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  1. Sad thing is that they apply pvp changes to pve.
  2. I already have horse traps in spots or beside spots where they spawn on my server. It's just so boring to sit on a horse and feed it one carrot per 40 seconds just to get 1 or 2% without x2 taming event And then they turn out to have poop stats lol
  3. Ohh right, thank you. I hope it tames as fast as with kibble, and 100% efficiency. I enjoy not sitting on a horse for 30 min.
  4. The Equus doesn't like regular kibble and I am unable to make troodon kibble anymore. Can you add Equus to regular kibble list? Thanks.
  5. When are you going to fix the boxxer tribes (and not only) getting into peoples bases stealing eggs, fridges and vaults stealing items and as I found out of this morning, disabling claimed veins so they can mine it too?
  6. Violet


    Exactly. I also had reported players countless of times, even for stalking, sexism and harassment online. A group of people found my facebook profile somehow and started displaying all the information about my private life on global chat. My name, my friends' names and where I live. Of course wc didn't do poop about it either and all I received was "Due to player privacy, we are unable to discuss the status of the investigation." I was left with "we will send someone to investigate" even though ALL they had to investigate were my bloody screenshots of the conversations -.- The only way I got those players wiped off the server ( not even banned!!! ) was because they placed trashy animals that blocked our doors and gates. GM came and wiped everything they owned. The last words I heard from those people was the threats of them visiting me at my place, and the poetic "we will meet again" as they left the server. Wow I sure feel safer that they won't stalk me again, thanks wc.
  7. Violet


    After a week or 2 I got a response about my stuck drake that is in climbing mode under the map, that they MAYBE will be able to get it unstuck, and otherwise I can't count on a replacement of a lvl 200+ event drake even with screenshot evidence, but the best they can do is a 190 drake that is spawned in with random colors and stats and not even imprinted to me. Any stupid SP user knows how to manipulate at least colors of a dino, and they can't do it in PVE because of their "policy". What mayhem in the game would a different level and color drake possibly cause on PVE if they did that? The only thing you can do with that kind of special drake would be use it or sell it. I can't wipe a base on PVP with it, so why not just at least give me a drake that is unimprinted to me, but colored with regions I like as a replacement for my hard work that I lost just like that? We had a 2 reapers get stuck in a hole at the very end of the first drake trench when we were doing egg runs. They got stuck on top of eachother. One suddenly disappeared, as if despawned - no info in log about it. A GM came over and restored the remaining reaper but for other one we could expect.... No more than 100 carbonemys kibble as a repayment. Damn that was so worth it. ¬.¬
  8. Violet

    Make teleporter option for allies only

  9. Violet

    Make teleporter option for allies only

    I love public tele option, I use it myself on servers I play and I have quite some enabled for ppl to use as well. Thing is, I would love to see ally only tele option to be included as well, to be used by people that i trust that can come to my base without others sniffing around trying to steal eggs incubating or so (like the recent bug), or just don't want to bring unnecessary attention to my base from randomers on the server I don't have anything against the public tele option, only would love to see extra option cheers!
  10. Please, I don't want strangers teleporting into my base cus I left tele on public after allies used it. I'm surprised there is still no option to enable tele for allies only. Would be a great one wc
  11. Violet

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    Call me a piece of crap but box players stole our veins and drops and i roamed in and stole theirs. Don't give a poop. Eye for eye. Until it's fixed I'll be managing it my own way. I suggest you do the same. Let them taste their own medicine. *spits*
  12. Oh nice, the Raptor Claus event. I'm glad I'll be missing that poopstorm. The amount of trouble that it caused on the servers ruined the xmas mood of the game for me. Hopefully at least I'll be able to put up xmas tree and some lamps above the fireplace from all the charcoals and mistletoe. The only part I miss.
  13. I have never noticed any other reasonable tribe do this. Only the weird boxxer tribes that spam squares and numbers in global all day long. If I wanted to look at that I'd grab my old maths homework from secondary school. We had it happen that our vein or loot was stolen when they are "just watching" and then swinging in with their whip at the drop or mining the main node of the vein. SCREW those guys they deserve 0 respect. Unless I meet an exception.
  14. I would be pissed off out of my mind. I'm sorry this happened to you. But nothing will be done about this cause these rats own this game. I've never met a chinese player in this game that was acting half decent or fair towards other peoples' progress ( at least in my pve experience ) and I think they're the disease of this game.