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    stfu, stupid pointless post by some wc employee. you suck, your game is broke. fix it if you want someone to cut you a break. they are dealing with pc/console/mobile? they are getting paid by pc/console/mobile? for broken poop. you can remove this post im sure, like you do so many others. your game still broke.
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    The state of Official PVP The original post I wrote on the /playark reddit can be found here. I would recommend you to read the reddit post as all images are missing on this forum post. This post aims to show all the issues with PVP in ARK which is right now not balanced for a fair PVP experience and to help Wildcard have a better understanding of the problems we encounter as player to better address them. The post is mainly influenced by my experience (more than 1.5K hours) on Official SmallTribes PVP and it is my personal opinion. I have divided the post by issues influencing the PVP experience with a description and explanation of each issue. I want first to quickly talk about what I think about Wildcard. While Wildcard can develop and produce amazing content the time they take to fix issues and the horrible balancing of some of the aspects of the game shows for me a lack of process or staff but also care. There are tweets of their CM saying they are not as big as X company so it's difficult for them which is understandable, but they should see that they are in the top 10 played games on Steam for years now, so maybe it's time to find a solution. GRAPHICS AND INI Graphics are not balanced for PVP and nothing is done about hacks. A lot of settings can be turned off to get a PVP advantage, having the game on low give you so much more visibility than Epic. This difference is understandable but the difference is so huge than no other PVP game come close to ARK. Managing the difference of low vs high settings in a PVP game is part of balancing the game and is done in all other PVP games like R6, Battlefield and more. In ARK, you can completely remove shadows, have insanely low view distance, remove ground clutter. Settings like Distance Field Shadowing, View Distance, Ground Clutter and Sky Quality should not be able to be completely turned off. They even allow to run the game with DX10 to remove as much visual effect as possible. Their bloom algorithm is also the worse I have ever seen in a video game, it makes the game almost unplayable with the bloom on. Key graphical components can be easily modified with a ConsoleVariables.ini file. This file can be modified by any user and give a big PVP advantage (removing underwater vision, plant x and z effects, leaves, shadows and more) and you can get it with a simple Google search. Almost all endgame players use it on official servers, it is not allowed by the CoC. But nothing is done by Wildcard to prevent editing of the file and only YouTubers / streamers using it can be banned because it is the only way for them to know it. This file should not be editable or only non key graphical component variables. The file is currently editable to allow lower-end PC to run the game but this is affecting hugely the PVP experience of PVP players. This exist for more than 3 years. ORBIT CAMERA OR "K VISION" A wall hack is available for all player in the game. The orbit camera allows player to see through the terrain and see things they should not be able to see. This for example makes it easier to see the defenses of a cave or the people attacking your cave. I have no idea how people at Wildcard think this is ok to have in a PVP game. The camera should react like it is with structures, not go through the terrain but slide on it, allowing you to see around you but not through the terrain. WEAPON HANDLING Weapon handling in ARK is one of the worse I have ever seen in any game. Reload animations are often glitched and are not in sync between first and third person view, start reloading in first person and move to third person you will see no animation. Same for the sound not in sync with what you see. The animation themselves are not in sync with the bullets in the weapon, you can see the clip being inserted in the gun but if you switch to a tool and switch back to the weapon, it will not be reloaded. HIT REGISTRATION / HITBOX Hit registration is also one of the worse I have seen in any game. Shooting fast flying dinos or just fast moving ground dinos often do not register with bow / crossbow or even guns. Using the compound bow on fast player only 1/3 of the arrows register and this is on a low ping server, it makes the weapon barely usable if your enemy is moving because it is not reliable. Some dinos with Tek saddles can also avoid turret shots and easily destroy them because the turrets just don't target the hitbox even with a clear visible in game line of sight. They plan to fix this point apparently. INFINITE MUTATION STACKING Dinos on official can have way too OP stats. You can mutate almost infinitely a stat on a dino. These breeding lines can take years to get. This produces dinos with insane stats and makes it almost impossible for people to join official PVP without similar lines forcing many players to buy tames to compete. Infinite mutation stacking is likely a bug and should not exist in my opinion and be