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  1. THey don't compare at all. The island dragon boss does % damage, so if a tame has 20,000 hp . It loses 4,000 hp in one hit. If your tame has 10,000 hp, it loses 2,000. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Wyverns we can tame or raise don't do % based damage.
  2. Additionally, if a tribemate insides you on pve and uses C4 to break stuff, it won't leave a message who did it or that it was done. You would just show up to a broken base. If it broke a cliff platform, you would only see msgs for the structures that were on top of the platform. There would be no msg that the platform was broken by so-and-so and that it was c4. That was our experience when we had someone do that to us.
  3. on PVE we get no notifications if another player outside of tribe breaks something. If someone had let it decay, then it would have left a msg. @Piffguru suggested the correct solution for setting down one dedicated storage by itself. You must snap another one to it first and that new timer will stick even if you pick the second one up right away. It could be risky solution, should the developers make some change later that undoes it. I'd just leave 2 together. Doesn't hurt to have one for oil or wood and one for something else you put in a forge.
  4. We see this post every couple months and it’s the same thing every time. If you did a little search , you would see you aren’t the first person to get confused by how it works, you won’t be the last.
  5. Last week we had an adolescent gasbag starve next to the tek troughs and was only sharing it with 3 other babies. I don’t think factory raising is the whole problem.
  6. It's pretty straight forwards, the crystal wyverns are a bit over 50% as powerful as a regular wyvern if you look at the chart , u see the regular is rated at 80 and crystal wyverns are rated at 45. That means if you have 400 damage on both , the regular wyvern will be almost 2x more powerful than an ember. Embers will need to be well over 600% BASE melee to start to compare or be better than a traditional fire wyvern.
  7. There is a claim mechanism that comes up after it initiates. I’ve not actually experienced the problem , but my assumption is the claiming doesn’t lock the vein to your tribe as many people people I know have said other players would come up and start harvesting after they did all the work.
  8. I dunno, I got more than 100 wyverns out and i'm using all of them every other day at minimum. I'm not sure about the spawns though, kind of hard to stop people from building right on the areas that spawned them on day 1. I built over the water far from their spawn areas, not everyone is so polite or knowledgeable of the areas they build on.
  9. this happens across servers. Anytime something like a fertilized egg, stack of eggs,custom food gets transfered to another server, they can get locked on the server u take them to. I'm not sure if there's really a guaranteed way of triggering it or if it's just sorta random when it happens, doesn't happen all the time for me - just quite often. @Castlerock suggested the only known fix for things. This won't work for fertilzed eggs though, make sure you dont' transfer an egg to a server you aren't planning on hatching it on.
  10. just use google and u can find out lots of things on your own. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Base_Damage
  11. can you still access the purple drop if the spikes are there? cus I'm pretty sure you can still reach it.
  12. no they do, you just have to go farther. then the magic happens.
  13. I've been waiting some time now, and now that the Network Status says Healthy, I'm assuming it forgot about this server.
  14. ark smart breeding. It's an application, it can read files put out by the game. I'd assume the epic one could do it too. If you pull up the wheel menu on an animal and go to options, there should be an 'export dino' option. click that. then you find the folder it saves that file to. Point ASB to that folder and it will read the files that come out of the game and tell you all the things you didn't know about your animals. The game doesn't actually track mutations as far as what mutates. But if you use that program you can figure out what changed. If you can't export the
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