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    Upcoming Balance Changes The list below includes balance changes that will be made in the coming weeks. Stack Size changes: Veggie Cake 5 -> 10 Raw Meat 20 -> 40 Cooked Meat 30 -> 50 Sap 20 -> 30 Fiber 200 -> 300 Thatch 100 -> 200 Organic Polymer 10 -> 20 Vacuum Compartment 100 -> 5 Vacuum Compartment Moonpool 100 -> 5 Inventory Slot Size Changes: Industrial forge 60 -> 100 Chemistry Bench 60 -> 100 Fridge 48 -> 80 Industrial Cooker 48 -> 80 Preserving Bin 24 -> 48 Mortar and Pestle 12 -> 24 Refining Forge 8 -> 24 Misc: Reduced Plant Z flash range by 50% Plant Z Grenades weight reduced from 10 to 5 Dedicated Storage weight reduced from 50 to 20 Decreased cook time on the industrial grill by 50% Lowered gasoline consumption rate by 50% on the following structures: Chemistry Bench Electrical Generator Fabricator Industrial Cooker Industrial Forge Industrial Grill Industrial Grinder. Metal Cliff Platforms no longer take 50% less damage from explosive damage Shortened aberration earthquake duration by ~10% Shortened Scorched Earth sandstorm duration by ~15% Bronto should no longer be affected by knockback MEK pistol Damage reduced by 10% Modified Drag weight of creatures to prevent carry by Quetz and Crab: Galli Kapro Megalosaurus Procoptodon Reduced stun duration on jellyfish and eels by 20% Wild eels 7 -> 5.6 Tamed eels 1.5 -> 1.2 Cnidaria 4 -> 3.2 Rex should now do 15% extra damage to herbivores
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    So, Invincible, you know I'm a fan of yours but I have to strongly disagree with that level of generosity in your thinking. The only reason they get away with so, so, SO many problem during rollouts is that this is a game with retail customers. If they had any customers that were businesses this would never fly, or even commercial productivity software for retail customers. The only reason that game companies get away with their (constantly) shoddy practices is that they are games. In most games it's not terrible, but in a game like this one, where players can lose thousands of hours of work (for a whole tribe) if they can't get into the game and keep things alive, it's nothing less than abusive. WC created a game in which their players have to do constant maintenance, and that means there should be a publicly acknowledged burden on WC to be more careful, do better testing, significantly reduce their error rate, especially their critical error rate. In most games you don't lose anything, you just can't log in, but when things go wrong in ARK the results are a catastrophic abuse of peoples' time, WC should be held to a higher standard of dependability and being patient with them is not the right response.
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    Yeah, sadly that's true. The only way to fix ARK imo would be to sell it to someone that actually knows what to do with this intrinsically broken game.
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    i'd much rather have freedom and choice than having choices taken away from me. most adults don't need to be hand held to make decisions with their money.
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    You changed ISPs because you can't log in to a specific game, yet presumably your internet worked for everything else? Why on earth would you change ISP?
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    I like the QOL with the gas and extra slot changes.
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    Eco is such a wonderful person. I enjoyed all the mods a lot. Making all servers I played on more alive and individual. I am always amazed which new ideas Eco has and puts into mods. I will never forget how Eco took a lot of time helping me setting up the Mods I wanted. Was super helpful and patient with me.
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    Wow, there are some really angry people on here... Perhaps it is because I play on an unofficial server cluster - but the issues that seem to be bothering everyone else, haven't really affected our gameplay at all. We have received no additional lag or trama with the event, and everything seems to be working same as always, with minimal issue. That said, there are many people on the cluster I play on who are very excited to see the event extended to hunt some more colors and kill a few more turkeys to craft a few more skins from the event. We would like to see more new content for genesis. If not "brand new" creatures - if there are no more to show, then perhaps an image of the reskinning that another creature may receive that has thus far not been released. We did get an image with a few of the re-skinned creatures during the stream, but there are hopefully more out there and I would love to get a sneak peek as to which they are.
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    This is simply a band aid to the reality of what happened and is beyond disrespectful. People lost bases and dinos with 100s of hours poured in. It's like your saying who cares to the investment of everyone that sinks alot of time into your game. Keep it up and there will be 0 supporters of your broken 4 year old game.
