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  1. As long as your dinos don't aggro you are safe. If you had a dino on nuetral and it attacked your base and dinos would have taken damage. In fact theres a titan in my base right now. As long as we leave it alone it'll be gone after a time
  2. If you plan on complaining do it in the right post. Not in the post that showing off this guys hard work and giving him recognition.
  3. My 1st giga was a gift. best thing so far
  4. Private servers have backup options. So like Demerus said contact the admin. If you're the admin well...........
  5. happens all the time to me. I usually can tell by where i am when i log in. If i'm outside my sleeping pod standing up I know I cant do anything. So i just go back to main menu and relog.
  6. Official. Been doing reaper pregnancies. I'm on my 10th one. 5 events so far. Need to take some angler fish but keep not doing it lol. Raised some otters cause it's only an hour baby stage. Will probablly do some glowtails and a few meglos before event is over.
  7. Yup has happened to a few of us. Ark eats your dino if you put it in a cryopod and upload it. Best way is to keep cryo on your body then transfer. I lost 3 Meglo's doing it your way.
  8. lol these things are monsters. On Ab they were using 850 dmg reapers and still having trouble.
  9. You get roughly half the amount of shards it costs when you start the cloner.
  10. can i kill reapers with them when trying to level up?
  11. But still this has happened a million times. At this point if this happens to you it's on you. Really it's been said so many times dont allow people you dont know in your tribe, dont give new people admin rights and dont fall for the merge tribe scam.
  12. I run into a few bugs but I think I just keep chugging along because overall I enjoy the game. I really enjoyed the event. I got a few reapers i wanted and was able to raise about 5o gigas between our tribe. So yeah the patches are big and sometimes break stuff, and yeah there are some things that make me wanna quit but i never will cause i enjoy the game and have gotten my moneys worth out of it.
  13. HP health on 100% imprint is not double. I believe it's a percentage but not double.
  14. It's either let cryo pods be available or have a whole bunch of servers that are tame capped. your choice
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