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  1. Deleted characters are a constant fear. Ark is designed with transfers in mind. Doesn't work without (at least you don't get the full experience).
  2. Oieru


    Your problem is PvP. A sad side of this game and humanity in general. What you need would be separate changes to PvP and PvE. Or a switch to PVE. Or a switch to something more nice, like Kerbal Space Program
  3. Same here: Extinction493, Island346, Abberation220, everywhere the same. I get the parasaur notification, but nothing loads and can't move, no menu options, nothing. I get only the sound from the loading menu. And my babies have apparently hatched, great...
  4. Same here: Extinction493, Island346, Abberation, everywhere the same. I get the parasaur message, but nothing loads and can't move, no menu options, nothing. And my babies have apparently hatched...
  5. Suttering Dino Animations With the latest patch, to decrease CPU load client-side, they introduces an option called "animation staggering" which makes it look like creatures that are further away stutter and render at only a few FPS. To revert to the fluid motion of rendered creatures go to advanced options (second tab in the options menu) and untick "animations staggering".
  6. Where the hell did you get that number from? Not even in the glory days of Ark did they have 9 million players. Game breaking bugs reduces it to this: https://steamcharts.com/app/346110 Ark is the 11th game with most players on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/stats/Steam-Game-and-Player-Statistics?l=t
  7. Since the update, animations on dinos that are a little further away are stuttering. It is really annoying and takes the immersive feel of the game big-time.
  8. Maximum armor on saddles on official is 124. Everything above will revert to 124 when transferred or upon server restart. For weapons, maximum damage is 298% on official. For armor a little under 500 as far as i remember. If you want to keep the stats of the saddles, keep them in cryo on your mounts.
  9. Same here. Only got one dossier from island bosses. None from the others or king titans. PC Steam version, Official servers. I'm only missing the alpha king titan, but dossiers are still locked. Did the bosses multiple times. Still the same issue but only recently noticed.
  10. Extinction only Spooky Piles and autumn colored trees. No Wyvern or Dodorex.
  11. Yes, please make the tek bridges snappable to pillars again. Without this they are usless.
  12. I also would like to be able to keep my event decorations up all year round. It would really bring a more "homey", immersive feeling to those of us who see for example the toilet as a necessity in a home base in their role playing.
  13. Mini-HLNA information As far as I understood, Mini-HLNA is supposed to narrate stuff and offer various information. One of these voiced pointers should be the number of corrupted creatures left when doing an element vein/orbital supply drop, especially when there are <10 creatures left. Would be some quality of life improvement, since it is difficult to see this info from a Giga without getting off and putting yourself in harms way (you can only see this from certain angles and have to move a lot to get to the right spot).
  14. Steam is down. Babies are out. RIP babies
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