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  1. I think you set your difficulty level too low. I'd kick it up to 1.0 . Afterwards, the animals that already spawned will stay there until eaten, tamed, or despawned (which will take awhile on single player). You can use a command to force kill all the dinos on the map then look at the new ones respawning to see if you set it correctly.
  2. word is yes they can be on aberration from. Some volunteer mod said that in some other thread.
  3. If you are finding the game crashing when you go to a certain area of a map, often times it's a broken file. Usually it's fixed with a validate files, through steam, right click on game, select properties, click on local files tab, select validate files.
  4. Did you validate files through steam? Right click ark, select properties and go to the local files tab. There's a button to make sure there's no broken files.
  5. Maybe Use Ark smark breeding so that you can see what stats you are getting ? I'm not sure how the program runs w/ stuff that goes beyond the limits, but maybe it could help you see what levels you are getting, then you can adjust your server settings so that the boost doesn't blow out the limits.
  6. Some of us recognize the value in half the mats used to make saddles for boss rex teams. An asc 124 rex saddle would not be worth as much as a 105 mc one purely for the material savings used w/ a high lvl crafter (and the fact that the events and OSDs pumped out so many 124 rex saddles they are a dime a dozen). These aren't players that make 2 saddles and they are happy, they make 40 at a time. To those of us who do that, we understand how much it takes on official to farm and collect mats. That dust would pay for itself easily. And value isn't based by how much someone like yourself is unwilling to pay for it. It's about what the market dictates. RIght now, I could easily get 400k dust for that blueprint if I offered one up for sale. If someone's willing to pay for it, it is worth that much. They did try to come up with some creative ways to communicate w/ others, but most people dont make radios or even know that it's there. But that's not as easy to use as an alliance chat. Which, I"m happy if people use it, because then the tiny window we have won't be cluttered up with every conversation on the server. Besides the war thing, alliances are really useful for going into boss fights with others. There's still reasons to use alliance for more than just trading , war, chat. Since almost nobody uses war.... it's going bye bye for now. Good riddance.
  7. I see more constructive ideas here than just complaining. Disabling a feature that almost nobody uses, to save a feature that many players do makes sense, doesn't it? In the end it would boil down to the metrics they keep of how we play the game. If they put all the time to code in an alliance feature, but nobody uses it because of inherent flaws - why not change it? If what players want is the war aspect of alliances, then if they get good metrics, it would show by how much it's used. Right now, most alliances I've heard of or have been a part of are gone or seriously trimmed to just tribes who have been on their respective servers from the start. That is how it's used now, almost not at all. So why not fix something that people stop using? I'm still puzzled what the complaint is here? This feature, oddly enough, is one of the few things the devs did do separately for PVE. Stating that the devs are refusing to put effort into the separation of PVE and PVP does not seem to apply too well in this situation.
  8. an MC 105 armor rex bp would easily be worth 300k dust. Your argument is flawed. Most all games have many layers of chat, if there was no alliance chat , then we'd all just see boxes in chat as people of all languages had to use global to communicate. That tiny chat window is pretty damn small and nearly useless. Removing alliance chat would just be putting a nail in the coffin of in game chat with all the competing technologies out there. Most companies don't work hard on a product to steer their users to other products. Putting in 5min , which is about all it will take to turn off the feature is worth their investment of time. Plus, if nobody uses alliances for wars, which so far seems to be the case minus a couple edge cases, why keep it? So there's no point in preserving the war mechanic. Like I said before, I can set up ranks and orders of people in my tribe to have access to things or not have access to things, even just a simple lvl 10 anky, I can prohibit everyone in my tribe from riding if I want to. There's absolutely no reason that we should then have to be exposed to any war simply because of an alliance with another tribe puts us at risk of being exposed to an insider on another tribe. There's no way to rank an order an alliance for war powers now as it stands so it doesnt' make any sense I can lock down a lvl 10 anky, but I can't do that for an alliance.
  9. Yesterday I had a similar thing happen. I was doing a normal meat run and had an argy on follow to carry and extra 300 stacks of meat. It had some stacks of structures and armor already on it , when I went to load the troughs I grabbed the whole inventory and moved the meat, saw no structures or armor, it had vanished. So I opened the argent’s inventory and clicked move all from mine to its and the stuff I couldn’t see in my inventory showed up in the argent. i would suggest when people see this happening to try to move whole inventories to other storage and see if they can get it to reappear. if you are wearing something you can’t see but a tribemate can, have them Tranq you and take it off you.
  10. 15 would get you 30 fertilized eggs guaranteed in 2 days. So I imagine some # less than 15 would be possible with the few that may drop while you are online . I have 6 yuti females out in my base and I can pick up anywhere from 5-15 eggs a day when I’m on.
  11. Not all pillar spamming is bad, I didn’t pillar spam the area near me on valg and someone decided to park a box right on a valley that used to spawn 2 alpha rexes and 50 of whatever else at a time. Now I’m lucky to see one alpha every other day or so and the plethora of animals that used to spawn, like unicorns, is down to just a few.
  12. Now Now that I have some experience with. The dying while not around part. People on low pop. Servers are especially susceptible to this. The server will put the area on stasis if you are not around and all consumption from inventories stops. It shouldn’t on troughs , but inventory fed will stop eating even if they are at some percent that you know they have enough food on them to cover to juvi, and you were assuming they can hit juvi on their own with no more interference. I can imagine this would continue to happen if you rely on inventories to raise through juvi.
  13. Then there’s something special about your server , mods? I’m raising drakes right now, they are juvi and they will eat nameless poison from trough or inventory just fine.
  14. If it went under and you didn’t get a death message, then it could be under the map still. Couldn’t hurt to file a report to get a gm to look for it. They can do that without an appointment, just give them your tribe name and location to return the animal to if they find it. They will email you when they are done usually.
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