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  1. The taming works by the # size on the fish, higher # meaning tame goes faster. Ichthy aren’t graded with a # like salmon and other fish are.
  2. It’s simple really , WC keeps a list of “easy to tame” dinos. If someone reports you for having too many feather lights out in your base a gm can come and Dino wipe you for it. by removing seeds from the gacha meta, the script farmers are switching to ingots to feed their gacha while afk using scripts. it’s my contention that having 168 industrial forges producing 7,500,000 ingots at a time is more taxing on the server than having 26 feather lights out for breeding. for some context, before the game was officially released , there was a certain setup of s
  3. Invincible? Do you mean invincible or invisible? Are you trying to get pregnant by a queen? Or a king? the queens occasionally will appear invisible , only fix is to leave area or relog. The glow occasionally doesn’t show , but if health is down to the right level it should still be able to impregnate you . did you turn your light pet off once her Heath was low enough?
  4. That setup, before they install the next floor, like it appears they are doing , will cook 7.5million ingots at a time... this is a script farming setup on steroids.
  5. this is a primitive + issue, it maybe is bugged. You are correct, kibble should work out better than barley.
  6. No taming of corrupted animals. They just there to annoy you. You can bring aberration tames to extinction though.
  7. There’s always a chance you lose stuff transferring. Putting into data tends to be safer over putting on body. Your char can get lost and the system will rebuild it but not the inventory.
  8. Only reason to have a basilo there is for cloning. Not sure I see a great # of reasons to take the time to change it. There’s bigger fish to fry.
  9. They eat element, not dust as far as I can remember. No element on it, it will disappear.
  10. Tek force field can buy you time to heal up in between waves.
  11. I just crushed every alpha and both water caves on island w/ a basilo w/ 55k hp / 1300md . No mate boost, just me and my basilo.
  12. I guess we have an answer on what the decay timer on seeds has brought us.... Metal is now worthless. Novus is gonna have to adjust their conversion table...
  13. There are holes you can’t climb out of with just 1 primitive pick.
  14. Pheromone glands are totally unnecessary. You should just have baby and claim and let it eat you and move forwards. Deviate from the script and you become a bug tester. few people can answer your question because almost no one deviates from the script at this point.
  15. Well as far as I can tell, you are building w/ triangle ceilings. There is a problem with them. If you break one out to replace or change something, it's completely unpredictable what was dependent on the tile you broke. That can cause the entire floor, several tiles, half the floor... to break.... It's possible the only way to protect from that happening is to have a floor below w/ lots of walls inbetween to create extra support while changing floor tiles or breaking tiles.
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