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  1. U could just start it and run away, at least that’s what we do with the weak ones.
  2. Make corrupted unteleportable and the problem is mostly solved.
  3. It's quite common for servers to have the egg timers not line up with what you see once they are close to done. THe more the server lags for server saves, longer lag spikes for server saves equals a greater time difference in my experience. The longer the egg takes to mature, the longer the difference will be towards the end. For me , it always corrects after picking up and dropping again. And w/ gestating animals, I see that all the time. Their timer does not regularly update. Might be related to how many animals are out gestating at the same time. I'm not sure how the server manages the timers, but I imagine it's got a lot to do other than tell us the exact time for the birth.
  4. I would suggest primitive first. It will get them used to how things work without overloading them with lots of features. Afterwards , then take them to a regular server w/ all the extra fun stuff. There's all sorts of tricks people forget they can do w/ the animals with all the high level content, being forced to use those tools on primitive gives you a better handle on how you can play.
  5. if crafting skill is high enough I don't think a mated pair is necessary. As long as they aren't sad, and they produce max value for a crystal, any additional mate buff can't increase the amount per crystal. but for logistics, it makes sense to have as many in one spot as possible. You can have 8 in the same area as having only 4. so why not have 8.
  6. I do fine with 145% crafting skill on them. Sounds like they aren’t happy. You may need to remove on and take it far away and let it out to reset its happiness. Then take it back to its spot. See If that little trick still works.
  7. We have had 425 clean on official pve for ab ones for awhile. I would go hunt fire bears on valg. A friend just got 443md clean on the polar bears there.
  8. I won’t have to, they can give u the levels and unlock the engrams, u won’t show the achievements in your implant and would have to redo Rockwell and tek cave , no Rockwell only engrams can be given back. You still have to roll a new char and then they move your imprints and ownership over to your new character.
  9. it Wouldn’t be impossible for them to make an item in game that would allow us to save a recorded mapping of what’s going on around you including all the player Dino information as well as their movements into a scene that could be played back with the game engine. It would take way less cpu resources to do that then have to start a video stream or recording. And it could include info a simple video couldn’t include beyond just line of sight details.
  10. Whenever I leave render , my babies fall out of hte pouches onto the ground. I haven't had one teleport to 50/50 yet, but I try and avoid leaving render when they are young even in a pouch. If I leave, I pull them out and put them back in after. If htey can manage on their own, I only put back to do imprints then pull back out. ALso my base is raised up on pillars, no foundations. They usually end up under the floor. Not sure if there's a different reaction if your base is situated on foundations instead. I haven't tried it yet, but there's a possibility crop plots underneath could stop it. It works for eggs.
  11. basically you zero out oxy and run speed as they are completely useless. Your next stats to peel away from is food and weight. I personally like to keep as much weight as possible because that's what makes raising them easier. I'd sacrifice food points before weight points on a 3 to 2 ratio. OH and stamina, any points spent on stamina is really worth more than points inherited in stamina. I'd rather 2 more points in melee and just spend 2 points on the stamina later on as i'd get more bang for my buck there.
  12. Then it might not be corrupted files on steam, just a bug they need to patch. I mean, it did happen on 2 computers at the exact same moment. That's less likely an install specific issue.
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