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  1. You can also leave out baryonyx on wander agressive inside leashes on the beaches. THey will kill all the thingys on the beaches that drop pearls. IF you did this on a large enough scale, you could have all the black pearls u need. Baryonyx only eat fish so this would keep them fed forever and all you have to do is go by and clear out their inventories. Trilobites that's what i was thinking of. Keep the baryonyx leashed over their favorite spawn points and let them do all the work.
  2. You reminded me of my first time seeing an alpha raptor, I was like ooooo - i wanna tame that! so i got it in my raft trap and boy was I surprised.....bye bye raft trap.
  3. 46 is either being attacked by players from a certain country to make it all their own or the server resides on hardware that is failing. I'm preparing to move off the server , if WC can’t figure it out , who will.... no one that’s who. ive had to resort to reporting the outage every time now cus if I don’t the server will be down for hours,, like last night I was going to bed when I saw it down for an hr , I would have reported but I was sleepy and thought I’d get to it in the morning. I sort of figured it would be out until the morning....
  4. I doubt they are going to change it to a 128-bit signed integer.... also , as far as I know u can’t add. -20 on one side to a positive 20 on the other and get zero. I’m told u have to get it to like a -1 and then actually mutate the -1 to 0. im not there yet but I’m close, I’ve bred 300 spino females at a time.... I think spending the time rolling the counters would pay off for some animals.
  5. Example: Basically each animal as a level 1 has base #s in each stat. Let’s just say hp with zero points is worth 1200hp for generic Dino. As a point is given by the system in generating the animal, it’s hp goes up 200 for every point it gets in that stat before tame. So if it has hp of 5200, that means it has 20 points in hp. now when it mutates that stat, it becomes 5600hp. The mutation that occurred leaves a number behind in the ancestry page on the animals inventory. That is like a turnstile at an amusement park, it counts that a mutation went through, it doesn’t record where it went and it doesn’t care. Now the animal has 22 points base just like as if you tamed one that came out with 5600, only difference is that counter has a record of a mutation and the fresh tame has no count. And once a counter records the number it doesn’t let go, u breed it with a partner with only 5000 hp and baby gets 5000 hp, so it got the 19points in hp and the counter of 1/20 from the mutation that it didn’t get, it just gets the counter no matter what, the stat you gotta get lucky to pass along.
  6. If the bot can query the steamID and get the 64bit id # it can figure out the difference between 2 players who name their accounts 123. It looks like battlemetrics is doing that but i'm not positive, maybe that's just the servers steamid's im' seeing.
  7. Even if you have 2 argents level 225, if their stats aren’t matching, babies could come out lvl 210...230...224.... it’s the sum total of points in each stat plus 1. So if the stats match exactly, you will get the same level baring any mutations. if you breed 2 animals both with the same 1 mut on hp, the baby will now have a count of 2 but the hp will be the same as the parents which only have a count of 1 each, we call this kind of baby a rider or trash. If u want to mutate further, u want to avoid having mutations on both parents, stick to females no mutations, males with the mutations. If u pop a new mut on a female, try to move it to a male, though sometimes u end up with 5 females cus a male won’t pop so u keep raising females hoping for better odds and then u get a male with a new mutation... hurray... it’s random, u never know how the journey will work out. i use about 35-40 females when working with counters under 20.
  8. There’s a limit to how far u can go out. But 3x3 isn’t it.
  9. It’s a trade off for me, if I do stone only to feed the gacha, I have to pump up crafting skill to get them to 180 dust a crystal. If I feed them only y-traps, then I don’t have to pump up crafting skill, but I end up with more loot crystals instead of mats.
  10. If all of ur good starts are on a dirty female, it would be best to move them all to a male first. To actually get the counter to go 0|0 , it would take about 40 generations to go negative. And another 5-6 to clean it up after you go negative.
  11. This isn’t the same as trying to get a 695 melee giga for free. What you are asking is someone to help you steal from a real life company a real life product. I’m pretty sure this is against the rules here in the forums.
  12. either way, 3x is on for official pve, as i am seeing it having just logged in.
  13. They adjusted rates on different types of game modes.
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