limited to a certain number of mutation. DLCS DINOS DLCs dinos are not balanced for all maps and the game is pay-2-win. DLCs dinos can almost be used anywhere, this make the game somewhat pay-2-win. A new player joining the game and playing only with The Island (no DLCs owned) has almost no chance to compete with players using Managarmr or OP DLCs dinos. Wildcard knows that some dinos are OP on some maps (Managarmr not usable on Genesis for example). DLC dinos and more generally all dinos should be locked on the maps where they spawn and can be tamed. You can download or unfreeze them on other maps but not ride them to only allow breeding. I think it will make the game fair for all players and add diversity in PVP depending on the map. A setting like this could be disabled for PVE. ANONYMOUS PLAYERS Official PVP is a toxic place everyone knows that and Wildcard allows it. Players can be anonymous with character names like "123", "Human", " ", "Tribemember 123" and Steam name "123". People can come to your server, grief you and you will never know who this guy is and won't be able to find him except if you are lucky using tools to spy on connected players. Wildcard should here create a Wildcard account (like Rockstar or others game making companies) with unique name for every player. This also makes really difficult to track cheaters and exploiters. Destroying structure and using C4 does not log tribename or name. Again allowing griefers to do this anonymously. When a player is using the game in a language not using your alphabet you know nothing about him. You see only "squares" for their name, tribename and chat. It is impossible to know who is who. Wildcard seems perfectly fine with this. This is again something I have never seen in other multiplayer games. Insults are also not filtered ingame letting very toxic players free of saying what they want. Wildcard should automatically ban these words. This is once again something almost every other multiplayer game do but not Wildcard. SERVER PERFORMANCE Server performance is often bad. When a server is full and your base or others base start to get big, the ping can become really high in the server, making the game much more difficult to enjoy especially with some dinos and during PVP fights. Performance in ARK is a big problem and we will certainly wait years for visible improvements and the promises / advertising they made (DX12, DLSS. Ever heard about this Wildcard?). CUSTOMER SUPPORT The customer support is in my opinion sometimes terrible and even useless. The ticket status give you almost no information about what's going on. You can report exploiters and cheaters with proof (even reported YouTubers with clear use of INI on official) and see these players coming back or uploading videos with the same character after a ticket is "solved" and "closed". Insane waiting time for appointments but it is understandable knowing the state of the game and the number of tickets they have. The GM refuse to give you back your exact lost character with screenshot proof (Ascension, Tekgrams, Chibi levels) even if admin commands exist to do so when a character like that can take hundred of hours to level up and you lost it because of their bad system. Wildcard here is treating the players like sh*t, when you know you struggle with your game at least ensure your customer support is on point and can address problems you have in your game. MESHING, DUPING AND MORE Official servers have a high numbers of cheaters. I will be short on this one, if you play official you know. Meshing Duping Aimbotting DDoS Wilcard seems to have worked a lot to fix meshing and duping. But it still exists and a lot more still need to be done to address all issues. QOL I also want to talk about some QOL changes that could make official much better for players in my opinion. Being able to pickup any structures when you want through the option wheel, of course with a PVP timer. No timer on upload (after they have a robust Dupe Detection System, right now this timer is a workaround to prevent duping methods). Allow crop plots in all cave. Some caves can have crop plot (Oil cave) when some can't (all The Island cave). It makes no sense and give some cave a disadvantage. A smaller resources structure respawn radius. The radius right now is way too big and make it really hard for solo / small tribe players to hide small bases. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on these points and also share about things not in this post affecting the PVP experience for you. In every game the community feedback is important for improvement. Wildcard are sometimes listening as they seem to fix issues when content creators on YouTube to do a video about it, so share this post if you find it relevant.
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    This is nothing but a witch hunt and a crusade. Where is the evidence that anyone has attempted to "silence" the bug? Whether Jen's tweet was mis-informed by herself, or mis-interpreted by yourself, and the volunteer mods using that tweet as a source, that does not mean that anyone is purposely trying to "silence" the issue. So i'll say it again, this topic is NOT about the bug, it is a clear intent to carry out a witch hunt as you clearly care more about a "silencing" conspiracy theory than the actual bug itself.
