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  1. I’ll lease report this on the report a problem tool. They can help you, take screenshots and coordinates, if you don’t know their account name put unknown in the box so that the report can be filed. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=false the upper right should have your forum name and a submit request link next to it. Click that link to file your report.
  2. Unless you got video of the transaction and the theft, you will have trouble proving anything.
  3. Maybe they mean the plant itself? So you can’t bring hundreds of plants with you on a platform?
  4. Not sure if it’s just the game. Is your pc free of dust? Is you cpu fan clear and spinning at the right speed? Any game will cause ur pc temps to rise. Keeping heat sinks clear and verifying that your fans are spinning properly makes a difference. Some people will use the dust away spray cans and blow it into their fans, this will break those fans much earlier because they are forced to spin too fast when you do that. That can cause a fan to slow down a lot. Resulting in you seeing a fan spinning but not realizing it’s not spinning fast enough anymore.
  5. It would be the Wild West if that was possible. People would spawn whatever they wanted with crazy stats and then bring them over to a server that would never have generated an animal with its capabilities(stats). While I can’t guarantee stats when spawning an animal, who’s to say I can’t make a mod that spawns all my spawned animals with criteria making junk stats get no points and all the important stats get the meat of the points spread out. Then I could move it over to official and have the best animal ever that would take breeders 2 years to come up with on official.
  6. I’m not convinced that moving all the mut count over to the opposite gendered parents ancestry actually “cleans” the mutation count. I haven’t seen results that show it to be better than just plugging away with a my best stud regardless of counter. Each time I move the mutation count over. The mutations I get still show up only on the clean parents side. all these questions have been answered by me and others in multiple threads. when you hit 20 in the count, basically you go from two parents who can mutate, with one parent that has the 55% chance of being the one who mutates and the other with a 45% chance of being the one who mutates, down to one parent with the 45% chance being your only option to force a mutation. You lose just over half of your chances to get a mutation. in this you can get around the problem simply by throwing more breeders at the problem. Double the number of clean females you use to mate with a dirty male and you will negate the effective loss of chances.
  7. There is a 15 min timer that continuously resets. If you put something in your inventory, you have to wait for the timer to hit zero and reset. If you put a pod in your inventory :30 seconds before reset you can upload with it after reset. If you then pod an animal in that pod after the 30 seconds went up you will have to wait 15 min. Yes, an animal would have to wait 12hrs to upload straight through data as a creature after it has moved servers already. But. , put the animal in a pod and send in data or on you character and there’s no problem.
  8. The end cut scene showed one of the landed arks all broken. I’m imagining Rockwell lands and aberration arks break the earth again.
  9. I saw the same thing after they said they fixed them, they actually are worse on placement than before.
  10. Even if you had the language pack, good luck figuring out how to Type that name in an incident report. I can tell you right now that even if you have pictures and video, chances are they will do nothing. The same toxic players will stay as long as they find fun in ruining the experience for others.
  11. thanks for posting this right away, i'll avoid transfering characters for a little while.
  12. yes, u can do rockwell w/out having done any island bosses.
  13. They easily spawn up above the portal room and fall down when chasing animals from up above. That's why there are more concentrated down in the room than there should be.
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