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  1. Jacira

    Officially confirmed 8x breeding?

    Na last year's didn't stay at 2x for very long. I think most of the time was spent around 4-6 but omg the server lag was real when it but 8x. Also pretty sure last time it was only for harvesting and not breeding. If someone can fact check me on that.
  2. Jacira

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Spino sails are a thing of the past anyway, don't you have the new rex stats?
  3. Jacira

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Yes, that base covers like 2-3 different spawns in that area.
  4. Jacira

    Selling in game items

    Depends on the server's popularity. I've played on servers before where the owner has turned profit. Obviously it's not a long-term investment but for a couple of months he was doing pretty well. Servers are reasonably cheap. I pay more for my gym membership.
  5. Jacira

    Selling in game items

    - Anytime you're paying with real life currency to acquire in-game poop it's pay to win. Doesn't matter where or who the item comes from or how the seller acquired the item. The exception to this is if you pay with in-game currency like ingots etc.. Because obviously you have to farm in-game so it's more of a trade than a sale. - There is also so much wrong with someone making a profit off of someone else's copyrighted work that I'm surprised it's even allowed on unofficial. - Not to mention the box tribe selling poop storm this would awaken if it was allowed.
  6. Jacira

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    The answer to your question is in your opening post dude. PvE Specific Griefing The owner of this base is not griefing anyone. It's an established base which just happens to be on a river. I feel like you're the type of person that wouldn't make many friends in this game.
  7. Jacira

    Time to say good bye.

    I bought the second account a long time ago but it was never to make a second tribe. Regardless of what the rules say I personally feel (with a server dino cap and a personal tribe limit) that these limits exist for a reason and so to make another tribe just to horde useless crap would be both selfish and stupid. Selfish for obvious reasons and stupid because the thing I love most about Ark is playing with other people, it is why I play official. So the more of the server dino cap I take for myself the less other people have to play. Plus I play solo too so that's also why I stick to the tribe limit. I asked the question long ago in reference to other people on my server that do it and it wouldn't be hard for any of them to say it's a friend's tribe sharing the same base etc. Which is allowed.
  8. Jacira

    Devs need to change their ways...

    Basic knowledge of how an engine works is not something simple. Most gamers you will find don't have this information. The big cheating tribes are the minority here. Also, my argument was purely to refute the OP's claims that Wild Card enforcement do nothing. Which is now void after posting that screenshot. I know there are injustices in the game, just like in real life. And perhaps it's true that their enforcement team is under staffed. But call me an optimist if you wish, I feel things will get better. They have a official incident reporting system now as well as an official discord server to contact enforcement team directly if you're playing on conquest. I believe they're trying to do the right thing, or as best as they can. And poop like this doesn't help anyone.
  9. Jacira

    Time to say good bye.

    It is not. They cannot ban you for using tools that you obtained through your mouse or keyboard software legitimately. I would say that whatever program your friend downloaded was flagged by them as a cheating program.
  10. Jacira

    Time to say good bye.

    I made a post a while back asking for an explanation about tribe tame limits and making two accounts. I was told that if you genuinely need two tribes to house all of your dinos. Then it's fine.
  11. Jacira

    Devs need to change their ways...

    Submit tickets and wait? And I wasn't referring to you with that quote. Try not to take everything personally.
  12. Jacira

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    I want a tek crop plot where instead of running off water, it runs off a tek generator. Coz there's nothing I want to do more than figure out how I can get all my crop plots into a generator range on lowest settings.
  13. Jacira

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    The Tek fishing Rod still wont be able to pick up a fish larger than 2.0x. Only difference between it and an ascendant rod is that you can repair the tek rod.... With 700 element shards.
  14. Jacira

    Time to say good bye.

    I agree with a lot of the things you say. As for feeding babies. Just set a macro to feed them while you sleep.
  15. Jacira

    Devs need to change their ways...

    The amount of undermeshers that get banned and tribes wiped proves you are wrong, I have also just provided visual evidence that they do in fact do something about cheaters, which is more evidence than you have provided when you say they do nothing. I cannot believe people who play official PvP are capable of crying this much.