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  1. Building Question

    So I have figured it out myself, let this be a tutorial for anyone trying to hide the ugly height difference between a foundation and a ceiling. In the same way you can sink foundations on a raft using pillars, you can also sink them on land. Steps 1. Place a foundation 2. Place a pillar in the middle of the foundation 3. Place another foundation next to it once you see the game glitch the foundation at a lower level 4. Place a ceiling on the lower foundation 5. Profit You will see that the ceiling on the lower foundation now meets the same height as your regular foundations. There is a price to using this method however, you will need to keep that lowered foundation as part of your structure as the lowered ceilings will not meet the same foundation support grid as your heightened ones. I recommend only using this method on small things where aesthetics is more important than structural integrity. I have attached a photo as an example. Take note of the two wooden ceilings one block back from the example to notice the difference.
  2. Building Question

    Thanks for your help. I know how to hide the pillar nubs I just prefer the look of foundations at a side glance over pillars and ceilings. However you don't have to use pillars if you build out far enough from your foundation. You can use a single pillar and then snap foundations to the pillar to give the proper roof above a nice even look. The trickiest parts are when you're close to ground those, trying to get the pillar in the right grove to then able the foundations to snap to it.
  3. Building Question

    Has anyone figured out a way to work around the height difference caused when snapping a ceiling to a foundation? Building on slopes obviously means at some point you have to stop using foundations and start using ceilings. But it causes a horrible line to show between the two. So any Arkitects know a way around this?
  4. how do you expect them to fix it, if you don't tell them what it is?
  5. At my last report we actually got the save so it wasn't so bad. This last crash we weren't that lucky. Rolled back 20 minutes.
  6. It was good for about 10 minutes that time. Destroyed again. It seems like it's crashing every time the server tries to save.
  7. No, it doesn't work as a competitive game because free time trumps skill in Ark. Your viewpoint about hiding away is flawed because there isn't only 1 map you can hide on. Transfer to a different smaller server and build up there. Then tx back when you're ready to fight. Alas, fighting back is a moot action because no matter how long you grind for. They will always beat you. Free time and Friends is what wins in Ark. Not being unable to hide.
  8. Yea I heard about your rag character toon being deleted. I've seen other people complaining of the hardcore mode deaths as well. Imminent roll backs inc. me thinks.
  9. So you're saying this is Groundhog day, of the previous Groundhog day?
  10. This server is broken, it keeps crashing itself every 5 minutes. It disappears from the server list for about a minute or two and then re appears. Log back in and then 5 minutes later it kicks you saying "connection time-out". Everyone on the server is having this problem so it's not client side. Maybe a bug in the most recent update?
  11. The Worst Bug Ever

    When trying to attack any animal in the water and using the command whistle " ALL attack my target" it will cause any flyer tames nearby to fly off in different directions never to be seen again. I almost lost all of my argys earlier tonight before spending 20 minutes looking for them all. Now I have lost my best ptera and spent the last 45 minutes flying around on my crappy ptera spamming 'J'. No where to be found. This bug really.really. Like REALLY SUCKS!
  12. Fastest Sea Creature?

    So I just kibb tamed a 150 Angler and I'm curious to know what I need to prioritise for it's stats. I'm guessing melee dmg to harvest more pearls. But the main thing I'm concerned about is preservation. I have already out ran electric eels and pletz with it but not sure if it can outrun megs. Are there any other predators I need to worry about catching it? Ergo, do I need to up it's movement speed at all?
  13. As per the image below it was stated in the latest patch notes that there had been major networking changes to fix this bug. However, I am very sad to say that now it is worse than ever. I had experienced this issue only a couple of times when demolishing the bottom wall of a 4 or more high wall area. I guessed that the server didn't like all those walls coming down at once and that was the result of the disconnection. Since this patch today where it was claimed to have been resolved, I have been disconnected 5 times over 3 hours when trying to demolish single stone ceilings. With 3 of the disconnections in only my last hour of play, the last disconnection of which resulted in a complete Crash To Desktop Error. My server is now 70/70 and I'm unable to get back in to keep playing... In my opinion, this is a major bug that needs fixing pronto. Ark is unplayable for me in it's current state.
  14. So I'm playing on a PvE server and there's two Titanosaurs right near my base. A few days ago they were a couple of biomes away so I fear someone is going to use them to troll either myself or one of my neighbours. This leaves me with the question.... How high do I need to build my walls for the titanosaur to not be able to climb over them in the event it's kited towards my base? I had them 6 high but now I'm starting to just use behemoth gates as a perimeter instead. I prefer the look of walls though so how high do they need to go?
  15. Fattest Dinosaur

    So I'm just planning the layout of my base and want to make sure I accommodate all my facilities for the growing obesity crisis in dinosaurs these days. Therefore I'm curious as to know which is the widest dinosaur that I can test out my base with? First of all I'm guessing it's the Titanosaur. But let's just rule that guy out as I don't have the patience or enough McDonalds to make him like me. So I'm going to guess it would either be a giga or a bronto? And that I would need to make room about 3 foundations wide between buildings for them to get through? Any tips or suggestions, or correcting if I'm wrong in my guesses, would be appreciated, thanks!