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  1. ingame map completion?

    i mean technicly there is not much more there then what you see on the map
  2. Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    k thx could you try and set the skyquality to highest on the slider and see if it still happens?
  3. Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    to A) maybe some will come but currently it looks not like it B) something that is defintly planned but is currently not possible as wildcard needs to add a new way to add those notes C) there are more then enough spinos on the map D) all weather in ark is the same "clockward" system also the fog seems to be a mystery for some of us as i never seen it ingame and cant get it to come over me (would be cool if you could provide some info of what settings youa re running on and startcommands you are using)
  4. PS4 Ragnarok Desert

  5. No collision pillar

    thank you for this find
  6. Castle bats

    only tamable bats are in the carni caverns all other spawns are considered cave spawns and not tameable
  7. When Ragnarok will be complete on PS4?

    thats cause wildcard has not announced a release date for the consoles
  8. Alpha Deathworm in Icecave

    there is currently a spawn bug in the icedungeon (on PC DLC) which is already resolved in the beta build and should be out soonish
  9. [Dedicated Server] Wrong Difficulty Offset?

    perform a wilddinowipe as only killing dinos wont help the server needs to really respawn all wild dinos
  10. its fixed on the beta and will be fixed on the dlc soon
  11. Kudos on the weather effects!

    unfortanly is the weather stuff you are suggesting completly up to wildcard as its mostly how stuff is rendered
  12. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    this thing is long fixed for the pc folks unfortanly you console guys are missing a big bunch of fixes including this one
  13. Snow forest missing snow in some parts

    thanks will chek it out
  14. Spawn level problem Edit: SW Islands only apparently

    sry no idea but it lloks like somewhere in januar maybe together with the console update currently we try to get all bugs fixed and then gettinga big update out so keep reporting