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  1. Playing on official and suddenly our main trike just stopped harvesting berries. We got our other two out and they didn't either, tried enabling/disabling resource collection, crafting a different saddle, enable wandering etc.. Nothing. Logged on to unofficial to play there and someone in that server had the same problem. Anyone else experience this recently?
  2. This is crazy! I want nothing more than to play this game, but can't. Even my old unofficial community is maxed out on their sever because no one can play official. Paying money again for a game we already bought, menu simulator 2023 isn't going to last long. Which sucks because it's actually such a quality product underneath. It's like Jedi Survivor that was a great game, but plagued by performance issues tarnished it's reviews and revenue.
  3. The ASA servers have got to be some of the worst released for a live game. Not only after 2 days of trying can I not connect to any server, despite the "player count" on the server being like 30/70 (one server I tried joining was literally 1/70 and it said "server full"). But the rest of the information doesn't make sense either. I'm an OC player and one server has a connection of 199 ping, yet an EU server has a ping of 87? Is the game so fresh that they have random number generation on the server screen until they patch the game to actually give the correct information? I understand the game is popular and all. But I don't know which server to even 'attempt' to join because IT'S ALL LIES! How does WC expect to make revenue from this when you will have countless players refunding because players don't even know which server to attempt to join to play the game? I want all the success for this game dev, this is a pretty crucial thing to not get right. Or are those experiencing this issue in the minority? I thought menu information would be global.
  4. Anyone who is a true original should understand by now that 'the great reset' is inevitable. It happened from early access to live, it's happening with live to ascended, and it will happen again in the future, too. I reptaring love Ark, and some of my fondest moments are off the early game. So I say, bring it on!
  5. It wasn't lagging out the area, but in a 10x10 area in the centre of my base I was 1000 structures over the structure cap. I start demolishing some of my walls to replace them with 4-high walls to help with cap and rendering, except then I couldn't place anything down after demolishing the singles due to cap. This lead to the removal of my tribe name and also my entire kibble barn, since kibble dinos are useless now...
  6. Today in Ark I had to demolish my tribe name written on my roof. So sad.
  7. The game is balanced around whatever the game allows people to do. breeding up OP dinos is apart of that. All I hear in this thread is people crying because they get pooped on when trying to build up in PvP. Well hello? Have you ever really played Ark PvP if you didn't understand that was going to happen in the first place? And this issue is not isolated to new players remember, even alpha tribes get wiped by another alpha eventually, such is the nature of chaos. All that will happen if Wild Card wipe is that they will lose half of the player base they currently have now with people not wanting to start over, and then the very same people crying for a wipe in this thread will quit too, once the people playing now (that do stick it out) breed up their OP dinos again. This is just a stupid discussion. Play unofficial, it requires less devotion and has more frequent PvP opportunities if you find a popular one.
  8. That is the nature of Ark PvP unfortunately, and the amount of people they would piss off by wiping the servers just to "stem the tide" is not even worth thinking about the idea. In my opinion, the best way to play Ark PvP is on unofficial anyway.
  9. All your reasons for a wipe are exactly the reasons it will never happen. Do you think all the players who have devoted all this time and effort to getting all that stuff you listed above would see this as a positive thing? Moreover, do you think they'd continue playing if all their hard-earned work was just wiped clean because people who came to the game later couldn't compete? Wont happen, and if it did it would be a momentous mistake from Wild Card.
  10. Yes I do actually, because without the bail out they would have been done and dusted years ago. Repeating myself now but that was the point I was making. How well their business does after that is completely a non-issue to the argument.
  11. Tell that to General Motors and every other business that got Government bail outs.
  12. As a kibble trader I feel for the future of my business. Will Wild Card be offering any sort of bail outs to kibble sellers like myself and others whose business will be impacted by these changes? Starting to feel like Lehman Brothers over here...
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