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  1. Guess what happens when you open a drop on gen2 with 50 fertilizer+ other stuff .... you stand there for a minute, that's what.
  2. It might be possible to snap a fence foundation down close to the edge. That way the beh gate coudl try to snap so that half of it is off the platform. I don't know for sure if that would work, but thats how I'd go about it. It wouldn't technically be snapped to both platforms, just that it snapped on one of its own multiple snap points on its underside to the fence foundation such that it appeared to straddle 2 ocean platforms.
  3. Well I for one can't wait for all the bugs and bug fixes when they implement UE5. My money is on some of the fixes were impossible because of the engine customizations they had made.
  4. I just had that happen to me, but then i relogged and it started working again.
  5. I’ve never heard of a problem like this. I don’t think there is a mechanism for that.
  6. could it be you are standing on one platform, and trying to put an item down on a different platform? or maybe the game thinks that is what's happening.
  7. Looking at the Metal Ocean Platform and the Wood Ocean Platform, I'm noticing there's no mention of the build height for them. Could we get that put in?
  8. THe height limit is something like 10 or 12 or something. I forgot exactly, and oddly enough that limit should be in the wiki. I'll post a request on the thread for the wiki to have that added.
  9. It would be a violation of the rules on Small Tribes. Possibly not on a traditional PVP server, unless you were trying to evade tame limits. Thank you for testing the idea, I'm sorry to hear the devs already thought of that. The only other speedy way to give free xp to your tames is to ride on the selected tame and have someone else in tribe start up grinders. THat' the only efficient way I know of to get passive xp on mounts that can't hurt other tribe tames.
  10. Lots of servers I've been on in the past have seen this similar phenomena. We always chalk it up to whichever group of people are starting their day around that time. Whoever they may be, we know in the last couple years WC hasn't been able to fix the issue.
  11. unfortunately in PVE official, you can't kill unclaimed babies. even if you claim them first. Whenever they are unclaimed, they are in a different tribe, the tribe of the unclaimed. Now, what if..... what if you went onto gen2. Set up a pen that holds a bunch of babies ready to kill, and trap a wild noglin inside. Let the noglin take control of the tame you want to level up. Would it gain xp from killing the babies under the noglin's control?
  12. If you took some screenshots of the parents stats and the baby stats, upload to your steam screenshots, then attach links to the pictures here. We could try on our own to see if we see something missed or get some idea why its not working correctly for you. Without seeing exactly your breeding setup and the stats, we are just tossing out guesses based on our own experiences. Is there any possibility you have other males nearby that are turning on to mate? I've had times where I accidentally left a male or 2 in the pile of females and got all the wrong results because all the wrong males were getting used. Its always possible ASB is hiccuping for some reason as well. There have been tames that I have that ASB couldn't figure out. If you post screens of the animals stats from their inventory, we can input the numbers ourselves and double check and make sure they check out.
  13. I've noticed the servers pause when certain players join a server i'm on. It also will have that pause on the timer reset, it varies in length of time based on how old and built up a server is. Younger, less popular servers will save much faster than say gen2 map which could take a minute plus to finish saving, or a map that has been around for 5 years and has been covered with tons of buildings and tames out in the open.
  14. Another thought, if this is single player or a personal server, could you have altered the way stats look on tames in the start up options? Any adjustment to those settings would need to be mirrored into ASB for ASB to see them correctly.
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