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    No, nothing went to fast for me. As a matter of fact, I believe that English may not be your primary language (no judgement here) due to misspellings and grammatical errors, so I have in fact read all of your posts multiple times very slowly to ensure that I can extrapolate the message you are trying to send. I appreciate you trying to call out those that you feel may have done wrong. But in this case, I (and others) believe you are wrong. You could have just posted a simple message asking if there were any updates to the respawn, or if anyone had any settings in SP that you could utilize to help with the issue. But instead, you chose to single out a person and the volunteer mods that have quoted her in the past to try to warn the rest of the community of your perception of people trying to silence an issue. There are a myriad of other problems that plague this game, including the ability for countless people to even get into the game, characters being lost, dinos being lost, and entire servers disappearing that should take precedence over this issue, since the nodes do respawn (even if it is after a very long time) and you have personally identified that they do respawn. You have literally turned this into a personal crusade against Ms. Stuber and anyone that used her as a source of information (definition attached below for your reference). Look at the time you have spent researching, posting, arguing, doing more research, reposting, making more accusations, editing your posts, etc. I would say you are on a crusade with all of the so called evidence that you have dug up (tweets/twitter profile of parties involved) although that evidence was used incorrectly (stating that you could find no evidence of her working for wildcard, but when you were corrected, you decided to attack her attitude in her tweet, which by the way is allowed in a free society) and your selective omission of certain evidence (although you justify omitting said statements by stating you had provided a link). Everything you have done has shown a good amount of time invested into this cause. And how can you see anyone posting an opinion contrary to yours as an attempt to harm you and as a hostile case? So if someone doesn't agree with you wholeheartedly then they are being hostile and attempting to harm you? If you don't want anyone to respond to you then don't post your personal opinions on a public forum. Simple as that. crusade Definition of crusade 1 capitalized : any of the military expeditions undertaken by Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to win the Holy Land from the Muslims 2 : a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm "a crusade against drunk driving"
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    No. He left for a short period of time. Re-read it. Bullies escalating the abuse? So the bullies put their dinos back? NOPE. Another tribe did. And they asked them to remove them AFTER THEY CAME BACK and the other tribe did. Looks like server learned their lesson and was acting in a more respectful manner. Exactly! The OP's solution creates short term conflict and long term solutions. Your solution creates status quo in the short term and encourages buillies to go even further in the long term. In other words: Gee, how did that bout of timidity against aggressive bully behavior of Germany work out? Wow what nonsense. Completely devoid of any understanding of human nature which translates on how people interact even in a video game. The irony is you demean those who have the spine to stand up to bullies while you do not. Those very people you malign are the ones fighting for you. They do the hard thing so others like you can hide in the shadows, benefit from their actions, and arrogantly proclaim how you are wiser and better than they are.
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    Version 46 available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer46.zip Drawn map markers for tamed creatures would not re-draw on tribe selection change. Thanks @Norlinri Co-ords were still a little out for Crystal Isles, now updated with the values provided by @Larkfields Added a few friendly name translations for various S+ structures I've used recently that didn't have them. Added Crystal Isles Obelisk locations. Updated wyvern nest check to be more generic and now identify the content of CI wyvern nests. I also attempted to reproduce the issue reported by @LithiumFlower but unfortunately deleting my .arkprofile/.arktribe files still allowed me to load the last downloaded .ark world save without any error.
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    People are fed up with Wild Cards 5 years of incompetence. The complaining wont stop until Wild Cards behavior changes, with the way they treat their customers and the way they implement changes. The product manager also needs to start listening to the customers and doing his job, time and time again people are requesting character backups in the game suggestions section and not getting it.
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    You'd be better off grabbing a piece of paper , writing said problem down , now fold that piece of paper into an Airplane and toss it out the window. Wildcards letting these trollers run wild on Pve servers
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    Quality testing much? Why defend them? 5 years and they destroy the game with nearly every update. If I break something everytime I do my job, I would be fired in a second. Try testing your garbage content before dropping it on us next time. If you played it for 5 secs you would notice the issues. How this even got through says everything about your company. I get maybe 30 minutes of playing every few days if Im lucky...but got to enjoy dashboarding three times after a "fix"
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    Pretty sure wood has never had a reduced weight in an argy. Carry a beaver with it to help.
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    Oh its Microsofts problem wildcard cant do a thing right and release anything that works
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    I'm building my base in Ragnarok, after flying with the Argy all the map searching for a place to live. Finally i found a place in the cliffs of Vegurs Chasm. I think it will be good, i only need to transerf some farmer crestures and i will be ok
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    You.... you are one of them, aren't you? You don't even work for Wildcard... I can't take anything you say seriously, nor can I trust it.
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    Yes this has been reduce on console, however it has only been adjusted server-side for now. This means that the client will show the old amounts, but to actually craft it will take the new smaller amount, i.e. 10 etc. Once a client patch has been put through cert then the client will show the new amounts. That's the best fix they could do for now on console, it was either that or wait entirely until client-side patch was ready. It might still be worth hanging on though until the client patch is released as the event is extended anyway.
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    Today: Tamed an awesome diplo. Low-level, but gorgeous dark blue color with teal spikes and white belly. Raised quetzals to 7%, froze for later. Noticed that I've hit 80 dinos (I'm trying to keep below that number. Might expand to hundred when I start getting REALLY good dinos, but for now 80 is the max amount I'll have non-podded), so I froze some dinos I might use later, but not using at the moment (ones that aren't important egg-layers. So, therizinos and all female rexes are still standing at the base), as well as UNfroze and killed some dinos I'm definitely not using ever again and that I'm not attached to. The latter included my old high level diplo male, since diplos are only used for in-base berry runs and dino painting practice, so good colors matter much more than good levels. By the end of it I was left with, if I recall correctly, 67 dinos standing in the base - all without losing anything significant.
