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  1. You can raise it with a pig. Be warned though it's going to take a whole lot of meat to make it work. I mean a whole lot.
  2. Send them off to the battle 1st. then you go. dont leave stuff on the ob
  3. right just go fishing. you'll get prime fish meat pretty fast. Not a whole lote but you'll get enough to train a moschop
  4. I thought flyers stopped working a while back. THey would stop attacking and sit down
  5. I gotta try that. I see them running around all the time and didnt know what they were used for
  6. Rexs and Yuti's if you dont have a velo you have to take a shotgun when it doesnt want to land.
  7. I've been on SE a while. The biggest reason back in the day was for breeding. It had a smaller kibble table for imprints. Now my base is there and I call it home so really no reason for me to leave. I think at this point i'm just used to it. Although I do spend alot of time on AB.
  8. My main base is on SE and I love it. I'm right next to the water though so it's alot easier for me.
  9. mecandbuttons


    I know I'm late with this. Reapers will fall off the cliff like DWS said. You have to go kill them from out of the lake to make more spawn. A drake and shotgun makes it easier. Once you kill them the spawns usually go back to normal. It's probablly a few down there. we usually find 4 or 5 just sitting there.
  10. I do this too and thanks to whoever I got the idea from on this forum. I just put a bunch of random stuff in the gacha and some meat and walk off. best thing ever. in fact i need to do it tonight and gather some more seeds.
  11. lol you havent lived till a level 5 pego kills your level 215 lightning wyvern.
  12. right i have a unicorn and 3 carrots. I was ready to go wild
  13. can you tell us how you got him?
  14. Dinos despawn after 7 days so if you go on a 8 day vacation well....... Be smart use cryo's if your going to be gone for long periods. upgrade to metal. Help yourself not to get arked over.
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