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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Sunray4life Sunray4life 11/19/2020 Very Smooth trading he even helped me get to the obelisk Shayaan21 Shayaan21
mmintz90 mmintz90 07/08/2020 Nice and friendly trader. Took some days to make the trade since we were from diferent timezones. But all went well. Would trade again Razen Razen
Erinn Erinn 07/04/2020 Friendly and fair trader/player. Trade was made very easily. Hope to make more trades with in future Razen Razen
dennis12 dennis12 06/28/2020 Nice and fair trader, we managed to settle price very fast . Came to pick me up beside the struggle of lag :) . Recommended Razen Razen
Razen Razen 06/28/2020 Fair price and quick trade. Would reccomend to others dennis12 dennis12
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 05/05/2020 Very fair, very fast. I'm happy to do business with him anytime. Thanks topaktuell topaktuell
topaktuell topaktuell 05/05/2020 Smooth Trade, Everything Went Fine Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
Skyvn Skyvn 05/04/2020 Very awesome to trade with. Prompt and kind. AshtoAshes AshtoAshes
AshtoAshes AshtoAshes 05/04/2020 Good communication, friendly seller. Skyvn Skyvn
oOGg oOGg 05/04/2020 HE was SOOOOO NICE Shayaan21 Shayaan21
dinol dinol 05/02/2020 He was very nice to me Shayaan21 Shayaan21
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 04/24/2020 Very easy trade. Will look to do business again. Thiefer Thiefer
Thiefer Thiefer 04/23/2020 Fast Trade, Easy Trade, This Feedback is x2 he came back and bought another one Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
Ferata Ferata 04/23/2020 Easy Trade Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 04/18/2020 Easy trade with a really nice person ! Higly recommand ! Thank you. Leeleilol Leeleilol
Leeleilol Leeleilol 04/18/2020 Fast Trade, Immediate responses, would 100% trade again Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
Lunatico Lunatico 04/12/2020 Nice and realiable trader! bobbiebrown bobbiebrown
SapphireSam7 SapphireSam7 04/07/2020 Cool guy Dinobros2000 Dinobros2000
Udam Udam 04/07/2020 He sold me good stuff for wood, Dinobros2000 Dinobros2000
TheBlueB0mber TheBlueB0mber 04/07/2020 They were awesome Dinobros2000 Dinobros2000
Rixsta Rixsta 02/11/2020 Massive cross ark resource swap, lots of things can go wrong but Rixsta made sure it went smooth and protected me at the obelisk Marshall Marshall
Likeitis Likeitis 02/08/2020 Generous and accommodating. Very nice TerrorBird TerrorBird
TerrorBird TerrorBird 02/08/2020 Very quick deal, nice trade. Likeitis Likeitis
Fukushu Fukushu 02/03/2020 Quick, easy trade. Would def. trade with again! Ayukyo Ayukyo
GrumpyBear GrumpyBear 01/26/2020 Was an excellent trading experience, A+++ Skullivan Skullivan
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