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    Compies i could get behind, it's rare that I ever tame them. Even on PvP they seem pretty useless, though they technically do have their own little quip to them (you just need more of them to use it, but even then you'd need LITERALLY hundreds of them to make it worth it.) Didn't know about the max level thing about light pets, now i'm more inclined to get them. I'd give them a skill that allows their horde to mount foes and deal minor bleed damage that increases the more compies are gripped onto the target... that's just my rwo cents since the idea behind them is "numbers vs size" Electro-knife fish is too new compared to the other TLC animals... I DOUBT it will get one ever. For pachy, agreed. They are decent early game tames, and if it's strong enough it will keep the raptors and dilos off your back. maybe make it able to gather flint (and stone to a lesser extent) and give the headbutt the ability to bone break foes closer to it's size class (and can we also make it bigger? please?0 Like the "Not an Eel", Mega-lizard is too new compared to the older creatures. They ain't changing anytime soon. Snakes were never useful even before the kibble re-work... so yeah they need a TLC real bad. As for MY choices. I'm going to go for a bit of a different approach... my top 10 creatures in need of a TLC makeover. 10. Areano The spider, was never a good creature to tame... nor was it the most fun. Yeah their webs could slow down a creature to make it easier to knock out... but what's the point when you can grab a flyer and drop a wild animal into a taming pen? they can't even walk on walls, DESPITE BEING A F*CKING SPIDER! and when you do manage to tame one, good luck getting it out of the cave alive. What could a TLC do to benefit this creature? Well I have three ideas. All of them centered around the idea of this tame being a spider. The first is to make it more like a traditional spider. Solitary and living in it's web waiting for some poor unfortunate animal to get trapped in it. It auto-aggro's on all insects smaller or similar in size to it in the wild, and will repel them when ridden as a tame. The New Areano can also produce webs to set up barricades from wall to wall, effectively rendering an area unreachable unless destroyed using either a sharp blade, or fire. In addition, you can harvest silk from a slain Areano or have a tamed one produce it for you. needless to say you can also get silk from harvesting it from the webs of wild spiders, they will instantly aggro you if you do though. My second idea is to remodel the areano and base it off of a Trapdoor Spider My thoughts for this one is instead of making webs, they burrow underground. They cannot move while burrowed, but they can (as the name TRAP-door spider would suggest) spring out and pin foes in their place. when they have a creature of similar size to a survivor or smaller pinned down, they start to induce topor into them drastically. So long as it has you pinned the topor will not go down, instead once it's prey is is unconscious it will start attacking it. This could be used as a base defense, or (if you set it to not attack foes and only pin them) tame small creatures. Third idea is to give the Areano a pack bonus, make it so taming more of them makes them stronger and make it so their webs can act as a bridge to any tamed Areano. They can also walk along zip-lines and vines. Give them hive mind mentality in which the only way you can tame them is either to tame the queen or kill her out right. perhaps also give them a skill that enables them to detect dangerous animals? like a "spider-Sense" (pardon the bad joke, bus seriously why the heck not?) You could go with any of these but which ever you choose, give them wall crawling. Because it irritates me that the bloodsucker can "spider" more that the OG spider can. any of these ideas will make the areano a terrifying arthropod AND will make caves a bit more dangerous... speaking of Arthropods... 9. Pulmonoscorpious Be honest, When's the last time you tamed a scorpion since the kibble re-work? My guess is, not anywhere near as often. So why not make it good again and make the stinger it's own attack and the claws another? Make the latter deal significantly more topor damage than now and make the claws do none. Have the claws be able to work like scissors and be able to harvest fiber from plants, or maybe even cut zip lines? Give it wall crawling (because some scorpions could do that), and on Aberration... make it so they are a glowing tame and produce charge and repel the nameless! It's a scorpion for crying out loud! Add more scorpion things to it! 8. Wooly Mammoth By no means a "bad tame" on paper, but when the Zino came out it lost the shine it had as a wood harvester... And even before then it had to compete with Triceratops and Brontosaurus. And the model is just ugly, do I even need to mention the tusks? This is an elephant, so why not give it an ability to spray water at foes ant push them back? Heck this skill could also be used to put out fires! and because it's furry, why not also give the rider insulation from the cold? Maybe even use shears on it to gain large quantities of pelt? Or how about something that puts those god awful tusks to good use (seriously, if this thing DOSE get a remodel make it so it has just two and not four!) 7. Megapiranah Although TECHNICALLY Tamable through the use of the fish basket... would you? They don't have a pack bonus (unless you mod), you can't level them, you can't even feed or breed them! so why not fix all of that with a TLC update! give them reduced weight when carrying meat and give them a HUGE schooling bonus. Also make it so we can breed an level them. They may be a nuisance, but when on YOUR side they can at least be bothering some other poor unfortunate soul. The old dossier even says that can be used as a guard, so giving it the buffs and bonuses it needs to succeed would be an excellent way to make players WANT to get these things. 