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  1. I use a meglasaurus (spelling) It destroys queens with no issue. Leveled up its around 850 melee. But also have a 11k health 500 something melee drake that can do the job also.
  2. Yeah I hate to admit it we've done that to a guy the server didnt like. he was allied with some friends we declared war on the friends and wiped his base. So you really do have to watch who you're allied with.
  3. lol 1st put some walls up or patch the holes where he walked in at
  4. So we normally dont raise anything under 100. you'll have to do twice as many milk runs and the stats wont be better than an argy really. We've raised some low leel events in that range and the stats really are terrible,
  5. your missing something or dont have enough of something. could be the water or even fiber.
  6. I been using Morellatops. Parked them in a row where i can see them with an oviraptor. They knock out a good amount of eggs in a short time. Raptors also work well too.
  7. Both. You should keep looking for better stats. You can also breed the colors in with the rexs that have the better stats.
  8. there's only 2 ice wyverns out at a time. They have the attention span of a fish. They will get distracted and fly off chasing something. You have to find them and kill them. Then it's a straight line run from the front to the back. Normally the spot by the broken trees has 1 and the back spot close to the desert has one. When you take an egg kill the dragon or it wont lay another egg. They say you can try and lead it back to a nest but that never works for me. So i take the egg kill the dragon fly the line. Rinse and repeat. Hope it works for you
  9. Rare Flowers Event Items and lots of mating will help solve the issue.
  10. I lost one not to long ago using a teleporter. No idea where it went. It was just gone
  11. As a PS4 user I say go to PC. I'd do it for the mods.
  12. I worry about them the most though since I dont feed them so I check on them all the time to make sure they arent starving. They have weird behavior
  13. LOL that's when you ask yourself is Ark worth half of everything you own.
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