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  1. have you tried checking the download folder for a char already in upload? If there's a char already in the transfer, it won't let you upload another. Try joining the server you want to go to directly and see.
  2. Overheating can cause these problems. Clearing heatsinks of hair and dust , making sure fans are spinning properly. Also, blowing compressed air into fans can burn them out if you don't hold them still while cleaning. Burned out fans can still spin and appear to be working, but won't spin fast enough to displace enough heat to be considered working.
    I have all the gen 1 explorer notes (the glitches) but it marks 4 notes that I already have in gray, what can I do to make it count? I literally mark them with a checkmark in the mission interface, but when I go to the notebook they appear in gray
    1. GrumpyBear


      I think it does that when you have them found with a char,  but not the one you are playing with.  You probably have to re get them with the char you are using.


      If you see the grey lock icon over the note, I think that means you have found it - but on a different character.  It also can happen if you had to reinstall the game or switch PCs.  I got a new PC this year and I have had to redo notes that I know I had in the past.

  4. THere's a cheating way that works still.
  5. User Error? You aren't the only person recently having an issue with PS4 and downloading the DLCs, but few here have chimed in to give answers. Which version of the game did you buy from the PS4 store? If you didn't buy the paid DLCs , you can't install the paid ones. Did you buy, and now can't install? The 'buy/install' part of your post leaves the nature of your problem unclear. Which is it, not able to buy or not able to install after buying?
  6. Is this a solo tribe? Or are you in a tribe with other people? If someone else unpodded it, it could show them as the owner and not you. That could limit your ability to access things on it. Repodding and unpodding should change ownership if that's the case, @sjskdjkfa 's suggestion is solid advice in any case.
  7. I think you would have a better time of using a crossbow to kill it than risking your tames. Your tames will be out of stamina pretty fast, and will start taking on torpor as you fight. If you don't down it in time, your tame will pass out and the carno will eat it and you.
  8. Even the newer tames from Gen 2 take more food to raise than previous animals released. Maewings eat more than gigas.
  9. If you only let out one wave and shut it down right away, its entirely possible you didnt' wait long enough for the first click to set in. Also, your assumption on the amount of meat that will be needed, and the type of meat were wrong. The daedon will consume waaaaayyyy more meat, like 10x what you got in there or more AND cooked meat will fill its food bar better than raw.
  10. I would say its a bit limited for what people are looking for in the future. We want destructable environments too. This tech isn't anywhere near the point of making the assets created destructable or deformable. I'd say it will still be niche use cases with this tech for some time to come.
  11. How are you checking for a reply? I think they usually send you an email automatically when you first post it. Are you checking your email for a reply? check your spam folder? or go back into the support page and under your name in the upper right corner, I think there's an option to check your activity. In there maybe they have put a response or a further question to the original post? All 3 and still nothing?
  12. what map are you doing this on? If you are doing this on Genesis One , that map is boosted on swim speed in the Ocean zone.
  13. Weird, you should have been able to buy the base game for $6.59 right now. That and the season one game pass should have only set you back $19. Get your money back? and rebuy the discounted versions?
  14. Someone should dig around the asset files and see if they can find a tek velo saddle in there. I'm curious now.
  15. It would help to know what network you are on. Different ones could have that system locked down at that time. Just like @Donk67 just said, its likely the network was taken down.
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