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  1. The thing with fog is, there is no real technique to "see" through it. It is only possible to reduce limitations and enhance at minimal levels. Fog lights, thermal cameras etc, but the latter destroying a beautyfull natural image. And dont worry at all about this beeing anything like cheating... on PVP...
  2. Not that its a little impractical, its not impossible to play games that are stored on multiple disks. With Ark its a little bit hard probably, because so many content comes together in-game. But in general it could still be very possible to do this for many, many games. If I had an easy option to have hard copies of games, anytime I bought one today, I would like to own them for sure. They will be stored in my closet, next to the original GTA, Unreal, C&C disks etc etc...
  3. I agree TOTALLY. Its not anything even close to what it should be. It should be a remaster, but now we have a monotonously colored mouse, starving choo-choo trains in payed for, P2W DLCs an unplayable game on many PCs, for me, it looks worse than Evolved. Certainly less FPS. We have next level inappropiate Glitchy deja Vu's, an unstable but determant defermant timetable of releases, dead forums, and an upcomming ultra unrealistic, out of proportions submarine that everyone is going to call "Pablo Escubar" They might as well just add everything that comes to anyones mind. Even though I never really left the beach, I think they shouldnt forget what this game was meant to be and what made it draw MY attention. Cant talk for everyone, but appearantly the moment I lost interest, this game seems to be losing a lot of hearthbeat... Let them add Keith Richards, what do I still care really. Ill buy him his TLC guitar. Let them add little gnomes carrying plasma shotguns, introduce Tek invisibility armors. Lets have it all and let us have the fun dying of glitches too funny to complain about. It doesnt matter anymore, this game doesnt seem to have a longterm lifespan anyhow... Lets go crazy... Nope, its not worth the money at this point. You can practically play the same game, with full content, for half the price... Maybe at some point it will be, when they finish messing around, figuring out how GameEngines work...
  4. Online, on official servers, you cannot change your name after you have chosen one. Using your siccors will let you have options to change your toons appearance. You can apply paint to your toon also. Maybe you can write your desired name on your toons head. People will start to recognize your toons real name soon enough... In Single Player or servers with kind moderators, it is possible to change your toons name with the cheat "RenamePlayer" eg: "RenamePlayer Human Bob" Im pretty sure its like that. Not sure if you need to place parentheses or whatever. But I do know its possible, used it myself a few times.
  5. I just looked into it. You have been banned for 1000 Ark years AND you have to pay a fine. You have to gather 10k thatch and send it to Wildcard. Be aware of taxes... -> Best is to see if you can play SE at all (SP) If you keep having trouble getting on SE servers, contact support or find out what could be wrong on your side... Standard things like verifying game files/update/check map selection etc etc...
  6. Do you have to craft it a guitar later, or will it spawn with a guitar?
  7. Are you sure? Ofcourse its not suited for PvE. You could get into somones base and... turn of his/hers generators -.- No really... It could do serious harm in PvE ofcourse. But I remember the Baryonix beeing able to stun non-tribemembers, even on PvE. Back then, before it was patched, I played Hardcore mode. Some guys there told me about it and wanted to "show" me. But for logical reasons I never really saw it happen
  8. Well, everything always has got to get bigger, stronger and scarier, as I have suggested before, they need to add the Lighting Brontoskirazal... Its like a flying cargotrain shooting powerfull lazers out of its... everything and if you touch it, you die... But jokes aside, the game could use more underwater content, maybe something to counter the upcomming underwater beast. Look for older posts here, Steam or Reddit about ideas... Or check out this topic, from some time ago that went on and on... practically tossing in every possible idea out there...
  9. Losing progress, or even the idea of losing progress is devestating for motivation. But does your autosave really not work? Corruption can always happen. It seems to me your autosave is fine. Things just got corrupted. I have a shortcut to the Ark Save folder on my destop. Every time I start up Ark, I just go in there Make a Copy of the Save folder and start the game. Its a 10 second standard action I make, and it open up my ability to go back to previous save-game versions. Also to be able to go back to save-games which would have not yet have newer mods etc... Things like this are actually in the Ark, A broken Game - Manual. But its obvious you didnt read it...
  10. Maybe you read it wrong. It doesnt damage stone, it damages WITH stone. It has the ability to throw rocks... Depending on what an object/structure counts as, if a Chali (Hooligan) can damage it... I never used it playing PvP, so I have no idea what it should be able to damage. I can only logically imagen it can destroy plants, beds, bins, boxes, rafts... Add: My opinion is that A lot more animals should be able to damage stone structures anyway. The Hooligans Rock-Throw should be able to get stone slightly damaged. Ankylo should be able to damage stone for real, minor damage to metal. Same with Doed... Arhtro's spit should corrode metal, same with Wyverns Fire-breath. Enforcer and Rock elemental should be able to do damage up to slightly damaging metal, or even tek...
  11. Must have been the smallest and slowest in the pack, always too late grabbing a bite, before the food trough is emptied. Getting the short end of the stick every time... I can actually hear its tummy acking. So sad...
  12. Hi, I am trying to find out ways to adjust or change some mechanics. I want to make my game more challenging and realistic. I either want to make use of Mods, change the game ini's or look for ways to mod some things in myself... So if there arent any ways to change these things. I would like to know if there are some good tutorials to mod these changes in myself. Im looking for options to change: - Torpor infliction of animals, or rather the amount of torpor/poison a creature can handle. - Change what you can and cannot craft/repair on the go. Like (cloth) armor or even bow. You are going to need at least some additional tools or a table/stool to make these. You cant climb naked into a tree and come down with a bow... - Changing the size of my character model and dinos, You can change it with the ChangeSize command, but its not permanent and glitchy. Also if you change your own size, its like you bend your knees and then say: Look how small I am - Remove saddle engrams for birds and other dinos. I tried it in the game-setup-menu, but they keep comming back, and for some reason they even just unlocked themselves 0.0 - The base movement speed of dinos. I want to play around with this. Make Birds faster, Dung beetles slower, Ankylos faster and Pegomastax slower... Am I on the right forum? Or are there good suggestions about other forums?
  13. I always go with: 1 HP, all I need 50% points in WEIGHT, to carry all the junk my kills give me... 50% points in Stamina, to keep on going...
  14. I know there are a lot of glitches with notes... Maybe you desynced before, while getting the note or something... Check if you already have it unlocked. Maybe try on another server/game to get it, to see if the toon you are trying to get it on has it glitched (unfortunate)
  15. Yes, like the DerGrinch says. It might be so that survivor skins have been piling up or something... Disable getting those skins? Is that still possible in ASA? But... Do you get the Black Weight Icon? Only at 30ish? I think that shouldnt be there before you have filled slots in the houndreds, so your previous "cap" is weird also... Cant find anything conclusive neither on this... Might be a Ark system thats auto fixing itself depending on your available RAM or something, but I doubt it... Another work-around could be installing stack-mods, or using a shoulder pet... Maybe with a lot of messing around, its possible to get your Toon info and file from older settings into your current savegame?
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