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  1. On ASE, we can use maewings to feed unclaimed babies by having an unclaimed maewing by them. Since they are both unclaimed, they are in the same tribe. So this is a way to keep babies alive until you get back to base to claim them.
  2. Considering the regular mega can't go into rad zone w/out countering the radiation constantly, I'd consider it an extremely low priority. I don't even bother taming the regular ones. The ab ones are cooler looking to me.
  3. I just clicked on the skin in inventory and selected place, it then showed green when it was on top of one of my existing walls. It then changed the look of that wall that was already in place. I didn't need to place the skin on a stack before hand. Things I did before using the skin, installed then closed the game. Then I restarted the game and joined my server.
  4. They aren't talking about duping the character against terms. They are talking about them(wildcard) coming up with a system where the character is backed up into the cloud so that if they are lost on a server, they can easily just grab the last version of it from WC, not some exploit. Say you upload your character to the cloud from a server, now the cloud has that copy, you go to another server, upload again back to the cloud and the latest version overrides the last copy the cloud stored. Go to a different server, lose your character. Go back to the cloud and get your last known version. Its not that complicated. They could easily do it.
  5. Has someone mentioned that ark data is shared by all characters of the account owner? Meaning , you dont' have to go to another server with your main character. You can make a new one on the traders server and pull the item from an obelisk. Its not a great solution, but if there is a dire need - there is a way. I would think this would hold back the trading market to a large extent, but for those who want to invest the time, it is possible to do with minimal losses. ..i'll add you don't need to mention that a lvl 1 character can't move with stacks of tek ceilings. That's why trading would have to be done in person and not vaulted pickups. That's why I stated, it will hold back the trading market to a large extent if character loss is too common. With servers crashing every couple hours guaranteed, I wouldn't move a character unless I have someone on that server letting me know when it crashes next. So I can move over after it comes back online. Server hopping is the dream, but its major league gambling at this point. We went through all of this on ASE over the years. It took them 4 years to cut the character losses down to the point we forgot about it. Half of that is probably simply because the player population dwindled and reduced the server stress, the other half WC can take credit for.
  6. One of the bonuses of building in a dense neighborhood, is that when others live nearby and keep your base rendering, eggs come more often.
  7. On the tek rex , It will take you 3 mutations on the melee to catch up to the regular rex melee. On the regular rex, it will take you 5 mutations to catch up to the same health stat of the tek rex.
  8. Convince everyone on the server to kill off their useless tames.
  9. You are correct, a level 5 has 4 points that cut down on space for important stats. There's also one other reason for doing this early on before we get incubators. When breeding for mutations, if you got a 100 points in melee and 0 points in every other stat on that stud, then breed to females all w/ 0 points in every stat - you will be able to spot mutated babies with just a look at their over all level upon birth. You are mostly only going to see babies that will birth with levels { 1 , 3 , 101 , 103} , the full actual set of possibilities will be {1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 101 , 103 , 105 , 107} When you see 100 babies come out with various levels, you will know right away you can kill off every level {1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 101}. You will only have to look at the babies that birth at {103 , 105 , 107}. That saves a load of time when hatching over 200 eggs at a time.
  10. I don’t know what ASE finished at , but it was 15750 for a very long time up until I stopped playing last year.
  11. Dire bears are stronger than a spinosaurus on single attack damage. That’s for both main and alternate attack. they are totally squishy, but once you get north of 4k Hp caught and melee over 400% bred together they become monsters.
  12. Jerboa's aren't even extinct. Just pick a really cool animal, living or from the past.
  13. The issue right now is more that the servers crash every couple hours, so all pillar spam from day one keeps resetting on timers. This is leading to the map filling w/ pillars from players who leave and then the pillars never leave. Its a little different, but maybe temporary.
  14. Lots of people make this sort of mistake in caves on Ark. Its a dino tame game, you went in missing your greatest assets in caves. Dinos. There is 1 cave on The Island that requires you to go on foot only. The rest, we use tames. If you can't fit a tame in the door, we breed and raise them inside.
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