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    Extending event is just a god dam joke seeing people have lost a ton of stuff through your incompetence
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    Not going to address what happened over the weekend and say something to those who lost alot not being able to get on?
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    Holy crap: stop with the constant updates! Cant you guys use a scheduled day and time for this stuff? Like: Every Friday at 2am EST, servers are down for scheduled updates/patches. Oh its new cheats/hacks you say? Never have I seen a game with so many "hacks" and "cheats" as Ark. Beta ended years ago; this is seriously ridiculous every day. If there are THAT many potential cheats in the game, its time to re-evaluate what the hell is going on with everything..
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    Because that would be a good and practical idea.
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    Why are they making these changes and doing these kinds of updates during events? Why not compile all these fixes and changes into one big patch and release it before Genesis launch in January? Thus allowing more time to test internally.
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    Also today as I played I was 'talked' or rather 'pouted' into cheating. As I was flying around the Island collecting tames and items I came across a 250 super turkey, at first I approached it cautiously just to look at it as I haven't seen one before. It was at this moment the wife entered the room and declared she wanted it, I told her they are untameable and she sat down looking all sad face at her phone. Just as I was about to leave she shoved her phone in my face saying 'look there is a forcetame admin command' after a little more pouting and some 'i'm poorly's' I agreed to tame it on the condition it stays in her petting zoo and has no interaction with the gameplay, she now has 2 turkeys a skeletal trike and a skeletal quetz for her little zoo all of which we found and forcetamed today.
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    Game is fine. Don't play official servers are your issues are solved.
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    The vast majority of people dont play official pvp so no. this is probably the best game ive ever played.
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    I did it mom i just done my first alpha boss fight solo
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    When you start breeding from wild tames the babies will have slightly better stats due to the taming effectiveness. It's a little complicated but when you tamed the wild parents there effectiveness was below 100% so when you breed them the baby comes out with 100% efectiveness and will cause the stats to be slightly better than whichever stats came from said parent. Since you tamed a 120 that only came out 146 the efectiveness was clearly low and when you bred it back into the babies the new babies got the melee from it that time and with 100% effectiveness it showed a much bigger gain that time.
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    Most dinos get a bonus to melee and food stats upon tame based of taming effectiveness (even if they didn’t even gain levels). All babies are treated as 100% effectiveness so the first generation will have a slight boost.
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    *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start? -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!” -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night In the end I just went to Ragnarok
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    Greetings Survivors! It's that time again, I am Zen Rowe and today we’re going to be talking to Eco, the creator behind a plethora of decor mods! Eco, You likely need little introduction, but for the sake of anyone who has yet to experience your mods tell us a bit about yourself. Your mods are some of the most popular in the Workshop, Eco. Seeing you branch out into more functional additions like this has been a joy. Do you have a background or hobbies that have influenced and guided the design of your mods? I imagine your empire mods involve a lot of historical research. I'll take ten... uh... for my god-daughter. Yes... for my god-daughter. I know a lot of players love your creations in ARK, but it sounds like you lived a fascinatingly creative life as well! Now if anyone wanted to follow your modding endeavors or wants to see what other artistic creations you've made, where can they do that? What prompted you to cross the bridge from more physical forms of art to modding? I take it that those Brontos are who we have to thank for the "Eco Trees" mod? That was your first one, wasn't it? You have certainly come a long way since then. Between your empire and primordial mods, you've also begun to cater to a wide variety of aesthetic styles as well. Personally I'm proud of my stick figure achievements but what you have accomplished in terms of variety boggles my mind. Would you be able to give us a bird's-eye view of your design process for your empire mods? You certainly put a lot of care and attention into your mods. What would you say are the most challenging parts of the process? Well, that's one of the things that is great about modding. You have a functional sandbox to experiment with and learn other skills in. Now, the question I'm sure many have been waiting for... Do you have any super-secret content you are working on that you could leak for us today? That's going to be an interesting one. Babylonian architecture is something that I think a lot of people hear reference to in media but may not have actually seen. I think we'll all be looking forward to that release! Before we sign off, Do you have any advice for mod authors that want to try their hand at projects similar to your own? Thank you for that, and all of the wonderful mods you have created for the community! Until next time, Happy Modding! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    15min notification is too short, change my mind. To give players a 15min notice before an update/patch is too short of a time period. Most things in this game takes more than 15min such as taming so why give such a short notice that most people are unable to finish their current project? Not to mention when there is an actual update if you're playing on Win10 you'll be stuck offline for a day as Microsoft verifies the update itself.
