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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
GrumpyBear GrumpyBear 03/26/2019 Great trader! reStyle reStyle
Mansda Mansda 03/26/2019 Very nice to trade with, friendly and accommodating! Looking forward to trading with again! WitchesTwex WitchesTwex
a123456abc a123456abc 03/26/2019 Great Trader, easy transaction, will trade with again! Graf1cs Graf1cs
Addict Addict 03/26/2019 Really fast and friendly trader, will trade again :D PrincesaLeonor PrincesaLeonor
Fukushu Fukushu 03/26/2019 Fast and simple. Beliar Beliar
Lazland Lazland 03/26/2019 He is a very reliable seller kopanda5gou kopanda5gou
kopanda5gou kopanda5gou 03/26/2019 Great trader fast and easy transaction would deal with again and plan to Lazland Lazland
Graf1cs Graf1cs 03/26/2019 Was quick and easy without hassle. a123456abc a123456abc
Beliar Beliar 03/25/2019 Fast and cheap, he had the pigs ready in cryoballs as I came by. Gave me food, water, showed me his base and dinos. Good trader, good guy, thanks for the trade, always again. :) Fukushu Fukushu
Ostrichluvr Ostrichluvr 03/25/2019 Bought his spino. Quick responder and trader. Definitely would trade again :D bluexminder bluexminder
alexio86 alexio86 03/25/2019 Great Seller, and good Prices! Ghuty Ghuty
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 03/25/2019 Waited patiently for me to finish airdrop I started before he arrived. Transaction was smooth would trade again. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 03/25/2019 easy and fast |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
Ghuty Ghuty 03/25/2019 Great buyer would deal with again Lazland Lazland
Lazland Lazland 03/25/2019 Very Good Seller! Ghuty Ghuty
Ostrichluvr Ostrichluvr 03/24/2019 Friendly seller :) Manoko Manoko
ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998 03/23/2019 Super nice guy, fast and honest trader . Will trade for sure multiple times. Quilleute Quilleute
Celestest Celestest 03/23/2019 Absolutely fantastic trade. Very quick and easy trade. Can’t wait to breed these amazing gasbags! zepp95 zepp95
dennis12 dennis12 03/23/2019 2nd trade with this awesome dude! wont be the last one. Fast and easy to trade with :) Dag Dag
alexio86 alexio86 03/23/2019 Best trader! and i really nice guy 200% possitive vote Ghuty Ghuty
Amanda632 Amanda632 03/23/2019 Smooth transaction. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 03/23/2019 fast easy trade will buy from again :D Amanda632 Amanda632
Klakky Klakky 03/22/2019 Both had busy schedules and diff timezones but we made it work the best we could. Thank you for your patience and confidence to do the remote trade through pin boxes. Much appreciated and hope to trade again in future! Demerus Demerus
Demerus Demerus 03/22/2019 ++rep waited patiently for the trade for over a week, trusted trader and very patient :) Klakky Klakky
Kris72 Kris72 03/22/2019 Fast friendly service looking forward to many more trades ! i would highly recommend Amanda632 Amanda632