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  1. Finally someone making sense, and not talking about mysterious 'lag'. Also, another way to notice it is that the other dinos stopped moving, your stamina or oxygen meter does not deplete or that you cannot interact with things like trees, stones.
  2. For gigas it's over 6 foundations I think, maybe even more. Same goes for brontos and quetzals. Mosa ans tuso also have some huge range, it's hard to position them underwater.
  3. inb4 925 Extinction legacy. Saw with my own eyes how some corrupted gigas just appeared on some base right below us and started eating everything there. IT wasn't the first or last tribe which was wiped there I have to say, a few friends of mine had suffered from griefers.
  4. They were cute. Oh, old ptera sound was the best. Miss them squeaking and whistling.
  5. Ascendant Electric prod with ridiculous cost. Don't have a ready pic either, bit it's like 230% damage and many thousand of ingots, polymer and electronics.
  6. If it's prod bp's I have my own
  7. From what I know, all saddle blueprints do have hidden durability stat which changes the cost a lot. This is exactly what makes most of any blueprint cost I think. Although Electric prod bp is a bit confusing, 'cause it has 1 durability, and a few ascendant ones with 200+ dmg would cost me over 3k ingots and poly.
  8. I might be wrong, but I think insulation, durability and armour make the cost. You cannot have it all high and cheap, right?
  9. And cost 30k poly/3k elements per set ?
  10. The creatures do have oxygen stat, it is simply not displayed. You can check it, however, by podding the creature and hovering your mouse over it.
  11. Anyone experienced losing their character on Legacy servers? Any chance to get one restored there?
  12. Uploading them from Valguero to Valguero on LEgacy PVE cluster via Transmitter seems to be working well. If only I did it this way first :c
  13. Cannot deploy dinos which have incorrect icons from Valguero I think some people have encountered Valguero dinos (Ice Wyverns mainly) having incorrect blank/raptor icon (while in cryopod too). Now I podded Chulk and Ice rock elementals and found out they had same incorrect (raptor) Icon. While I had no problems unpodding wyverns (tested only on same Valguero server they were tamed/hatched), I seem to be unable to unpod any of my Rock Elementals on any server. When I try, I have "Cannot Deploy:" message and nothing happens, the dino is still in the pod. Is there a way to fix it o
  14. Feel sorry for your loss, I've never fought manticore myself before though. Loved the way you described it
  15. Legacy PVE The Island Yesterday my tribe (2 players army) was hosting Alpha Dragon Fight, 4 more players joined us there, we had 1 Yuty, 4 Theris and 15 Rexes. We did alpha before, but it was still messy as hell! Dragon was landing and taking off 2 sec later, targeting me, breathing fire and killing our dinos. We lost 8, but managed to take him down. At some point I wasn't sure we would make it, I saw red death messages popping out and rexes getting bloody, but I just charged and attacked the Dragon with my Yuty I was riding and threw the rest of our army at him. Damn, most of survivors
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