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  1. Ice Queen Is Broken

    thanks for that find
  2. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    what settings are you using and what time is it and could you please follow the instructions on the first post so i can find that area
  3. loot crate bug/glitch ps4

    go to your singleplayer and drag out every single item and dino in the obelisks that should fix your problem
  4. 1000000s of Wyverns and heres a overall list of a lot more
  5. rag giga spawns wierd

    wrong gigas are in an seperate spawngroup with just them self ...
  6. Ice cave Boss fight

    No It's simply a mob you need to kill to get the artifact and the loot drops
  7. Ragnarok Update

    this post should give you the information you need
  8. Ragnarok FAQ

    lightning will still be something badass
  9. PS4 Ragnarok Desert

    as you prpbably not read this post here go check it out and you will knw the same as everyone else
  10. 1000000s of Wyverns

    this mod in particular is known to cause issues with overspawn of flyers .... you might wan to use the totem the mod offers to control this issue or switch to to a working flyer speed mod
  11. Wont let me respond on the post but we use classic flyers not sure on anything else 

  12. 1000000s of Wyverns

    so you guys are using any dino mods like classic flyers ?
  13. Ragnarok FAQ

    all caves have 6x damage full release is still planned for the end of year the jerboa will warn you, yes weather effects will be region based but some will be global
  14. Crevice in New Desert Area

    most parts should be buildable soon something messed the volumes down there up
  15. Volcano No Longer Erupting

    there is sound and visual effects going on should be enough visual effects = geysirs get active a bit before and the smoke gets bigger