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  1. turn off light blume and motion blur i think it's called.
  2. no, you can use just reservoirs in green zone. In blue i don't think it would work, but in green it does w/out direct water hook up. Add in enough water resevoirs and the system will refill as fast as a direct water connection.
  3. There are lots of lvl 300+ achatina out there, probably easiest to just find one to clone for higher food. Much easier than breeding for food mutations.
  4. Ape on Island - I use a pack of rexes generally + yuti Broodmother on Island - pack of rexes or megatheriums + yuti Dragon on Island - just 1 lone deino is enough. Manticore on Scorched - Pack of well mutated Blood wyverns + Yuti Rockwell on Aberration - 5 people all in tek suits + shotguns , no dinos needed.
  5. Kill baby spinos, rexes, gigas. Build up a small army of high lvl breeders, breed / hatch / kill / XP!
  6. selling any in game asset on an official server for actual real-life money or digital currency would be a violation of the game's terms of service and could get your account banned from all official network servers.
  7. HUge assumption , and completely not following the point. This type of problem would effect everyone equally, large base or not....unless you have a base by every cave on the map you play on. Regarding the actual topic, based on what you are saying - it would seem this might be something that will have to be iterated on before it's a usable feature.
  8. They are more plentyful on Valguero, but those are aberrant versions. Probably easier to find higher level ones on the Center.
  9. mine don't wander and make paste just fine. They don't make poly though...or do they? I only check the gacha for paste, forgot about the poly..
  10. If the bug has been around since before they updated all the imprinting options lists, then this animal is following pre-homogenized rules. Before they made everything uniform, going to different maps would bring changes to the lists of requests for most animals. It would reflect gatherables that were available on those maps. Try taking it to Aberration? or maybe Crystal Isles?
  11. Put 100 more in, I bet it will display 102.
  12. THere is an issue I see on GenTwo alot. I'm usually connecting it's occurrence to the server crashing between my last time on and the current logging back on. The game will sometimes put your body under the mesh, and then mesh detection destroys you. This is usually stopped by logging out on a bed. Being on a bed should stop this from happening 99% of the time, but there is always exceptions.
  13. Best thing to do is go to support tab, click on help. Upper right corner of screen u want to then login and then submit a request all from that upper right corner. Your best hope is to report fast and hope to get help fast enough to save your stuff.
  14. switch off the map, then come back.
  15. On Official pve, there's no reason to mutate a boss team. Every dino u can use , can be found by trading w/ other players. WOrk on farming stuff people need, hard poly is a sure fire item needed by most players... then trade for tames and save time not mutating.
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