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  1. I would propose the following to be introduced: 1) Fixobugosaurus - once tamed it instantly fixes all the gamebraking bugs that you won't be reimbursed for. 2) Serveroverhauluropod - Has a global effect on the server network. Once tamed, you can actually connect to the servers and play the DLC you payed for, with surprising ping under 100 and a lag-free experience. Genesis 1 and 2 were a total rip-off. Official servers are a mess. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
  2. Just a heads up and extending another thanks for not returning over 3 years of work and invested game time, for not taking any measures, only against me. Thank you again for endorsing a griefer and punishing honest players. It's been a delightful experience and an insight into the kind of people behind a community that deserves much more.
  3. Just a little update: as expected, nothing changed, nothing has and will be returned. Still no reason to return. Guess it would have been too much effort from doing nothing to confiscate the loot and return it to the proper owners. Still wondering what the role of a GM is and why they should exist at all.
  4. The fact that the same people are behind Ark 2 already makes it something undesirable. A successful game today is also about how you treat your community. These people never seem to learn anything until it is too late.
  5. Unfortunately it is a week too late. It's 2 years too late, to be fair, but who cares, right? I have lost all of my creatures, over 700 cryos. Even if I wanted to come back, I can't. I don't have the time anymore to breed like crazy. All my boss creatures are gone, we had the most beautiful basilisk out there, tamed with hard work at the start of Aberration, with the bests stats, zomdodos, zombie wyverns, beautiful colored event Karkinos with excellent stats, things you can't replace. They answered our ticket too, stating that they will investigate the issue. BTW, it seems that it wa
  6. We don't expect to get anything back, ”due to INTERNAL POLICY”. Yeah, my love extends to you, GMs, too.
  7. First, I would like to say how sorry I am to have sticked to this poop for so long, through all of the mistakes and repeated insults from the devs. I regret to have ever played this. PVE... What a joke. Not even PVE anymore. Despite reports for over a month, developers have, as always ignored the problem. While a tribemate was online, a lowlife of a scum lured in a corrupted pteranodon on extinction under our metal platform and destroyed half of a building where ALL the cryopods where. The player pulled us all in water, killed us and took all the best gear. I can never recover from t
  8. So, can anyone confirm on official that this has been fixed? I'm tired of being the experimental branch for them.
  9. Finally an informative community crunch. Stick to this model. "World Borders: Soon, we will be updating world barriers on all maps so that anything outside of a world border will be destroyed. Boom. This is live on The Island on PC and there were some edge-case issues with it being oversensitive but that’s now been fixed and we’ll be rolling out to other platforms soon." That's why you need Q&A BEFORE releasing stuff like this. SOME???? edge-case issues? Everyone that touched the damned wall lost everything in every single case. A heads-up or a note in the patches would have been
  10. I know, and it was a fair deal, or babies raised, that were an exact replacement. The thing is, especially on PVE, that it would not affect gameplay in any way if they would replace your dinos. It's just pixels, they don't spend money to reimburse your lost stuff and the only benefit one might get from a new dino is irrelevant to the server as a whole. On PVP, sure it might have some impact, but on PVE there is absolutely no reason for GMs to be useless.
  11. If you call spawning in a level 150 dino a "replacement" for your max level, bred, 100% imprint dino, then sure. They are of wonderful help. Their "help" is a bad joke. Here is quote from the last e-mail: "due to internal policy, the max level I can restore is level 150 without visual evidence. If your dino is level 150 or higher, please provide visual evidence with your reply. We will no longer be restoring any dinos with levels over 200, wyverns and rock drakes over level 190 even with visual evidence." So yes, it is absolutely true that they WILL NOT PROVIDE REPLACEMENTS. No one s
  12. So much for them reading their own forums...
  13. They said they fixed it yesterday: What a joke...
  14. I'm curious how long it takes for a dev to notice this new "feature" they introduced, reported on their own forums. If we would submit a ticket, probably the soonest it would get any attention would be 3 weeks from now :))
  15. It seems the edge of the map barrier is now a killer. Stupid if you think that it only shows up when very very close or you bump into it and by that time it is too late. Good job WC! Another one to the long list. Should have kept the game in early access.
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