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    It's unfortunate that in the 60 seconds it took me to create this image, you think the dev team has completely stopped all work. The team have been and still are working hard to fix all high-priority issues.
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    Can you please kindly set those facts aside. People are complaining here.
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    ARK: Genesis 1 Listen to the ARK:Genesis Theme Song: Continue your quest for survival and unlock the next chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved on February 25th. Get the ARK: Genesis Season Pass
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    What WC Really needs to do Ok, first I'll start by saying this isn't a rant, I'm not ticked because I personally have lost items, characters, dinos that I've spent a lot of time on. This is for EVERYONE playing Ark. WC needs to read concerns of people playing the game. I highly doubt they'll even read this and they'll never attempt to reply to something like this either. But whatever, at least we can try! We are the community playing the game. We should have a voice! Ark is barely playable anymore. Especially during events. These issues should not be happening. I mean, server prices have dropped drastically. Ram, hard drives, and networking equipment are getting so very cheap. WC is a huge company with many smart people. They DO have great developers, despite what some may think based on how their servers run. Based on how their servers run, one would honestly think they have a barn with mice in little wheels creating power and when they get tired, servers start going down. That's what it sure feels like. This is horrible management and it makes no sense at all. As I said WC is a huge company. A game should not run this badly. I have never played a game where there are 30 seconds to 1 minute delays every 15 minutes!! What is that all about? Incremental backups are really not that hard to setup (I've done it myself with Terabytes and Terabytes of data) and should not even be noticed during gameplay. Many super successful games have no problem with this. Stop creating new content and fix what you already have. WC owes it to the players to fix what they have already made. It's really sad in all honesty to see what players are saying in global chat on random official servers. You can go to any random official server on the game and see what people are saying and it's ALL the same. During this Love Is In The Air event, all I saw is stuff like "OMG all my dinos are podded again", "I just transferred back and lost my character", "I gave imprints for 20 minutes and now I have to come back and do them again", "I came on earlier for imprints, server rolled back, imprints were never done and I didn't know cause I went to work, came to do next imprints only to realize previous imprints didn't go through!!", "I was flying back home and crashed, when the game came back up, I was dead, can't find body, dino died, I lost everything I had on me!" It's bad. I mean really bad! Anyone that plays on Official is going through this. We all take it, complain for 10 minutes and then go on with our gameplay. What do we do? Quit? Nope, no one is really going to quit unless they are new and haven't had an established setup with tons of dinos. I'm not going to quit. I love this game! It's fun, challenging at times, the events are neat (when they aren't crashing every 30 minutes), and I really do like the whole community of the game and ideas people come up with. That's why they owe us fixes. That's why they need to fix things! The loyal long term players deserve this including new people if you want to keep them playing too! Come on WC, read what the people want. Please take care of your amazing community!
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    Nice to see WildCard pushing the advertising campaign when there are players who can't even play because the last update created a blue screen issue #Priorities
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    Genesis Store Description Idk since when, but the steam store updated it's description of the Genesis season pass and it contains a lot of new information: The massive “ARK: Genesis Part 1” expansion includes:Waking up within a virtual simulation, you must survive in a world unlike anything you’ve seen before! ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival. With a strangely familiar companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.CONQUER EVERY MISSIONA holographic guide to the simulation, HLN-A, offers a wide array of missions at varying difficulty levels, for you to tackle at your own pace — everything from gunning down waves of enemies with the aid of power-ups, escorting vulnerable baby creatures to their parents, tracking and hunting down powerful bosses, competing in Dino Races, even playing a round of Dodo-Basketball, and much more. The simulation itself isn’t perfect, so you can earn extra credit (and experience) by fixing the glitches scattered all throughout the world. Completing missions earns you Hexagons, which you can spend for extra resources, TEK items, travel between environments, and more.EXPLORE LETHAL LANDSCAPESARK: Genesis features beautiful biomes ripe for exploration — but they all want you dead. The simulator tests your mettle across fetid alien bogs, deep undersea trenches, frigid mountain peaks, dangerous volcanic hellscapes… and even the wild low-gravity surface of an alien moon. Conquering each area requires preparation, smarts, and the ability to improvise so that when a volcano rains fire from the sky, an avalanche buries you, or a whirlpool pulls you into the briny deep, you’re ready to meet the challenge!HUNT AND TAME NEW CREATURESThe environments may be dangerous, but they’re nothing compared to the new creatures who call ARK: Genesis home: web-spinning spiderlike beasts, cute-but-deadly shapeshifters, sea turtles the size of islands, and lava lizards that act as living forges. Plus, who doesn’t want to fly around on an immense hyperspace-capable space whale? Master the simulation, and you can test yourself against a mysterious new boss… the likes of which ARK has never seen before.GEAR UP AND BUILD UPAs you brave the many dangers of ARK: Genesis, take some time to craft new gear. Wield weapons like combo-capable plasma claws and remote-guided cruise missiles. Make tools from fishing nets to mining drills, or new vehicles such as hover-skiffs. Build interactive structural elements such as pressure plates, alarm systems, jump pads, ocean platforms and more. Whether you’re a go-it-alone survivalist, a weapon-making warmonger, or a base-building architect, this expansion has a crafting project suited for you.WILL YOU PASS THE TEST?ARK: Genesis takes your story in an all-new direction — and your skill determines your success. Everything is turned up to the highest setting: the challenges, the dangers...and the vast rewards. Only the toughest and smartest survivors will pass all of the simulation’s many tests. Will you be one of them?