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    Enable Element Transfers on PvE With the ease of obtaining element due to Extinction, it is no longer an endgame resource. As such, transfers of whole element should be enabled on PvE as it would not adversely affect game balance.
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    The game was broken before Extinction but Extinction has given the game the final blow. Let's see what horrible bugs and unbalanced dinos release with Genises, I can't wait.
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    i kinda glad i am taking ab brake from ark as i dont have to deal with this kind of s***. feel srry for those who do have to deal with this. WC probs just sitting on their a**es smokin their pot boi. they could not care less bout us
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    well WC had proven time and time again they cant even do their job and find the drugs, we are the ones that find the bugs
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    I know you and I had a rocky start in the forums a few months back, but I gotta say man, you get mega points for that one! hahah rock on!
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    I never used a Giga for meat runs because it doesn't matter how much meat they get when their carry weight is poop. But then most people on official PVE don't do any work themselves anyways, they wait for someone like you to do the hard work and breed a mega dino, so I'm sure the 575+ melee monster Gigas being passed around have a base weight of 1200 by now or something stupid.
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    "React" doesn't really mean positive only, so get ready. The stack sizes are a decent change, especially Org Poly and refining equipment. Some good TLC there to ease so materials come easier! But then... Modified Drag weight of creatures to prevent carry by Quetz and Crab: Galli Kapro Megalosaurus Procoptodon Megalosaurus I guess I understand. But the other 3? I dunno. Especially Gallimimus and Procoptodon. Two of the most niche tames, multi-seat fragile speeder and berry-getting superhopper. They are both good tames, not trying to say they don't have value but their value is limited. So who in the hell asked for this? Why is this the wheel that gets the grease? An artificial difficulty increase on otherwise easy-to-get tames targeting PvE unofficials with flyer-carry turned on? Neither Procoptodon or Gallimimus are a big part of PvP on official. Sure, they rule to have some FUN on, but past that, you aren't boss-fighting or raiding with a Roo or Galli regularly. Now I'm sure maybe ONE video exists of ONE guy with ONE Roo/Galli doing ONE raid or bossfight which, keep in mind, says nothing about their actual usefulness. On official PvE, you can't carry them as wild anyway but now you... what... have to... cryopod them to get them back to your base after you tame them? Which 90% or more people are doing anyway? So then on unofficial flyer-carry PvE, people who would tame either for funsies can't tow them back to their base to tame them up, but have to tame them on site. I just don't understand this. If you were going for an opposite QoL change, this nails it for lovers of these tames. @Cedric the other changes are understandable, and like I said, Megalosaurus I can understand. But a bit of reasoning for the other three would be nice. *I don't think a possible upcoming TLC is the reason, citing the recent TLC on the Procoptodon.*
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    What about the people who didn't lose stuff and paid for this game? How is undoing all they did, and possibly loss of characters due to rollback, fair to them? Servers were flawed for 3 to 4 days. I know loss of items and dinos suck and everybody has different time frames they can play but even though I had some issues too, including losing a tek suit crafted ftom bp's, I also noticed my server populations were about the same as any other time so it would be more unfair to punish those who gained much during the event as opposed to trying to compensate the few who lost some through the ticket system. Rollback would add to that ticket queue.
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    Silence during a crises is not going to sell a game or a new map. Not updating people on what is happening is not going to sell your game. How many times do you really need to just ignore your players and those that might purchase games in the future from you. I already have not bothered buying the other game because one poorly run game is enough in my life. Clearly since the last patch and from it messed things up on Pc 2 days prior you all have ignored your player base. Come on its rude. Makes people angry. Most people realize that a fix is not easy but when you play silent it just aggravates things. A huge chunk of servers are causing issues with players. Unable to log in etc. Players should not be twisting themselves in knots just to get into bases they work hard for. I am well sick of the comment from the devs about being survivors. If you played this game at all you would know when you have problems and things would be repaired before they got broken more. Over and over the PVP players and pc players take priority over PVE and console. Worse still your team seems to prefer punishing everyday players rather then actually banning the dupers.
