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  1. Im sorry, it might be... But having Giga at one of the lower tiers just didnt make any sense to me. Maybe you are a PvP player mostly, I dont know. But anyway making a list like this is not easy I guess, considering the difference between early-gameplay and endgame-gameplay demands for a tribe. Btw, I also forgot to tell, at some point getting a few extra character-levels is insanely hard (after lvl 130 it gets crazy) Killing Giga babies is a good way and one of the few common ways to level up at that point. Not that important though, still feels good to have your char at lvl 145+
  2. I have the idea that they have a lot of extra time and/or man-power, now they have to wait for a suitable time to start working on and putting all effort into Ark2. Especially after Lost Island release... I think a lot of good things are yet to come.
  3. Ive recently got this message when trying to join servers. I tried to log in a few times, yesterday it worked and I got to log in at some point. But now Im having trouble again. Any ideas what causes this? Plz help, what do I have to do on my refresh-day?
  4. I dont know why he has Giga so low, it doesnt make ANY sense at all... All PvE servers are crowded with gigas, especially Extinction but not Aberration ofc... They are nr1 for meatruns, OSDs, anti-griefers luring wild gigas or whatever, killing titans for xp and I even use them for a lot of missions on Gen1 + 2 I think the guy is a Giga hater or something. So this list is biased by emotion etc. Not an actual thought-out fact list...
  5. I never knew also, but my guess its got to do with 1. The balancing: Because Alpha Lightning wyvern will brutalize anything, "boss" difficulty rating too high. Still no reason to exlude Alpha Poison wyverns, dont think they will be too op. Reason 2: Color... Alpha will always have a red glow, and it doesnt go together with both lighting and poison original colors. 3. Mainstream Dragons are always fire. In that way fire wyvern might be the "bigger" brother of other variants.
  6. hello,can you help me?thank you

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      just ask the staff to deal with it


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      What is your problem?
      I do not understand your problem.
      You need help creating a ticket?

    4. hgioug001


      I voted, but I hope the official will solve it as soon as possible

  7. Maybe things are different enough or can be better now, but they made a decision back then to solve problems. Its usually not too wise to just ignore the outcome of discussions that took place then, that came with a decision. The nerf might be unliked, but dont forget what was unwanted more. Its good to not just trow it on official in my opinion.
  8. I was about to tell that also, with transfering dust I have that alot when transfering large numbers. But I think there actually a lot of different things happening on this topic. Im not sure OP is talking about Tek suit, or the Gen2 skin. Because Ive had an occasion I lost the skin from Gen2 for whatever reason when transfering it into my inventory also. Didnt put much tought into it because they are easily replaced. So maybe related... But also when im wearing the Gen2 skin on AB radiation zone, it randomly gets powered by element even though i didnt put element in it. The Gen2 skin is gli
  9. This stuff is going to happen at some point. Its like a given... You just have to realize that. I play ark realizing I will lose my toon one day, I will lose dinos over time by glitches, automesh-deleted or whatever. I will lose the inv of ded storages because of some update etc etc... I make backups etc... My advice: Dont run around with 2.4million Hexagons, spend them
  10. So you logged in on friday and because it was already saturday that friday, your character wasnt on that server at that time, but you didnt create a new character on your server, but instead downloaded a saved character from the download list. This was a struggle, but in the end you figured it out and got your uploaded character downloaded again. However this character wasnt in the tribe anymore, so you logged onto another character with another account to find out that character was also not in the tribe anymore?
  11. That must be really painfull. But Im not sure what happened to you, I mean what did the transfering to another server have to do with it? Losing all things worked on for years Painfull... But yeah, after all that time, what went through you to make such a mistake 0.o I hope you have screenshots of you being a member of your own tribe.
  12. I usually take a few extra Gigas or whatever that I can whistle to attack targets and then follow back or just leave them at that spot. That way you dont have to worry about leaving the OSD's render distance. Also I put 1 Giga on the opposite side of the way im going from the OSD so you can check exactly when things go out of render distance. But generally I just keep walking from the far left to far right of the OSDs render-range to speed up the elimination of glitched out corrupted. I think it somewhat helps. But yeah its such poor scripting. I usually take a wyvern, you
  13. For anyone interested. I did mindwipe today at level 133. Thats the level for max engrams, 5624 EP. (According to wiki) I ended up with over 6000 engram points, so the investment for extra engram points through shop is permanent.
  14. Yeah, i dont see DLCs as a method of pay to win. Its a static one-time option. You either buy it or you dont. Though having only the base game, pvp wise you will have a huge disadvantage. No Meks, no Skiffs, a lot less Tek stuff. So you are pretty much chanceless against someone who does have it. But its not like you can buy eg UltraMeks or enchanted ammo or armor out of a out-of-game shop for real money. Calling Ark a Pay2Win game is nonsence to me
  15. I think the corrupted have lower health also, they are nowehere close to normal gigas. So yes absolutely, if your giga is born out of a somewhat modern PvE breedingline they are a piece of cake. Not sure if PvP has these lines also but I cant imagen them beeing even close to the stats on PvE giga lines.
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