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  1. Disable auto-decay structures until several days after demolish is allowed Having to log on every week just to render the electronics is hard. It doesn't matter if your entire base is made out of tek, your electric cables will always decay after 8 days instead of just allowing people to demolish it. What I am suggesting is to make auto-decay timer longer than the demolish timer, let's say keep the allow demolish timer for cables for 8 days in official but make them not decay until like 25 days, 5 days longer than the tek's demolish timer. And also make the structure decay the same, make them auto-decay by 25 days, but still retain the same timer to allow demolish but that will only allow demolish, not to auto-decay it. In that way, structures with lower timer will be protected inside the structure with higher demolish timer.
  2. Was hyped and thought there will be evolution this weekend then i scrolled down *sad noot*
  3. What kind and how many tames did you bring to the gamma fight? and what tactic did you do?
  4. That's the same case with the Ragnarok boss fights, Manticore corpse disappears after death
  5. Up for this, especially on gigas and mosas where you have to be religious about imprinting them. All of my lost hours of sleep goes down the drain after oversleeping giga imprint by just an hour.
  6. Imprint the babies, it feels like work to me right now.
  7. HOD could have just e-mailed them the video and he might even get cash(bug bounty system)
  8. Yes. Although that would be waste if you try to tame a parasaur with extraordinary but yes, you can do that and it will have same effectiveness as it's preferred kibble(not higher like some people think).
  9. Yes, you can grab yourself a trike to help you in early game then use it's eggs to tame the anky/doeds then go meat tame your first argy. Once you started breeding/taming rexes, you can tame almost everything in the island. If you want to move up one higher, tame some yutys or steal wyvern/rock drake eggs if you got access to them.
  10. On all bosses you can't bring them, unless it is to the titan fights in extinction, where they are recommended.
  11. The server's name is "The-Asia-PVE-OfficialServer494"
  12. Nevermind it though, he targeted us later by bringing a titanosaur into our base, we will just quit the legacy for good. Our allies and us tried to send final regards to him before leaving the server, we failed to glitch inside his base but IDK about the others. (BTW is name dropping allowed here?)
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