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  1. Yeah once again take one persons post and over analyze the missing steps instead of being constructive. If you were a coder worth anything, you wouldn’t have the time to post here. I never claimed to be one.
  2. How can you complain about the price when you already bought it? I spent less on this game than I did for the original release of Dark and Light. I’ve seen the bottom of the barrel, WC isn’t even close to it.
  3. With other people, the map really shines. As a team you can farm 300 stack of raw metal in under 30min. With that said, everything on the map is solo-able except maybe alpha rockwell. Someone will find a way to do that eventually. For me it has the most intense moments available in the game. No other map can make my heart race like ab can.
  4. And now you want to raise the bar in that I’m not an expert. Which I never claimed to be. You originally stated I knew nothing. Now you want to set that bar higher so you can feel good about yourself. and if the code compiled and makes it through extra levels of review for example , with the Xbox and ps4, then finding the bugs that aren’t caught in those reviews takes more time. So it boils down to publish or not to publish. All digital products have a big tracker with a list of bugs. They still have to run the product with the bugs or else they get no $.
  5. My wife is a product manager. She publishes a digital product regularly. I hear about it and what her coworkers do all the time. I also studied java and c++ while I got a bs in applied mathematics. Oh, and I taught myself Perl after school. you don’t seem to know anything about programming yourself. Not one response demonstrates any knowledge on this topic, which is why you can only attack other posters.
  6. right, and stuff will compile and look like it works but then it doesn't. The bug testing is also only as good as their bug tester and if they have set up automated scripts to test everything. Even then, they probably can't script test everything. But yea, I know nothing about programing... way to just wave around blanket accusations to make a point. Sorry, but you just ain't gonna convince me you know so much more than me like that.
  7. A similar real life example, I think , demonstrates how easy it is to miss problems with code. Take the lord of the rings trilogy for example - 50 years after the books original release, they published the 50th anniversary edition. I personally found almost a dozen errors in the text either grammatical, and one or two cannon issues. The code for this game is far more intricate, orders of magnitude greater in volume(that’s like x 10^n greater amount of text to sort through for the semi-math literate). And they haven’t had 50 years to correct their mistakes.
  8. Karl and doed, doed auto harvests stone till it’s half full. for metal, kark and anky, rider on anky and kark rider tosses anky around once it’s too heavy . You can get 300 stacks of raw metal that way fast. Megas are great but takes awhile to find great stats on your own. They can be avoided. A spino can do everything almost that u would do with a mega there. if you are on pvp, I would suggest getting the hazmat suits ASAP and get some purlovas in the red zone.
  9. So easy to throw stones around. I doubt they have the worst coders out there. I’ve seen those and they don’t make sexy products. Coding always produces bugs. There is no program out there without flaws. Not one commercially produced software is without bugs. I’d like to see some of you try and find coders with the exact skill sets required for the game. There’s all sorts of coding languages to know , and few will specialize in all the right ones. I think some of us remember d2 too much to realize that back the. There was way less competition in the marketplace and they could charge even more for low quality games than they can get away with now in many respects. its a new world as far as making games profitable, and they have to keep it profitable, or else they close it down, all your official work goes to your private server and most server communities will fail to stick together and maintain the same level of interaction as has been made possible on the official network. Plus , then there would be absolutely no new patches and all existing bugs will be frozen in time for eternity. so let’s let them keep the lights on and learn to how to live with the problems for now. Or, go find a game you like and has no flaws. The Desync then die thing you mention, I’ve never seen in my nearly 8k hours of playing. There’s plenty of bugs to list, plenty of ways to lose all your gear and animals podded in you now. Oh well. Breed more so you can afford to lose stuff.
  10. Often, when they are building new content, they are improving their coding skills as they go along. Sometimes the solutions they will come up with will improve older aspects of the game. It's worth them working on new stuff. Most of the complaints don't look at the economics of making a game. They need some constant revenue stream to keep the servers on. Since they aren't charging a monthly fee or selling in game items, they need to bring in the $ somehow. Making new content is a way to keep the lights on, it also does help with old problems. It just won't be apparent until after the dust settles from the new release.
  11. U should have a little time after the log off to break stuff. What type of server official unofficial?
  12. It’s free market. Players can choose to pay or not and go to a competing server that doesn’t charge. You are gonna have to make a compelling reason to convince people to pay you $20 a month when they can go somewhere else for $0. What is the reason we are going to give you money for the service? Whats special about your server?
  13. how full is your harddrive? How much space is still available? If it's too full the update won't be able to complete.
  14. all the stuff i tossed out of forges or vaults or storages would disappear inside the structures. I'm a big fan of the new update.
  15. The same thing goes for Minecraft servers, plenty of people monetize their servers in that game. If someone sets up a server, it's up to them how they want to manage it. Plenty of clans in all sorts of games charge it's members to afford hosting servers for the clans. This is a really old practice in gaming.
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