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  1. in previous years turkeys spawned where dodos spawns so they probably be there if they arrive
  2. those limits are generally fixed values that cant be changed
  3. if its on official make a report and the GMs will look into player spawn blocking they can actually see the players when in spectator mode
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/streaming/#anywhere this one should be able to work anywhere at least to their promo
  5. could use steam remote https://store.steampowered.com/streaming/
  6. If you need to get knocked out to enter a spot (using a exploit) then yes it will count as meshing
  7. since this bug was fixed almost the same day it came out its on your admin to update his servers
  8. you need to have both a keyboard and mouse plugged in. Then load an ark game (server or singleplayer) then press the options button there should be a new field at the button called enable mouse & keyboard after that you dont need to do it again as ark will work with mouse and keyboard from then on even in menus
  9. Not good. We put a ticket in saying someone is orp and we protect with velons so they can't get back while you deal with it. You came online and dev wiped us instead last night. Have all proof too. Not happy people today. 

  10. if you have a level override on your server you will need to add aditionally 30 levels over the normal reachable ones for ascention purposes. this is cause you can get 15 levels from island and 15 from aberration after you applied these changes you may need to mindwipe your char
  11. Wont let me respond on the post but we use classic flyers not sure on anything else 

  12. I have been seeing these weird textures in Ragnarok. Any way to fix it? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168838431/screenshot/865110015588823109

    1. genie45


      what settings are you playing on ? 

      also looks like some stuff on our end that should be resolved soon

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