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  1. Huh seems I forgot about promoting this one...................................COME ON @Cedric add this to the QOL list. Just has a vision of walking into my tradeing station down a hallway with levels of shoulder dinos turning their heads as i walk by
  2. I'm just gunna continue with the shameless self promoting until I get a mention from Cedric
  3. Really still no interest. I know it would make breeding a Hell of a lot easier. As well as collecting the eggs. VOTE FOR ME
  4. Oh come on I really though some body else would have said some thing else by now
  5. Hmm Really though there would have been some interest in this suggestion
  6. A suggestion I made a few years back I really though would take on a life of it's own is ........Roost (or Rails) for shoulder dinos. Personally as i breed most of these I find it damn frustrating that all you can do is roughly aim at a location hit "F"twice and hope that they land in about the area you want knowing full well that they are just gonna end up scattered all over the place. Yes I have used benches against walls as well as tables in the same way but without a huge amount of patience (which I do not have) it's impossible to get a nice, neat, uniform placement of my Jerboas, otters, buldogs, shinehorns, etc etc If it was just a matter of walking up to a bench already in the game, Holding an action key down and selecting "Roost dino" or with a bit more coding creating a whole new place able item, A pet roost or rail that interacted in the same way Suddenly my breeding rooms are so much more organized and they eggs / feces is easier to be collected
  7. Really hopeful that the S+ mod pack is added to the official game. It's brilliant and a incredibly help to building bases that are not just boxs
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