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  1. 1. Don't wait with gigas, just keep shooting as fast as u can. Because they drop torpor so fast u don't want to wait. 2. The only time you may want to wait is for creatures where there is a chance you will kill it (that will never happen with a Giga).
  2. There's multiple things to do for this boss, and multiple things NOT to do. on average I run the alpha in around 5 minutes on official, and have done it "hundreds" of times. No exaggeration. If done right you have no issues. It's mechanics are a bit more complicated and it's not really suitable for beginners imo. But to be fair you do get rewarded with some of the best engrams so the balance is right. Tek teleporter for example. Good ele and easy tribute requirements. Players having trouble are best sticking to an easier boss that is less rewarding. Not everything in the game is click and win and I'm glad, if they took the fun out of this boss it would be boring for experienced players. The boss isn't buggy, it just takes skill.
  3. All I see is lots of posts by whiney noobs who don't know how to do the manticore. Like I said earlier, try an easier boss that's more suited to your skill levels.
  4. Nothing wrong with it, if its not landing your doing it wrong. Try an easier boss for beginners like the gamma brood, might be more suited to your skill level.
  5. Your probably going to get banned for enticing legal action. Wild Card doesn't really like it when people complain about them doing illegal things on the official forum. If you contact ACCC Goodluck! Maybe also tell them Mac hasn't worked in 6 months but they still sell it.
  6. Wild Card gets $100,000.00 worth of donations then vanishes and leaves servers failing.
  7. @lilpanda can we please have an update, when you have time. Thanks
  8. 1200 - per milk 5 milk - per wyvern wild female u knock out 50 milk - per alpha wyvern u kill 300-400 food consumption per hour first day only. This should roughly work: feed 2 times first day (hatch in morning, wait till food drops then do first feed, approx 5-6 hours later) feed 2 times second day feed 1 or 2 time 3rd day feed 0 or 1 times 4th day
  9. WARNING to anyone considering buying for mac or linux, do not buy. I paid for it on mac but sadly havent played it in 6 months cause its not updated. I dont bother to even check anymore.
  10. Mind wipe for dinos Mind wipe for dinos
  11. Make claimed "Zombie Wyverns" rideable Should they be rideable?
  12. Killed Dodo Wyv lvl35 and got nothing. SE 98 Official on PC zombiewyvs despawned after it died, so nothing to claim. All I got was a few skins, whats the point? Seems like a waste of time. Notified Wild Card in a support ticket #1322983.
  13. Get rid of ALL legacy servers and use the money your saving to hire a competent developer, so we can see the game get some much needed fixes.
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