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    That's the only logical conclusion you can come up with? I think the big global pandemic and national lockdowns forcing residents to stay in doors and the boosted rates being an incentive is a pretty big logical conclusion. Also the only logical conclusion why they are suddenly doing this now when they haven't ever before.
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    This thread is both new and exiting. I think there is a related thread someplace...
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    FIRST FIX THE God DAMN SERVERS ON GENESIS FIRST :@ I am ANGRY! Yes I am going to collect eggs, wait for them to rotten and throw them at you :@ P.s I still love but fix the servers.
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    They have reached their highest, 2nd highest, and 3rd highest player count on steam since Genesis dropped. How's the game dying? Looks pretty popular to me. Also your neutral mode wouldn't work. Tribes would just keep an alt level 1 character and make it the owner then store it away safely.
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    Eggcellent Adventure 5 Beginning Tuesday April 7th until April 21st, survivors will be able to experience our annual Eggcellent Adventure event on PC, Xbox, and PS4! While much of the world is at home, we wanted to give you some new adventures to hunt down. During Eggcellent Adventure 5, survivors will be able to collect special "Bunny Eggs" across the ARK from wild Bunny Dodo's. These Bunny Eggs can be painted or used in special Cooking Pot recipes to craft new holiday-themed item skins such as the Spear and C4 skin, as well as 10 returning skins. Similar to past Eggcellent Adventure events, Bunny Oviraptor's will drop festive Dino Candy. Collect the candy and feed it to your tames for a special festive effect! To top it all off, wild creatures roaming the ARKs will also find themselves sporting some eggcellent colors! For those that are looking to expand their chibi collection, you're in luck! You'll be able to collect the past chibi's we've introduced with the addition of 6 new chibi pets by placing and cracking event-themed eggs from wild bunny dodos. Event Details Rate Boosts 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 2X Player XP 2X Harvesting 2X Taming New Chibi's Megalodon Karkinos Beelzebufo Basilisk Seeker Bunny New Emotes Bunny Hop Dance Skins New Content Easter-themed C4 with easter-themed explosion VFX Chocolate Egg Easter Hat Easter-themed Spear Existing Content Bunny Ears Skin Bunny Ears Skin Procoptodon Bunny Costume Dino Easter Chick Hat Dino Easter Egg Hat Easter Chick Hat Easter Egg Hat Marshmallow Hat Skin Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin Chocolate Rabbit Club Skin Items Existing Content Festive Dino Candy Event-colored Wild Creatures Magenta Light Green Light Yellow Light Orange Light Red Dino Light Brown Dino Dark Brown Yellow Cyan Green Dino Medium Blue Turquoise LightPink DeepPink Peach Mint Teal PowderBlue Cream Eggcellent Painting Contest Want to show off your creative side? Similar to last year, we are bringing back the community egg-painting competition. After you've found a Dodo egg, place the egg down on the ground and take out your paintbrush and dyes. You'll be able to paint select regions on the egg as well as free-hand paint it with the brush to paint any design on it. Have fun and get creative! There will be three competitions with a prize for the winner of $100! In-Game Painting Real-life Egg Painting For the in-game egg painting, players are expected to paint their own designs and downloading templates or images to use is not allowed. For the real-life egg painting, we're looking for you and your tribemates to get together and paint some eggs in real life that somehow reflect the world of ARK! Screenshot or photo quality won't be taken into consideration but try to get a picture that best shows off your egg. The entries will be judged by our community team. Submissions are limited to three eggs per survivor, so choose your best egg. You'll have the month of April to enter, with April 30th being the final day to enter. Submit your images in the comments below, and we look forward to seeing your creativity! Click here for examples of entries from last year Steam Sale: Explorers Edition (75% Off) Want to introduce your friends to the world of ARK? Right now, the ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition Bundle is available for 75% off on Steam! The Explorer's Edition gives you access to the base game as well as the Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction Expansion Packs. Go grab your copy now! EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 3rd of Apr at 1 PM EST until Monday the 6th of Apr at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 3.5x Harvesting Rates 3.5x Breeding 3.5x Taming Rates 3.5x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    I don't play officials no, so I never comment on server performance, however, I am stating that these higher rates are due to the global pandemic and lockdowns currently happening around the world. I don't need to play official servers to know that. They also had other higher rates recently for smashing their CCU on Steam to more than 150k as a thank you to players. Now, your topic title asked "Can someone explain why WC keeps having insane boosted events?" which my explanation gives you the answer you asked for. Also, I see every single week people begging for 2x this, 3x that... every single week. Every single regular EVO I see people asking for breeding event this, breeding event that. Now they are players that play on official servers, yet every single week they are there asking for higher rates.