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    Its a pity the devs seen to rely so heavily on twitter, an outlet that not everyone uses. If only there was a website that acted as central hub for the entire community that the devs could post on a regular basis. Information could be conveyed so much easier.
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    The Reason The Game Is Dying. So about a week and a half ago, we set up a base in a cave. Was constantly getting hit so we put in countless all nighters even had a schedule set up so when one person went to sleep another got on. Over the course of a week, we put in so much time into our base grinded up tek turrets mad heavies, bullets, spam, flak, etc. raised over 100 babies during the event. When the event went down and the servers restarted, our server didn’t go back up for a while. We fought hard to get our server back, until about an hour ago it was up. We logged on to the server being rolled back. All our progress, babies, members, all gone. Still awaiting a response. My whole tribe is demotivated we are all on the verge of quitting. This isn’t the first time we’ve had trouble. About a month ago i lost my character. Talked a bunch with GM Fury about getting character and tek grams back. Found out i can only get my levels, which i was upset about but i soon got over it. So i asked when we can schedule an appointment to get my character back and never got a response since then. Completely ignored me. Ark is my escape, ark is everything to me. I live a poopty life and all my real friends are on this game. I come to this game for happiness and you ruined it. Wildcard, your game is going to die if you don’t help people, pay closer attention, and make yourself known within the community over the course of 2 years your game has gone down in activity dramatically. I love your game and I still want to play your game. But this is ridiculous.
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    I would like if the plesi got a speed boost just like the bear when swimming straight forward for a few seconds. Also it would be logical if he could strife into sides like tapejara. With these movement reworks it would be easier to position yourself for attacks. Once you put the platform on, the side-moving similar to tapejara will be removed. Also according to prehistoric facts, his strong fins allowed him to move on the ground just like a turtle. The mosas and tusos are so huge there is no space for plesis in my already big base. If they could chill on the beach it would look super cool. Not lie flat on ground, but standing there with a gracefuly bent neck. Plesis had small jaws and lesser teeth, we dont need another killing beast, leave that role to mosa and the shark. I would love a fast travelling mount with a lot of movement options. Also imagine sneaking underwater with platform, then emerging at someones gates on the beach and attacking the hell out of them. There would be disadvantage too, plesi should be slower on the ground and therefore vulnerable to attacks.
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    Why would it even be necessarily have to stop producing new content to stabilize the game? Those are two different teams. The people are on the different teams because they have different skill sets. Idk if some people are imagining they can just consolidate every programmer into one team, or if they want wild card to fire a bunch of people and permanently halt the development of new content and reroute that money to the stabilization. I feel like this would be a dire mistake and probably kill ark in the long run.
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    It still feels like early access to me. Feels like a beta testing game. I would expect the crashes on that for sure!
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    Numbers are hard for some people.
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    In fact, if you look at the trend over the life of the game. It basically hasn't changed.
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    I know Joe has no power. Joe came in and had a go at the OP, he set the tone for everyone to come in and bash the OP just like you do in most of your post. I have seen you troll this forum. Joe has to be above that but he has shown time and time again that he just can’t help himself. I hate when people gang up on someone who might of made a mistake in there post or didn’t understand parts of the game.
