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  1. Cedric, Valguero currently has several bugs that the community doesn't know how WC is dealing with, or if it is at all. This includes the aberrant part, the underground ocean and the red zone not spawning creatures properly (as it did before the 4x weekend event), and the manticore Boss not landing at all or getting stuck on mid air, which makes several people lose their tames due to the boss not wanting to fight. Could you please take a look at these issues and tell us if these things are know bugs, and maybe a timeframe for a bugfix?
  2. It's a throwing fishing net (known in Brazil as "Tarrafa", if you guys want to search on youtube). During a livestream the concept art was on the background for a second https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fishing_Net_(Genesis)
  3. Arat Prime is not someone, it's a place. Probably it's based on the Noah's Ark history, in which the Ark rested on mount Ararat, Arat Prime probably is a command center on Earth which could start the ark's returning to earth procedure. I would guess the one who said "I'm coming for you!" would be Rockwell, since it's coming from the aberrant ark. That makes me think the new dlc is canonical and post-extinction, since the countdown is a portal system, and on the end of extinction the player ascends.
  4. There was sunglasses skin on the game a few years ago, but they removed it. It looked really cool
  5. I'm building on a site where there was a base a while ago, but their base got destroyed due to structure decay. They used a dino leash on the floor and it was not destroyed automatically as it should be, and it also doesn't show the option to manually destroy the structure, even tho it displays the message "Demolição Permitida" (something like "Demolition Allowed" in portuguese). Playing on official server, The Island SA504.
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