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  1. genie45

    Spawn entries map?

    you can simply use the https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok) to check where a specific spawn group will spawn stuff select a dino you know is part of it and then enable the full spawn group details which will show the name of that group and the details of how many dinos will spawn there
  2. genie45

    [Official Server] How do I stop beard growth?

    turn the slider for facial hair length (its somewhere in the tab where you can select the beard styles too) all down and you won't get a beard any longer
  3. genie45

    Alpha Rex & Alpha Deathworms do not spawn.

    leeds do not spaw on rag the only alpha deathworm is the icequeen and alpha rexes are just very rare ... did you try a wilddinowipe to refresh the spawners
  4. genie45

    A question for ark devs...

    Assuming we get 2 more levels till extinction drops (which it looks like currently ) we will end up with 150 max level chars which is a nice number instead of 145 as it would have been otherwise might suggest taht we need to learna lot of engrams to survive on extinction but who knows
  5. genie45

    In game map

    no ETA on that
  6. sounds like you have a dino / flyer mod that doesnt play nice with ragnarok ... you may need to check on the modpage if there is a fix for the issue
  7. genie45

    Mutliple Unicorns on Rag setting "disappeared"

    honestly i don't know
  8. make sure your OverrideOfficialDifficulty = 5.0 and DifficultyOffset = 1.0 and dino wipe after that for more info check this: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty
  9. genie45

    Will Ragnarok get Aberration engrams?

    there will be no expansion on Ragnarok only bugfixes as the map is already too big to run optimal
  10. genie45

    Ark Ragnarok188 Texture bug user

    you need to provide these informations on the incident report pag: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/incident-reports/
  11. genie45

    Volcano warning before eruption

    Ragnarok Devs were never really active here but i will put it on the list
  12. genie45

    Ice cave Rag

    did you try to get through the barrier cause i know that there is a visual bug where the barrier is down but it looks like it is still up
  13. im not completly sure what effects you are describing here for refernces i made some gifs that show how it looks for me Sandstorm/windstorm: outside of desert: https://i.imgur.com/TmbBqPU.gifv in desert: https://i.imgur.com/uEqfwLt.gifv with glider suit : https://i.imgur.com/gcV3PuS.gifv electricalstorm aka lightningstorms: https://i.imgur.com/uEgCRem.gifv could you tell me if you can see the problem in one of these and if not maybe make a short video showing the issue
  14. genie45

    The final 1%

    there were plans to make own explorer notes but they got scraped ... and yes dave and jackson are working on Extinction too as they are level Designer at Wildcard now and in their free time (so mostly on weekends) they work on a new mod map
  15. genie45


    it seems like the last updates of ark broke some stuff as i see more reports coming for the boss battle ... will put it on the list and hope dave can figure it out