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  1. Hello, can someone poke the devs and remind them we're on Turkey Trial 4 not 3? Colors are from previous event. Can you do one thing right?
  2. I suppose, but would be great to catch up on purple dino collection with the ID 31 one. Last year it was bugged and it was like teasing a donkey with a carrot trying to get it I started collecting colors for the ID31 one before the extintion event when they made those few random events with colors, but didn't manage to get all that I wanted because there's so much so I am still waiting for the moment when they add it...
  3. Why last event you gave a broken DinoDarkPurple31 that only worked in region 4 of all dinos, and this time you don't ? You never give purple colors in any events... Halloween is great for that color come on everyone want purple No one wants brown colors that all creatures have, come on.
  4. Love this suggestion, people love to leave their trash around obelisks without cleaning up with thought of other players. Upvoted, hope this gets noticed!
  5. Thanks for all the features on my ark fanart, but may I please ask you either use my deviantART nickname with proper titles that I give to the drawings, or my steam art tab with nickname off steam and proper titles. Glad you enjoy my stuff.
  6. I already have horse traps in spots or beside spots where they spawn on my server. It's just so boring to sit on a horse and feed it one carrot per 40 seconds just to get 1 or 2% without x2 taming event And then they turn out to have poop stats lol
  7. Ohh right, thank you. I hope it tames as fast as with kibble, and 100% efficiency. I enjoy not sitting on a horse for 30 min.
  8. The Equus doesn't like regular kibble and I am unable to make troodon kibble anymore. Can you add Equus to regular kibble list? Thanks.
  9. Oh nice, the Raptor Claus event. I'm glad I'll be missing that poopstorm. The amount of trouble that it caused on the servers ruined the xmas mood of the game for me. Hopefully at least I'll be able to put up xmas tree and some lamps above the fireplace from all the charcoals and mistletoe. The only part I miss.
  10. Glad there isn't. Servers are capped anyway, no need for more breeding poopstorm.
  11. Ya totally agree the last event was 1 month long and I wasn't as excited for it as this one. I would love to see on for at least 1 more week ^^
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