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  1. PLEASE make dinos/imprints account bound. Having leveled several toons on different maps there is nothing more frustrating than having to figure out what cryoed dinos is imprinted to which toon. Likewise when raising dinos some are imprinted to an older toon and switching out especially during laggy events can be a horror. While there are many things I could rant on this is one small thing WC can do for us old timers who have multiple toons. Not to mention when toons are lost, there is no need to pull out a thousand dinos to switch imprints to a new toon- thus saving your GMs a huge amount of time on these tickets. Thanks!
  2. Hello again Mister Dudebro Things you get wrong: 1. I am a female not a 'lad'. Crazy concept in an internet game, amiright? Please consider your default perceptions of who peoples your gaming communities. 2.I chose to play a game on official settings- meaning the fact I am not playing on my own availability curve is part of that. If I can't spend the time to play the game per the rl time investment, I can play on unofficial at my own pace. That is NEVER a legit reason to cheat. 3. I am very bothered by a setting where a clearly defined set of rules is haphazardly applied on a whim, as should we all be, in and out of a game environment. Laws should be enforced in an even-handed manner or not at all- and the not at all bit equally communicated to everyone affected. 4. The only regulation any population can exert upon a regulating body, is to speak out against inconsistencies. Silence is consent.
  3. Wow. So now not supporting cheating and playing by the rules...and expecting that in the official server I play on....is about feeling superior and boosting folks ego? okaaaaaay..... This is simple folks. What modality is being used in the application of enforcement? The rules lay out very specifically what will happen if you break these rules, and instead the same perpetrators are pumping out several generations of babies with no action from Wildcard curtailing their activities. This is INCREDIBLY damaging to a community...especially as I personally know people who were nuked for it before. Look I am well used to these forums being about how PVE doesn't matter, and I know wading into this morass will always result in that particular flavor in responses. I love the mindset here that the rules just don't apply because 'oh well'.
  4. If that is the case, then this right here is garbage. Introduction The Code of Conduct is subject to change without notification, though Studio Wildcard will do its best to ensure that changes are communicated clearly to those on the Official Network. Failure to abide by our Code of Conduct can result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or banning of your account from the Official Network and all BattlEye Protected Servers. Studio Wildcard reserves the right to immediately suspend player accounts as it deems fit. Action taken is at the sole and absolute discretion of Studio Wildcard and its employees. This list is not exhaustive but represents clear guidelines for players to adhere to when playing on our Official Network. For something you’re unsure of, please use your best judgement. When in doubt, reach out to us here and select "Report Abuse". Ensure you’re acting with some semblance of decency when conducting yourself on our Official Network. Hacking and Exploiting Hacking and Exploiting Hacking or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not tolerated.
  5. I have exactly 3 hours today to play the game. (This is an example by the way, not an actual measure of my time.) I can unpod these babies I have in my projects fridge and sit and hand feed them. I can also maniacally run out occasionally to grab meat so they do not die...even worse when it is not 2x. This will take several hours of my time. For babies like Gigas? It will take days of my time. OR... I can owl glitch these podded babies. Go out with friends and run drops/veins on extinction while they sit and mature without me actually doing the work. Gain all the ele I need for various projects or to buy those dinos I have my eye on that other traders are offering. Look at it another way: Hey go ahead and mine that metal ore over there as much as you like but if you use anything other than this grey metal pick we are gonna ban you for breaking our CoC. I go and happily mine my ore with the metal pick and slowly gain what I need for my projects. Player 2 decides to screw all of that grey pick mess, busts out a 700 base melee anky and goes to town on the orefield. But it's cool...it's just PVE and doesn't really impact anything important, right? You can 'not agree with dino sales' all you like. Just like you can disagree with me that chocolate is the best flavor for any cake. I don't really care about your opinion. What is important here- is if the game we are playing is administering the rules they created fairly or at all so we all have the same parameters to work from. Every player out there has the same opportunity to breed up super dinos. But I expect you to do the work and sink those thousands of hours into it I have in order to get there.
