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  1. Ive seen it happen one time though that the dododex didnt show the right rates, not sure what happenend that time... That time, in-game it was allready 2x, I went to dododex to check exactly what was on 2x but dododex showed everything was only 1x. http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini -> Did show the right rates...
  2. Confused what actually was the bug now, but I guess thats because I never experienced it... But glad its fixed now...
  3. Yeah, Ive experienced the bed glitch a lot of times, some years ago, but my ghost was never far away from the bed. Not enough times to exclude the possibility to be desynced somewhere else on the map though. Your skiff glitching desyncing sounds plausible enough. Guess we gonne have to hear it from the guy himself. Hope this guy can find answers...
  4. Thinking... Are you aware of the fact he is talking about the "bed glitch" I think you might misplace a few facts? He says he logged out when laying in a bed, not driving a skiff... Might it be so that the server crashed after logged out, and the save was on the moment he was still driving his skiff? So that in this case, he might think he is subjected to the bed glitch but is actually desynced while riding the skiff?
  5. I was about to say to this guy that maybe If i would render his base, before he logs in, he would not have this problem, but I was unsure it would help. If that really helps, Im willing to give this guy a hand by going to that server and his base... If you read this... Just ask me... I would do that...
  6. There was this glitch that had to do with beds some time ago. Maybe 2 years ago now I dont know. But appearantly its still there... It has been a long time since I was last subjected to this glitch. I think its the same glitch. If so, you are in fact laying in your bed, as you should be, but you are a "ghost" of yourself somewhere else on the map, thats why you cant interact with things, as they are too far away for you to use. The only fix for this bug was to relog and hope you would load the game in as it should be... Maybe another player in your tribe can destroy the bed and maybe even kill you, so you can respawn or relog without having to deal with the bed glitch. If you cant do any of those, maybe contact a GM, send in a ticket, or stay online for a few hours, till your character will starve. Since you are laying in bed this will take a really long time, but if you are desperate, and need all means to get it fixed, in the end you got to do what you got to do...
  7. If you play on Pc, what I am expecting, you can always try, when you cant figure out a way to chance resulotion, to login through battlemetrics. Find the right server on battlemetrics and press the connect button.
  8. Could be complete nonsence. But in my opinion it is like this: Tek sleeping pod gives you 1 xp per tick. At certain levels, like with crafting sparkpowder, you will get no xp anymore after a certain level. I am level 148 and crafting cementing paste is about the only kind of resource craft that still gives me xp. So: At certain levels you will not gain xp anymore because the gain is too low... BUT: Because the evo-event raises the amount of xp your xp gain to 4 and it isnt neglected anymore and you would still get it... up to a certain level again. There are in my opinion indeed crooked scripts within all the sleeping pod scripts, but bugged? I dont know... Also, gaining xp from sleeping pod in my opinion has 2 different mechanics at least. There is an online xp-tick and there is an offline xp gain. Similar to the xp-gain dinos get in cryopods. They dont get xp per tick, but they calculate the amount of time the dino was podded. If you would unpod a dino during 2x, it would get the xp for the amount of time podded like it has been on 2x for all that time. Also the offline xp gain could be subjected to certain high levels. Blurry story, but maybe it can give insights.
  9. Instead of being hurt over a emoticon, calling me useless, not getting a like, appearantly not having it right... Allways trying to get it right with your endless stories, puzzling to get it right, or till people lose interest, and you get your "right" and your "feeling good" because you found your right... Instead, why dont you start with "In my experience; ... " instead of just copy pasting from the wiki...
  10. Oh I forgot to mention Im on PC... My fix was on my side. The moment I could not get onto google properly made me realize the problem was on my side I dont know how Playstation works but I hope you can get a fix like me. You should create tickets for help or at least create a topic of your own, my problem is fixed. I am really reactive and protective when it comes to Ark, If I cant connect or anything I open all channels to help ASAP. Tickets and all have a slow reaction time while decay timers just keep ticking away Dont want to lose 5 years of game... Sorry for me this topic can be removed, good luck to you though.
  11. Hi, I need help with figuring out what is going on. Today I have been able to log on servers normally, but about an hour ago I couldnt get into many of my servers anymore! They are online and other people seem to be able to join them, except for me... Is there something going on, or are there other reasons possible for this? Please, I hope I can log back on them before my babies die
  12. Sometimes leashes drag around animals. Eg. They are linked to one leash but if not properly released from that leash, they can be dragged around by it. Even when later linked to another leash, they look like they are linked to the new leash, but really they arent. Maybe something like that happened...
  13. Are you sure its not possesed by anything evil and it is returned from hell?
  14. Maybe its some sort of memory saving thing. Since there are so many of them everywhere, it saves memory to make it have random stats distibution on spawn.
  15. Could be that "condensation" doesnt happen on Fjordur, but as it works on so many maps, why would be Fjordur be an exception? Also, I think it has nothing to do with the map but rather the watertanks themself. But then again, different maps that dont have wind flows, wind has different "outputs" EG Island "wind" only blows at daytime. But on Valguero "wind" turns on turbines all day...
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