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  1. yeah it's completely broken at the moment can't farm meat so all babies are dead. Thx WC for another poopty update.
  2. chyarr

    Evo Event this weekend?

    why 3x Crop Growth i have way to many crops already
  3. chyarr

    Easter Tames

    damn that looks nice
  4. chyarr

    Most ANNOYING Thing About ARK?

    most thing i hate is the tame cap have you finally knocked down a level 150 Giga you find out the tame cap is back after that the lag the imprinting system and ofcourse damn troodons
  5. I do Like how they changed it. just gonne collect a few more
  6. chyarr

    Can alpha raptors dismount you too?

    have been farming alpha raptors for XP and never got dismounted when on raptors/sabers. Would be instant dead if a alpha raptor is gonne hug you
  7. chyarr

    Adjusting Imprint Timers

    yes would love a change on the imprint system. it is almost not possible to reach 100% imprint.
  8. chyarr

    Most Used Creature (Any Map)

    Thylo are great use and look great especially if they are blue
  9. chyarr


    hobbies besides ARK : hmmm playing other Games. Nah just kidding there is only ARK.
  10. chyarr

    Anyone else dying for a preview of the third dlc

    yes tame capped sucks. won't mind if they raise it.
  11. chyarr

    Every thing is gone.

    That sucks man. If i would you i would cheat it back in you have build it once already so why do it again the hard way.
  12. chyarr

    selling New to Selling/Trading

    It also depends on the server you are on. have seen boss rexes go for over 10k metal and on another server for 4k metal. just ask around on your server to fing the need and what they are willing to pay for it.
  13. I would say 4 Giga and 3 compys. Because this post is from yesterday there must have been a rollback so the compys are back to live and the dodos have been tamed yesterday so they arre gone now. so 4 giga and 3 compys.
  14. chyarr

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    just a regular day in Ark. riding with a rex collecting meat. farming some metal and poly. Waiting for the tame cap to be gone so we can tame and breed again