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  1. Transferring of Items

    are you sure about this? Because I have been traded Wyvern Eggs in deals from people on the centre map. Which must have come from SE or Rag first to get there....
  2. Transferring of Items

    So our server was at cap all of yesterday so I transferred my giga eggs to a rag server to keep incubating. I am now trying to transfer them back but the timer keeps refreshing to 35 minutes with 17 seconds to go. This has happened 4 times now. So how can I get the eggs back there? Has this happened to anyone else before? Can Dino Eggs only be transferred one way? I've also tried having other items in my inventory as well and they seem to countdown normally. It's just the eggs.....
  3. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    you can actually set it so they aren't allowed to demolish structures. If you set it to admin demolish in the tribe governance and don't promote them to admin. Unfortunately this has it's own limitations if they ever want to build their own base somewhere else.
  4. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    another load of new people that could have loved your game Wild Card. Day by day our server turns new people away from your game when they ask "why can't I tame a dinosaur?" Telling them to try a different server, go to the forums and complain or even just ask for a steam refund when we cannot be bothered explaining the situation again. This is a massive issue for you guys and I only pray that for both our sakes you're delaying aberation to concentrate your attention completely on this.
  5. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    Hey Tekne, way around above.
  6. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    Definitely not. If you've followed this thread at all you'd know multiple mechanics in the game have been broken with one of the latest patches.
  7. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    Way around is to built the pillar first all the way to the ground. Once the pillar has ground support remove the pillar above where you want to place the ceiling. Once demolished you can now place ceiling on top of highest pillar and then replace pillar from top to connect it all back up.
  8. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    Now I've just discovered you can no longer stack fridges. this is a MAJOR problem now!
  9. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Not surprising coming from a company that releases DLC while in early access.
  10. The developers don't deserve this hate

    OP if you think the hate devs are getting is worth creating a thread about you've clearly never been a Mass Effect fan. This is nothing and people will always complain when there's stuff to complain about. The smart ones do it as feedback, the unintelligent ones do it as if WC are an abusive spouse. It's up to WC to see between the lines to the underlying issues. On a more interesting note... We have two people on the front page of this thread going back and fourth. One who is not a rabbit fighting with someone who (from their avatar) is a rabbit... If you're not a rabbit I wonder who you actually are... Elma Fudd comes to mind.
  11. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    When you say that they're aware of this issue, is that to say that the issue was unintentional? Or as in they are aware of this issue because they changed it and this is how it's staying?
  12. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Maybe, but anything that helps stem the tide is worth it.
  13. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    you honestly think servers haven't tried all these community options to solve it ourselves? You can be as disciplined and expendable with your dinos as you like but it still wont change the problem unless everyone else does it and this is the problem. Not only in Ark but in any game ever you should never have to tell another person how to play their game just so you can enjoy it yourself. Furthermore, our server for instance has over 4 big mutation breeding tribes. I know for a fact some of them have killed their dinos off. But then others haven't. Some of them don't even speak English. So how are we meant to even ask them to kill stuff off? I love the mp aspect of ark and I've met some incredible friends along the way. Through this we have formed little cliques in which we can ask each other for stuff to help us progress. However that is a far cry from trying to ask every single tribe on the server to commit to the cause when some of them may not like you, you may not like them, or they don't even speak your language.
  14. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    but we can't that's the problem. Because the only way we can fix it is to avoid it. Be it quit the game or go play unofficial. People wont buy their dlc and new people wont pick up the game if word keeps spreading about not even being able to play it anymore. It's just minecraft now. And new people can't even play that because they can't tame the dinos required to progress quick enough anymore. No one is going to build a full metal base, industrial forges, industrial cooker, chem station etc.. with a primitive pick axe. This is much bigger than just stomping and shouting. People react differently and some people are more articulate than others. But if WC can't see through all the bull to understand that people are just trying to give feedback about their game. Then it might be the end of Ark. This server cap will be the death of Ark. So many people are not playing and I have no strong desire myself. New servers will stem the tide. Legacy servers may have gotten capped every now and then but never has Ark had so many capped servers as now.
  15. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    All these amazing different ways to solve the issue when the simplest is still to bring out more servers.