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  1. Jacira

    New Boss Killers?

    You assuming we're jumping to extremes is the disturbing part. It's not about how quickly you kill the bosses and it's not about what we have now being invalidated. It's about the hundreds and even thousands of hours combined tribes spend on official servers getting muts to push stats higher and higher on normal rexes, only to have WC just release a new toy that does everything a normal rex can do, and more. And all you have to do is hunt down a good one and tame it. And yes, it is just a game. And these are just forums. Where people post their opinions about things and debate about them. The fact that something so simple as a differing of opinion is enough to disturb you, well frankly disturbs me. Especially coming from someone who has obviously spent a lot of time here. You should be used to it by now if anything.
  2. Jacira

    New Boss Killers?

    I personally know someone who has tamed one out with 500% base dmg. So nope. It wont take that long for people to smash muts out on that. And that's just someone I know, I'm sure there is higher out there.
  3. Jacira

    New Boss Killers?

    If you can transfer them into the bosses. Then every single boss rex anyone has ever raised and imprinted is now worthless. If you cannot transfer them into the bosses. Then I fear they will be nothing more than a cool looking ornament to sit in your base. Unless they can kill wild gigas and titans... Which I doubt.
  4. Jacira

    My thoughts on the Arkaeology Event

    New servers, New DLC info. Hell even a countdown to announcing they're finishing the Great Migration and shutting down all legacy servers. Any of these things would have been better than what we got. I applaud them for trying, and the skins are pretty cool. But certainly not worth a 18 day countdown for them. And as for the event "colours"... When a lot of the breeders have spent months and months finding natural whites and blacks to put on a line and sell. Now they just throw em all at us anyway. It pisses me off.
  5. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    God all this fuss and torture. No wonder no one plays Scorched Earth anymore... Ragnarok offers almost everything SE does, and so much more!
  6. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    I thought the whole idea of turbines was that they are unaffected by electrical storms?
  7. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    So how do you go about dealing with the tek troughs when the storm hits? Do you use raw meat or do u use cooked so it doesn't decay as quickly when troughs go offline?
  8. LEGEND! Must have missed it Thanks heaps!
  9. Anytime you're playing on private servers you really have to take bug reports and troubleshooting into your own hands. As soon as you go private. You are basically in charge of everything. GP covered mostly everything but as for the resource nodes. It's worth checking your .ini files to see what the respawn radius is away from structures. If that is set to low. You will get what is happening to you now. Good luck.
  10. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    Okay, but that bug only happens when the base is rendered? If you're all offline raising and the base isn't rendered you wont be subject to the bug?
  11. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    so you have to manually turn them back on?
  12. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    And are tek generators affected by lightning storms?
  13. Jacira

    Spoil timers Scorched earth

    Sorry for the necro. But I'd rather do this then create a new thread. Does anyone know if fridge spoil timers are different on SE? Quote me so I don't miss the reply. Thanks in advance!
  14. Jacira

    New Small Tribe Servers a Failure

    I never meant that the idea of small tribes has failed. That's just indisputable fact it hasn't. All I meant was that the release of them has been a failure in terms of supply/demand. You say they didn't initially realise how successful they'd be, but that is hard to believe since the community had been screaming for this very thing for a long time. And was also the most popular idea for a speciality server when they asked the community this very thing. But you are right, it is just a trial/error period so it makes sense why they wouldn't release hundreds in one go. Still, it would be nice to have at least 1 OC server for it. They're kind of shutting out an entire region of the world from playing there, at least in terms of optimal performance.
  15. Ragnarok 96 and The Island 97, both OC servers have gone down. Been about 15 minutes now. Just letting you know here in case you're not aware. ta.