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  1. Kark and anky on aberration, 600 stacks of raw metal in 25min.
  2. There’s only one way and that’s to use them with a cliff platform. One end is on ground other end on a cliff platform counts as snapped.
  3. It’s a survival game isn’t it? Usually that means you gotta find a way right? Or make choices ...
  4. If you input the stats of the parents as is into asb manually it’s possible to find out the original stats of the parents even after leveling. You may need to know roughly the taming effectiveness you had because there might be a couple different conclusions based on that. But asb can make a good guess as to what effectiveness you had.
  5. If it was account bound I could play and get all the extra levels and access to engrams on pve, but could then go to pvp and would have access to all the bells and whistles without effort.
  6. Or use megalosaurus at night. Megas would be more powerful at night than a zino.
  7. Easy to find this post from over as year ago that lists what can and can’t go down there without mushroom brew. Mushroom brew also lets you take an anky there , we do it all the time.
  8. You could try blowing it w/ a gasbag. I know when i use my gasbag, all my reapers pop up out of the ground. I'm not sure if that works on wilds or on other peoples tames but you could try it.
  9. you don't instantly get the level, you gain access to level up to that new level. You still have to go earn the xp for it.
  10. Pros Loot chibis seasonal scenery skins Cons time sink for presents to land, time to wait for someone else to roll up and gank you, while in pvp - maybe fun, not so much in pve. pve - encourages bad behaviors (griefing others trying to get presents, ie - land a snow owl hard, slow down anyone else running for the present, or with a gasbag blow the first person to arrive off a cliff and be the first to the present) wicked time sink for loot from gachas as well winter skins didn't' show on snowmen, tiny let down that there was at least 6 hat skins that didn't work on the snowmen , not including the winter event ones which also didn't work. ideas for chibis? Shoot, I'm like Ash Catchem, i gotta have em all... or i would be, but i'm not spending 20 hrs gathering crystals off a gacha's back to get the last 4 i'm missing... ideas to make winter event more fun? Instead of presents, couldn't the raptor claus just beam down like a bolt of lightninig some chirstmas mobs? They could be anything, a dilo w/ mistletoe for a face, or a present w/ arms legs and lots of teeth?.... or simply a pack of angry alpha reindeers. Have killing the mobs instead gather up loot, this would still be a gank fest in pvp, but would allow for more people to get in on the action w/out it being a snooze fest waiting for a present to land. Gacha Claus' , instead of being something we sit, stare, and wait by - maybe we could just kill like an angry-alpha-increased-size version of a gacha that yeilds loot through killing as well or in lieu of feeding. We could just get rid of the gacha in this case and it can be any animal you feel is appropriate, say an angry alpha Christmas Tree - that's not happy about someone stringing lights up all over it.
  11. You can do all that, but hand feeding that thing is a pain in the ass. the reaper gland(5min effect) u get from killing queens can be used to make the reaper baby not agro on you, but it won't stop it from running around as a baby, you can't stop that unless you pick it up and keep it from running around. The reason we have it eat our bodies loaded w/ meat is so we don't have to hand feed it and watch it die before your eyes or use up a ton of reaper glands for every reaper we raise. Glands don't drop often and are pretty valuable to be wasting so many to raise 1 reaper. My prefered method needs 0 reaper glands to do, i used to use one 4min before the birth and have it effective for only 60 seconds while i'm trying to claim it, then it would eat me after it wears off. But it isn't neccessary to use that, just makes the first part a tad easier. you could always set it up so u can do the same thing at another time once it has been unpodded somewhere else. A baby reaper should always agro on anything until it hits juvenile. transfering doesn't change that as far as i know. Reapers eat alot of meat, if they have been agitated, they will consume food even faster making feeding them problematic. plus they move around constantly and if you don't trap them in some manner, you will see them die while you are chasing them around. or they might just go and bury themselves.
  12. only certain ab animals can go down into the radiation and not be effected by it. Only certain predators can go down in there, not even all predators can avoid the radiation damage. This has been true for a couple years now. It's not a bug, it's listed in the info out and available to you to read. You can counter this damage with mushroom brews. People go farm successfully w/ ankys all the time down there and have been using that since the beginning.
  13. See if u can set a cliff platform at its feet. U might be able to pod it if u can.
  14. Check 0,0. That area goes off map up in the corner.
  15. Last night was absolutely unplayable on island46. It booted everyone after the server went over 5 players connected repeatedly.
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