6. Elasmosaurus Yeah you are going to find I have a lot of gripes with water creatures in ARK, The Plesiosaur (or Elasmosaurus as Helena has documented it) isn't a "bad" tame per-say, but that model is in need of an upgrade. and it could also do with some behavioral overhauls. Like being aggressive to the player when the dossier says it's harmless, or maybe make it able to drag it's self on land like a sea-turtle? i know that's not accurate to how the animal behaved but since when did ark care about accuracy? have you seen the giga? and of course, give it a preference to fish over other kinds of meat, as this was a picivore that use it's long neck to snatch fischfrom schools. 5. Mosasaurus Like the Elasmosaurus, the mosa isn't a bad tame. It's the go-to warship tame for a reason. But the model is just hideous and could use a new paint job, not to mention it handles like crap. As for new skills, I say give it bonus damage to rafts and motor boats (make it able to damage the latter and metal structures). and how about a roar just to be vain? Over all the Mosa doesn't have too many jarring problems but it could still use a rework. 4. Icthyosaurus Does anyone tame these? like ANYONE? They really suck and they have trash health, and god awful damage. The only good thing it has going for it is it's fast and has a good chunk of stam, but it means nothing if you get one shot before you had a chance to know what hit you. So don't only give it a new model, but an hp buff too. Make it able to gather silica perals (both normal and black) better than other sea tames. And since people like to call it a dolphin, make it able it jump out of the water really high! And how about a skill to locate objects/creatures underwater! Like a Dolphin does with sonar! all of this may make the Icthy more fun to use again (so long as it doesn't go back to attacking turtles again). Which brings me to.... 3. Carbonemys it's slow, which makes sense given that it's a turtle. and it absorbs a lot of damage too, again it's a turtle so I'd expect something like that from it. Thre fact it can hold a lot and isn't a bad swimmer are all nice and all... but it still uses an old model, and what difference does a high hp make if you are bad at inflicting damage? And if your foe is thousands of levels higher than you? I say give it a new model, give it reduced weight on most objects, and give it immunity to jellyfish stings (and topor overall) and make it a passive tame. Also make it so it can gather loads of biotoxin from jellies. 2. Megalodon Yeah kinda have to agree with people when they say the shark is bad. it's smaller than I'd like it to be (which is weird because when I do tame these things they take up a good chunk of space until I put them in cryo storage.) So a size change and a new model could do them some justice... and how about that rage skill I mentioned earlier in another post? That could mean something, and to give it that "Shark" feel... maybe make it so it can detect nearby injured animals, and draw aggro to them if they are under a certain % of HP? 1. Giganotosaurus Oh my GOD is this animal GARBAGE! Piss poor stamina, a rage that makes it more of a hindrance than an asset, and it even LOSES damage when you tame it! What?!?!? WHY? and the model is horrendous, not to mention it only has two color regions so the ugliness can be amplified if you get something like pink and white for coloration (thanks WC, you really know how to ruin wild tames -_-). It's NEEDLESSLY big and handles worse than a semi-truck on a sheet of ice in a blizzard! Nerf it's size down in HALF at least, this sin't to make it smaller than the rex (which it was in the era of dinosaurs), it's to make it more managable. Make the rage something the player can control and NOT induced from taking damage! And do something with the roar, don't make it something that's just ascetic... Give it some added affects, I don't know what just... SOMETHING! and needless to say, new model and color regions.
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    There will always be people accepting to be treated like maggots by greedy corporations. It is not because you have no spine that you have to tell others what to do and how to talk to a company that sell broken products. Nobody cares about your fake empathy for employees. They messed up many times and were too lazy to work on weekend to solve this. People that paid over 100$ for a game that is often unplayable are right to be pissed.
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    Well, if someone chooses to sit in front of their PC or console and play ARK all day instead of doing something else, it's their fault. Wild Card didn't brainwash you into wasting time on this.
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    It's always been a thing and probably always will. Besides do you really think it's a good idea to ask wildcard to fix anything to do with saving? What will happen is they will break it completely and end up wiping all official servers
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    Ember Wyverns: Not spawning/low spawns since last patch Since the last patch, Ember wyverns specfically are not spawning or only 1-2 total are spawning. The server has been looking since Summer bash and its no go. These were common before this patch.