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    When someone says a game is “dying” it’s usually for one of these two reasons 1: It’s actually dying lol 2: They just stopped playing and think when they stop it’s clearly dead. I’ve been with ARK for basically its first release on Xbox and it’s had some really bad times but it always seems to bounce back from that! (WARNING! THIS IS MY OPINION) But on that note I do think it’s getting a bit more toxic? Idk, I’ve been trying new servers and for some reason people just go around giving swamp fever to every beech noob they see. Really sucks but is still an amazing game and can’t wait for Genesis!!! have a goodnight hehe
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    Quite the evening on the Ark... First, I finished leveling up my rexes and made the two saddles. Then when I cryo'd them all up I realized I did not count wrong the first time, I was only short one saddle. For some reason I hatched 20 rexes so I had an extra, and now I have an extra saddle too. Used up most of my metal too which becomes important later. Once I had everyone podded, I flew over to the red obelisk where I have my tiny outpost set up. Unpodded them all and of course it's going to take a long time for them all to wake up. That's really the main reason why I wasn't planning on doing the Dragon tonight, because of the long wake up period. But with the final day of the event I decided in the meantime to take some kibble and fly around just looking for anything interesting. I didn't expect too much but spending so much time in base just grinding rexes, I was going a little stir crazy. And, well, I found something. Something big. Meet Heartbreaker, my 150 wild male Valentine's giga. Found him on the top of Far's Peak. Never in 65 million years would I have expected to randomly come across a 150 giga, never mind an event one. You bet I was super psyched and scrambling to get back to base and get supplies. I didn't have enough metal left for 4 gates so I made one and 20 large pillars. I was able to make a pen just big enough to hold him while also doubling up every other pillar so he couldn't get out. I also only had 5 shocking darts so it took those and about 300 tranqs from my ascendant crossbow. What a rush, I actually ended up crafting more arrows while shooting him because I didn't have enough. Thank the Ark gods my bow was fresh and not in danger of breaking. And I always have a random stash of arrows on my argent. Once I got him down I realized one little mistake...out of narcotics...at least, I didn't have any more than what I used to craft the tranq arrows. Grabbed the wrong stack out of the box. I had just enough arrows left to kill a jellyfish for enough toxin to keep him down, I had a short buffer because I just shot him until he went down. Even accidentally shot him once afterward but my taming is up just high enough to still get the perfect tame. While he's mostly a trophy tame here on The Island, he'll be the start of my breeding line for Extinction once I get there. His melee is mediocre but 40 points in HP is a good start. Yes I know melee is the only stat worth leveling. Anyway. I call that a good day.
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    Yeah it is. But you know the President of the USA use Twitter for giving Infos ^^ I agree complete and also don´t understand that this platform is used that way. If they would give us the Infos here on SurvivetheArk it would be much easier for all.
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    Possibly one of the greatest responses from one of the development team I've ever seen on here, well said @Chris and just know that not everyone on here is a complete and utter *word I'm not allowed to say on the forums* and understands the pressures of working in software development under tight deadlines. Keep up the good work to all of you and don't stop the communication because some impatient idiots get you down.
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    hands that don't look like he tried to remove 40 razor blades out of a blender. Also maybe the head butt should do like small amounts of torp, not 1 hit KO but like a little. They also need a bit of an AOE buff if I remember, their hit area is very small.
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    event is too short you need have your gigas out the entire event for it to be fully grown by the end of the week. that means no podding for the night yea you can argue it's x3 so only half of the week but the never ending cycle of server crash then reboot shaves 30mins off every time it does this so we don't have the entire week to raise them the event items are not that easy to come by especially when ichy keeps stealing your fish and snapping your line I'm hoping there'll be an extension since wc isn't doing anything until the 25th next tuesday...
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    Raiders? That was your answer there: they stole it. Either that or they hit those caves, or got really lucky fishing. Since you used that term then I assume you're on PvP. This means that you need to gear up and go pick a fight with a muscular stranger. You too shall have that gear...if successful. ...Or his game just crashes while you're engaging and rubberbanding all over each other so you could just take his stuff.. Either way, tis loot to be had.
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    Ikr! Like.. Gee, if only WC had an official website that they could use to communicate with players! Wait.. Yeah, like, this is the official website. Would be nice if they actually did a bit more of their publicity on here. And no, WC, a twitter feed down the side does NOT count. This is the official website, why do we have to go off hunting on other platforms for news?
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    Tame 3 raptors and head out. Also, don't do that.
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    I love ARK and always will consider it my favorite game. That being said, ARK is the most broken, poorly managed and technically flawed game I, myself, have ever played. Reread that sentence before making a comment on it. Now, we can delve deep into the reasons why this game is so "broken" but that is unnecessary for the purpose of this post. Let's start with disregarding comments about "numbers" or the very subjective phrase "the game is dying" because quite frankly both of these things are true and untrue depending on which perspective you take. Numbers and Stats are helpful but only if they are being applied relevantly and correctly. Showing that ARK currently has a 50k PC Steam player base does not mean much in terms of whether the game is in a "healthy state", there are many more factors that go into a game being healthy/enjoyable than just the average daily player base. Officially, as in on WildCard Official Servers, the game is in fact "dying". Just take a look through all of the Official Servers, as others have said, hundreds of servers are sitting at 0/70 or 0/100 on a daily basis. Yes, they have done a great job at tackling exploits such as duping, meshing, etc. Could these fixes have come sooner? Sure, but we aren't the developers we cannot control when they fix issues. (HOD Gaming did help speed things up regarding Meshing though) Unofficially, Singleplayer, Modded Servers, etc. in contrast are all thriving due to the continuous issues/exploits/mechanics of the ARK Official Servers. Players are quitting officials and playing ARK in other means. MTS is just one of the many examples. This, in my opinion, is what really explains the consistent player base over the past 4 years for ARK. I think we can mostly agree that on Official Servers the game is not in a healthy state or you could say the Official player base is declining. Now with Genesis coming out next week player base is definitely going to spike up again temporarily but that's the same with every major DLC. I also want to say Ced, the Community Manager, has been an awesome addition to the team. He takes the brunt of the hate/trolls but I really believe he tries his best to relay information from us to the Developers and vice versa. However, Cluster Grenades still being in the game is UNACCEPTABLE. (If you do not know what I am talking about, you have minimal experience with ARK Official PvP Servers and probably should not comment on this post). There are also quite a few questionable changes/lack of changes made by the Developer team but I will not discuss further as I have typed so much already to bore you with. This was more of a subjective/informative post than anything but I will say I am an ARK Xbox and Windows 10 player who has owned the game since it was released in Early Access on Xbox One.
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    I have seen you been helpful but you do dirty yourself with put downs. I agree the game is still healthyish but only because it had very little competition.
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    You should realize your position on this forum. People follow your lead because you have a certain grade of power on it. Other moderators speak and conduct themselves with a nice bit of professionalism. Be kinder to people on the forum as they are not privileged to the info that you poses.
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    I wish I lived in a world where forum mods had power and influence .... but alas i'm stuck in this world, On that note though I believe the mods are just keeping this thread on topic and not trolling. Hard to actually disagree with this, The only extra bit I would add though is that while Official servers might feel like a barebones experience they aren't needed to enjoy the game at all and WC could just cut their losses and stop hosting them without any issue.
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    careful OP, you're writing troll food here. On that note, ARK is what it is because it's not monetized to the potential that it could be, therefore you get what you pay for. Anyone playing on an official server should always be aware that WC is providing a barebones experience, and if you want a more premium experience then you have to step into the waters of unofficial dedicated servers. There are some clusters that have been up for as long as official itself, and have all the maps, more enjoyable rates, structures plus, and a gazillion other mods that fix what the Devs can't or won't. Honestly, the only reason I play on official is for the community and persistent economy, but with all the box players that have migrated over onto NA servers it's becoming increasingly more unfriendly. Is ARK dead? no, its just that you're a beta tester if you play on official, end of story, hard to argue otherwise unless you don't play. Until ARK runs and is maintained like a properly released title, the game silently still carries that Early Access experience, especially on official servers. Best to know what you're getting into beforehand, and keep expectations at zero over the long term.
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    To my latest post - this is how I imagine them chilling on the beach vs sprinting underwater. I hope you appreciate it would love to see them guarding my water base.
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    There is always possibility. Maybe because of different story plot? After Extinction we are another being? Anyways I hope that the possibility of transfers will be delayed as long as possible. After allowing transfers, the game becomes much less interesting and challenging.
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    I'm on both sides of the fence here. I do think it should be extended because of the horrible server statuses. But I also deep down inside hope it's not extended because of the horrible server statuses. It's almost like meet in the middle. Don't extend the 3x, but extend the EVENT for colors and items. That would be a great way to meet in the middle there.
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    I too think it should be extended. it isn't because it was too short, it's because for most of the time, the game was unplayable. Server crashes,waiting HOURS for it to be back up, even with us all reporting the issues. Constant rubber banding etc etc. At least give us something that can be looked forward to other than waiting on a server to come back up!
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    I don't want any spoilers! I want to explore the map as an explorer should.
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    I did hear once of an official Ark forum, but I can't seem to find the link now !
