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  1. The Windows store itself allows mod support now, but developers have to enable it which we all know isn't going to happen. not to mention the windows store is broken more often than it's working, which puts a big hole in crossplay.
  2. I'd call that less "advancement" and more power-creep with updates. I like to use wood for the cost wherever defense isn't necessary (so internally and on high parts of walls), but I also almost exclusively play PVE because the PVP meta is cancer.
  3. I don't understand why modders always think it's a good idea to keep adding neon reskins to dinos
  4. yeah, could just as easily be Cryllic
  5. In general yeah (I need to put a cannon on a platform saddle because reasons), but I'm still supporting the flyer nerf for PVE, as flyers eliminated the need for basically any other tame apart from ones with harvesting bonuses.
  6. Weird difference between versions I also noticed after migrating from the Steam version to the Windows Store (so modified Xbox) version- for some god-awful reason you can't mass-eat berries by holding down the use key/button like you can in the Steam version, and instead have to spam it for each individual berry. For the love of god, just let me hold the key. Also give me back my hotbar keyboard labels.
  7. It's a subforum under server administration/discussion, there's one for each platform.
  8. All the rules say is "no joint raids" and "no building bases together for mutual defense", the latter of which leaves a lot of gray area as to what that means. If you ask me, it seems like all they would be doing in this scenario is avoiding picking a fight. Really I don't understand the common PVP mindset that you're obligated to attack everyone you see even when it doesn't benefit you. I guess it should be asked if either base could be considered to be protecting the other.
  9. Had a pteranodon named Ptabitha and another named Ptimmothy. Carno named Mr Biggles as well
  10. If they're on a PVP server they shouldn't build on a beach in the first place. On PVE servers, it's just "don't be that ass who builds on and pillars off every area that's safe for new players"
  11. the difference is that a good search will pull answers from years ago. There are plenty of things I've looked for that google won't help me on because all of the answers are from 2016.
  12. From what I hear, it always catches up months late. Better question is when the client will drop OpenGL and switch to Vulkan.
  13. It's just courteous as well to free up the beaches as soon as you're able for new players coming in. Though personally I also move just to keep things interesting instead of sticking to the same beaches and flying to the same resource hills every time. This time around, I've set my starting cabin up on the top of an inland cliff, which has been pretty helpful in keeping predators out. Predators run off of the cliff, then land to get killed by the Theri I also have trapped down there and can't get rid of no matter how many predators drop on it.
  14. I would say (in PVE) a turret boat it a lot better than a turret tame just on the principle that, pre-leeds, nothing could aggro on a raft to begin with. Definitely need turrets on platform saddles again, though, so I can fulfill my dream of a mobile artillery battery.
  15. Is this crossplay-enabled? Can't find it on PC. edit: found the one labeled as the Center, wasn't sure what the Center/Island label meant.
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