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  1. Nah, it was Chinese on Chinese . I used to think the Chinese player community helped each other out, but I was wrong. He referred to these players as simply animals. The mainland Chinese players have no moral code as I wrongly thought they did. they use some program called QQ , most Chinese players use that. The perps were busy bragging how they destroyed the base and got away with it.
  2. GrumpyBear

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    The first thing I do on any server when starting out is work to being able to make a raft. After that , the raft gets everything started, like finding a spot to build, tame stuff, make equipment...
  3. I found a picture that shows the lvls of the stuff that was attacking. Maybe WC just figures if they let the animals run wild and ruin the experience on official, they can reduce the server #s due to the lower population #s due to people just giving up. The bulk of the money has already been made off this game, it's just a process of diminishing returns at this point.
  4. As far as I can tel not one of them got sanctioned in any way. All that happened is the cliff platform is gone. For all we know the kiters removed it themselves. i don’t really know the levels, there was about 5 of them who made a new tribe to hide their original tribes. I personally was useless, my character was wiped by Thanos. My one tribemate who was on had to balance trying to get documented evidence while also trying to figure out the best way to save what he could. It’s great to know that bothering to get their names and steam ids was just about pointless. For how easy it is to get in the right distance and get them in view, it’s great to know it’s pointless. WC just said to post to the thread if I get any other evidence and a couple days later they close out the ticket. * I honestly can't say one way or the other what my friends might have done to get attacked , but it was Chinese on Chinese violence. This tribe is one I was added to after I had traded with them for some time and helped him and some other allies out with getting stats they were looking for. These guys had everything you couldn't even imagine. Most likely it was jealousy as far as I can tell. I have people ask me for rare stats all the time and I would find them usually with this tribe.
  5. GrumpyBear

    Mantis Issues After Update

    Your post is confusing. Mantis hold tools.
  6. GrumpyBear

    High Level Kibble Taming?

    u can slightly improve highest level possible on events where they boost taming speed.
  7. GrumpyBear


    I wouldn't sweat it. Ark will take more from you than any player can loot off your dead body. For example, a tribemate goes out on a mana I raised and fully imprinted to go pick up 2 transmitter. He must have clicked jump one too many times while it was lagged out and his mana just disappeared w/ all the tek he had gotten from the trade. Ark will gank you.
  8. We did, tribemate is watching over it w/ an alternate account. They are continuing to just load up the area for when we get back on. We have close up screenshots that pretty clearrly show a corrupted giga there with that yellow arrow showing the only way for it to get there was through a teleporter which u can see the glow of the tek generator in the shot. We logged into 10 corrupted gigas all in the base , there wasnt much time to save anything by logging out. the damage was pretty much done in minutes.
  9. They have been going at it for over 5hrs now. Is there any way to get a GM to look at this ? This is one of the most brazen attacks on PVE I've seen. THey layed down a cliff platform and put a telepad up on it to transport the wild corrupt gigas right into our space. Wiped out sooooo much stuff. Screenshots are from my chinese tribemate. This is an ongoing attack by a chinese tribe. Been going for over 5hrs now.
  10. GrumpyBear

    Alpha Rockwell

    I Did beta with 5 people and it was cake. If you could do it w/ only 3, it would be a little tougher. I'd probably just go all rock drakes if you only got 3. You would need to watch out for getting zapped, w/ only 3 u might not clear the tentacle in time to avoid that.
  11. GrumpyBear

    Is Giganotosaurus worth taming?

    Got a titanosaurus bugging the hell out of you stomping around your base while you are trimming your toe nails? A bred imprinted giga w/ a good saddle will take care of that.
  12. I lost 13 spino babies all with my latest stat mix and a whole host of new mutations to mix together. All died , all were at 8.0% when I logged off . While it might seem silly to do that, I’ve done it over 100x before and the most I’ve lost is one or two and that’s very rare. Spinos should have been fine on their own at 5% by the weight they have. And I was raising a few animals last night and 2 of them just stopped eating while I was with them the whole time. I’ve found that if you are around you can pump their food all the way up and it will just count down until it hits zero or the babies hunger catches up. You’ll know it caught up because the maturity % will shoot up when it starts eating again.
  13. It’s called a tek sleeping pod and don’t log out. But I have lost 2 ankys and one doed from leaving in a kark claw. I haven’t lost one reaper that way, and a solo player I know on our server has over 100 reapers he raised that way.
  14. GrumpyBear


    U sure u didn’t put it in tribute?
  15. GrumpyBear

    Karkinos Saves Lives :) Reaper Went Invisible

    Or u could just pick it up with the kark claw right away and walk away. Come back when it hits juvi and as long as you turned off wander it will be right there when u get back.