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  1. Archer5188

    Dino transfer stuck

    Yeah I saw the kill list. But is there actual guaranteed information that they will make new ones? Or is that just hopes and rumors?
  2. Archer5188

    Dino transfer stuck

    I kept going around every server... Now I have 4 dinos on 3 different servers Can't even bring them to my tiny house. (I just started playing from scratch after a year of absence). At least they didnt get deleted. I would feel terrible since they were gifts. This is a weird situation. How is there not enough servers for everyone? I thought legacy got deleted periodically.
  3. Archer5188

    Dino transfer stuck

    I tried, but it seems like they are ALL capped. I cant find a server where I can download them
  4. Archer5188

    Dino transfer stuck

    Hello. My old friend gifted me some dinos. I uploaded them to the obelisk. Tried to download on my server, and I cant because server is capped. Tried to download back on his server, and I cant because its also capped... Does this mean the dinos will be deleted when their timer runs out?
  5. Archer5188

    Redwood biome turns pink during storm

    I have the same issue. Center map 630, redwood, everything turns pink every time it rains. At first it was funny, now its really really annoying. gtx 1070 epic settings
  6. Archer5188

    Unable to upload Giant bee

    Same issue here
  7. Archer5188

    255 ping

    to my surprise 30-50 minutes after I posted this message here, the server was restarted, and the ping became normal. (Thanks to whoever did that by the way)
  8. Archer5188

    255 ping

    I play on PVE official 630 center server. This entire week we had 8+ hour periods of server 255 ping which makes the game unplayable. Why, WHY, WHYYYY can this not be fixed?