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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Klakky Klakky 06/25/2019 Quick replies, easy trade. 10/10 retrophone retrophone
warlock111395 warlock111395 06/22/2019 Very patient buyer. Extremely smooth trade once I had the time to jump on to complete it. 10/10 would trade with again! Jacira Jacira
Jacira Jacira 06/22/2019 Took a couple days to get to my order but kept me up to date on my place in line. Great seller. warlock111395 warlock111395
chyarr chyarr 06/21/2019 Smooth. Great Trader StephStephina StephStephina
Hopee Hopee 06/18/2019 Good gigs without mutations and low levels CyberHunter CyberHunter
irishstorm irishstorm 06/16/2019 All perfect. We trade again for sure |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 06/16/2019 Fast and Easy transaction :) irishstorm irishstorm
chyarr chyarr 06/13/2019 Good prices, fair and friendly trader. Will definitely trade again in the future. Oieru Oieru
ClownFish ClownFish 06/11/2019 Nice and reliable trader, also allowed me to clone a basilisk in advance and kindly waited for 4 days till I could pay. Geneweave Geneweave
nola667 nola667 06/11/2019 Fair prices, very nice, helpful and friendly. 10/10! Geneweave Geneweave
chyarr chyarr 06/09/2019 Good guy. Nice easy trade for some good looking barys! HobboJoe HobboJoe
GrumpyBear GrumpyBear 06/09/2019 Seller. People are very good. Nice to meet the seller. Thank you very much. ChenEn ChenEn
Atreides52 Atreides52 06/02/2019 Extremely smooth boss run. Will trade def do business again. eli8210 eli8210
Tattare Tattare 05/31/2019 fast and easy trade :) Ambush7 Ambush7
Poppet Poppet 05/28/2019 Very good trader. Ty! |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
MostSpy MostSpy 05/25/2019 Very friendly and generous. Thanks mate :) Reno00 Reno00
reveredy reveredy 05/25/2019 Awesome trader, fast response, fair deal. Anytime again fuettel fuettel
Bansho Bansho 05/25/2019 Great trader easy to get along with and willing to work with longer time frames. Will def trade for new stats as they come out Reptilian Reptilian
Anarki Anarki 05/24/2019 fast trader, easy to deal with, hope to see you again!! BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 05/24/2019 Superb instructions for trade 100% recommended. Polite, easy to deal with and cant recommend highly enough Anarki Anarki
mecandbuttons mecandbuttons 05/22/2019 Excellent trader Graf1cs Graf1cs
chyarr chyarr 05/21/2019 Smooth transaction for unicorns. Friendly person. Would definitely buy from them again if something interests me. Striczkof Striczkof
Carnifex1 Carnifex1 05/18/2019 Quick and easy. Recommended. Archer5188 Archer5188
Carnifex1 Carnifex1 05/18/2019 Quick and easy. Recommended. Archer5188 Archer5188
sebahefner sebahefner 05/09/2019 Good, fast and fair trade. Always friendly. Hope to trade again AZ16brz AZ16brz
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