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  1. GrumpyBear

    Imprinting Event weekends

    I would love imprinting events !
  2. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    Hmm. only this game. Have you tried starting from steam and selecting reset game resolution upon starting it? Then selecting high settings. and Save and restart.
  3. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    I'm running a 970gtx , you are saying you have a 1080gtx. Every 1080 has a DP connection. DVI-D < HDMI < DP . Maybe my saying dp2 didn't help. the 1080 i think needs 1.2 rated dp cables.
  4. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    If your graphics card doesn't have a dp2 connector, I can't imagine it's a gtx1080. When you said 1080 I assumed it was a gtx1080. But now that you say that, I suspect you have no idea what graphics card you have. We need a list of hardware you are using and which operating system you have. A Directx report couldn't hurt either. You wouldn't be the first person saying their hardware could handle a game only to find it was a 10 year old machine that couldn't run solitaire.
  5. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    That was exactly my problem with my new monitor, I didn’t change my resolution and yet it was worse. Using a displayport2 connection solved my problem.
  6. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    I’m sure you have it hooked up to the card, but just to verify - you are connected to the graphics card and not the monitor output that maybe is on your motherboard? I have seen some people do that, hook up to the wrong monitor output. If your monitor has a dp2 connection , you definitely want to use that instead of dvi or hdmi. Both of those are limited to lower resolutions than dp2. *also dvi-d is limited to 144 refresh rate. 240 would be too high.
  7. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    Does the monitor have a dp2 connector?
  8. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    So trying to see what happens to you. Do you go into the game and set all resolutions to high, hit apply then save? I'm assuming , you could close the game, start it back up and the resolution is reset back to medium? Any change to monitor type? and what type of connection to the monitor are you using? I ask because , I recently got a new 4k monitor for my pc. I was using an HDMI cable and the graphics were 10x worse than what I had before. I then learned about DP2, which was a different connector I could use. When I switched to that cable, my graphics went from horrible to what I was expecting out of my new monitor. I'm asking all these questions, because it could be any # of things and we gotta take the steps to rule things out.
  9. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    Your problem can be your pc, your installation of the game, your drivers, any # of things. More information about what you have helps narrow down what it could be. If you dont' even know what you have in your computer, then that could mean lots of things. Has the game ever run nicely for you? Do you have a built in graphics card on your motherboard, did you buy a more powerful one and put it in? Your lack of info doesn't tell us if the game ever ran right for you, we dont' know if you have played the game for the last year and all of a sudden it stopped workin, we dont' know if this is your first time trying to run the game... As you notice , noone is responding to this thread. Part of that is because, you don't give enough info for others to help you. 1. is this your first time playing the game? or have you been playing for more than a month and the problem just started? 2. If this game is new for you, do you have the hardware necessary to play it? This game requires a decent graphics card, if you don't' know what that is or what you have - most likely , from my experience, you don't have what you need to play the game. 3. Do you regularly update your graphics card drivers, if you dont' know what card you have - then I would suspect you haven't updated your drivers for the card. For example, an NVIDIA graphics card has new updated drivers every month. If you haven't been doing this, A - you don't have one, or B - you aren't aren't keeping your system uptodate.
  10. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    From steam when you start it, do you select the graphics options you want first? Also, do you use a Nvidia card? Did you have the Nvidia experience set up a graphics profile for the game? Latest graphics drivers are installed?
  11. GrumpyBear

    Rock Drake Issues

    Karks and raptors have been able to pull you off a drake for a long time. This is super old news. The rock drake is much lower to the ground compaired to riding on a wyv.
  12. GrumpyBear

    problem Graphism problem in Ultra

    People need way more info to help . Laptop, desktop? Onboard graphics with your mb? Did you plug your monitor into the correct output from the back, is the cable secure. Are you using a vga cable, hdmi, ? If your monitor is 4K and you are using an hdmi cable to hook it up, it will look crappy. And graphism isn’t a word as far as I know.
  13. GrumpyBear

    Official PvP Dino AUTO DECAY?!?!

    It could be some new bug. I’m told that if you aren’t present when taming a water Dino they also auto decay right away. Could be you’ve found something new that’s going wrong.
  14. GrumpyBear

    Fix the “Nightmare of Aberration”

    I smell a mod opportunity.
  15. GrumpyBear

    Is the aberrant bear finally transferable?

    SHouldn't be a problem. You can always put it in a pod and send it. I did that very thing from ab to ab after ext was released via pods.