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  1. can you fix the particle effect from fertilized egg which stresses our video cards?
  2. you can even take more than 25 people into the fight. Each time you teleport a group you need someone level 100 to activate the terminal.
  3. Fertilized Egg Memory Usage Fertilized eggs have always made my video card fans speed up, but since the memory usage tweak on buildings a month or so ago I crash if around too many fertilized eggs. Reboots my PC and raedon watman gives me a little message saying settings have been restored after it reboots. Only time it crashes is in ARK is around fert eggs. Iv ran 3dmark's torture test and no crash. Other games no crashes.
  4. Im tempted to move back to Legacy. Since playing official I've seen a giant amount of PR disasters from WC over enforcement. I've also seen the community whine about every little iteration. The guys I still talk to on Legacy seems quite happy because of the lack of support from WC.
  5. I actually emailed Ark's enforcement team in September and this was the response I received. Why its not in the CoC right now I dont know, but if it changes I have thousands of cryo'ed dinos at my disposal and enough accounts to fill a server. @Cedric @Jen
  6. So I've been having items disapear when I drag it into the Ark Data in the transmitter. Its been happening a lot lately. Transferred armor the other night and a helmet went missing, transferring ingots right now and some ingots went missing. I've lost cryoed baby dinos but it still seems like a better alternative to transferring characters with the items on the character.
  7. So your saying because decay hasnt been active people havent been playing and refreshing their bases? I play so I know I dont have to worry about my stuff disappearing.
  8. Join my discord. https://discord.gg/dG3cQmS Ill be running a few coming up, check the #boss-fights channel Ill announce in there. You can also @Tattare in discord in the boss channel and ill msg you when Im going to run one.
  9. To add a bit more challenge since the game is so easy.
  10. Thanks, we get to wait another week for some of the spam to disappear.
  11. skins for chairs, benches, tables, lights. I get kind of jealous how nice some of the modded RP communities look and that official does not have them. If they were skins and not new elements there shouldn't be new exploits?
  12. I think its a great change to pve as well as pvp. No more pve boss fights with manas. No more getting 1 tapped soon as you open your door on pvp. It looks like the majority of the people complaining are the ones who complained about the classic flyer nerf.
  13. Tattare


    Make a Global Localization. I've been using a 3rd party file to do this for a while now and it really needs typography spacing changes but meh it works. Its a blast holding up my phone using camera translate to see what the chinese are saying. I've even had a conversation with a couple now and Its been a lot of fun. Its also fun to see the spam advertisements on what stuff people are selling ingame for RL monies. The following screenshot is a example of global localization. I no longer see [][][][][][][][]
  14. I breed another melee mutation on a moschops.
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