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    Official Server Transfers Between Maps

    Yeah I thought it was strange too! Haha...but I am new to all of this transfer business so I am leaving room for operator error. So to recap I can tell you what I did- see if you see any problems with my actions? 1. Currently on our old legacy server, 367 Island. We heard about the pending doom for low pop legacy servers and decided to take the dinos we have and move to official Island map. 2. At green obelisk, after filtering 'official' , our only choices...are other Island maps. 3. We assumed maybe we would have to jump from one of the listed 'official' Island maps to an official aberration map we also put roots down on, and/or a fire map. We tried this, and even from one of the official island maps, there was no listing for any 'official' map other than Island. Things I have since learned- there is this thing called 'clusters' which I still need to investigate and may be why we can't connect to our official Aberration map? Yet it still seems very strange to me that our 'cluster offers only Island maps as 'official' options. Ultimately what we want is one map with each dino type to make small taming bases on. Then one primary map for main facility. So it is important I can xfer to each.
  2. Poppet

    Official Server Transfers Between Maps

    Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. Yes I am on a legacy server currently and it allows xfer to other Island OFFICIAL servers which I experimented with. But from THAT island server there is no connection to any other official map and no I did not filter them out- the only filter I used was 'official'. I apparently was not playing when this all went down. Kind of confounding that it seems the intention of letting people move was so they could close the old legacy servers then not connect them to other maps? When we came back we thought we could move our high xp toons at least to new maps...no dice. (though mine poofed all together so...there is that.) Just pondering the point of xfer functions then hobbling it so badly with restrictions, there is no use for it.....
  3. Hey all. I am coming here for advice and perspective as this whole process for transferring is so different than when the Hubs and I last played about 2 years back. In the past couple weeks he signed on the old (legacy) server Island map, came on a decaying base and grabbed some mats and just decided to start over on the map we originally had as our main. After getting up and running we found out about the legacy server thing- that they are no longer supported, have issues with coding for new material and could close at any time if low pop. So- we decided to try some of the other maps and came up with a mad scheme to do small bases on each map type to tame the critters particular to it- all official servers of course. But when hitting the obelisk to move servers we saw we could only move to other Official Island servers. Well, we figured we would just do a hub base on an official Island base to move our dinos to and then hit other maps from there. Nope. From the new official island map- still no other official fire or aberration map showing. We started with friends on an official aberration map trying to link up that way- still no dice. Is there something to this 'new and improved' method of server hopping I am not seeing? Not doing correctly? Because I have no idea why this is the case? Is something bugged or not working correctly? What we want to do is move dinos from the old defunct Island map- to official island map. Then from there be able to hop to our official aberration home, and also set up on a fire map. What am I missing? Signed, Confused Old Timer