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    Yet you haven't given any proof about your stacking feces. Though, I guess your post counts as stacking feces, considering it's nothing but crap.
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    One thing that would justify such a late change to the TEK Suit is to make it function like all other Armor types combined with the same characteristics of Ghillie, Desert, Hazard, Fur together in one set. If im going to go through the trouble to unlock all the engrams and deal with a much higher cost in crafting/maintaining a high quality set, I would like it to be the only armor I will ever need to use. @Cedric @Dollie
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    I am constantly amazed by the new people to ARK who haven't figured out that if they want to be better at PvP, they should try PvE. They can learn the maps and the best hiding spots without getting killed. They can learn to craft and grind and tame the best without getting raided or trolled while doing it. Then when they have this experience, they can flip to PvP and start out with a much bigger headstart. Or like many , they find a great server/cluster in PvE and realize that they can have a great time and stay.
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    also Last bit of TLC i got is with some other things breeding. Almost all Bugs, Bats, Snails and Snake should be breedable as Normal, just enable mating. Sidenote: all bugs Just spawn as little Bugs, there is no larva or anything just like the Blood stalker But some animals (like on genesis) need special ways to breed like Basilisk: Needs to have 400 Nacos , and must Breed Underground! the Baby will eat eggs (any kind) Rock drake: needs to be in the Drake den and Must have 100 element ore! and then they will be able to breed Wyvern: need to be in the Wyvern den (no matter the wyvern) and Must have 100 Sulfur Rock Golem: Must have 5500 stone, 1000 oil, 550 crystal, 150 sulfur, 150 obsidian, 850 metal, and 100 Salt! to just start the breeding! then they will lay a Rockling (that looks like a Small naked golem but with no shell, then they will request a Different mineral that was native to SE, like Salt , once it gets to 100% it will be a Rubble golem:(its not as strong but is faster , has a farther throw but smaller rock size, and can damage rock buildings but not much!. then if you want to turn it into a Rock golem you will need to go to breeding but it will be called "From" and they they will not be ride able and will take EVEN LONGER to Raise but will be stronger and will keep imprint! Also a new thing with them is that there rocks that are just grey they can be different color like Black , sandy , white, Granite, Grey, and can be changed with breeding and events Griffin: must be at the Highest point of a Map! like the Volcano on the island, then they will lay a egg, and you will need a Very cold temp. takes longer then a rex but not as long as a Yuty Crab: must be in water in order to breed, and once they are breeding they will do a dance! then they will lay a egg like a Blood stalker. takes as long as a Rex Reaper: When you get a tamed reaper you can get a Male or female. (male has the base tail and the female would have the queen tail but won't be as Big or strong as a Queen!. they will breed and the Male will seed the female, once its done you have a 10 minute timer and then she will go into a Rage and you must weaken her like the queen (can be killed if your not careful) and then she will impregnate you. and then the same thing will happen! Enforcer: they will "assemble" a Blueprint for you with the Mix of the two enforcers (their is no gender they can just breed with each other! instead they get a "link" that is the same as a mate boost! but for robots" and then you must build it! and they can get mutations or Mods Space whale: need to be in element gas in space in order to breed!
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    He's not taking people's money and promising them a finished product every time he posts though, is he ? What a useless comment.
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    Dolphin - Give it the emitting sonic ability , same like spider vision so you can sea threat underwater , after all the ichthyosaurus work as the scout most of the time . Archaeopteryx - commonly know as the parachute bird , it use however , being hampered by the fact that you need to hold it with 2 hands so no tool for you and you look very clumsy at that . i suggest make it a shoulder pet but can order to switch to parachute mode ( holding 2 hands ) with a button or whistle . Basilisk - this one is simple , make it breedable , gas bag and giant sea turtle easily beat the basilisk weight because they can be bred and they also very good tank thus the stat just keep inflating , leaving the basilisk in the dusk . Basilisk also not a good combat mount either , fight me , people will use managarm or any fast to circle around you , even poison wyvern have better use of theirs poison spit . Lymantria - toggle silk produce mode as the expense of food . Plesi - Tek saddle that fire torpedo .
