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  1. Everything is pink...

    I have the same issue. Center map 630, redwood, everything turns pink every time it rains. At first it was funny, now its really really annoying. gtx 1070 epic settings
  2. Unable to upload Giant bee

    Same issue here
  3. 255 ping

    to my surprise 30-50 minutes after I posted this message here, the server was restarted, and the ping became normal. (Thanks to whoever did that by the way)
  4. 255 ping

    I play on PVE official 630 center server. This entire week we had 8+ hour periods of server 255 ping which makes the game unplayable. Why, WHY, WHYYYY can this not be fixed?
  5. Patch 256: A Review

    I agree with every single thing you said here. In fact, the UI is so horrible it almost makes me want to quit the game. Im still undecided. I hope they change the design of it at least.
  6. Horrible server lag

    Horrible server lag Hello, Im from server PVE EU Official The Center 630. Can you please restart the server or something? For the past 2-3 hours we have had server ping 255. Its really horrible, unable to do anything at all. Cant even walk from 1 building to the next without rubber-banding 6-10 times. The chat lags by 25 seconds or more at times. And constant disconnecting. (But have no choice but keep trying, because have to feed baby dinos!!!) And no, its not my internet or pc, everyone is having the same issue. Its the server.
  7. Therizinosaurus...why are you such an a-hole??

    o_O I did press to quote him/her. Maybe I made a mistake early in the morning.
  8. Therizinosaurus...why are you such an a-hole??

    The rats always steal from your 0 slot first, and then the inventory. So keep something insignificant in the 0 slot. Save your gps
  9. Purlovia OP

    I see purlovas in redwood all the time. But I've never noticed any mounds...
  10. Golem Petition IMPORTANT!!!

    Oh ok. Now I understand. Thanks.
  11. Golem Petition IMPORTANT!!!

    I read the petition. I dont understand part of that story. "Kited 2 golems though the walls, and inside the base" (which in your story is fully closed with a roof). So how did the golems get inside? Also, making double walls kinda solves this issue. If they are too far from the inner part where the dinos are, then they cant agro them.
  12. Observations

    Are you referring to the rollback situation?
  13. Cant build on quetzal platform.

    Also, OOPS. I think this is in the wrong forum section. I play on pc, not xbox.
  14. Cant build on quetzal platform.

    So is it a bug? Or is it a server cap? Either way, kinda sucks...
  15. Cant build on quetzal platform. Hello, I'm from server EU-PVE-official 630. I have tamed a new high level quetzal in order to upgrade from my older weak one. I demolished the platform on the low level quetzal and then sold the dino. Now I cant build on the new one because server tells me "There are too many creatures with platform structures on this ark". So now basically I lost my dino transport capability... Help?