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  1. 500 health 250 stam 600 weight 30 fortitude
  2. why is it so hard to get 6 active memebrs
  3. Go to their base and paint it like bright yellow if it’s a bob base, they will get raided or go spam outside of their base or paint their spam
  4. Is this still an issue? I havnt heard of any lost characters in a good while. And my 131 made it safely to 1962
  5. I dont have issues on a 4070 ti super, maybe buy hardware that works
  6. Spend 40$ and buy all the dlcs, problem solved. I have 2k hours in the Ark series, I would pay double that with no delay.
  7. Woah buddy, don’t make fun of homeless people, it’s not their fault that they can’t figure out how to fill out a job application for Walmart.
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