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  1. Yeah agreed, after "Wild Card" deleted my full gen 1 and gen 2 missions and refused to restore them. I decided it was time to quit the game and have been happily playing bug free games for months!!! I'm enjoying othewr games because that cant be deleted because other companies have backup contingencies and restore lost data. Wild Card staff are amongst the scummiest incompetent people on the planet. No care for customers, no care for customer data, very happy to let data get deleted and just close tickets. Thats the kind of scum Wild Card is.
  2. Circuit Chase Alpha and both River missions on Alpha are infact not that difficult, I've done them all on official. You need to invest time practicing these and if you have patience you WILL beat them. Some tips for anyone struggling with these: Alpha canoe tips: 1. Watch the youtube videos and study the route to take. DYOR. 2. IMPORTANT: Practice it on single player which has no lag. Dont try official until you're hitting the right times on single player. 3. Keep your finger on 'W' the entire time, unless you have some kind of correction to do. 4. Hug all the corners 5. The two S bends is where most people waste the most time, you need to get through these points quickly. 6. On official, its all about timing. On OC I had to wake up early, 4-5am and do the missions on official when the ping was good. Alpha circuit chase tips: 1. Watch the youtube videos and study. DYOR. 2. Sprint off the start (hold right click, aim the beam as far as u can and release when timer hits 0) 3. The room where u fall into an air vent, make sure you drop off to the left, so when it shoots you up you can grab the wall. 4. The room with the 3 ledges after the vent: jump to the first ledge (w+shift+space), sprint to the 2nd ledge (right click) and sprint to the 3rd ledge (right click) - landing on ledges! - if you dont do this, forget it..... 5. The room where you run across the roof can take some time to get use to, but keep trying it and eventually you will work out a system, i personally flick my orientation around. 6. The big drop off you have near the end (after crawling on the roof), you want to use your right click sprint, its all about timing, hold it in and when you see the gap then release it to shoot yourself through the hole. 7. Sprint at the end when going through the speed rings. 8. Sprint anywhere else in the mission you can to shave off time. 9. Practice on single player, so you understand how its meant to work and how the grappling behaves under perfect conditions. Dont try official until you're hitting the right times on single player. 10. If you find you dont grab onto walls properly, this is lag! - dont even attempt alpha when this happens, because you do need a perfect run. 11. On official, its all about timing. On OC I had to wake up early, 4-5am and do the missions on official when the ping was good.
  3. Logged an outage request but wild card ignored it and doesnt seem to care.
  4. Wild Card doesn't do character backups. Their incompetent product manager refuses to have it implemented, despite it being requested hundreds and possibly thousands of times now. It's unacceptable that people lose their characters, genesis mission completion, ascensions and all boss implant changes. The product manager needs to step down or be replaced. We have suffered 5+ years of his incompetence, enough is enough.
  5. What they should do is backup characters so they cant get lost in the first place.
  6. They're too incompetent to even warn their own customers on their OWN official website.
  7. Warning: Character losses currently happening when transferring. From this screen u cant do anything, u click exit. Then rejoin server and u cant download character, then rejoin old server u also cant download character. its just deleted!
  8. Please 'Up Vote' this if you agree, or comment:
  9. logged in, fed dinos and logged straight off to play a different game that's less laggy, like I do almost everyday now.
  10. My day.... well, I logged into scorched. DC'd in the middle of the map on a flyer, spent a while retrieving it.... (a bug like many bugs which they do not care to fix, instead they push there BS agenda we don’t care about.) So funny.... and the arrogant idiots at wild card who blatantly ignore the customers think they are right which is even funnier. My day has consisted of reading what everyone is saying online. totally amusing that a company would actually hurt itself so badly... is that 22% of pc players quit in 1 day? LOL. I cant wait until they release this trash on XBOX and PS4. Will be LOL'z for days in the forums.
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