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  1. Im not new to Ark, Wizard ... I have saddle bps for pretty much all dinos on ascendant and all. Best place for getting ascendant megaloceros bps is during ?blue? space location on Gen2 i think. Anyway whatever space location it is, its pretty easy to get them that way, not that I dont have ascendant bps for megaloceros yet. Also I did plenty of runs with my megaloceros through caves already... Duh, I love my Megaloceros haha Sounds interesting, never knew about that... Hopefully I can reach those people...
  2. Thanks for replying. Im on 3k hp and 370 melee now. Weight isnt really a thing to bother for, with the 400 I have now and 100% imprint it will suffice for the practical use of doing caves. Im a bit lazy and solo, so breeding in mutations doesnt go as fast as I hoped for. Thats why Im trying to see if there are Megaloceros out there with stats greater than mine...
  3. The Megaloceros in Ark is missing some attack-skills though Not because the Deer itself is so remarkable, but the AOE of the Megaloceros is actually really good and it has a good somewhat protection against bats and all. EG in swamp cave on Island I tend to have issues with all the flies. You could just ignore them but I want to kill them all. With the Megaloceros I have now I already stomp pretty well through the cave, but I want more Also Im trying to breed something different, thats also the point. Anyone who wants to give away the stats of some good megaloceros they own, please Im interested You might not like deers, I do love them
  4. Hi, I know this might be the wrong section of forums, but the trading forums seem to be somewhat dead. Does anyone have a good discord for trading animals, and in paticular the Megaloceros. Im looking for OP megaloceros, wether OP tamed ones with freak stats or if someone actually breeded them a good pair of bred ones. Anyone with a good megaloceros thats willing to give away its stats? Or anyone with a good Discord for trading/buying animals?
  5. You can make tame groups for a specific dino. If you have done that you can select the new dino-group (Megatheriums) with the numpad numbers. Selecting the Megatherium group will show you where the dinos are in that group with green arrows above them. This might be a way to count them easier. Though with really high dino counts it might be an unreliable estimation for counting.
  6. Well the AI is indeed a problem, but the fact that they can (continously) spawn is more that just a distraction. Im not talking about 1-2 defenders per day, more like a few packs of 5-10 defenders 6 times a day. All turrets need ammo and if they damage certain walls or gates, its easier to get through into alpha bases if there are significant weakened part in the base. Plus a lot of people just dont attack Alpha bases becouse of the consequenses. I think a lot of Alpha bases stay unattacked for weeks because they practically dont really have enemies. Having the Npc robots (or dinos) charge at biggest bases (bases with the most progress) will make a way more dynamic PvP environment. Its not going to be good in Ark 1 I guess, but this set-up could be implemented into Ark 2 in some way.
  7. How do you feel about the idea that tribes that have more than a certain number of players, or eg artifacts or dinos in possesion will have "defenders" spawn next to their base attacking it. Making going and staying Alpha an extra struggle. Too farfeched or... not??
  8. I think a lot of people forget that for whatever health consumable you take, meat, recipe etc. It is only as affective as the % of the level of food that is restored. EG. Cooked meat restores 20 food and 8 hp. But if your character only lost 10 food of its max, the cooked meat will only heal 4 hp. Maybe this is also the case with dinos, since they are usally stuffed and dont have a water-level maybe the recipe doesnt have affect. Going to test again. Maybe everyones conclusion was wrong for all those years haha Edit after tests: Yep, only stamina recovery from recipes does seem to work.
  9. This is a point though in my opinion... They could introduce some kind of EvP balancing, like making Alpha tribes a target for eg the Overseer, trying to protect its existance. I think most people dont like taking other games as an example, but if people know Aion, they know about the Dredgion. It would allways go for the dominating existance in the Abyss, somehing like that, what would restore the balance could be implemented into Ark2 in whatever way in PvP, maybe even PvE.
