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  1. This is riddicolous!

    just logout and play a different game and come back in 45 minutes, thats what im doing.
  2. I think Wild Card have spent too much time attention seeking on twitter, they have lost any brain cells they had left.
  3. Tek Canteen

    - Doesn't leak on scorched (or leaks at a much more reduced rate) - Holds up to 6-8 drinks - Contents are icy cold and more refreshing, maybe providing some additional resistance to outside elements
  4. Yeah the list has loads of errors like everyone said, I also messaged crackerjack asking him to update an error I know about and he didnt, like other people have also mentioned above they messaged him too and no update..... I also dont see anyone else taking the time to make a better list, so maybe everyone should just give crackerjack a bit of a break here.... At least we have some kind of list to go by even though its not perfect.
  5. Locking Threads and Deleting them

    The nazi style behavior by the Wild Card staff on these forums is outrageous. It's nice to see other people noticing it too!
  6. Welcome To The New Forum!

    I gotta say, I'm usually the first one to put crap on Wild Card for complete incompetence, however, this time I think the graphic designer for this website has done a VERY good job. I love this
  7. Tek trough is utterly useless

    Yeah I know how much element u get, i was replying cause someone said it takes 5 mins to get (which is false), My tribe uses the troughs and loves them, I don't actualy agree with half the stuff in this thread, the troughs are brilliant and definitely worth the boss fighting investment to use them.
  8. So much duped content out there. You kill a troll these days and you can expect to loot items and kill dinos such as: - A couple of stacks of C4 - Stacks of gas grenades - Duped gigas - All ascendant gear - Stacks of tek behe gates. - And so on.... I sort of feel like its ruining the PVP aspect of the game a bit. So as the title says, how long until the duped content is all used and gone?
  9. Its becoming a joke, you sold a product, then completely abandoned it with no bug fixes to address the major crashing issues on this map.
  10. Tek trough is utterly useless

    So you can do all this in 5 minutes: - Go to all the caves and collect all the required artifacts to summon a boss - Collect all the other boss fighting requirements (talons or whatever) - Breed all the required dinos - Collect all the resources for the saddles - Fly to the obelisk - Put the items in the ob - Complete the boss fight...... - Fly back to your base.... (oh, and this is after you have unlocked the tek trough engram.) Wow amazing! your so fast
  11. Xbox Servers: 495, 496, 497 and 498

    You continue to prove your complete incompetence and failure at everything you do. I feel sorry for anyone on these servers. When is wild card going to hire some proper staff and fire all these twitter attention seekers.
  12. pvp 154 SERVER WIPE REDLINE (Video)

    Nice video penny! i subbed u on youtube.
  13. Yeah exactly, probably most in the top 10 or even top 20 of this list have been duping. I have no issue with the duping, issue is that dupers are on this list...... The tribes which grind hard, play fair and dont cheat should be the tribes on this list...... If you get caught cheating in the olympics, they strip your medal from you, they dont continue to give you credit if your caught cheating, this list should be no different. why are we rewarding cheaters by giving them credit on this list?
  14. Why are you trying to protect cheaters and promote them? are you friends with them or part of their group? cheaters dont deserve credit or protection. Your list is not only mostly incorrect its also full of trash cheaters. its not "opinions" as you put it, its FACT No one is naming and shaming, im proving your list is incorrect and u cant seem to handle it so your pulling this naming and shaming argument. thats really pathetic.... Lets have a look at your fake list and go on youtube for a second and see what your #4 so called "mega tribe" has been up to lately video 1.. cheating.... video 2, more cheating... video 3.... and more cheating....