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    But the entitled people here don't realize that the WC employees are people too, who also want to spend the weekend doing their own things. It's just a game, not like you're going to die if the game doesn't get a patch. Complain about their incompetence all you want, but give them the respect they deserve as human beings ffs.
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    How about you guys try testing things BEFORE you let someone else try it out, and you make sure that it is reliable, I’m not saying I’m just saying. WC after 5 years I would have thought that you would have learned by now that testing things in real world application might be to everyone’s benefit? Maybe? You mean to tell me that you can’t have an Xbox, ps4 and a pc up in the office that you can test these events, additions and content out on? To make sure that things are one the up and up BEFORE it goes to the massive player base. To me that just makes more sense, it’s been about 3-3.5 years since you started the evolution events and about the same time that you started the holiday events. You know what holidays are coming up and it seems that the last year of events have been riddled with some issue that impacts the game game play of a lot of people substantially. All that can be fixed by just testing stuff. Players have had a bad taste in their mouths for a long time because of this, the reason for the attitudes. You roll out a patch and it either doesn’t fix the problem or it makes it worse or turns around and breaks 20 other things in the game that were working fine. Something has gotta give guys. Love the game, the events and the enjoyment I get out of the game along with everyone else, but this is just crazy.
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    Agreed! People need to stop defending poor staff performance and complete incompetence. Its really not helping the situation, its giving Wild Card the impression they are doing things right, when in actual fact its a horrible disaster. They're so utterly incompetent they cant even recover from the mistakes they make, no character backups, no recovery, no plan, no clue! There 'no clue' plan goes something like this: 2015 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2016 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2017 - Maybe we should fix stuff? nah lets just rollback and delete characters, fixing would actually require competence and skill. 2018 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2019 - Maybe we should fix stuff? nah lets just rollback and delete characters, fixing would actually require competence and skill. 2020 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2021 - Maybe we should fix stuff? nah lets just rollback and delete characters, fixing would actually require competence and skill. 2022 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2023 - Maybe we should fix stuff? nah lets just rollback and delete characters, fixing would actually require competence and skill. 2024 - We had a problem, lets rollback, delete everything! and allow character losses. 2025 - Maybe we should fix stuff? nah lets just rollback and delete characters, fixing would actually require competence and skill.
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    5 year Anniversary Shame! I dont know if this is the correct place to write this or even if anyone is still having crashing issues but I might aswell write something. I find it amusing that when I load up my Ark, the main menu has a big "Ark Anniversary 5" as if they are proud that this game has been around for 5 years.. and then the very next update makes dinos invisible and players crash every 10-20mins. Then quickly push an update for the update before the weekend and to my knowledge has not fixed anything. HOW CAN YOU BE PROUD OF 5 YEARS AND STILL HAVE CRAP SERVED TO YOUR COMMUNITY? Maybe next time your update doesnt work the first time instead of quickly trying to fix it and push it out again possibly get rid of the update let us play your game for the weekend and put sometime into fixing it. I can guarantee everyone who is crashing constantly would rather play your game than have a water pistol flamethrower skin.... I'd like to finish by saying I enjoy playing ark, I have always enjoyed playing ark, I am assuming all of us in these forums enjoy it or else why would this be here and I am sorry if I am still the only one that is still crashing after both updates but I am paying for a server and right now they have taken nearly 3 days of my paid server off me that I wont get back.
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    @Ohma Underwater loot drops don't drop rex saddle BPs. The best place to get them on The Island, in my experience anyway, is farming the Swamp Cave for red drops. You can fit a megatherium in there with cryopod help but I've always done it with a baryonyx. Make sure you have a good gun for the arthros and keep a spare set of armor on you though. Or two. Honestly I set up a whole outpost right at the cave entrance for repairing armor and as a respawn point in case of death. So for myself I finally managed to fix the resource respawn bug on single player. Just setting it to 0.10 and spending some time in the affected areas is enough to trigger the respawns on the formerly dead nodes. Unfortunately it does make it kind of cheaty since that's basically unlimited resources. But it's either that or the game slowly becomes unplayable as I run out of resource nodes to farm so...there's literally nothing I can do to play around that otherwise. Since last night I've been endlessly farming mats for all these saddles. Having a really good bp is nice, but the cost is almost too steep. Now that my metal situation is sorted I'm being bottlenecked by the hide. The wolves are great for this of course, but there's a limit to how fast we can kill everything and then waiting on respawns, and wolves don't have the highest carry weight either so I'm somewhat limited to hunting around the base. Which is fine, the mosh pit/carno point is alive and kicking all day every day, but still. Not the most exciting way to spend the weekend.
