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  1. Yep this is still an issue I spent hours yesterday and last night farming alphas to get to level 4 and gave up with 50kxp to go as there just wasn't any alphas spawning Logged on this morning and the damn chibi is reset to lvl 1 with zero xp. I unequipped and re-equipped and even put it in a vault and relogged the game with no change. With all the issues lately and everything having to be balanced for PVP even on PVE servers (the mana nerf) I am rapidly loosing interest in the game and am considering getting my money back on the latest season pass
  2. Come on really I just spent 30 mins breeding my giggas because it legit took that long with lag then i disconnected through lag and when i finally managed to get back on I had lost 1 gigga to a spinno all my eggs were gone and my toon had died to the same spinno loosing all my armour etc i had because I hadn't been able to reconnect this is getting rediculous Maybe rollback your update to where it WASN'T BROKEN
  3. Yup same here ....................Waste of time and mats crafting them had a few spares for a tribe mate that dosn't play much and tried one but didn't unlock the emote Well played Wildcard you screwed us again another event that we get nothing out of
  4. Gotta agree with this one All my high mellee giggas and boss rexs have ended up red and i'm havin a hell of a time trying to breed the different colors in
  5. Oh I'm sorry my fault completely I didn't specify ALL my storage's are pin locked .......... PERIOD no exceptions, ALL my storage's are stacked, and almost all my storage's are inside of metal buildings. I read all the information on Dedi storage before I started using them and Pin locked them as i put them down and I put cementing paste on on end and put achatina paste 6 spaces away from it. Next time you try to school someone think before you type you tinny little 12 years old
  6. This is just ridiculous I spent all weekend harvesting raw metal and loaded it all into 2 tek dedi storages 600+ stacks in each. I logged on tonight after the day at work to decompress and cook some metal and BOTH of my dedi storages are empty. What is this crap months of work in 3 tek storage of achatina past gone and now i can't even use them for raw metal, It's absolutely pointless raising a ticket with support because they don't care ..............Wildcard has our money now so why the hell should they do anything to fix these issues. No wonder less and less of the Twitch streamers are streaming Ark, why advertise a game that the developers don't care about the people playing so close to quitting now
  7. Logged on this morning and found that 1 dedicated storage of cementing paste and THREE of achatina paste have emptied overnight................................Not happy
  8. Huh seems I forgot about promoting this one...................................COME ON @Cedric add this to the QOL list. Just has a vision of walking into my tradeing station down a hallway with levels of shoulder dinos turning their heads as i walk by
  9. I'm just gunna continue with the shameless self promoting until I get a mention from Cedric
  10. Really still no interest. I know it would make breeding a Hell of a lot easier. As well as collecting the eggs. VOTE FOR ME
  11. Oh come on I really though some body else would have said some thing else by now
  12. Hmm Really though there would have been some interest in this suggestion
  13. A suggestion I made a few years back I really though would take on a life of it's own is ........Roost (or Rails) for shoulder dinos. Personally as i breed most of these I find it damn frustrating that all you can do is roughly aim at a location hit "F"twice and hope that they land in about the area you want knowing full well that they are just gonna end up scattered all over the place. Yes I have used benches against walls as well as tables in the same way but without a huge amount of patience (which I do not have) it's impossible to get a nice, neat, uniform placement of my Jerboas, otters, buldogs, shinehorns, etc etc If it was just a matter of walking up to a bench already in the game, Holding an action key down and selecting "Roost dino" or with a bit more coding creating a whole new place able item, A pet roost or rail that interacted in the same way Suddenly my breeding rooms are so much more organized and they eggs / feces is easier to be collected
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