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  1. Anyone experienced losing their character on Legacy servers? Any chance to get one restored there?
  2. Feel sorry for your loss, I've never fought manticore myself before though. Loved the way you described it
  3. Legacy PVE The Island Yesterday my tribe (2 players army) was hosting Alpha Dragon Fight, 4 more players joined us there, we had 1 Yuty, 4 Theris and 15 Rexes. We did alpha before, but it was still messy as hell! Dragon was landing and taking off 2 sec later, targeting me, breathing fire and killing our dinos. We lost 8, but managed to take him down. At some point I wasn't sure we would make it, I saw red death messages popping out and rexes getting bloody, but I just charged and attacked the Dragon with my Yuty I was riding and threw the rest of our army at him. Damn, most of survivors
  4. I think at least 30-40k hp. 50 if you're unlucky. UPD: According to Ark Wiki, Alpha Rex has 17 500 base hp with increase 3 500 per level. Let's assume it spent equal amount of points in every stat. So 140/7=20 points in health. 20*3500+17500=87500, damn, that's sick.
  5. Try new map maybe? That's gonna be hell of a map from what I saw in trailers.
  6. Legacy The Island Uh, haven't been here for ages. So, let's start. Got nice gigas which can manage purple OSD, enjoying the looties and exp. Got carried by a very kind friend and ascended on Abberation. Got back to breeding colours and stats together, working on theris, gigas, otters, snowls. More important, finished water base and started breeding basilos with mosas, that's gonna be interesting and profitable! Bought 200 tek lights for I cannot craft them myself. Seems that 100 or so are missing, Hope I didn't lose them, my tribemate's gonna be mad :c
  7. We did it! We made it through Beta Dragon with 0 loss. 19 Op Rexes and one Scary chicken managed and took a revenge for all our lost dinos. I cannot describe how it is to have a Transmitter on your backyard. I feel so powerful! And our first (I hope not the last) Element dust gacha Sratdust is adult! This little guy is absolutely adorable, we love him so much! We got so lucky go start raising him during the event, it's like out 5th baby Gacha. Still cannot believe it, they are so rare. To be honest, we have another Element dust baby gacha growing (one out of seven), but shhhh, I don't wan
  8. Was too busy during the event, kinda forgot to post there. Raised 3 armies of rexes, op rexes and theris for bossing. Two days ago fought Broodmother Beta and Alpha with our own army, felt nice. We're independent and can farm Element on our own. Also raised and fully imprinted two gigas. Not the best damage you can find on Legacy pve, they are still strong and much fun to use. Able to kill titano within 20-30 sec, want to try them against wild giga at one point, but want to finish raising another male so we have a mateboost bonus. Will try to kick dragon's ass today, hope we can
  9. I am not sure baby gachas can eat owl pellets. I filled a baby with them and just watched her food drop from 1600 to 200. I dared not let it drop further, so I switched to berries and spoiled meat again (needless to say babies cannot be force-fed with pellets). Stone works well too. Didn't get the thing with adult gachas around to be honest.
  10. After spending like 2.5 months 5-10 hours every day on the server I was told it was a Legacy server. How ignorant could I be. But, well, it is still an official server, I can still trade and all, so not that bad in the end. At least good enough for now. Been breeding and imprinting the animals for the whole week. It is going slowly but surely, I don't have Tek troughs powered yet, and don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to imprint and feed my animals, so cryopods ftw. My ally kindly carried me and a tribemate through 3 Alpha monkey and 4 Gamma Spider fights, I helpe
  11. Missed a giga egg. Didn't even find a body. Sad, because it was not from my gigas, but I can get a new one when my ally's female is ready again. Started breeding tons of animals. This does excite me a lot, but also terrifies me because I know how much I need to do in order to extract 5 different stats and like 3 colours from a pack of 6 dinos into one or two. Started breeding otters, they're the most adorable things! Last but not least, my ally paid me a visit with his op wolfie, and now I have 18 females pregnant. Expecting it to be really hectic in like 40 min. Hope none will die. All h
  12. Finally finished a house for breeding and raising animals. Put giga and quetzals eggs to incubate. Must not forget to check them from time to time. Still lots of work to finalize the house and make it perfect, but it is good enough just to start with few animals. Also, never thought metal runs could be such a pain. The rates were at x0.5 in the beginning after all. But I think I'm just spoiled with x2.
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