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    And we get to see the real cruise missile now. It seemed strange that this was listed as a 'supply' record (unless you consider killing and stealing a proper form of supply) so I looked into the other records' names. It looks like everything that gets placed in the world is given an equipment record and everything that stays in an inventory gets a supply record.
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    Console can barely handle ark now..imagine 700 more gigs of data u would need for mods...
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    I myself am gonna love breeding/taming event colored stuff..its ark get used to it these pixels are dust in the wind!!
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    It's a beautiful dream for sure, I had the same hope back when they actually released the game, then when they released abbaration, then when they released extinction....not holding my breath now lol.
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    There's no such thing, all of the official servers have plenty of lag related issues. The fact is that this is not a game with a monthly subscription, which means that the Official servers are basically a form of advertising. Where WC really makes their money is selling copies of the game to the roughly 90% of all the players who play on Unofficial servers. The Official servers are always going to be the cheapest servers they can possibly run while still being able to tell people, "We have Official servers". Even serves that don't have many people on them still suffer from a variety of lag related problems, no Official server will ever give you the same quality of playing experience that most Unofficial servers do. I know that's not the answer you were hoping for, but it's just the reality of how this game works.
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    I changed isps thanks to this and no fix. This is a server end issue not client side. 5 days for me now... #fixyourgame
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    Couldnt agree more wildcard are a disgrace
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    It's the pegos. They don't like the concept of giving, which is why they decide to riot on Thanksgiving.
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    With a holiday of downtime I decided to hop in and see if I couldn't make a final push for the Dragon. So, one very unexpected bottleneck ended up being giga hearts. The problem wasn't actually killing the gigas themselves; I know I said I wanted to take one down in battle but practicality won out and I ended up just drowning them, which was way easier than I expected honestly. The problem was getting more to spawn after I took out the ones that were already up. I admit, I eventually took to dino wiping until I got spawns after spending a good 5 hours doing circuits of the mountains and the Skylord cave. Speaking of, I still haven't gotten a single Skylord artifact to spawn in the cave. Given that I've run this cave at least 20 times trying for it, I went ahead and spawned in the 4 artifacts I would have collected if the cave wasn't bugged. So yeah, I know that was cheesy but really, this game shouldn't be this broken after this many years of development. I'm not going to sit here for another month just waiting for the artifact to spawn when for all intents and purposes I've successfully cleared the cave multiple times. With that, I've officially collected everything I need for all 3 levels of the Dragon. I went ahead and moved all the rexes over, built my little hut and set up all my tributes, artifacts and spare sets of armor. I've also got a shotgun to bring with me so I made some shells, plenty of med brews of course, and some calien soup. I also brought one of the pigs over. I could have pushed to start the fights tonight but it was getting late (I wake up at 5 am every morning) and I decided I didn't want to push it. So I'll leave it for tomorrow night or maybe even Saturday, depending on how things go. Honestly I expect I should do ok on Gamma, I'll probably lose some rexes to Beta, and I'll probably have to raise a full new generation to take on Alpha. Because the bulk of my army are still my first gen rexes, all with 35k HP and only 600ish melee. I know that won't be enough. With my best gen I can easily go 30k HP and over 1000 melee, that's the kind of brute force I'll need to take it down. I have no idea if 30k is good HP or not, I just figure with the breath ultimately it doesn't matter, I need to get it down as fast as possible and none of those older rexes will be able to keep the pressure up. So that's basically my weekend plans and if all goes well (it probably won't, being Ark...) I should be preparing for the Tek Cave/Overseer by this time next week. I have almost all the tributes I need for that too, only missing dragon trophies, alpha tuso and alpha leed drops.
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    The TOS only applies to the Official servers. People running private servers can do anything they like with them.
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    Honestly ... awesome way of saying absolutely nothing in so many words ...
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