  10. I feel like you are taking subject too serious, and with that thinking that Im on about the same opinions on whatever side. I wasnt argueing about that, you somehow extrude your conclusions of my replies, but I really wasnt on about the discussion wether the Ark community, Im trying to avert it actually haha because this discussion could only stale on assumptions, unless a representitive and total audiance wide poll was created on the right moment. Even then its a Wildcard decision because they have to decide wether any production regarding costumers wishes will be profitable. If the wishes of costumers are to expensive or whatever, they arent going to be satisfied as a whole. This discussions really arent going to be conclusive on these forums. When playing PvE, I also wasnt too enthusiastic about the Meks and all. At first I was also very sceptic about the introduction of the Yuty and its "magic", like where is this going?! And the snow owl with extinction,same thing, but its a lot easier to just ignore that what you dont like and do your thing in PvE than on PvP. Try ignoring the Mek (or Mana, I also dont like those) thats bashing and shooting at your gates... Again, im not really discussing you Im trying to look at it in my own way... But hell, I dont know where you get that 70% PvE occupancies from but thats a whoa. I allways thought it to be at least only 50-50, but it seems that they should focus more on PvE, which should have a way stronger PvP ascpect. I again have to tend to this game Ive played before, there was this server that had such a exceptional great system in my opinion. Now in Ark you can only start Tribe wars but if the community has 70!% PvE player base, they should really step up the PvEvP, improve and implement a great PvP zone or server, or whatever traverseable PvE or PvP servers or whatever ideas... No, because im talking about base-game structures like going All singleplayer, or completely removing PvP tribe focussing on a PvP protagonist rather that tribes and al that. I dont think there are more than a handfull games that did this kind of altering AFTER release, maybe none at all. Im talking about Fortnite like changes (Though i think it might be so that the Survive-the-night game is still a gamemode in Fortnite?) If you know any games that made cuch changes, please enlightne me, im very curious If they would have worked out Survival of the fittest from the beginning, it would have been almost undoable to change the MAIN gamemode to the open-world game it is now... I should visit the Ark 2 forums from time to time I guess Ive got a lot of ideas, though Im poor at working them out. Maybe some good topics there where there isnt endless discussing and contradicting, but rather a constructive dedicated conversation. Good ideas can be turned into good projects. Maybe Wildcard has an eye and ear for it then.
  11. Again it was about wheter the consumables have effect or not, not about the best way to heal. But I actually didnt know about the healing function of the tek phase pistol lol Such facepalm for me, 7 years of Ark...
  12. Im missing the point? No not really. But then again... I think it was just you, trying to say what you wanted to say didnt work out, or it was easily misreaded. I dont think there ever was a game that was made twice. It doesnt even make sense... That makes the line of which you can say some game is remake blurry. (To me GTA from 3 to 5 where all the same game, only better graphics) At first I was happy with the tek-tier. But too many end-game stuff made me stop PvP. With the introduction of Meks and all on Extinction I stopped playing PvP. Im a solo player, I couldnt maintain a base against the new end-game stuff. So I decided to make my game PvE only. But I would have quited a long time ago if there wouldnt be next-level-tek to grind for on PvE. Im talking about the fact Ark is what it is, a PvP focussed game mostly. If Ark werent pre-release, they might have worked out the Extinction-game mode or Survival of the fittest, or other game modes to be the optimal. But they had the oppertunity to look at what the community had to say so they had the chance to act and respond. But maybe they now feel like there are option open to start developing a game that is now focussed on other gamemodes. Something the community would like to see anyways, apearantly. I dont have acces to their data about this so yeah, I can only guess. Maybe Ark1 is in the way of starting fresh on other game-modes. The fact they are chosing to at least star Ark2 low-tek is a good idea, but they might introduce high-tec stuff later on, just like they did with Ark, when the story progressed. Ark has been a open-world-PvP game from release, but there could have been so many game-chancing elements that would make the game so much different. Eg, they could have changed the base construction of the game from targeting it to be an open-world-PvP game to making it a PvE game. (Like they did with fortnite) Or they could have had a system that was a lot more storyline connected. (I posted some ideas about that earlier in this topic) Even introducing some kind of EvP is possible, making it harder to go full-Alpha. There are so many chances that could have happened didnt this game go early-acces... But yeah, I still play and bought all expansions, so I cant say they are doing it wrong. I think Ark2 will be a lot less open-world like, but my hopes are actually that it will be like Ark1, open-world, but then focussed on PvE with. Sorry Im so messy lol, Im pretty tired.
  13. Tell that to Rockstar or EA (Fifa?) If the game has a lot of new features and new game-mechanics that come with next gen scripting and game -engines (UE5) remaking Ark so it gives a new vibe, game or story experience wont necessarily be a wrong idea. Ark was made from scratch and had a pre-release audiance/costumer. Going from A to 10 was impossible at some point because the train already left the station. (Eg. Fortnite had a whole other game-concept pre-release, if it would have been Pre-released it would never have become what it is now) Now Ark can be remade, wether it will be a completely new game, or a remake, they have stronger options to get from 1-10. If you understand what I mean...
  14. Not allways a snow owl or deadon is practical. But anyways its for the knowhow. Knowing you could also boost your pets hp with consumables would be nice.. Too bad they dont seem to have effect, my custom recipe for drinks is pretty powerfull, not daedon or snow owl comparable but still 250hp regen over time.
  15. I have tested this out before, long time ago, I forgot the conclusions and maybe i missed a patchnote. I just tried them out again. Food, rather a drink that restores 0,45 water and 250 hp, but no food replentishment, restores no health of the tame faster than the normal health regeneration.
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