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  1. mecandbuttons

    Tapejara Wyvern Egg method tips

    Stay away from lightning lol
  2. mecandbuttons

    question about ice wyverns

    there's only 2 ice wyverns out at a time. They have the attention span of a fish. They will get distracted and fly off chasing something. You have to find them and kill them. Then it's a straight line run from the front to the back. Normally the spot by the broken trees has 1 and the back spot close to the desert has one. When you take an egg kill the dragon or it wont lay another egg. They say you can try and lead it back to a nest but that never works for me. So i take the egg kill the dragon fly the line. Rinse and repeat. Hope it works for you
  3. mecandbuttons

    Aggroed Wife

    Rare Flowers Event Items and lots of mating will help solve the issue.
  4. I lost one not to long ago using a teleporter. No idea where it went. It was just gone
  5. mecandbuttons

    PC or PS4

    As a PS4 user I say go to PC. I'd do it for the mods.
  6. mecandbuttons

    Gacha food consume?

    I worry about them the most though since I dont feed them so I check on them all the time to make sure they arent starving. They have weird behavior
  7. mecandbuttons

    Getting insided

    LOL that's when you ask yourself is Ark worth half of everything you own.
  8. mecandbuttons

    Gacha food consume?

    Park them next to breakable rocks. You'll never have to feed them. I have never feed 4 of my gachas because they sit next to rock piles. They are always full of food. No trough in site
  9. mecandbuttons

    Falling behind

    One thing you need in Ark is time. We are a two man tribe so you can advance fast you just need to be able to put time in to do it. Set small goals that accomplish a bigger goal and dont try to rush it.
  10. mecandbuttons

    Gacha raising

    Owl Pellets arent considered food for gachas
  11. mecandbuttons

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    Yeah it's iffy. 4 out of 5 is good then bang he doesnt wanna land. I just had one where he didnt want to land. He got stuck between the wall and a rock pillar and just wouldnt move. Stayed there for a few minutes then decided to unstick himself. touched ground flew off and went to dame spot and got stuck again only lower. Was able to ger soe bites in before he decided to unstick himself again. Was down to the last 2 minutes before he actually died. So happens I brought the full 19 and 1 yuty for gamma that day so it saved me.
  12. mecandbuttons

    X2 Backlash

    LOL so back to the original thing 2x isn't promised no matter how much you get it. It doesn't matter if you play all the time or just the weekends if you don't get 2x it's not a game changer it just takes a little more work to gather stuff. If you don't want to do the work then go unofficial with boosted rates. Stop complaining about something that's not guaranteed.
  13. mecandbuttons

    Consumables and transfers

    So I cant seem to transfer back to my server with food and kibble. Back Story: So we don't have a rag server but we will jump over to one to get ice eggs and griffins from time to time. So I can transfer my food/drink recipes and kibble no problem. However on the return trip home the timer resets to 15 minutes as soon as it ends. I can live with the recipes getting left behind but not my kibble. Is it just me or has anybody else experienced this also. EDIT: I did check spoil timers and they both had days before they would spoil.
  14. mecandbuttons

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    Gigas. At least 6 of them. 365-375 nothing under and then a bunch of 50\50 eggs for later hatching events
  15. mecandbuttons

    3x breeding killed my giga...

    3 days I believe with the event