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  1. I just love ARK server lag, it is my most favourite thing. is everyone else enjoying the lag? How would you rate the lag on your server, I give mine a 10/10 its so good, I would rate it lower, but really it deserves the best rating! I sort of feel like ARK is really selling itself short, in the XBOX app store they should put "Server Lag" in the game picture or at the top of the description, they could be making so many more sales if they told people about this great feature.
  2. You should really have a character on both servers, most people know you cant rely on Wild Card or the useless incompetent developers or there non-existent support. Look at the recent fiasco which Wild Card conveniently blamed Amazon for, was that not warning enough for you when people actually lost characters completely? You are mad if you don't have a char on both servers...Its really your own fault.
  3. Mods have hidden your post now in a mostly unread section, absolutely no reason why this doesn't belong in General Discussion where it was......... It's actually pretty disgusting Wild Card tries to hide anything negative about there company rather than fix it.
  4. I thought this was broken code introduced for valentines day and I didnt think they ever fixed it or even acknowledged the issue....
  5. Unfortunately, some of the mods on this forum are probably only about 13-14 years old and are also friends with the trolls... I've reported a post and was BANNED on the forums by the trolls friend who is a mod. Its actually pathetic how badly Wild Card manages the company and interacts with its customers. IMO one of the worst game developers in 2016/2017 just on the fact that they have the worst support(non-existent actually) and are disgusting with there communication to the customer. For example, instead of posting critical information here (on the official website), they post it on twitter instead..... Love the game but Wild Card staff are actually scum.... Blame Wild Card, not the players.... the trolls are probably as frustrated as everyone else who ends up here, because of the stupid things Wild Card does
  6. These types of people think ark is an online version of the monopoly board game and not a building game. GM's should randomly join servers, find them and ban them permanently. I understand pillar'ing near your own base and to protect resources, and this type of pillaring is ok IMO, and its easy to identify the good pillaring. its the land claiming which is not ok. there is always 1-2 per server that think its an oinline version of the monopoly board game, and those are the ones who need permanent banning.
  7. Cool post man, i gave u some good reputation for it. I may try out PVP myself one of these days and actually try some of this stuff.
  8. The fake so called "Support" aka (non-existent support), will not assist with lost or stuck dinos. Its written on the website by themselves somewhere I just cant find the link.
  9. I have just lost my lvl 103 XBOX PVE character "MostSpy" in server transfer - AFTER THE ROLLBACK... It literally no longer exists on any server
  10. They dont care, to say otherwise is nothing more than a lie. id rather my 30 hours back collecting metal, then some ridiculously small increase. Obviously its not even close to being compensation, its more like a slap in the face.
  11. WARNING TO ALL: LVL 103 Character just lost on OFFICIAL Just tried to transfer to my scorched base to see how much work was deleted by wild card with the beautiful ROLLBACK. The transfer failed, and my character no longer exists on both servers......
  12. Maybe your pathetic Jtmorris since everyone else who plays this game knows the servers were just rolled back by 30+ hours. And nice job wild card, deleting all the angry posts and hiding this post in a barely used section.
  13. Majority of people replied to Jat objecting to a rollback, what does WC do, rolls back anyway....
  14. Its because of poorly written code that was released for the "V Day" event.
  15. This is a fake support forum which they named "Support" to make the companies image look good, no support actually exists here.... Support via the fake ticket system also no longer exists, tickets are auto closed after 4 days, with auto replies, or copy and pasted comments.