  6. You have some really odd logic constructs going on here. You don't think cheating is ok....but you are jumping into an argument to support cheating. You are saying cheating is the same as a player working hard to breed up dinos and applying colors and not giving them away for free? Your critical thinking skills need some work my friend. Owl glitching is cheating. Your words. You are then ok with the cheating epidemic plaguing the game. Good talk!
  7. You are a trader. So am I. The real thing we trade is TIME. If I am spending that much more time working to do it right, and you are trading babies you sit and forget due to glitching it is an enormous imbalance. I knew folks would chime in with your attitude. I can't help that you think cheating in a game is ok- that's about you and your world view. But it should absolutely bother everyone that some people have been banned for this sort of thing and now it seems to be no big deal at the very least. What I count on in official servers is a level playing field with equally applied enforcement. If you are going to have rules, enforce them.
  8. Lack of enforcement Dear Wildcard, I have been thinking of how to write this to best communicate the problem. We all know there has been a problem with duping and owl glitching. We know you are working on a solution. But it is what is happening on the enforcement side that upsets me on Official PVE. Multiple people on each server I play- other than Ab of course- have been using the Owl glitch to raise babies. As a largely single player that does it right- setting alarms, hunting exhaustively to support the babies I am raising I can't tell how discouraging it is to fly around a map and see folks on the 5th set of owl glitched babies- and nothing is done. So I ask you what is the official word on this? Is this a glitch and a bannable offense...or not? Why are these serial offenders not being nuked? You have to realise that more people will do this if you fail to enforce your owl rules. And the next glitch that comes along will find many more players willing to partake given your failure to crush the people who are openly cheating. As it is I have no desire to get on right now and raise babies. And that is unfortunate as that is a large part of PVE for most folks.
  9. Those large walls were sooooo poorly done...it made me sad. I wanted to use them to replace all the smaller sections but nope. The no top down, the no matching size issue...WHY Wildcard? :(
  10. So while you guys are absolutely correct and tames and structures play a part in lag- there is a studied difference when an event rolls around and suddenly you are server crashing 9 times in an hour after a certain play time of a certain player base is primary. Nope it was not more players because it was an event either. It is just certain folks are willing to crash a server to dupe and owl glitch during said event because they can. A GM responded to a friend's ticket and in responding to 'why is this so bad lately' the GM said it was because of the rampant duping and owl glitches. The fact I went in global and announced I would be ticketing glitchers and linked this post requesting a GM to ghost the server to find cheaters....and how it magically became stable from that point on...yeah. It isn't the game any more than the usual problems. When THIS stuff happens...it's the cheaters.
  11. So, after making this post, commenting in global chat I would be ticketing owl glitchers and linking this post...the server was suddenly stable. Either a Gm came in and dealt with folks....or the cheaters thought better of continuing with the possibility a GM would respond to the complaint. Server was fine until just now- about 5am eastern US. If you are having regular mysterious crashes, feel free to post server, how many crashes in what time frame etc so Wildcard has the option to go in and see whats up.
  12. 8-9 crashes in the last hour or so. Most in quick succession at the tail end of things.
  13. Duping just starting up- Rag 382 You can always tell when it is that time of day. Server performing fine. Certain time rolls around and server crash after server crash. Can we get a real time response and have a GM pop in on Rag 382 PVE to watch the exploiters please? Losing more baby dinos because of these cheaters. Undercover GM banning these aholes on the spot would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Awesome, thanks guys! This answers a lot of questions for me and folks buying eggies. Invincible, you have truly #savedmy world lol lol! I am so punny
  15. The Glitched nest issue is unique to rockdrakes as i understand it. The rock drake area has a lot of mesh issues and often a drake gets stuck in the mesh and will repeatedly spawn eggs until the drake despans wherever it is meshed. The folks that taught me to raid nests conveyed this had been exhaustively reported, and was a well known bug. My concern is that I had always thought the id per egg was different but it seems they are not. Looking for clarification that this is 'normal' though server chat folks say their drake ids are the same as well when they have multiple births from one egg? Same mechanic as a glitched nest? Or something broken?
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