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  1. Entering 4th week since Extinction 493 is in an unplayable state. Submitted more reports. If it can get worse than it is now, the server will crash entirely. Shame that no one gives a rats ass. Looking forward to an unplayable Halloween and Charity event! Job well done.
  2. Extinction493 - disconnects, 255 ping, rubberbanding, lag spikes every 30sec-1min and huge lag spikes every 3-5min with 3 players! online. Only 3 freakin' players! One of them from a box tribe, of course. 3 weeks later and several reports later and get this: it's WORSE! Halloween will be just another fluke, an unplayable event due to global server instability. If this happens NOW, without any event, how can a server handle an event with more than 3 players?! Was really looking forward to it. I say it again, drop the content updates, postpone everything and just give us bug fixes
  3. It's not a bug, but a "feature" from a patch, about a year ago, maybe longer, as far as I remember. Some fertilized eggs (i.e. rock drakes, wyverns) can't be transferred twice. Same for kibble. Something to do with cheaters or exploiters stealing stuff from bases.
  4. Extinction 493 has huge lag spikes every 3-5min and numerous disconnects during a play session. Reported the issue, it has been ongoing for several days with no fix. I would hate the server to become unplayable AGAIN for months. At the moment it is barely playable. Does someone actually look into the outage reports?! I am sick of constantly reporting server issues that keep persisting for days, weeks and months.
  5. Pro Tip: You can transfer infected Dodos to any server (except SE, that cures the disease) and spread the infection to other Arks from there. Just don't cryo the Dodo; it will cure it. Also, aim for players with Dodo-herds to maximize disease spread
  6. An in-game Coronavirus outbreak helps with the immersive experience. I also like to spread it around with infected Dodos; you know, share the joy. You get a nasty cough, but the Vampire skin you get in return is awesome! PS: Besides a nasty cough, I would add explosive diarrhea to the animation.
  7. I closed the Steam client completely, I know what you are referring too. I always had to wait more than 5min, around 10 usually. I would understand this measure if the game and the servers were very, very, VERY stable. But ARK is by definition a mess of server instability, dubious game crashes and stuttering. So who the hell was the genius behind this fix? PS: I guess I'll just have to see who will loot my body on official because of this crap, or during what hard mission I will die.
  8. Didn't work for me last time. Had to wait about 10min until I could reconnect.
  9. I remember being a workaround by snapping them each time to a stone foundation and using that to align them. I really want to finally be able to replace my stone and wood ramp on abe from green zone to blue zone with shiny tek bridges...
  10. Can you snap them next to each other? Can both ends snap on a cliff platform, pillar and/or foundation?
  11. Legacy might not be getting support unfortunately. The tribe kicking during transfer is a bug I have also encountered twice, as well as all of my tribemates. Fortunately there was always someone else that could invite us back in. If you don't have other tribemembers, a Game Master through a ticket is your only hope. Unfortunately customer support sucks and by the time they actually answer, everything will have auto-decayed (if customer support could get worse than it is now, you would have to pay them to get rejected). Might not even get help because you are playing on legacy. This m
  12. I would really like this! It's really hard for solo players or when no other tribemate is around.
  13. I don't really get the limitation to just creatures. End game tek stuff should protect you from basic debuffs like this one. Especially if you have a full set on. It's absurd.
  14. The entire patch note is: "TEK Helm will now provide players with the Gas Mask bonus, protecting them from the Poison Wyvern and Basilisk spit." By this I understand you are given the Gas Msk bonus, which also protects you from wyverns and basilisk, but also includes the rest of the gas protection. Since the gas mask does this. Should have eliminated the gas mask bonus phrasing and just tell us about creature protection. This sucks.
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