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  1. I feel like its not going to be a result of peoples own interests anymore. With 2 clear candidates its became kind of "I want the monkey, or the Carcha. They shouldnt have viewing results available, I think...
  2. Do keep in mind that your dinos consume a lot less food when not rendered and you logged in. So instead of just looking at how much food they still have, just let them be. Make sure your toon is logged out and your base is somewhat isolated so people arent constantly rendering your dinos. Also. High HP, High Food dinos dont just die if they run out of meat. They sloooowly starve, only when food reaches 0 they will start to die, slooooowly (Well not THAT slow but if your baby is at 40% and has some high hp, the starving proces might even take half an hour. Above that when creatures reach
  3. I missed out on this, didnt have enough time to put my own idea into the contest. Too bad... There are some neat ideas now, but some ideas are a little bit "copycats" also with whats already in the game, but not "attractive" enough. My idea was to work out a cute Koala that would fit and blend right in perfectly with the Lost Island map. A dino that would have thatch-related early game functions and end game functions like maybe giving it a "cuteness, omg i make such adorable wistles(roar) when in combat" bonus that will give the surrounding dinos a stat boost similar to the Imprint bon
  4. After lvl 100?! And already out of ideas? Try lvling after 130, thats when it starts to becomes a real pain. Just play more. Do the Purple drops during events and pop giga lvl 400+ to kill them and get the xp. With the baby giga killing, you can easily time a mass XP boost on it real good: Take a soup, note, and a toilet visit, during a good event = Massive XP If I'm right, 10 lvl 400 Giga babies, will give you, with all of those boosts during a 2x event: 2.611.056 XP THATS MORE THAN THE TOTAL XP YOU NEED TO GET LVL 100 !!!
  5. Well, I would like to vote for one of the candidates that are now clear for the players to vote for... Only problem is, for me, I still have no idea what I am actually going to be voting for! This because there are such a big load of ideas, abilities and typical characteristics quoted in every submission. What are the devs really going to be working on? Cant they submit their own early appearance and functional designs with the final voting? I would like to know this, before voting for something that seems awesome, but then get disapointed with the release...
  6. Doesnt make any sense at all... You are ignoring all shoulder pets for what reason? Besides that Im pretty sure someone else would have mentioned the fact that its abilities is allready covered by other dinos and even shoulder pets...
  7. Im not sure what my post was about. Im not sure about my opinion yet, because I dont know yet in what way the new animal will be implemented into the game by the devs... Why would you add a giant baboon, if its just about the fact that it looks like a moneky and can be ridden and can jump around a bit. There is nothing special about it. You can get the same feeling or at least close to it with Rock Drakes, Manas or Bloodstalker etc. Who the Dodo cares about adding this baboon if its just about the fact that it looks like a monkey. Its the final Dlc and all you add is a baboon. To me its m
  8. Besides that, I do think that only the fact you even mention the Rajang, you should not add this to the Ark, its creative adds should come from its own foundations. Not from other games. Though I am probably also looking at this other than you, because I think you need to look at the fact that the devs are "waiting". Adding something like "intel points" and working it out properly, will make the devs able to take any work with them to the new game Ark2. Making just another Ridable mount is cool and all. But pretty useless, you are gonig to get tired of it fast enough, and they worked f
  9. I have no idea what a Rajang is. So if you want to ride a Rajang, play whatever game it is from... But... I am misplacing my opinion I guess. Im not really oposing this idea, Im just telling you how I think it should be added to the game. Im doubtfull about wheter it should be ridable or not, because I think it should be on par with the Hyenadon, because... Nature-wise it is. (Group size terming agro and strength.) So for that reason it shouldnt be the Dinopithecus, but at least a Lost-Island variant... (species nameing) This dino is one of the best adds to the game to me actually But
  10. With reading all these comments... Even though Ark 1 is comming to an end. I think this creature would only add ALL the elements in the game ALL other creatures LACK !!! Its like adding all the abilities Arks wildlife should provide, and make your taming-pen big and diverce, but no now you only need to tame the Ceratosaurus. This is blasphemy. might as well add the Indonymus Rex as well. Also reading there should be more variants of this creature. Pfff. I know Ark has many really young players. But this doesnt mean you should let them guide the way for the creators of the game.
  11. I like the Special abilities that can be added to this ape, but I so hate the fact that you all want it to be ridable. Its the fact that monkeys are extremely agily creatures, but that makes it so, that carrying anything other than a (monkey) shoulder mount, like they carry babies around in RL, is not logical. Even when they are the biggest baboons ever, it still doesnt make any sense... The Dinopithecus should really have worked out the different strategies in combat. Group size determing wether wild ones flee, or combat different hostile encounters. Monkeys in Ark to me are about in
  12. I wish character development would have gotten some kind of uhm "designed development". I dont know how to properly express this because I've yet to come with practical function and explaination and all. But Im trying to talk about some kind of profile or toon profile that you could upload from Ark 1 and reload in Ark 2. If Ark 2 story could somehow or on some aspects allow or support such kind of a "tranfering in"... Maybe even allowing back and forth transfering. With that in mind, as "raw concept" it could be a unplanned last dlc, to link Ark1 with 2? Next to that... With reading
  13. Can you please make your text a little bit more readable by creating alineas, segments? Use capitals at new sentences... My god all those letter...
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