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  1. Looks like they have updated the repair costs. I don't see anything about it in the patch notes though.
  2. I'm not quite sure you understand the repair costs. If you DO know what official ascendant tek suits cost to repair then you are just trolling.
  3. I just updated the main topic with a few more notes, I don't have time to reply to internet trolls who clearly don't even know what they're on about. Thanks @covenantgrunt, best reply here. Couldn't explain it better.
  4. I stopped using my Macbook about 9 months ago because I assumed they completely abandoned it after there was no update for an unreasonable amount of time. I was curious why they continued to sell it on the steam store even though it doesn't work. I wonder why that's even allowed, seems a little bit on the dishonest side, for an actual registered business.
  5. So you have found all valid things, the building is hard by default, the problem here is that you are going about it the wrong way (no offence.) The problem here is that most people spawn into a server and build on the beach or the first available spot, if none of those spawn spots are available they then go to the next server and repeat the same problem. When every single player decides to build in the default spawn locations, obviously there will be no where to build on any server (in those locations.) The way to work around this is to build away from the spawn locations, and you will quickly find, the central parts of every server are near empty and un-pillared (bit of a generalization here, but you get the idea.) You just need to venture out of the safety of the beach and head inland a bit and you will quickly find somewhere nice to build on ANY server! What you should be doing (in this order): 1. Looking for a server that best suits your connection type , gives u lowest ping and has no lag or minimal (expect lag every 15 mins when the server saves, that's normal.) 2. Find a spot to build inland. Obviously it helps if u have a flyer first to get away from the default spawn locations. Otherwise you'll have to try and make it on foot. Once you're established, u can keep an eye out for beach openings and snag one of those hot spots when an opening becomes available'.
  6. So. Lets have a look at all of your logical 'conclusions' or 'claims' one by one..... 1.it keeps the player numbers up... What proof / publicly available data do you have to backup this claim? 2. it's also doing is causing serious server issues...... Unfounded claim linking server issues with 3x. 3. My rag server for example has crashed 8 times in the past 12 hours with rollbacks every time. Unfounded claim linking server issues with 3x. 4. People including myself have lost dinos...... Unfounded claim linking dino issues with 3x. 5. this game cannot handle inferior server stats coupled with 3.5x rates! Even 2x rates Not only is this completely incorrect, its far from the truth, there are many pvp servers running 50x or even 100x with no issues. 6. I'd just love to know what crack they're smoking. Unfounded allegations of drug use by wild card staff. 7. The only logical conclusion I can come up with The only thing logical here is that none of your claims are logical, none of them have any evidence or anything to backup the claims.
  7. OC-SE-98 down for at least 4 hours.
  8. So, these are the issues. - Crafted "Ascendant" blue prints repair costs on official is not viable.. - Tek suits on official aberration for most end game players was the go-to armor instead of hazard. Its NOT viable now with the costs. Notes: 1. On aberration armor is damaged whilst in the rad zone, you slowly take dura damage meaning constant repair cost. This was previously acceptable, an increase would have been fine, however the increase is not a good medium between expensive and fair. 2. A tek suit on ab is a better alternative to haz. It was the go-to armor for most end-game players in the know. 3. This topic reflects issues on OFFICIAL servers, NOT private / local or boosted servers.
  9. I play on official only, and the constant changing of rates and messing with imprints is absolutely annoying and frustrating. they need to set a rate and leave it.
  10. Maybe the same people who made ATLAS made this, would explain why its such a Genefail.
  11. Yep I'm running a RTX 2080 Ti and the game looks like Minecraft now.
  12. Nothing to see here My friends official Ext 486 server. Looks like its out of control with rats..... How many rats have you seen at once? I hear there's approx 1000+ on 486
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