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  1. mecandbuttons

    X2 Backlash

    LOL so back to the original thing 2x isn't promised no matter how much you get it. It doesn't matter if you play all the time or just the weekends if you don't get 2x it's not a game changer it just takes a little more work to gather stuff. If you don't want to do the work then go unofficial with boosted rates. Stop complaining about something that's not guaranteed.
  2. mecandbuttons

    Consumables and transfers

    So I cant seem to transfer back to my server with food and kibble. Back Story: So we don't have a rag server but we will jump over to one to get ice eggs and griffins from time to time. So I can transfer my food/drink recipes and kibble no problem. However on the return trip home the timer resets to 15 minutes as soon as it ends. I can live with the recipes getting left behind but not my kibble. Is it just me or has anybody else experienced this also. EDIT: I did check spoil timers and they both had days before they would spoil.
  3. mecandbuttons

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    Gigas. At least 6 of them. 365-375 nothing under and then a bunch of 50\50 eggs for later hatching events
  4. mecandbuttons

    3x breeding killed my giga...

    3 days I believe with the event
  5. mecandbuttons

    3x breeding killed my giga...

    you should ALWAYS cryo on a server restart. Always. I just like you didn't and lost 3 375 giga babies. Not anybodys fault but my own because I didn't cryo or put the the right food amount/kibble on my babies. I sucked it up and went and got 3 more eggs. You can find eggs on your server, in the trading forums, and facebook they are everywhere. Good luck!
  6. mecandbuttons

    New to Scorched Earth Boss

    In the past you could use Argies not sure now. Best way is rexs and a yuty. I think the rexs are even better than wyverns now. Your mega may even work Manticore doesn't do a lot of damage.
  7. mecandbuttons

    What do you do for fun?

    But you have time to drag people out of their house and steal their stuff
  8. mecandbuttons

    Cant place tek generator

    Just ran into this same issue. Also have this same issue in my base
  9. mecandbuttons

    Gacha food consume?

    I have a bunch that sit next to rocks no trough in sight. They are always full of food. So I don't know if eating the stone keeps it's food up and provides crystals. I never feed these things yet they never starve to death.
  10. mecandbuttons

    Help a boss noob out, Manticore questions!?

    You got way to much HP on your rexs. 30k is the most you should have. The manticore doesn't do that much damage. You'll be fine in beta with those stats. I usually do beta 19 rexs and a yuty. It's a little overkill but it helps make it go faster.
  11. mecandbuttons

    Are colors done now?

  12. mecandbuttons

    Are colors done now?

    Are the monthly colors done now?
  13. mecandbuttons

    In my opinion kaprosuchus sucks.

    lmao that thing took off from so far back
  14. Mine hasnt landed in a while. I remeber they used to land and I could run over to it and keep going, but now they just stay in sky above me ignorig the whistles.
  15. i hate that my bird is so high i cant whistle it to come to me. then i'm stranded in the middle of nowhere. If the bird could land on disconnect then great