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  1. Yes, please make the tek bridges snappable to pillars again. Without this they are usless.
  2. I also would like to be able to keep my event decorations up all year round. It would really bring a more "homey", immersive feeling to those of us who see for example the toilet as a necessity in a home base in their role playing.
  3. Mini-HLNA information As far as I understood, Mini-HLNA is supposed to narrate stuff and offer various information. One of these voiced pointers should be the number of corrupted creatures left when doing an element vein/orbital supply drop, especially when there are <10 creatures left. Would be some quality of life improvement, since it is difficult to see this info from a Giga without getting off and putting yourself in harms way (you can only see this from certain angles and have to move a lot to get to the right spot).
  4. Steam is down. Babies are out. RIP babies
  5. Yes, all my gigas are out and Steam is down... Can't get to them
  6. Attack drone and Cryopods Hello, Do you know of a way to cryopod an attack drone? Can it be done? I tried with a forcetamed one and the pod won't lock onto it. Knocked it unconscious and tried from every angle but still no luck.
  7. Why not use the actual DNA bases? A = Adenine, G = Guanine, C = Cytosine, T = Thymine. Paired: A-C and G-T. Spikes could be the other nucleotide base U = Uracil, that replaces Thymine in RNA. Just an idea.
  8. Fix Element Vein Spire Collisions Please fix the collisions with element vein spires, especially regarding Giga. The huge Giga gets stuck and is unable to advance in even the smallest element vein spires around the main one. The collision boxes are bigger than the actual visual representation of the spire, so navigating through the spires is a real challenge. Another pesky thing is when you stay above a small spire that is being attacked by corrupted creatures and you try to bite them: there is no damage being done to them, since the collision boxes somehow protect them and extend above them.
  9. Remove TEK HELMET view blockers The Tek Helmet has this very annoying FOV blocker: 2 blurred shapes that should mimick the edges of the helm. Please remove them, as they are very, very annoying, distracting and only restricting the field of view. The blurred aspect doesn't help with the aesthetic side. I would very much like no borders at all, just the regular, unrestricted field of view.
  10. Yes, the delay was on PC too. Not sure by how many hours. A small delay.
  11. The solution has three letters: PVE.
  12. x2 Breeding without x2 Maturation is pointless...
  13. Legacy is just a remnant that will eventually be gone anyways. People know this since the wipe and creation of legacy servers and had plenty of time to switch. I switched a long time ago. I would recommend to stop allocating resources to that and just wipe them all. BUT do something with the new servers. Something useful. There is just a small portion of players that temporarily enjoy niche-game modes like arkpocalypse, pvp classic or whatever small variants of the same game with just a few different settings. The point is that those resources will be wasted on such petty things. The community wants new, clean servers of the classic maps that are overpopulated and sometimes tame capped (yes, implementation of your Code of Conduct Rules regarding dino parking since the launch of cryopods is at most minimal). Those overcrowded maps are Island and Ragnarok. Since you mentioned the need for new stuff for the community, bring NEW stuff, not some improvised niche-game modes. You have all those impressive maps from the modding contests. It is about time to bring a new map forth, a new Ragnarok. That is what the community truly wants. And to keep things interesting, we need new creatures, for beginners and end-game alike, not just a reskinned raptor or some chicken to compete with the dodo.
  14. I don't know about the rest, but on Island they keep disappearing with all your equipment, killing you in the process. Reports are the same for Aberration and SE. So... can't use them outside of Extinction anyways. Not safely. So yeah, this needs to be fixed as well. Your post is again only related to PvP players. The correct post is "Or only on ext without transfer, so big boys can play on PvP." No need to include PvE. @Cedric Differentiation between PvP and PvE, please!
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