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  1. Wild Card is pathetic, 10 days raising multiple gigas only for them to die because of incompetent people like @Jat and @lilpanda and the rest of those idiots at Wild Card
  2. So here's the real data, you interpret it how you want Peak: Feb: 100,723 March: 75,022 April: 73,857 Last 30 days: 66,342 ---------------------------- 100k to 66k in 4 months. I interpret this as 34 thousand less people playing at peak times on PC (or 34%) SINCE FEB 2017.:
  3. Couldn't agree with you more. I sometimes wish they had laws that prevent people like the staff at Wild Card from reproducing. we need less people like them in this world (ignorant idiots who continually go against their customers), Look at steam stats for the last 4 months to get a picture of how badly this game is failing with the current idiots in charge of it. 100k average players to 66k and thats just PC!, cant imagine how bad the consoles have been hit. Wild Card is truly blinded by their ego’s and their obsession with getting attention on twitter, they fail to even post information on this (the official) website. and look at the front page of this disgusting website, it looks hideous on any resolution other then "ridiculously huge". it has an image 1,918px wide.... plus MORE content around it....... look up browser statistics and you'll see approximately more than 50% dont even have higher than 1920... words do not describe how stupid Wild Card staff are.
  4. You also forgot: - 4 new dinos EVERY update! - More explorer notes! - Break at least 1-3 things! - and most importantly - NO bugfixes...!
  5. Just saying "incorrect" is flat out wrong and full of assumptions. although I probably also should have said that quetzals lose stam on "XBOX" when your out of the saddle..... it was a bit of a generalization on my part. And I can confirm that they currently still lose stam - tested right now. Maybe your testing on PC which gets the updates before consoles.
  6. When u breed and they dont come out with mutation keep all the females - kill the males (unless u get a special one), You want as many females as possible, wiki says its 2.5% chance, I'm not sure how accurate that is though (because its edited by the public.) We've been breeding thylas for example (on official).,... we have 25-30 female thylas that we breed with 1 male and are getting around 4-5 mutations each time we get them all pregnant. If you get a good stat male, swap your males, if you get a good stat female you have to start all over or keep using the same females if u just want colors.
  7. Couldn't agree more, with pretty much everything you said. Unfortunately Wild Card staff are arrogant, incompetent and twitter attention seekers. This game is on a fast spiral downhill, the steam stats for the last 4 months say it all.
  8. quetz also continue to lose stam when you get out of the saddle now...
  9. Dont know about that.... dont expansion packs in other games become free from time to time, like in battlefield 4? Anyway, I paid for this one and I wouldn't be upset if it was released free, we got to play it when it initially come out. This "product" was never actually completed, they got our money then abandoned it. you still cant fly through the center of the map without DC'ing for example. Only thing I had on my Scorched server/tribe was a big building I was storing about 40-50 Wyverns in. which are now all practically useless after the flyer nerf. I personally dont think this product deserves "Support" and wouldn’t recommend anyone buy it.
  10. I see its in the outage page, but no updates..... its great they acknowledged a complete service failure, Be nice if Wild Card also updated the community when things will be restored.
  11. Unfortunately, Wild Cards server management is completely pathetic - so you have to fend for yourself, chat abusers go completely unpunished even though they say things that would give them an xbox live com ban by Microsoft if they used the official XBOX chat system - but.. Microsoft is actually a proper company with real support unlike the joke of a company Wild Card which is run by "twitter attention seekers" who rarely even post on their official website.. I deal with PVE this way: 1/ Build a big metal fence because not much in PVE can damage metal.... its really easy to defend yourself in PVE. 2/ Put them on block - blocking loud mouth gutless chat cowards in PVE is usually the least frustrating way to deal with them. -and Play some PVP, its really fun. its nice to have a break from the chat idiots on PVE from time to time and actually go blow some stuff up.
  12. Build a flyer breeding glitch box and drop them inside with ghillie/fur
  13. artifact of Skylord cave still has a beacon that spawns in the ceiling and is unreachable on PVE (at entrance of cave)
  14. Praise is the last thing on my mind, when I think about: the dismal / non-existent support now offered by Wild Card (auto replies and auto closures) the on-going never-ending excuse "It's Early Access", to avoid any responsibility. the lag the rubber-banding the dash boarding the scorched earth DC zones - yes you got your money for the paid DLC, then u abandoned it...... characters being lost - even though WC said it would be addressed so it doesnt happen again, it continues to happen when AWS goes down...... the continual game breaking bugs that are introduced the disgusting "events", example: the turkey event which only seen peoples tames die...... the disgusting Wild Card staff who like to "seek attention" on twitter instead of posting on the official website. WC posting on the forums when a massive bug is released that crashes consoles - tells players its dust in there xbox's - yes this happened - pathetic. sounds which make no sense being introduced into the game..... complete QA failure, even though WC allegedly hires a QA person. extreme "arrogance" by Wild Card staff "twitter clowns", going completely against there own customers wishes. for example - Flyer Nerf. general incompetence by Wild Card staff. a complete lack of care towards the PVE player base(aka CUSTOMERS who pay u), making all changes based on PVP. rather than fixing the game, we get 4 new dinos and explorer notes in every update. and the list goes on.... With WC staff actually being happy with themselves with such massive problems - is mind blowing I just wish this game would be bought by a proper publisher/developer with competent programmers, so we never have to deal with WC again. So the game can be taken to the next level where it belongs, its a great game, being run by incompetent muppets with nothing but complete arrogance. Its laggy-rubber-banding state is also only getting worse with the current clowns who manage this game.
  15. It's not your job to stop the expansion of peoples bases on pve u noob. Try pvp if you want to be a tuff guy. and your not an alpha, your nothing but a weakling bully on a pve server.