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  1. Violet

    Make teleporter option for allies only

    I love public tele option, I use it myself on servers I play and I have quite some enabled for ppl to use as well. Thing is, I would love to see ally only tele option to be included as well, to be used by people that i trust that can come to my base without others sniffing around trying to steal eggs incubating or so (like the recent bug), or just don't want to bring unnecessary attention to my base from randomers on the server I don't have anything against the public tele option, only would love to see extra option cheers!
  2. Please, I don't want strangers teleporting into my base cus I left tele on public after allies used it. I'm surprised there is still no option to enable tele for allies only. Would be a great one wc
  3. Violet

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    Call me a piece of crap but box players stole our veins and drops and i roamed in and stole theirs. Don't give a poop. Eye for eye. Until it's fixed I'll be managing it my own way. I suggest you do the same. Let them taste their own medicine. *spits*
  4. Oh nice, the Raptor Claus event. I'm glad I'll be missing that poopstorm. The amount of trouble that it caused on the servers ruined the xmas mood of the game for me. Hopefully at least I'll be able to put up xmas tree and some lamps above the fireplace from all the charcoals and mistletoe. The only part I miss.
  5. I have never noticed any other reasonable tribe do this. Only the weird boxxer tribes that spam squares and numbers in global all day long. If I wanted to look at that I'd grab my old maths homework from secondary school. We had it happen that our vein or loot was stolen when they are "just watching" and then swinging in with their whip at the drop or mining the main node of the vein. SCREW those guys they deserve 0 respect. Unless I meet an exception.
  6. I would be pissed off out of my mind. I'm sorry this happened to you. But nothing will be done about this cause these rats own this game. I've never met a chinese player in this game that was acting half decent or fair towards other peoples' progress ( at least in my pve experience ) and I think they're the disease of this game.
  7. Violet

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    confirming 443 our base was destroyed too, and allied neighbors beside. in sanctuary
  8. Violet

    Tame cap status and other stuffs

    Yeah, I posted that to puke out what I thought for a long while, I don't expect this is going to be noticed by the "upper class".
  9. Hello, I do realize that I am perhaps a tad late to speak about tame cap, considering Extinciton coming out in a week (hopefully -_-) and with it's release, the cryopods that people are so excited about. I schedule egg hatching for a certain day, having limited time until they reach juvenile so I don't have to babysit them, and go off and do my chores etc. Then, tame cap happens. Usually it's just me and 2-3 other people on the server and I already figured out which are capping servers like crazy. But that's not the point. The point is, today I was alone on the server, furious because I already killed 2 animals so eggs can incubate (and they did, for a while), and then I came back to the tame cap notice and stopped incubation. I went off on another killing spree of the animals, and after killing 12 of them and STILL being alone on the server, the came cap was still present, leaving me with a question: How the f*ck. So, my suggestions are (not only about the tame cap but also what's been triggering me for the past couple of months): -> Pressing H would not only reveal your location, time, days in game etc. It could also reveal tame cap process. For example: ARK tame status: 2200/3000 or in case of tame cap ARK tame status: 3000/3000 (tame capped) or in case of OVER CAP SO I KNOW HOW MANY ANIMALS I MUST KILL TO HATCH ONE BLOODY EGG ARK tame status: 3050/3000 (tame capped) [knowing the greedy people on my server that could be possible]. It can't be so hard, can it? Please. It would already improve my gameplay. It's the little things that improve it. -> Egg incubation would take place until 0.1% or 1% or so, but it wouldn't hatch because of tame cap. It sounds fair right? I'd still like to incubate my eggs even though tame cap is present. I don't know why this isn't an option yet. It could even say that thing with tame cap on an egg but it would still incubate but not hatch. It's a waste of time otherwise. -> Make that bloody mute button already. Fully released online game and still no mute button. Some braindead dude comes to a server spamming global and entire chat must be turned off, therefore conversations missed. Come on! -__- (I'm sadly one of those people that has troubles ignoring spam on chat, so this is just my perspective) -> Improvement of tribe log. Make separate tabs. One for animal info (what died when, what was tamed when, by who etc), one for structure info (what decayed when, demolished when and by who etc) and for invitations/kicks from tribes (who invited who when, or was kicked out by who and when, admin promotion etc, you get the vibe) We honestly don't need ONE HUGE WINDOW for how many members there are in the tribe and one teeny tiny window of all the action and spicy details that's happening in the tribe. That's what you're supposed to look at when you enter tribe log, not the huge window of who's online and who's not, coming up with a punch sound on your entire screen. Could be the other way around perhaps. Would make more sense to me, don't you think? Now, I do realize I may be sounding a little bit sarcastic, rude and passive-aggressive but, all these things just cumulated inside me and I needed to literally, spew it out somewhere. I hesitated only because I figured that no one would put it to use and only members of the forum are reading it so what's the point. All of these are just suggestions that I believe would improve everyone's gameplay. I apologize if I created an impression of angry whining kid. This was not my intention. Hope at least one of these things will get considered and added to the game by WC. Happy to hear some feedback or fixes/improvement ideas in comments from everyone.
  10. It's a great idea, very creative but please... that would require too much coding and thinking from WC's side. Too lazy for that.
  11. Violet

    Put the ascendant color back to red

    Don't personally care if Ascendants are red or cyan, for me cyan is more pleasant for the eye. But you are right, it would be definitely more logical considering red crate drops etc. The only thing I wish they changed was actual apprentice color. I can barely read what it says. Maybe it's just me though but would love to have that fixed, the blue is too... Idk deep? It hurts my eyes and I can't read what it says, have to take few seconds to figure that out every time. Or when I pick it up, it tells me on bottom left of my screen
  12. Violet


    Quakes are already on abe and storms on SE You're suggesting they do actual building damage?
  13. Violet

    Travel Server filter option

    I sign under that. It's very annoying to see the list of all the servers, why would I want to jump random server when I have a list of favorites? Also maybe hitting Esc button would close the list, it's just a more comfortable way than pressing cancel (which doesn't always work either, I had to force quit game many times cause "cancel" option while transferring servers wasn't highlighted and I had no other way of exiting the hud).