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  1. I happened to leave one at 43% and died when I went to farm meat, and gachas are around snow owls so they are picking the pellets by them self. Also, had one in crypod and took him out with the sickness and died before he woke up lol was sad to see I was gonna use snow owl to heal it but though of it late
  2. I have tried to do that, some just died and some stayed alive but I always left them wondering around the leash
  3. alright! just some questions.. Should I leave them wondering? what type food to put in troughs? will 5 regular troughs be enough full of food? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone! I've been trying to raise baby Gachas for a while now but they keep staving to death. Ill list all the methods I read around and tried let me know what im doing wrong! 1- Let them wandering around their mother without feeding the baby or the mother. 2- Let them wandering around their mother without feeding the baby but feeding the mother. 3- Let them wander without the mother without feeding away from their mother. 4- Feeding them directly ( Raw meat, Berries ) Note: - They kept dying when I went away from my base. ( I realized that I had to
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