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  1. No sorry, im talking about raising. I over-generalized the word...
  2. Encountered 4 of them. And Im raising one on official atm. Got to it today. Its all not that hard if you are endgame. If you are not... This can be a really, really hard tame... (and raise!)
  3. You are sure this is the right forum for this? This seems to me its some kind of sofware issue. When you go ingame, it might switch channels or something. Try looking into Windows Sound settings and see if Windows sets Ark sound on the desired output...
  4. You dont really need to eat... Just upload and redownload yourself to restore your food levels... Or, die and respawn...
  5. Overwritten characters' bodies arent despawned if they are not dead and active somewhere on the map. Your only chance on official is to find your old body and either save it from dying... Or kill it and obtain the implant. (Maybe admins can find that body and look at the implant for you, so maybe its best to not kill it if the body is save eg in your base) The serial number on the implant is REALLY important. Save the implant, or look for older implants of your lost character and make sure you have proof that you belong to a certain tribe. Ask admins to restore your character and/or help you rejoin your old tribe... Chances are big either with or without any kind of help, your character is lost. So make sure you at least get back into your tribe...
  6. Dont forget that Fjordur is a free Dlc, you can TP, and it has a SpaceCave also. and i think there are bulbdogs in there... Only thing is on Fjordur it isnt really your "guide" thats Tping you, raher just your own ability. AND... I think the most important part of the riddle is "But you really dont have a choice" The meaning of that may be the key
  7. Oh, its definitly not a new game But slight chances can have HUGE impact on overall experience. As for me, my first 3-4k hours were on official hardcore mode... Its like single player without singleplayer setting... Try defeating Dragon solo that way and all... ( Iplayed pretty much solo) And struggles with whatever wildlife are a walk in the park now. Just yesterday, I ended up without my Basilo (In front of the Brute cave) on the bottom of the ocean (It decided to just swim off) while I was attacked by an alpha Megalodon and a Dunkle and a swarm of mantas. I dont know how, but I just managed to get on land and survived. Its the little movement to the left and right at specific times to dodge attacks that somehow now go automaticly... I know now what to do in whatever situation and what my best options are. Like a wild Giga encounter? I just, for example find high ground, whistle my dinos passive into one direction and run into other direction and parachute over other wildlife or trees. Point is, most of us have maybe even 10k hours into this game. There is this 10k rule for mastering expertises. I think it counts for a lot of us. No way most of us wil be baffled by whatever chances they add/make to make it anywhere near a new game... But yeah, im looking forward to ASA. Im not discouraged by the starting fresh and all. Ark seemingly is the right game for me... I bothered looking for another game for the long run, but only games I ended up at where eg. Monster Hunter. But it lacks so much personallyfication (Is that a word in English? Edit: Personification) that id rather wait for Ark2. Though my fear is that Ark2 will actuallly be a lot like... Monster Hunter A lot of games have pretty much the same "content" available for everyone. If you look at other's Garages for example in GTA, in the end its all the same stuff in the same building everyone has. In Ark your base, your dinos can be really "yours" At least thats how I feel about it... I only think there should be a different level of gamecontent added to ASA, thats going to fill up the feeling which is "Oh Ive seen it all before"
  8. Yeah, was just going to replay to DirkInSA, but its the same for a lot of content you have gained control over time. The harsh pain of loosing everything is still something I cry about every day Seriously a bit lol. But in reality, I couldnt imagen now having no skiff neither, what about the leash or (for PvP) Ammobox or the fixsave for crowded servers (ocean)platforms or ... Ok, in a nutshell, there is so much content thats limited to "future" dlcs that are really gamechanging... Every gamechanging thing from the past eg. Wyverns. Are now out of the question again... You either like it or dont. I I bet high money that a lot of people will not like it and rather play Ark1.0 again... Though there might be a chance the breeding will be all that less interesting, when they fix the mutation limiting as I have heard of i believe... So there wouldnt be lines of houndreds of babys to force mutations into offspring and all... Getting the 100% imprint, and mixing a few good lines up should be doable without maewings, right? But... If there is any chance they can speed up things, they should add Fjordur or Lost Island to the dlcs, if they would even ever... I would hate waiting for a lot of contect also, even though I like going "oldschool"
  9. Well, suits it well... Though could indeed have been a guardian... Not just a "easter egg" or reference. I mean eg. Manticore has in its own way its references to other fiction...
  10. I never really listen to or read logs. Are there any references to these big creatures in the notes/dossiers? Or defeat of the Aberration Guardians? Now I get a little dept in this, those skeletons, even the ones on SE could have indeed been lost and/or defeated guardians. Though they seem to be in the open world and not in Arenas...
  11. Yeah, the Procoptodon is really anoying. Sometimes its even too hard to get the imprint option visible because of the movement or the animal inside the pouch is too small. Lots of trouble with that. Why isnt there an option on the Procoptodon itself to feed the animal inside the pouch directly? In the end its doable but its just a pain. Also the "remove from pouch" is anoying. You have to (occasionally?) click the option in the radial menu instead of just releasing your mouse when hoovering over it. I forget that a lot of times and I think its just stuck in the pouch... Other times its actually just stuck inside the pounch anyway... Tip for that: You can cryo the baby inside the pouch, but with bad luck you end up cryoing the Momma Procoptodon, only Rockwell knows what might happen to the baby inside the pouch when you make that mistake... Also, so many creatures that cant be picked up by it to have it in its pouch. I mean why?! Cant pick up a BABY Desmodus?! Why not? Well, Im a OG Ark player. I raised with 4hour imprint interval, while rates where 0.5 and no cryos excisted yet. I think I can live with it as of 2023, just without Maewing/Incubator... Just oldschool Conditioners and/or Otters/Dimetrodons. Though, Maybe they could add a map (Lost Island) sooner than Gen2. I dont really find the Maewing suitable for The Island. Maybe only if it will be a rare spawn... Besides that, the start of ASA could be giving a Back to Oldschool with Basics/Classics feeling/vibe that I think I wouldnt really be bothered by AT ALL... The new dlcs will come out for ASA soon enough... (Though it could make bases bigger than needed again and all, not sure if that would be a server problem issue for ASA servers) (Though I feel they should really add things like creature grab and lasso grab for example for PvE...)
  12. Im not so good with lore... But on SE it might just be immersion or mystery. The giant Giga like skeleton on Aberration might have some lore? But in general I think its just creating atmospere for the player and surroundings, no real logical explaination for it other that ...
  13. When was the release of the new flying Bug dino again? And didnt realize they are gonig to add more creatures... Are they going to add new animals to the game each time a new map is comming out? I think I want to add a creature to the next creature submission. A VERY CUTE shoulder pet that you can boost with "something". Maybe cuddling or feeding it random food like with imprinting, so it gains Affection. Similar mechanic as with the Noglin. Then the more it becomes affected, the more cute it becomes and it will give a taming effectiveness boost to nearby tames...
  14. Just Ko them when you see them, the lower south cave (and upper south cave) will more than likely have one in it. Look everywhere on the ceilings.
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