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    I went back. Official and the larger community is just more fun despite the problems to me.
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    Internet speeds are dropping and there are more connection problems worldwide due to COVID19 with most of the world locked in their homes. Speeds in New York alone are down by more than 25%. It's so bad that Netflix and YouTube have reduced their streaming quality by default to take some of the strain off the internet.
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    mining drill, in my opinion - useless. used it couple times, but everytime anky or magma was much better. If you go down to genesis vulcano nests, kill all magmas around, and just farm shards with anky, much better return Dont see any situations where the drill would be better.. Its not an early game tool, cause no newbie can afford it and at the time you can afford it, you probably have several ankies to use (and probably magma or crab or argy to carry) It doesnt provide any additional functions than other things, so it doesnt make it unique. You can use a pickaxe, and get the same results as with a prim mining drill.
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    Dunkleosteus, the sea anky, needs some love. Please weight reduction on stone/metal/oil. That poor thing harvest heavy goods but can't carry any. T_T
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    Can please fix aimbot? So many hackers
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    Ark is unplayable at this very moment Ark is really unplayable atm... 255 ping almost constantly, especially genesis and ragnarok are just too bad to be true.. there is an event on but timers are almost as long as x1.. With easter event coming i really hope we can get the servers on decent hardware... i want to be able to enjoy and tame during this event, since this event is the only one with cyan in it... Please do something about our current servers state @Cedric @lilpanda @Jatheish I see ip's running 4 servers... how and why? put it on decent hardware....... With friendly greetings, Mogrot
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    is element reduced ? (Genesis) - Reduced the amount of element received by Red Crystals on Genesis by 33% r u serious? really do all you can. before v309.53 this updates we can farm 1400 element than all lava cave with 3.5x rates. now 1100 and when 3.5x finished we can farm 300 element all cave clean and 300 element Nice WC nice. I think you have to push the players even more. that is not enough.
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    So, these are the issues. - Crafted "Ascendant" blue prints repair costs on official is not viable.. - Tek suits on official aberration for most end game players was the go-to armor instead of hazard. Its NOT viable now with the costs. Notes: 1. On aberration armor is damaged whilst in the rad zone, you slowly take dura damage meaning constant repair cost. This was previously acceptable, an increase would have been fine, however the increase is not a good medium between expensive and fair. 2. A tek suit on ab is a better alternative to haz. It was the go-to armor for most end-game players in the know. 3. This topic reflects issues on OFFICIAL servers, NOT private / local or boosted servers.
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    You need to show a hell of a lot more respect when you are the one asking for help. If you only want people responding that have also experienced the issue then clearly this topic would have zero replies. People ask for screenshots so they can see exactly what you are experiencing. It's called trying to pinpoint a problem. If you were to raise this with a Dev, you know what they'd ask you? That's right, they'd ask you for a screenshot or a video to show the problem. So, start again, have some respect, and maybe you'll get the answers you are looking for. P.S. Poop does not stack, except for when a dino poops twice, then it literally stacks!
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    Level health and/or weight, melee only gets 0,5 % each point, so worse then a giga. Health is 2,7% pp, and weight 4%pp, as of today in dododex stats. Edit: As for melee, ill just go for mutations instead.
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    Then u have no idea how breeding for mutations work it seems.
