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  1. I do not know the facts. But I think its like this: They will spawn, but not as a reaction on the presence of your offline body. Since the area around you, where your body is is in stasis, nothing will happen. But when someone other than you, a player will get into that area, nameless will start to spawn as a reaction to that players presence. They will initially spawn to target him, but they will target your body as well, when they would be able to spot you if they can see the body. They will despawn also when the initial initiator left the area (the other player) Your body might be dest
  2. Common say it, say it, say its a 24 hour cooldown, so I dont have to
  3. I think your native language isnt English, right? Well, mine neither But I think I got it... Forever is maybe hard to say... But you can take dinos in cryo to Aberration, then transfer them back to a map where they are allowed. And deploy them. I made that mistake with a Therizino ones, didnt know they were not allowed at that moment. But I could just take it back to Island no problem. This is how I know it...
  4. I had an idea to set 2 of the gigantopicthecus with a featherlight on its shoulder at my reaper trap. So that the surrounding nameless wouldnt spawn. But somehow the Gigantopithecus is taking radiation damage when I mount it in the radiation zone. The odd part is that it does NOT take any damage when I do NOT mount it but are close to it. Only when I leave it and put it into stasis it will take the damage again. So I thought it had to do with me mounting it. Luckely I went back to check on them, else they would have died. Is this all intended? Why should the Gigantop
  5. AGAIN Genesis (650) kicking players... This time after 3 saves...
  6. Ok, today I decided to go and play on Genesis again for a chance... Well still getting kicked like every 3-4 server saves! How in the world is this still a thing? There where only like 3-4 people on so why does it have to kick players? I only get these kicks on Genesis so I doubt its somehow on my side... Am I the only one having this problem? If so, what can I do about it? Im am seriously mad because this kicking stops me playing Genesis, having to waste 10-15 minutes of time spend on missions then almost finishing them but... Oh sorry we had to kick you because WHATEVER... WE dont
  7. Maybe put your important stuff inside a box? Maybe dont leave pods in your inventory when you log off? Its a pretty common thing, that your offline body will ragdoll a bit and end up like that. I know it shouldnt be like that, but this is so known to a lot of players, that offline you just do not keep those valuable stuff on yourself... >>> Well, a really good sollution is laying down on a BED, so your bodies location is on that bed, and you wont ragdoll when you log off, but stay on that bed, even when offline. There is a glitch that makes you end up as a ghost when you log ba
  8. So... After losing all my rexes when finally attemping the arrival protocol mission for the first time... I would have to say that I probably wouldnt have won the first time I tried it and I didnt really expect myself to. It was just to get to feel the fight... So I got the beautiful sightnings of the glitches of the Ark. I didnt really put my focus on winning, but on seeing the glitches and problems I would have to look out for when I would go in there for the real thing. So I tried again, after recruiting my new volenteer Rexes: Before fight set-up, I think I count 11 sadd
  9. !!! IF !!! You lose your character on Valguero, you !! DO NOT !! log back on into Ragnarok... (or any other server) Why would you go back to Ragnarok if you had your character on Valguero. You did the one thing you SHOULD NOT do... Sorry to say, faults on your side mostly, dont make such dumb decisions...
  10. So.. Mainly a thing for PvE I guess, having a public starters base is something a lot of people want to make. But a lot of options are limited and a lot of things cant be used even after unlocking... So my idea is to have the possibility to stick/glue blueprints onto smithies or other crafting stations, so that they cant be taken by other people, but only eg by admins. Like a only read file. So that they can be crafted publicly, but cant be removed or stolen. I hope you all like this...
  11. Tried playing on Genesis 650 again. This time only 1 save without beiing kicked. Second save, what do you think. Got kicked and lost 20 rexes...
  12. Still getting kicked during server saves on Genesis 650 every few times.. Cant do long missions (arrival protocol) without risking dino loses. I dont want to play with that feeling, I just want to play on Genesis without having to worry about this damn thing forever... When is this going to stop?
  13. Just had this happen to my otter also. It was in the pouch and went to gather some fish when the message "Your baby otter was killed by" popped up. Lost another otter 2 days ago because the server crashed and I didnt log back in at he right time, so it starved... I had this glitch happen before A LOT, and I mean A LOT ! But that was over a year ago, so also with the unnoticable "Lowered food Consumption" I stopped using this bugged Procoptodon feature completely ! Guaranteed you are going to lose it one way or another, when putting it in the pouch! There is also a bug that wont let you remove
  14. Cannot tranfer out of my server onto another server. I can open the obelisk, search for servers, and a server list will show up, but the "Join with survivor" button is not usable... This unusable button makes me unable to transfer. -> ARKData dowload Disabled So also my server has it now disabled... (343, EU PVE island) Good thing I went to this server yesterday, last thing I did online, else my infants would have died...
  15. Posted on Reddit: I stumbled on this old post on Reddit, It always was an idea of mine also, but because someone posted it way before I did, Im going to give the credit to the poster of that idea. I am really in favour of this being added to the game. Though the bodybagging in many cases could give you a better idea what is really going on with a player. A fake-death, maybe AND/or a fake consiousness key could add a bit of dynamics to at least early gameplay. Maybe even for end game-gameplay when also triggering wild-life action-reactions. When devs would implement such a feat/
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