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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Bellemira Bellemira 08/15/18 Solid trade, thanks. +++ Fieromyr Fieromyr
Bellemira Bellemira 08/15/18 all good and fast, thx :) Mansda Mansda
Mansda Mansda 08/15/18 Nice trader and fast. Ty very much again :) Bellemira Bellemira
Fieromyr Fieromyr 08/15/18 Nice trader and fast. Ty very much again :) Bellemira Bellemira
Darlingfreaks Darlingfreaks 08/14/18 Patient trader, very friendly and accommodating. Kept me company while upload timer was running and doesn't mind to deposit rest of the payment later in a box. Would trade again ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 08/13/18 Friendly Seller, will gladly do business with again! He even taught a noob trader, like me, some tricks to make cross server trading easier :P Thanks so much!! Darlingfreaks Darlingfreaks
phantom55 phantom55 08/13/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
Morimoto Morimoto 08/13/18 good price,good item.thanks again ^^ phantom55 phantom55
Crasla Crasla 08/13/18 Nice guy.. known him for awhile.. respect him for who he is :) Desilent Desilent
Darlingfreaks Darlingfreaks 08/13/18 New to the game.. friendly and polite.. has a great character :) Desilent Desilent
Desilent Desilent 08/13/18 Overall nice guy and great seller! :D Crasla Crasla
Desilent Desilent 08/13/18 Willing to work with me being a fairly new player and those few setbacks. easy trustworthy trade! Darlingfreaks Darlingfreaks
YellowJacket YellowJacket 08/12/18 Pleasure to talk with and smooth transaction. Definitely would trade with again. Wes1234668 Wes1234668
Wes1234668 Wes1234668 08/12/18 Friendly and patient trader, nice person. Flawless transaction. YellowJacket YellowJacket
fangfangfu fangfangfu 08/12/18 Reliable, friendly and very accommodating trader, recommending! ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Desilent Desilent 08/12/18 easy trade. great trader. many nice things Bellasaurus Bellasaurus
fangfangfu fangfangfu 08/12/18 Super smooth trader! Patient and understanding. Recommend trading with. Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
7826154 7826154 08/12/18 Good trader ++++ Fieromyr Fieromyr
Quilleute Quilleute 08/12/18 quick nice smooth transaction, will trade with again arathein arathein
arathein arathein 08/12/18 Very easy person to trade , helpful and trustworthy Quilleute Quilleute
7826154 7826154 08/11/18 buy Rex 655 dmg. Seller top!!! Aptem Aptem
turbodonkey turbodonkey 08/11/18 Nice guy fast easy trade. Every time again Dalf Dalf
Dalf Dalf 08/11/18 Great trader, very friendly and helpful! turbodonkey turbodonkey
Dalf Dalf 08/11/18 Really nice guy. Wont be the last trade :) Desilent Desilent
Desilent Desilent 08/11/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto