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  1. The Doed will auto harvest until your weight is filled by 70%.
  2. Bansho

    Base Location

    Tip, remember that cryopods and teleports completely changed the game in Aberration. It is no longer necessary to walk anywhere, simply place a teleport and it is done. Playing Abb in the dark can be very dense, and tiring to the eye. I recommend looking for a base in the highest part of the forest, with good sunlight. You will enjoy the map, and it will not tire you.
  3. Blue. its the most beauty. Buy some gacha to farm crystal and obsidian.. put a teleport in the oil and metal region.. and another teleport in the scar. and enjoy. its the best place. The betters beacons are in the nort.
  4. We can kill the beta Manticore whit 15 argys whit 1100 % melee. Its not necesary lvling in HP..
  5. The unic place are the canyon, kill all the animals there. and they will respawn.
  6. You can use the dust for recipes. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Custom_Consumable Are crazy!.. enjoy
  7. Bansho

    Solo Reaper Preg

    Some pro tips, the queens when you remove them from the spawn of them disappear. It is not necessary to kill them, just take them away and when you return you will have a new qreaper in place. On the other hand, if you find a high level reaper and you come out of the render of it, when you come back, it is more likely that it has disappeared. The best form of pregnancy is mounted to a drake. The key is: Shoot her with a crossbow, then she will take you as a target. ENJOY! .. happy pregnancy! Then you tell us how it went.
  8. Bansho

    alpha reaper king

    With a 250+ shotgun and 250 bullets you can kill any alpha reaper. You must have a light mascot with a lot of range, mount a rock drake. Call him attention and manage to shoot him from a prudential height. that the light reaches him but that he does not hit you. Remember that just like a reaper queen, if you take it out of spawn, and you withdraw from the render, it will disappear.
  9. Remember also that you have the command "move to". it's useful just point to where they want them to go and they'll use the zip line too.
  10. Bansho


    Remember something simple but useful, always dismount the side that you have the drop. If you use the A + E command, you can dismount from your drake to the left.
  11. It's logical that you can not, I do not understand how people do something like that. it is enough to have a vault next to the materials and it is the same.
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