  28. 2 points
    There's a patch in Microsoft cert. Not expected to release until Monday at the earliest.
  29. 2 points
    Comparing a game to a bank or anything else in this list makes no sense. It's just a game, not like your savings or identity are being passed around.
  30. 2 points
    So to put it simply, you want a DLC that is not ready to work on consoles released early as compensation for the problems caused on console by the Summer Bash event, which means you want the compensation to be a ton more issues?
  31. 2 points
    Downloaded a 21 gig update and it fixed NOTHING. STILL DASHBOARDING. STILL FREEZING (to the point of resetting my xbox).The devs are a complete joke. Way to go you grifters.
  32. 2 points
    I have recently returned to Ark because my 10yo son has been expressing interest in it. So we have started in the base game on The Island just like I started years ago. We are just playing non-dedicated while he learns but he is a quick learner. I jacked up some of the rates of course, may have overdone the taming rate as he only used one berry to tame a low level Moschops which he then named Berry. And he was thirlled that he could ride it without a saddle. Then when I asked him to gather Narco berries he thought the gather rate was amazing until a Trike I tamed later showed him a much better rate lol. There was a funny moment early on when he was attacking Dilos and my 7yo daughter yells at him not to do that just in case their mother was nearby. She thought they were baby dinos. So far the tether distance is a bit of a pain (we are playing the gamepass version since I only have the one PC and a few Xbox Ones) but we have a Trike and a Parasaur and of course my sons Moschops and I keep upgrading our hut for storage, soon we will be able to get exploring and taming some of the more difficult tames. I am really enjoying getting back to the basics of the game and sharing the experience with someone that is experiencing it for the first time.
  33. 2 points
    You may not want to be. But you are. A willing or unwilling advocate as you espouse the position and perspective of those blocking content and bullying other tribes. Taking matters into his own hands wasn't needed for the situation to escalate. Bullies escalate matters on their own UNTIL someone steps up to them and pushes back. His actions was a POSITIVE influence for everyone else on the server and a negative one for the bully tribe. Oh boo hoo they bad tribe said mean words on chat. *wimper* Who cares. What matters is that their ability to lock down an obi was drastically hurt or killed altogether. You cry over and over at how he shouldn't stand up to a bully tribe rather hope that a gm shows up in the next few days to remedy a problem. You ARE in fact supporting the bully and enabling them to escalate matters as once they are done rubbing everyone else's face into the fact that they can't get to boss content they will up the ante to find another way to push people around. Your passivity encourages the offender. Your fear of conflict for long term resolution perpetuates the bully's actions. Wait for a gm is going to take too long. Killing the bully's dinos improved the game play experience of everyone but the bully.
  34. 2 points
    I’m so sick of wildcard making these mistakes I know at least 20 people who just uninstalled ark today all the time we put in and to have lag spikes that last 3min Dcing all the time server roll backs that delete characters and progress and all you guys can say is you’ll extend this dumb event how about fix your poop and keep 3x on forever everyone is past the point of sick and tired of dealing with dumb issues. No more bullpoop fix this game before it dies completely
  35. 2 points
    You worthless idiots can't stop making grave mistakes like this. Not to mention its probably gonna delete everyone's characters like it did last time. Extending the summer bash event is not enough for wasting 1000's of players time by 8 or more hours. More compensation is needed. Or the event be extended until the actual end of summer.
  36. 2 points
    100% you made the right call. If some tribe is daft enough to leave that many Dino's on the ob which is a clear breach of the CoC and you've asked them to remove them and they won't, then it's open season.
  37. 2 points
    Just giving them excuses buddy. Saying stuff like fixing 1 thing leads to another problem is narrow minded. It is easy to fix, pls enlighten me on the difficulty it creates pls. Big clap for you buddy I mean coming into this topic and saying get a job at wildcard or poop takes time. You truly are a hero thanks man I never thought about that. Maybe we should all get jobs in things that annoy us because how can we comment if we don’t work in the industry. Flawless logic,
  38. 1 point
    A core piece of game data was corrupted in the latest patch, which resulted in various issues including the loss of some Aberration creatures (primarily Aberrant variants), incorrect animations, missing item info, and more. We are currently working on a server-side fix for both Xbox and PS4. We expect the hotfix will be ready in approximately four hours, given all goes smoothly. With the deployment of the hotfix, we’ll be conducting a service-wide rollback on our Official Xbox and PS4 servers to the point of the initial deployment, so players can expect a rollback of approximately 8 or so hours by the time we actually deploy the fix. However, an aspect of this fix requires a client update, which we aim to get through certification as quickly as possible. In the interim, players will experience some oddities such as creatures, the ones which were temporarily lost, appearing as “invisible”. We understand this isn’t ideal but we feel rolling back as quickly as possible and deploying the server-side fixes minimizes the disturbance to your game time. We apologise for this inconvenience, we have been so excited to get this event into your hands. We’ll be extending the Summer Bash 2020 so everyone has the opportunity to fully enjoy it. Thank you for your patience. The Wildcard Team.
