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  1. Very Happy to see someone at Wildcard heard us out. Thanks Devs!
  2. 1. I have long since - not because of this issue but because I have played Ark for a very long time and am quite familiar to the antics of the player base. 2. We who play PVE SPECIFICALLY have selected to play without the concerns of dealing with other players in aggressor mode. If we wanted to deal with that...we would be playing PVP and building tiny huts with multiple doors, secret passages, multi thick walls yada yada. Honestly, boys, try to put the pvp mindset aside and understand there are two sides to the game style people choose to play here? I promise not to go to PVP and start shooting my mouth off about gameplay I don't have much interest in. I'll leave it to you guys that prefer it to try and craft a better PVP experience.
  3. If only traders with a good rep should be allowed to trade or traders who have been 'doing it for a long time' I guess that means no new folks are allowed to trade? And lordy...whatever do we do once people leave the game...even those 'established' traders? I am reading a whole lotta "I don't enjoy the things you do and don't do the thing so leave all things alone" in this thread. Gonna bet most of those saying it's fine are mostly PVPers. Two different worlds, my friends. In PVE endgame IS trading/raising and collecting dinos. Wildcard supports the mechanic of trading as witnessed by a whole section dedicated to trading on the official forums. As well the 'blackbag bodybag' issue was ruled in as legitimate use for hauling from server to server ages ago. This game evolves from its original incarnation as the gamers that play it evolve and the game grows. It is the very spirit of Ark and 'what it's all about' if you hadn't noticed.
  4. Also easy solution here- What about expanding the TYPES of alliances in the game? PVP Alliance BOSS FIGHT Alliance Trade Alliance Or more specifically- allow alliances to be tiered with permission like tribe ranks. Tier one allows you to place a sleeping bag and mount the extra seat on a dino. tier 2 allows ability to place structures. tier three allows boss fight buffs top tier full alliance allows PVP alliance as we presently know it?
  5. This is the exploit problem right here. I am inclined to believe that once he accepted the alliance, his friends under the base blew the base with C$ they had already placed- which was likely what disconnected him. HE AT NO TIME ACCEPTED THE DECLARATION OF WAR. That is the exploit.
  6. Cela se produit beaucoup plus souvent qu'il ne le devrait. Vous devez faire un ticket et attendre une réponse. Cela peut prendre longtemps. Votre personnage ne peut pas être récupéré, il vous dira d'en créer un nouveau, puis vous transférera des empreintes. Ils ne peuvent pas non plus vous créditer de combats de boss. Vous devez les refaire et débloquer tous les tek. Arrivé à moi aussi.
  7. Spoken like someone that either does little trading or who does not play PVE. When you are blackbagging metal, ele dust, hard poly, crystal, etc....which are the typical trades for dinos- the usual means is to jump servers from your home to the sellers server. That means you need a place to 'land' when you are so full you are unable to move. This has traditionally been handled by allying and dropping a sleeping bag by a seller's dedicated storage or vault first trip *which requires an alliance*, then coming over second trip with the mats. I have thousands of hours playing and trading. This is the best means for it to be done. Let's not blame the girl in the short skirt, hey? Pretty sick of the inclination to blame the victim.
  8. PVE Declaration of War Banditry Hey Wildcard- pretty big problem here: A friend on PVE Rag 382 just lost years of collected, tamed and traded dinos. Because of this exploit. His off the cuff estimate is over 100 giga of all colors, cryofridge of tuso and Mossy again all event colors and bloodlines...griffins, event wyvern, phoenix...over 2k dinos. How? He went out to see who was triggering the parasaur 'enemy' warning and found a '123' guy on a wyvern scoping his dinos. The guy asked if he would trade for one of his phoenix, he- being a trader, of course agreed, The guy asked to ally so he could drop a sleeping bag to go get the items agreed upon. Yiu admitted him to his trade alliance....and then he crashed moments after (not sure if this was random chance or if this was another part of the exploit). As he was locked up and the game disconnecting...he saw the guy had declared war. When he came back, three guys were there, the bottom of his base was blown up, cryo fridges all destroyed...and they were grabbing pods and took off. In moments thousands of hours of work gone. Battlemetrics revealed 8 people were on. Only these 3 were unknown. The sleeping bag dropped revealed a name other than 123 and 'human'. He has the steam id of the guy as well...but other than '123' it shows the previous names the guy has used. So a warning to all traders and otherwise- don't use the alliance option until this is dealt with. Wildcard I hope you guys see this and the huge issue this is. I also hope you find the guys that did this once his ticket is in and nuke them from orbit. Steam ban these sob. By the way those with Battlemetrics this happened at 3:35 PM US Eastern.
  9. Large walls do not 'fit' Howdy, all. I was not sure if I should put this in bugs report, suggestions or whatever...decided to come here first in case it is a case of user error So this is the first time really messing with the new large walls for building. I was so excited to use them...and then... So...how do I fix this without tearing down copious amounts of building? Wildcard...why? You're killing meh Smalls...sigh. OH! and...why oh why am I not able to attach from top down like I can a regular wall?!
  10. Many dead baby roll rats over time have convinced me to just stay in render. I have better results sitting and reading/watching a show and staying in render. The leash tends to be buggy- when dinos hit an edge they stop wandering and just stand there. So far doeds, apes and rollrats all do this
  11. Rollrats. They will go through the hand feed stage themselves if on wander and left to graze. But you have to stay rendered and they have to have a good grazing area. Grazing is not a resource my base can boast, we are a bit rocky so I went to a meadow to do the baby stage as usual.
  12. So as mentioned by @catnip we have had extensive issues on the server with Box tribes griefing. And that has included one tribe in particular threatening the whole server and another demanding real life money to leave off harassing a neighboring tribe. Interestingly they put in a ticket (the tribe that demanded money is a Chinese tribe but has a partial english name), and the brontos the other tribe had dumped on their base were removed by a gm, but the ticket just deleted instead of answered. Last night yet another Boxer led a wyvern to our base. Fortunately a tribe member was on and dealt with it but it appears I will not be able to cook off these last couple levels on my toon sitting in a tek coffin at least during Boxtribe play hours? At least we have base defenses as an option to deal with that, but honestly I play on PvE and have no desire to maintain my base like Ft. Knox in case people drag alphas or wyverns to it. There are always going to be miserable people on multiplayer games. But once again all we see are boxes on the griefer and can't report- one of the reasons I am on official is that I am supposed to have recourse to a GM for this sort of thing. This needs to be addressed.
  13. No not as word was said the entire time.
  14. New Dye color option: Bioluminescent So a long while back I mentioned to a friend that it would be very cool to have the Aberration color palette available on paintable surfaces/items. So all the cool glowing colors- maybe require an item to be harvested from an aberrant dino to make a dye luminous? It only took me 8 months or so to get around to posting this....would love to see it though
  15. Nope- could not submit a ticket for the exact reason you indicate. I have no way of knowing their name or their tribe name which circumvents the entire support/griefing option....thus my post. I mentioned in that wall of text I used Battlemetrics...but I cannot be certain who it was nor do I know if support accepts Battlemetrics data in a ticket.
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