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  1. Giganotosaurus imprint Bug? Official Hi there, I raised a Lot of gigas and Most of them 99%+ imprint. And when i did my last imprint to 100%, before Summer bash event, i always had around 30min up to 2h after that befor it was adult. Now after Summer bash i raised 9 gigas. 4 with 98% and 5 with 97%. The 5 gigas with 97% imprint, i always did the imprinting in time, maybe 10min over the past 14 days delay to walkings with them!! And it was impossible to get to 100% i needed 14 more Minutes in the end for another imprint, thats Just a Joke!! Get this fixed to the rates befor summerbash, 14 das care ingame is hard enough and it have to be possible to geht to 100% imprint! Official Server 492 extinction.
  2. OK thats miserable. U still give a fu** what your consumers want. And a Countdown for Something useless, gj. Lost another Player.
  3. my personal giga breeding adventure: the first giga i breed i was so happy to get the egg from a real nice person, he stopped playing now ;/, a giga egg with 195% melee, so awsome. i build a big metal building for my giga breeding... i hatched the egg, 50h until the egg break... then it come out with a nice dark red color and i was just happy... i feeded it with my own hands 28h until it was juve.. then another 4 days with perfect imprint and then the day come my hearth break... i brought him out for a walk, left him to my rexes and a full trough of fresh meat... 5 min after that it has disapeard... no tribe log entry..nothing it was just gone 2 weeks later i left the game for 3 weeks... 1 months after i came back, i breed gigas again. 2 of the same egg... 1 male 1 female... i breed them to adult with both 96% imprint (official server)!! everybody breeding gigas know what 96% imprint means ... without 2x events or st like that. i gave the female to my tribemate, he cannot breed. need to work and got a wife and baby at home, so i wanted him to have a good giga too.. i go to se on an other server to collect some wyv eggs... 5h later i come back to theisland server... my fem was dead.. he fell into water with it and it died... 1 day after 14 day care never lucky
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