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  1. tipping a lot of bans were handed out in this thread if previous trends were anything to go by.
  2. Thinks game is dying. immediately complains about a technical issue. seems legit.
  3. I heard on the grapevine that all these patches are to try and stop PvPers duping wishbones. Could be wrong though
  4. Lovely to see such unhelpful and unproductive discussion going on yet again. @ OP, servers have been going down constantly over the last week to try and fix these wish bones being duped. Reasons like this are why I'd never play official PvP. That and it's almost impossible to manage if you have a full time job. Duping has been around since legacy, Wild Card should have known the ability to summon something so destructive would get abused. Maybe they're trying to edge everyone over to unofficial where I presume they still get a fraction of the profit (in server hosting) with no real maintenance to worry about.
  5. Nice to see a familiar face around these parts lol. It is unfortunate though. I had 20 eggs at 0% incubation when this occurred. I believe it's a whole bunch of the OC servers though, not just 97.
  6. 1. Please allow us to build the new 4-high S+ walls downwards. It is very frustrating that this is so limited in it's building implementation when it is such a great addition to the game! 2. Please fix the sloped triangle ceilings to follow the same grid as triangle ceilings. Currently if you're building a long ramp with sloped triangle ceilings and you want to put walls or sloped left or right structures next to it, the sloped triangle ceiling will deviate outward from the grid after 5 levels, causing structure obstruction with walls or overlapping sloped left or right structures. 3. Please fix triangle ceilings to have a stronger support radius from surrounding, connected structures. Currently they only receive support from the structure it's initially built from. Allow the triangle ceiling to gain adaptive support to other structures it is connected with. Just like all other ceiling structures. 4. Please add an export feature for pre-tame creatures when they are knocked out so players don't need to waste countless hours taming just to extract data and find out it isn't the droid they are looking for. 5. Please provide stronger visibility of the structure cap rating. This could be implemented through the HUD menu (hold/toggle H) where it shows the server time, temperature etc. Whereby the structure cap reading radius is based on the player's location. Alternatively it could simply be added to the screen whenever you're about to place an object and it is highlighted green, then the structure cap would be based on the amount of structures within the structure range of the item being placed, similarly to how the game currently reads the rating when you are over the limit. 6. Please add Tek Crop plots!! Currently players are stacking crop plots on top of each other due to the tiny inventories. This need can be eliminated by implementing tek crop plots with bigger inventories. Restrict them to need tek genies to be powered or restrict it to actual crops (no weapon plants) to prevent abuse in PvP. I understand adjusting building structures might be very difficult to implement, but I believe we would all love your amazing game that much more if you succeeded in these ideas. Thanks for your time.
  7. By your own admission you were only raising 25 babies. It takes approximately six seconds to cryo a baby from the moment you start the channel to end. So let's do some.... 25 x 6 =150 / 60 That's two and a half minutes it would take you in just cryo channelling, leaving you another seven and a half minutes to get your poop together...
  8. If the servers were down all day then that's something really unusual. I never understand people who do boss fights around patches/server updates and crack it when poop breaks.
  9. That would be the stupid thing to do as then it's a proven inside job no doubt. But destroy a few things and it's more open to interpretation.
  10. Then stop this threading going off topic and discussing meshing solely and at length, rather than focus on the other possible causes for the OP's genny being hit first. Insiding for a start.
  11. But don't forget to buy our season pass for Ark Genesis available at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113410/ARK_Genesis_Season_Pass/?curator_clanid=8729288 On-Topic; If the OP's base was meshed to get to generator first I'd ask why the genny isn't in a 1x1? But if meshing was the problem then despite my opening joke I do have faith in WildCard to fix this issue. They did it with tame cap.
  12. Depends what game mode you play. PvP nope, it is to be expected. PvE not so much.
  13. I once took all my old kibble dinos out the front gate of my base, strapped a couple c4 to each one and blew them all sky high coz they became redundant. Would have been funnier if I had tribe mates off somewhere like your story but solo life yo. This other time I also played Ark for 6k hours when I could have devoted that time to getting a university degree, progressing a career, or generally moving forward in life. That was probably my silliest moment. But each person varies. So meta I know.
  14. That's a very situational strategy and while probably the easiest in that specific case, does not apply to the broader question of what's generally the easiest way. Someone earlier suggested Pheramone darts, do they work on Quetz?
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