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  1. A pair of baryonix could be useful for fish clearing. Keep them in a leash on wander In The water.
  2. I'm just now relooking at what I did on my aberration base. I have 2 tracks setup , one on the base floor w/ foundations under it. The other is in the room above that room. It actually goes into the ceiling tile floor on that. It seems like maybe we snapped a fence foundation to the ceiling tile we setup the track on. The track does not extend way down through the room below . Try putting a fence foundation into the ceilng tile you are trying to build up from.
  3. sounds like your character got lost, the system rebuilt it like it's supposed to. You get none of your stuff back because it won't do that. They will not replace lost items. The tames they will replace will not measure up to what you lost.
  4. You could try flushing out which mod might be causing the spawn issues. OF course make sure your save is completely backed up. STart the server over again with no mods, kill all wild dinos and respawn everything. Check to see if you have the massive schools of fish still forming. If they aren't abnormal. Restart the server adding 1 mod in every time. Keep killing off the wilds and get the new spawn pool to kick in. Eventually you should find which mod is causing the problem. If the massive schools of fish were there w/ no mods then EEEKK! I got no thoughts
  5. Report now, include screenshots close up on the names showing they are red. contrast that with shots of your base showing the green ownership info. I usually take a screen of the area in question with escape pulled up to show the server name on screen in the middle too. You will see a gm clear it in a day or 2 at this point. They are not as busy as they were a year ago, it will be resolved quickly. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us use upper right corner of that webpage linked here. Log in there. Then click on submit a request. Don't get hung up on details you don't know, like the name of the person who left them there. Just say not available on any info you can't fill in.
  6. well boss rexes have next to no food to begin with. THey need to heal up, that will drain the food. Very predictable in the late game now because of the zero points in food everywhere now.
  7. In the past , it didn't build in a reg fab. They changed that a few maps ago. But they would always forget to turn it on for the new maps that came after. But this user, you can see he's saying he's out of slots. His issue isn't the where, it's the what poly he's using. @MMaas spotted the issue. OP probably found those penguins and thought to themselves, 'holy %$#@, I don't have to wait forever to get enough obsidian and paste to make this poly.'
  8. Perfect example of why the post count lock to get into the trading forums doesn't work. PS - the trading forums here is useless. If you are working on your count to get in, you should probably just ask other players in game what discord servers they subscribe to.
  9. It all depends on tribe permissions that are setup for your tribe. But if you want to know if u can kill unclaimed animals - answer is no.
  10. I'm not sure why anyone breeds them to that level. Usually we are breeding them to either lvl 362 or 412 so that when leveled up, they get to level 450 or 500. IF someone is hatching babies at level 500 to kill off, it very well likely is so they can get their main character up to level 180. That would be the most logical reason that I can see for bothering with that.
  11. we are the testers I did see something the other day, very slightly related.... You are not limited to just the oceans to set them down at. Heres one set down on a bubble on crystal isles.
  12. Well they were released on genOne which most spots to build there were not as deep as other maps oceans are. Secondly, they probably assumed that most people would be ascended by that point and could use tek gens negating any need for wires which is why the wires problem has a reasonable workaround. The dedicated storage issue you are having is a pretty narrow edge case which probably was totally overlooked. At this point, if the limitation is related to the building height limit, I'd doubt there's anything they can do (or will do) to fix it. I'd submit a ticket , can't hurt to have them add it to list of bugs. If it's an easy fix, they might do something. I'm sure only the easiest to fix and most critical bugs are being handled at this point.
  13. Doing gamma should give you ACCESS to 5 additional levels - it does not give you 5 levels. Doing alpha alone will give you ACCESS to all 15 additional levels if you have never beaten it in gamma or beta. IF you skip gamma and just do beta, it's 10..... Remember, ascending doesn't actually give you the levels. You have to earn the levels. Ascending lets you continue leveling if you have stopped at that point.
  14. I would imagine it's based on structure height limits. Might be you need to place over water that is no deeper than 76 walls high.
  15. You might also try raising babies over water. Meaning setup a base or ocean platform on water, then raise them there. Not the put the baby in the water trick that got patched out. **I think it's possible** - While the system does put an area in stasis when no players are around, the system also still checks on dinos that are placed over areas where they could drown.
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