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  1. This building I identified the lowest point I could start working from and I started back by the beh gate here to left of roo. You can see the line goes forwards to the other end, that is the line I started with, branched out every 4 pillars and ran to the sides. There's only a hand full of pillars at the far end i used to set the floor height. When I had trouble with land going up and down, I would occasionally have to walk a line of pillars around the point until i could get them in place so make all the runs work. There was one spot that dipped too low and i couldn't approach the
  2. when i say far away, you'll see, the grid below is less materials than if i had brought up pillars across the floor to support it. so using one central run from the lowest point possible, i then run out from the center every 4th tile, so 3 pillars in between each row. This allows each row to support 2 out and they overlap their support on the 2nd away from each row so taht I can build wherever. If you ran every 5 w/ 4 spaces inbetween, it would still work - but you would have trouble placing walls up above in the middle spot between your rows. My whole floor is fl
  3. Since 1 support can go out 2 away from it, you can run one central run then run branches after 3 instead of after 2. The branches , only raise 1 pillar to floor height every 4 , layout floor , then pick up the 3 in the middle afterwards. it sorta depends on how far above ground ur floor will be. If it’s really high up, your better off leaving all pillars and not bothering to raise pillars to meet the floor except in maybe 2-4 spots only, if it’s not high up then reclaiming the extra pillars might save structure counts and then you have to bring them up to meet floor height s
  4. If it’s pvp you have to break the walls and destroy their blockade. If it’s an orp pvp server, then i don’t know. It probably depends on which gm gets the ticket for an orp pvp situations.
  5. The way to place them now, as I have found to work, is to set up pillars above where you want them to place. Then you can snap them below the pillars, then you can break the structure you set up above and the bridges will stay.
  6. Regular ceiling tiles are also not square. If you set the ceilings on the longer end , it might be that making it not line up.
  7. From what I've seen, you don't lose the baby when drowning on ab. But it does reset the 12 hr gestation timer. This reset mechanic most likely what is interacting with you drowning off map.
  8. You have to level one up to it's max to get the max. You don't get the 5 levels by leveling up 5 separate chibis up 1 level. I'm not sure if there's a trick to be played w/ leveling chibis. Like what if you took a level 4 chibi and level it to level 5 and you've never leveled a chibi before , what happens? I dunno. I'd assume you get the corresponding player level access for just that particular stage. SO it would be like skipping the earlier bonus levels , but I really don't know what would happen. Since it is ark, I wouldn't put it past breaking your access to the earlier po
  9. YOu don't gain a level from wearing the chibi when it levels up. What you gain is ACCESS to another level that you can level up to. You must have it equiped when the chibi levels for YOU to get the ability to level up above the limit you had before that moment. WIth no boss fights, you can level up to a maximum of 105. If you level up the chibi then each level up gets u access to up to 5 more levels. IT doesn't give you the experience for those 5 levels, just now you can go up to 110.
  10. thank you for correcting me, not sure why I kept saying carry weight. brain fart I guess.
  11. Have you tried rolling back your graphics card driver?
  12. It happens when you try to go down after you were going up. Someone one day figured they could to through the floor by climbing up then down. So WC fixed it by auto killing you if you should ever go up a wall into a dead end of sorts and then think to go back to try a different path, BAM , slap in the face... I don’t think the devs have ever actually used them since introducing them to the game. That’s why they have no idea how broken they are now.
  13. was it the player name? or was it your account name? smol doesn't come up as a bad word in any of the 20 languages i looked up. noone on here can help you, either it's epic or WC you have to ask. There's a tool in the support section of this website you need to set up an account there, log in then submit a request.
  14. Reason I mentioned the blowing out pc with pressure is, the fans could be wearing down from that. When using canned air, it can spin the fans too fast and causes them to dry out the grease and they begin to spin slower. So they look like they are working but they are not displacing heat as well anymore afterwards. you should always hold the fans still when cleaning out for this reason. the other thing to check could be power supply. They do go bad sometimes... I go through them pretty often myself. If you are using steam, you can verify files and see if somet
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