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  1. We lost so much characters and items your apologize didn't bring that all back, you must give players 4x item, Exp, Breed, or in game gifts or something cuz you can't blame the Players if its your fault after updates eveyone lose something please be a official ARK player and try to do empathy maybe you will understand Players and you realized maybe you can bring the characters, items but you can never give a player the lost times...
  2. Hi, Only spot i found in City and i can'T put a pipe to ground cuz its too high ? i guess its ARK devs. is high when they doing this because i can put to pipe higher but can'T put on lower ? what should i do i have to live without water ? please dont suggest to me a rain water i want all connected water and again its a pipe not wall not turret its just a pipe. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1708512013 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1708517306
  3. 1 inch differences ofcourse soo logicfull. thanks ARK and your not allowed structures area
  4. Sorry for grammar i write it when i was very angry.
  5. Center, Skull island build in Official PVE i allowed or not ??? i saw my old server a person build Cliff Platform one of the ears on Skull island IM SURE is unstructer area and im ask the Admin ans says "yes it's not allowed in PVE" So how people doing this ? you must be have Admin friend or what ??? and im very sure i Try the put Cliff Platform i cannot put it in IF IS ALLOWED i have to ASK other question there is 2 Ear top of the Skull island why 1 can be allowed and struckture free other forbbidden ? its Bullpoop.
  6. oh ok now i undestand very clear, thank u very much sir, and have a wonderfull day ?
  7. Good trustworthy player. 

  8. Yes, but im not play Local i play official servers its still same local Profile folder in ? PlayerLocalData.arkprofile ? just tired to expoler and clear dust on mini map over and over again
  9. Understand, soo im playing island, Center, Rag, Aber, Extintion and i have to discover all maps again when my game crash there no other way ?
  10. https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-savegame-toolkit is this works on official servers ? With that program can i finally retire to explorer maps every game crash?
  11. Atreides52

    Ragnarok Cap

    its there any posbilty to find Official PVE Ragnarok map not capped yet ?
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