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    Honestly, I can think of many reasons why they wouldn't allow the coloring of regions by a character. Below are a few of those that stand out the most. Pushes for mutation breeding. Why breed for mutations if you can just color the creature? Pushes for event taming. Why hunt the colors you are looking for if you can dye the creature yourself? A dash of fantasy-realism. Most don't go out to dye the color of their dogs fur... Why would you color a creature in game? (and if they do it is usually temporary, like the candies) Don't take this the wrong way though, I understand where you are coming from. To a degree, I sort of wish the same. I have done the mutation breeding on servers in the past, I have hunted the creature colors I have loved, and I have horded the candies with the colors I want... Just so that my army of daily use dino's can be colored in that thematic blue I love so much... So having a dye that could do the work for me... That would be a huge time saver. However, I do understand why they don't. The reasons listed above all provide extended game play - life - to the game and to add something that would remove those item.... Doesn't make a lot of sense. I for one, would be more for finding some middle ground. Such as make costumes available to some of the creatures that you could dye a certain color until you are able to find what you are looking for. Such as being able to find, earn, or craft costumes for creatures that resemble a modern or fantasy counterpart. It would change the creatures levels, stats, or skills, but would give us a way to dress of the creature and color the patterns on the costume while doing so. Such as a Lion skin on a saber-tooth, an elephant skin for the mammoth, or a dolphin skin for it's ancient counterpart. That is merely one way to find a middle ground however. It would allow us to color the creatures, and mix things up a bit. I am sure there are others with other methods however.
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    why I said or hatch, some people on some of the servers are being decent about the trading for the eggs, some have gotten eggs for 150 stone walls, easy to do if you farm lunar, but other people want 5k shards for eggs and more. edit in: the babies produce as well while they are growing.
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    They disabled cryosickness by default for PVE. Not specific to Genesis. It's in the Patch Notes.
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    Not only is it against the rules, it's dumb as ****.
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    While I like the thought you've put into this, I can see this being very prone to griefing. I imagine big tribes blocking off the dens/highest points to keep as their personal breeding grounds. SO agree!!
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    When I read this, I initially thought to myself, what a load of nonsense, everybody knows they are related to Great Whites. However, I thought it prudent to check for myself your claim, before I responded. I am glad I did as I found out that you were actually right. Megalodon
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    people are made of meat, we eat meat, and we love to mate with other meat. but if i ball the meat up on the end of my arm and strike other meat with it, it will damage it. we're also made mostly of water, that should make us immune to water pressure. FYI lava is molten stone, silicate, and metal, that is some heavy stuff my dude.
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    I always thought that the megalodons looked too short, too stubby. I’d like to see that addressed.
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    Just following up to let you all know that the Linux binaries are being updated now. (please be patient with us, everyone adjusting to working remote and social distancing can be tough for us too )
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    Think im in the minority but i kinda like that isnt open, right now it seems fair game all round but wont be long before everything just gets steam rolled with op gigas and rex's and it just becomes another wait for more content
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    You and your friends quiting cause you cant hack it certainly doesn't mean the gane is dying just means you are weak. Ark is doing great at the moment for player count. Maybe you should try pve or if that is too difficult you can always try Minecraft.
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    Issues from week one of Ark's original release: Pillars/foundations - You'll find a slew of excuses to justify it too: Protecting land, future base location, tribemate will be building, protecting resources/spawns, dont want new neighbors up your ass, etc Non-Region based servers. - You can say its a NA server, but non NA players can still play on it, thus: Language barriers, lack of cultural understanding issues, etc Ark has been and continues to be, one of the few online games with no enforced region locks. People will give you the usual top two responses: Play unofficial or "There are tons of open spots on my official server" which, when youre new or level one, means jack since the "open spots" are the snow or an outrageous cliff area requiring architectural ingenuity. But as has been mentioned: Its a PVP game that took off better then expected with a team that wasnt sure how to handle PVE which is why zero solutions to issues such as pillaring, has ever been implemented. Welcome to Ark: Survival Evolved.
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    What Aushegen says. Once you go Unofficial you dont go back and then you wonder why you put up with the shenanigans that is Official. Servers are actually somewhat stable and admins are actually active in policing servers and helping with issues.
