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  1. Are you claiming to be an over-worked employee by playing Ark PVP? Have you ever had a job before? Define the scam here? How has your life been ruined by the global ban?
  2. pretty obvious the answer is , it's a bug. There's always some group disenfranchised during each event. They don't stop events because of it.
  3. I would call this more griefing, but that should still be against the CoC. We see this on our server now too. There's 3 separate tribes going around setting up tek gens and tek turrets all over the land scape on both eden and rockwell biomes. No bases to defend, just turrets everywhere killing all the river life and everything around it.
  4. I would answer no to 1 and 2 but since I have no answer for 3, I can’t vote. So your poll will be missing data or have bad data due to the oversight on choices on 3.
  5. You could have maybe included a location… you losses are not gonna be replaced.
  6. GrumpyBear


    Temporary fixes are pop out a giga or something big on top of the skiff then whistle it to land. Another fix is have a non-tribemate player super punch the skiff.
  7. If there’s no beacon then most likely your body fell under the mesh and the game killed you. It’s all gone.
  8. I did this on gamma, not sure if it matters. List of weapons I had no issues using; pike, spear, club, tek claws, tek sword, flame thrower, boomerang, slingshot, tek rifle , shotgun , grenade launcher, **shoulder cannon and shields can be brought into battle**. I didn't try the compound bow, pump-action shotgun(the sawed off one works, i'd assume this works) , sniper rifle, rocket launcher, longneck, fab pistol, 6 shot pistol... But oscottyo is saying longneck and pistol has similar issue for them. List of weapons people noticed not working: assau
  9. I noticed, the assault rifle and minigun do absolutely nothing to the mobs that spawn in. The basic bow and arrow also, the last run I did just an hour ago - the bow wouldn't draw and fire at all for me. On another note, not sure if this is me or another issue, but when I took out arthropleura (the centipedes) I would die instantly if I did it with a melee weapon such as a pike or tek claws. THey would appear to die and then my health would drop to nothing, and i would lay down passing out, then done.
  10. The striders don’t count as platform animals now because the sleeping pod and transmitter caused the servers to reach the limit. They changed that and it bought some time. But soon as everyone built 4-5 skiffs per tribe, the limit was reached once again.
  11. This doesn't seem to be working correctly on all maps. For example, try harvesting charcoal from the burning trees on CI, you will find you do better stomping on them than you do using the mining drill. Or even, try harvesting stone, you'll find it doesn't break big rocks - it only picks up the tiny stones on the ground.
  12. To use this argument flys in the face of hte fact that in order to carry out this method- you cant use your account for anything outside of babysitting this baby for 10hrs. not logging out, not crashing, not being forcibly disconnected by the server itself.. On genesis, you have all of the above goign on hourly or even more often. NO gacha baby will survive this method being raised on gen2.
  13. GrumpyBear

    Voidwyrm bugged

    I was just on yesterday and saw 2 during the black pearl asteroid spawn.
  14. we've had 4 or 5 just disappear. They dont' appear to show meshed in log, they jsut vanish. One the one server we did count dinos, it appeared the 2 lost there didnt' ccount anymore.
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