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    As for the tamable and usuable ones, the ones we know atm count to 5, one for each major biome: - to start it off, for the ocean biome we have the giant turtle in the ocean biome, you can build on it's back and when diving under water it's supposed to have a little bubble of air on it's back so survivors can breathe on it without needing scuba - in the vulcano biome we have the magmasaur, which has some interesting interactions with the sourrounding temperature, the hotter it gets, the stronger the magmasaur becomes and vice versa. It can swim in lava, smelt metal, shoot a ball of molten lava that will leave a pool of lava where it impacts and it can do a little explosion hitting the area around it. Unless extinguished, the creature also radiates enough heat around it to harm creatures near it, which is where the saddle comes in, since it offers complete protection. I mentioned the magmasaur getting extinguished, didn't i ? This kinda happens when the thing touches water, there isn't much info on that tho - in the snow biome we have the ferox, our favorite new little shapeshifter, in it's small version it can be carried on your shoulder and if fed element it transforms into this huge hulk-like beast, which you then can ride around on, jump and even climb ? ( not sure about this part). The shift is a two edged sword, the more often it transforms, the more element it will need but it also gets stronger during it's transformed form. At some point it kinda reaches a maximum and rages out, similar to a giga, before returning to it's small form. - in the bog there's the bloodstalker: spider-like it can shoot a string of web to pull creatures and survivors to it and suck their blood. If tamed you don't ride it, but it kinda rides you, the survivor is hold by it with some of it's limbs and some kind of mouthpart that it sticks into your neck ( for real, lock at the trailer lol). It can walk on water like some other spiders and also shoot a second string of web to swing around with. - and last but not least in the lunar biome there is the astrocetus, the giant space whale. It's greatest ability is to teleport similar to the enforcers, but in this case it's more of a long rage warp, that pulls nearby creatures with it. If that wasn't enough, the saddle is suppossed to have 3 mountabele gunner turrets, while the rider is supposed to be able to drop some kind of energy bomb
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    Yeah people will find any excuse to crap on the Devs even when they are putting their all into something.... Literally paused the Genesis train to fix meshing cause many were jaw flapping about it, so they complained about the delay. Its this Instant Gratification Generation man... they want it and they want it now and will *bad word for lady dog* about it and anything else. These kids would have died growing up in the 90's from anxiety related heart conditions due to the slow response times and limited media output for games... hell can you imagine them dealing with the wait between the two Incredibles movies?
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    It boggles my mind how such a game breaking problem is still a regular occurrence. hundreds and thousands of hours invested into a character for it to be wiped from existence in 2 seconds. People can say what they want about meshing but for me, character deletion is an even bigger problem that needs some serious attention. Just think of how many hours the support team wastes on these kinds of tickets since legacy. Ridiculous.
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    Can't freaking wait Im so HYPED!!!! Soundtrack delivers as usual! Good job on that. HYPE THE F*** UP!!
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    I cant wait to see a mega base get whale nuked by a fleet of space whales
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    I love all of these!! I especially crave the breeding of them. The zipline ability for Araneos, I've suggested previously so clearly agree with that. I think it could make Araneos much more interesting! Also - how can the spiders not be able to climb walls and roofs?! They're the first creature I'd give that ability! I really want to add the female Megaloceros to this list. Apart from being completely useless, I can't believe they've left them with holes in their heads for this long! Then I can't help but mention how much I long for a really cute Mesopithecus. The devs are so good at making cute faces ( otter ovis ) and I really would love to see a cute-faced Meso! But the thing I want the most: Buff Trikes! They're my favourite animal and always on any lists of most popular dinos (I googled ) and yet they're quite useless At least make them equal to Stegos in harvesting so that it's a matter of preference in which you want instead of the Trikes being nonviable!
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    Joe you should stay out of these topics if your just going to add to the flame. Op is hurting because of terrible service that you ignore because your connected. You bypassed everything else that the OP said just to pick on him. Stop trolling since your in a position to really hammer home comments. You should be helpful not hurtful. But I suppose your connected in a small way to Wildcard so the standards are low JOE
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    I agree. I couldn't get any new Chibi by fishing so far... They should be dropped by breeding creatures like the box o' chocolate.
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    Honestly this dlc seems to be very interesting. I am super hyped for this, I am upset that it had to he pushed back but I truly understand why, although it makes me feel saddened now it will be much better in the long run though. The soundtrack seems sick though!
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    Thanks Shodan but knowing it's helping others is enough reward. It's simply a tool I "knocked together" starting with a simple grid view for myself and my friends. It has evolved thanks mainly to the developers of the toolkit I use and the ideas, suggestions and testing from you guys. I wouldn't feel right taking anything for what is basically built atop of others fine work and suggestions.
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    Oh yeaaa, that place that has like all those forums where people can relay problems they are facing, or ask questions. That place sounds like a good place.
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