  39. 1 point
    Are you an english mother? That was passive aggressive as raptor
  40. 1 point
    Streaming taking my tek rex to 1/2 burnt island slaughtering dinos there then swimming across ocean with it killing bunch of sharks and piranha and crafting some cryopods and green obelisk before heading back to base and hopping off.
  41. 1 point
    They said it would come this summer, there's still July and August to go. A spoiler on what's getting updated would be nice though.
  42. 1 point
    It would be a good idea, the tek trough is most useful for raising babies.
  43. 1 point
    Hello, I did the Wyvern Queen Gamma two days ago, for this I took 12 wyverns raised by me (4 Blood, 4 Tropical and 4 Ember), 6 Therizinosaurus and a Yutiranus where I rode, many shotgun bullets and I managed to win. The flightless dinos serve to hit the Queen when she perches on the nests and to kill the wyverns that are spawning, my wyverns while they chase the Queen and very importantly, while she flies we must shoot her, with an improved shotgun if possible and many bullets. I ran out of bullets. Another thing is that to get the claws of the Wyvern Alfa you have to go to the Casino, it is very very difficult to find one on the map. I found it by a miracle next to my base, but now I want to go to the Queen Beta and I have only found one Alpha (and in Beta there are 3 claws). This time I will bring the 12 wyverns, 6 rex bred by me tmb and the Yutiranus. Finding all the artifacts has been very very easy, without anything that bothers you or wants to kill you, Bored I'd say.
  44. 1 point
    It sucks when they mess crap up with a patch and the response from both the devs and the community is “DEAL WITH IT”. I still got a fridge full of boss rexes with gray backs that used to have my first color mutation on them. I remember that sting.
  45. 1 point
    He left so that he wouldn't have to listen to the crying of salty tears. Guess what, if the bully is crying you already won.... and the server in general for that matter. Or maybe the reason why you fear conflict in game but not on the forum is because when you are trapped you can just say pathetic things like this that show the weakness of your points. Ironic. You must not understand that peace comes definitive destruction of threats. This is the ONLY solution that ends conflict in long term. Once the bully's dinos are gone.... They are gone! It is an enduring solution. Block obi's... offending dinos are delete. Rinse and repeat. Its definitive, effective, and instills the concept of consequences to the wrong-doers period. Stop being so timid. It empowers bullies to harm others. You are doing that.
  46. 1 point
    Jennifer no longer works on ARK, or for Wild Card in general so don't believe her. And this is in fact a bug, since resources will respawn. This bug occurs if you leave your world before the resource respawns, causing it to respawn after an incredibly long time.
  47. 1 point
    Cool. Some home routers have settings for NAT loopback, and some don't
  48. 1 point
    Today in ark I've decided to finally prepare for taking out the gamma bosses at last. Have some great rexes, but stopped at 5/40 health mutations for now and decided to just wing it since it's only the Gammas. Took me about 3 days to breed and grow Rexes in total, and now I'm just doing the artifacts. Once the artifacts are complete will go and hit the Broodmother first. Will most likely skip dragon for now, till i get saddles most likely. I REALLY WANT TO EXPLORE THE OCEAN and farm rex saddle BPs down there. Dead island farming is not working out too well for me. Wish me luck FOLKS!
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    Thank you very much for this Event. As an Unofficial Cluster Owner/Admin whose rates are a bit raised over standard, the last event, while great for some didn't really give us a lot to work with. We had fun with the cakes, but that was pretty much it. This event however, has the whole group excited. Even more so with the Sunglasses. Just one more part of the character outfit we can skin to cover the rest of the body so we don't have to wear the swimsuits mixed with everyday outfits. Now we are just missing something for the hands and feet... For the feet...sandals maybe? Flip-flops? For the hands... A wristband? Just something to put over your normal clothes to make it look like you are truly and fully dressed for the beach. If not this time around perhaps next time? And the colors, Awesome! Can't wait to go out and catch them.
  50. 1 point
    Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now, we will be rescheduling the ARK in-game celebration until Thursday, June 11. We understand that our community has much anticipated the ARK in-game party and the launch of Crystal Isles, and we're looking forward to sharing all we have prepared for you next week. We felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate milestones during the present time as there are bigger things afoot, and that outweighs any plans we otherwise had. We believe now is the time to be respectful and hear the voices of others. Studio Wildcard
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