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  1. Not really impressed by Genesis too and the limitations it imposes, but the story of Ark isn't even close to what you are saying. It's not about aliens. It's about the downfall of humanity through Element and a dying Earth, the efforts of survivors to "fix" the Arks and bring them back to Earth as seeds for a new beginning, it's about ascension and becoming Homo deus. All of this actually has nice parallels to my favorite TV shows: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
  2. You are kidding, right? It's the same performance on all my servers. Rubberbanding is still there on Island346 and Extinction493, high pings also. It was better only during the first day of genesis when all the players moved to those servers.
  3. Content Removal Dear Wildcard, Thank you again for another "fix". Devious content removal is a new low. Did it upset someone at the top that players enjoyed zombie creatures as decorations in the base?Did we surpass the amount of fun that is tolerated beyond utter frustration? All zombie variants of creatures have been deleted (was not even in the patch notes! So much for communication). All zombie creatures that were in cryo have now the bugged raptor icon and can no longer be deployed. As a bonus, every single piece of candy from every single event in the past has been removed. Thank you for the wasted time grinding my Easter eggs. I have never seen any game where the developers are so keen to develop against their community. Again, many thanks! Hope it was worth it and that this fixes your constant lag on almost every single server where the playercount exceeds 10-15 players, hope this fixes the deleted creatures during the many bugs, hope this fixes the exploits, the griefing and crashing (*sarcasting clapping*).
  4. Island 346 is down. On a thursday night! After the event and a restart. Should be working perfectly. Is not, for months now. Look at the downtime history: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/73234/downtime. The entire Ark Network needs an upgrade. Your servers, Wildcard, are not handling the player count (at around 10-15 atm.).
  5. Event just ended, for PC at least.
  6. And Extinction 493 is STILL without Battle Eye. 90% of the event the server has been without Battle Eye. Nice concept of an event. Too bad we can't play it.
  7. Extinction 493 is without Battle Eye for over 4 days now!!!!!! This is how efficient a report is. And if it still isn't clear, yes, I submit one every time there is an issue. @Cedric could someone, anyone please check the status of servers? It's really bad out there. Just waiting for this event to end. A huge fail. I really hope they don't launch Genesis with all these issues going on, that would be the nail in the coffin.
  8. List of unplayable servers Another event that makes the game completely unplayable. Guess WC never learns from mistakes. But if by some miracle someone actually listens to our problems and the severe status of the server network, let us make a list of official unplayable servers. Here is a head start: Island 346: rubberbanding, disconnects, 255 ping issue, very poor general performance, that is when the server is actually online. Downtime history is a joke. Aberration 220: Battle Eye down, disconnects Extinction 493: Battle Eye down, disconnects every 5min, 255 ping issue, rubberbanding PS: Please don't suggest submitting an outage report. We all did it, it never actually helps.
  9. See the recent downtime. No answer for hours, only login lock...
  10. That is not true. A lot of other titles manage to introduce polished DLCs and new content. How? By thoroughly testing everything BEFORE actually releasing stuff. That's why there is always a Q&A. Arks Q&A team is either too small, too busy, too inefficient or not actually there. With most of the recent big patches there was something so gamebraking that they had to either reverse the patch or quickly release 2-3 patches to fix the first one. Before Ark I have never ever experienced such bad testing before releasing new content. And I played my fare share of games. And I have yet to encounter a game where these problems also apply.
  11. How about gamers paying for a game that is actually polished when they say it is? At the moment it feels like early access all over again.
  12. We need an official answer. There shouldn't be any gray area in receiving support.
  13. GMs will not replace any lost items or tames. They will at best spawn in a level 201 creature to "replace" your lost tame. That's it. Might as well spare yourself the wait for an answer to the ticket and do something else with that time.
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