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  1. That's weird, you should be able to breed them anywhere on the map. It could be just time fixed it and you moving it just killed time until the server caught up w/ the baby process w/ it.
  2. THis has actually happened to me on crystal isles 2x now this last week. When flying w/ skiff and a doed on tracktor beam and an anky the other time. One second i'm seeing the drop point on the ground - then nothing, gone vanished.
  3. Yes , u can build on top of it, and store stuff in it and on top. limitation being there's a weight limit for how much can be standing on top that's different from it's overall capacity. We do have a lot of beds out on this map, but i've only noticed problems w/ the skiff a couple times in that area. It might be possible it has to do w/ the drop locations and radius around them. You can't use the bed when it's too close to a drop or another tribes bed set down on structures, similar to rafts and such. But i've never had a bed port me all over a map to nowhere in general except here w/ the skiff in that area on CI. Maybe need to play w/ the skiff around the map more to see if it's all over or just that area.
  4. That probably would have worked, but the game after about 2 hrs decided to put me back in my bed and everything returned to normal. BUt i was floating for a couple hrs, people tried to pull my body out while I was offline and they couldn't. We tried using a skiff and the volume on CI has some sort of weird secondary barrier up high that's not at the ceiling, you can be above it, but in certain spots like that one, it has trouble going above it. But alas, it did fix itself...eventually. I would leave it as a warning to not camp out in the NE snow area around the mountain when they bring the servers offline. This isn't the first time I've had weird stuff occur there. The last time I was there, I was trying to use the bed to get back to my skiff and the game would port me to any other spot it could on the map, just not to my bed (or anywhere remotely near it).
  5. can't do anything, body just stay up in the air, people can't pull me down, can't die cus food won't drop, and can't thirst to death because it rains often enough to refill my water just before it starts to kill me. I was laying on a bed before i logged off, the game ported me to the center of the map for some odd reason. Now I'm gonna miss imprints at this rate.
  6. latest patch joke I'm on C.I. on pve official, and I lay down on a bed so i can wake back up on it as apposed to falling from teh sky to my death.... Wait for server patch, log back on only to find myself floating in the sky, in the middle of the map, nowhere near my bed.... the game won't let me fall and die...
  7. It could be, Arabic, Japanese, russian, thai ... it doesn't have to be "chinese talk" (my g... ) to be a language your computer doesn't have downloaded to display.
  8. I'm seeing empty nests under the mesh when i look for the nests.
  9. try just setting down a pillar, put a pipe through it, and a tank on one side w/ a spout on the other. I have this on ab and it works just fine in the green zone on pve official. I'm not sure if there's some difficulty w/ the location you are in, i've not heard of it not working before. I still have a test set up w/ a cooker attached and it works fine.
  10. If it’s over triangle foundations, I’ve seen them show up under, otherwise - what invincibleqc said. If you didn’t find it then you didn’t look in the right spot in time. You would have only had a few minutes to find it.
  11. They won’t fill up if structures are Above them.
  12. Better use of time would be to use gachas to produce dust while you raise baby dinos.
  13. You might try looking underneath the spots where they should spawn and see if they are spawning below. It's happening on crystal isles right now, could be a similar issue on other maps. This has been known to happen before on other maps. If the nests are there, but just below the surface, you could try using a whip to grab them.
  14. congratulations on forming a semi-useless post. If you actually included info on the situation and server type you are having the problem on - someone else might be more encouraged to test it out and give feedback.
  15. Probably at least 1 more month to go until that restriction is lifted.
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