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    There's some points to be made on this topic. Most of the following is subjective and based on my own experience, so it's a matter of perspective I suppose. First, Official Servers don't cover China, south America, and some other areas of the globe, so players from these parts have migrated to EU and NA servers. Wildcard could care less about the overpopulation, and aren't technically obligated to even provide official servers, so good luck finding any sympathy from them. They don't play on Official or Legacy, and seeing a GM is a rarity. Lost your toon? lost your dinos? good luck with that. Second, there's a stark difference between "free" maps like the Island, Ragnarok and Valguero, and "paid" maps that require Expansion passes like Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis. For the most part, you're going to find the most toxic players and the most overcrowding on the free maps, and more than likely you'll see the Island, Rag, The Center and Valg crashing far more often than the paid maps due to said toxic players. Toxic players build massive bases, have all their dinos unpodded during events, troll general chat, pillar large areas, and generally are the cause of server instability and crashes, especially during events. If you want to find servers/maps that aren't overcrowded, then get the expansions and play on those maps. Also, the ping that you see in the server browser is not always correct. I've played on Oceana servers where the ping said 200ms in the browser, but ingame it was barely 40ms ping. NA servers you'll often find the opposite, especially on weekends and during events. Third, a lot of players are in isolation or quarantine, so there's a lot more people online right now. Add to that Wildcard is doing large breeding events, which means the breeders have all their dinos unpodded, and are online constantly. Trust me, play during the week when it's 1x rates and there isn't a global pandemic, and most of the servers will be a ghost town. That's just how it is sadly. Until Wildcard add further restrictions to base sizes and dino limits, PVE official is going to be rough going during events/weekends. especially on the free maps.
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    I love new content for sure but can u guys fix the ferox and all the lag please? i would love breed ferox more and tame them but now takes a lot elemts for tame
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    This is my favorite event! Thank you for all of the work that is being done. There are problems but there are good things too! I love having non racing to package type events and more events where everyone can be nice to each other and still get chibi and items. Plus this is my favorite color scheme for the dinos! xoxoxoxox -------> WC
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    Yeeee the FanArk news Is back it's always amazing seeing other people works ^^ some screens and arts as so cool Dx
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    Its no use really coming here for answers about the state of the game, considering wildcard has moved pretty exclusively to twitter in order to talk about the game, as opposed to their own website. As stated by an 'admin', the forum is just here for players to communicate with each other... ...and by communicate, I mean having people complain about issues, and then other types of the same people come in to just post up memes/gifs - many of them similar - mocking and trolling while adding nothing constructive of their own, before leaving. Thats about it, from what I'm constantly noticing. The trend. I've hopped on after reading this to check and see if any of the servers listed are high pinged and/or dropping out right now.
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    I would love if the kairuku could become a shoulder pet and if the models for them could be made a little cuter. I love penguins and cats. Two of my favorite things don't exist as shoulder pets. It would be cool if they did add saddles for dire wolves. I know they already had a TLC. This would be more of a quality of life change. Pteranodons could probably use a texture update. I do think the aqua life could use some updates also. I'm very eager to see what they do with TLC 3 patch! I love new content lol!
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    You reminded me of my first time seeing an alpha raptor, I was like ooooo - i wanna tame that! so i got it in my raft trap and boy was I surprised.....bye bye raft trap.
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    I'm a pvper? you haven't seen the kinds of malicious intentions on pve? are you that new to the game or just ignorant on what can griefers do in pve? let me enlighten you then 1) pillar spam with multiple account in alliance. very easy to do when you can transfer character out and make another to continue your work 2) bronto blocking. you can't kill them and a few of them can block all exits of your base. but of course they'll be smart enough to avoid making it a ticket-able issue 3) giga raid. air lifting wild gigas are the in thing. you'll never see it coming. 4) titan raid. more like a nuisance but still interesting enough to see. also will never see it coming since titans can clip. 5) teleporter raids. flawless. just warp whatever wild to wherever. cheap. 6) rocketing the wild you're tranq-ing. 7) following you around 24/7. including logging out at your human door. yea go ahead and drown them but they'll be back. and they'll increase in numbers. 8. argies can pick some wild dinos up in pve now. would be a shame to see a bunch of wild pegos randomly in your base 9) weaponised tickets. ever heard of the pillaring person gets reported but the reporter got wiped? its a thing. also don't expect gm to come in any time soon. takes about 2 weeks or so. 10) blocking beaver dams. 11) blocking all underwater caves. the ones with just pearls and oil. 12) last but not least, doing whatever you're doing but the opposite just to create enough attention and hindrance because they don't like you. call them cowards call them whatever. its not stopping them from being annoying and xenophobic. the actual most annoying ones are the people who buy this for their 9 year olds resulting in a lot of spam in global chat for "help me"
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