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  1. I accidentally ate a fertilized baryonix egg i planned on hatching. First and hopefully last time doing that.
  2. Thanks for the info. Good stuff.
  3. Great post. Thanks for the remi der!
  4. My breeding pair of boss rexes laid their first egg. I think I will save the eggs until I get 3-4 and hatch them all at once. For about a week now I have been looking to tame a decent set of baryonix to breed for the swamp cave. I found a lvl 130 Male last night and thought what the heck let's see how this guy takes out. He ended up lvl 191 and getti g +41 health and + 37 melee. So a good evening was had in ark last night.
  5. Can gasbags move dinos over walls? Not trying to be an ass, just curious.
  6. I have a question reguarding cryopods. If you have a dino stored in one inside a refrigerator and it expires while in the refrigerator do you loose the dino or can you get it back out?
  7. Plenty of pvpers like and use this sort of content. We do not all play and think a like.
  8. I am on an ofical server that rocks. You should try other servers until you find one that fits your style.
  9. What type of dinosaur spawn on this map? Same as the island or?
  10. Noob here, just curious is the wild dinosaur lol cap higher on other maps? Offical of course.
  11. Got through the lava cave on the island with my son on our first attempt with our trusty sabertooth Baby. The loot boxes were stingy but much fun was had. Cheers
  12. Call me a trader Hello all, I have been playing ark for a few months now. Started with my son on the xbox, we both now have pcs and play on them. Anyway just want to say we enjoying the heck out of ark and looking forward to getting into the traders forums. Cheers!
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