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  1. I feel your pain. Some ideas: 1/ Is it possible someone in your own tribe destroyed items with a tool to mess with you? 2/ Does a beacon spawn in your base at all? they now have no build volumes around the area they spawn.
  2. It normally spawns in the water, in the flowers, did u look there?
  3. Is it possible a tribe member destroyed it with a weapon/tool? Wildcards idea of support to there paying customers is actually pathetic, I wouldn't even bother submitting a ticket, it will be automatically closed and if you re-open it, they will close it again with a copy/paste response and mark it as solved..... I love ARK but Wild Card has to be one of the most disgusting game companies in 2016/2017
  4. When you hatch an egg the animal has to be "claimed", it's not owned by anyone. New born is not effected by a dino limit, until you try and claim. I've hatched more since this post, some have come out and more have gone missing, its really hit and miss.
  5. 3 eggs hatched and only 2 babies, 3rd baby is gone...... started happening since the last update. Other people on my official server experiencing same thing. Update 18/02/2017: ----------------------- We have 3 tribes all raising Wyverns in an alliance situation to make it easier, key information: - Since yesterday a total of up to 20 adolescent~Wyverns have completely gone missing with nothing in the tribe logs of anyone. - The ones that didnt go missing seem to be bloody, and also slightly more mature than the ones that did go missing. - Baby wyverns die before u get to even see the baby if you don't stay nearby. - Not confirmed which date this started, but recent. for example: since the V Day update. I'm suspecting what is happening is when you are out of render/offline, the health/food is draining at incredible rates and they are dying.
  6. I love ark, but the support team who responds to tickets is actually pathetic. They automatically close tickets after 4 days and copy and paste every reply. Im sorry but I just dont see the point in them even having support, its so rubbish the way it is.
  7. Security Camera and TV Monitors would be great. For example, I could place a camera in the volcano and monitor it from my base, when the metal re-spawns go back there and farm it.
  8. Do you actually have any plan to address these two issues? its becoming a joke your lack of care for this game. Its actually quite a good game but you are such a scummy disgusting company, with no moral. The excuse "Its BETA" is getting a bit old now, I really think its time you stop being so pathetic and step up your game.
  9. I love ark as much as the next guy, but the dashboarding in this game is actually pathetic.
  10. Try changing your xbox 'display' resolution in Settings -> Display & Sound -> Video output
  11. Thanks for the reply Jerryn, I'm playing on an Official PVE Server (395), this doesn't seem to be the setting on official servers.
  12. Problem: When you reach level 100 on official servers you cant level any further, but it also DOES NOT continue counting XP you are earning. My characters XP has stopped at 1798540.0 Suggested Fix: Change settings on official servers so the XP continues to count, then if more levels are added later the XP isn't lost, and maxed out players can at least see some XP progress being made.