Items in survivor inventory do not transfer, they are dropped in a pack when the character is transferred. In order to transfer items, they must be individually uploaded to the data tab (not tribute).
  13. Spyglass crosshairs are not appearing for me either (Xbox). I’m not sure but I think keybinding is for players using keyboards.
  14. Yeah, and the more I think about it, Troodon is a fairly rare egg in my experience. Certainly not as rare as basilisk, but very few people bother with taming troodon on PvE, and I’ve never seen one tamed in PvP. Not saying it’s not more common on some servers than others, but certainly more of a challenge and cost than Titanboa.