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  1. Ambush7

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    great work,more useless skins just what i needed
  2. Ambush7

    Suggestions About Scorched Earth

    well atleast you dont have to deal with tame cap on SE also farming element there is much easier than anywhere else imo
  3. Ambush7

    Can i take an Allo army to bosses?

    i could imagine they do well with high hp dmg and good saddles on easy boss atleast
  4. Ambush7

    Plesiosaur Leveling

    i would try to get a mosa instead
  5. Ambush7

    the best overall dino?

    anky,doedi,theri,quetz for farming
  6. Ambush7

    Artifact of the Pack (The Center!)

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Underground_World_(The_Center)#Entrances there are a few entrances for that cave
  7. just make screenshots and report them
  8. Ambush7

    Wyvern egg transferring

    you can do it with a daedon too instead of milk but your imprint will suck
  9. Ambush7

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    you can harvest them