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  1. The snail would’ve been amazing, I wanted either that or the giant octopus to make it
  2. Imo ark is lacking in useful arthropods. We’ve got scores of useful mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, but the only arthropods of any notability that come to mind are the arthro, mantis, and karkinos, so it would be nice to get some more with utility beyond being trophy tames
  3. lmao you're trusting dododex for your info? the website that (wildly incorrectly) models the time taken to tame a 150 stryder as 4 minutes when everyone who's tamed them knows it can be well upwards of an hour and also incorrectly states the best taming effectiveness as 91.1% when every stryder can reach a perfect 100. Enough ranting about dododex tho, you're here about extra life. I was there at the very end of it and yeah, it didn't end exactly on the hour, the rates definitely kept going AFTER it was supposed to end meaning you actually got an extra 15-20 minutes of 12x. be grateful you get anything at all every November
  4. you've clearly missed the point. Tek structures, which are the longest lasting base building structure have a demolish timer of 20 days. Tek dedicated storages however last 80 days. if they didn't reset in 20 for their tek base then they probably aren't coming back for their dedis. they should probably be reduced down to 20 or 30 days at the most imo
  5. the reason they don't remove tether is because it's just a limit of consoles. they tried it once and whenever one player got too far from the host the terrain and dinos would start glitching out and playing the game normally became impossible, if it really bothers you host a dedicated server, or play on an official/nitrado server, PvE ones exist if you dont want to be raided Hope this helps, Spider
  6. First off, if you farmed metal why are you using creative mode and why are you destroying dedis if you want access to the materials inside? it's a simple fix on your part to just take the metal out and move it elsewhere before destroying it
  7. Yes, you’ll be able to transfer characters, just not anything else for a few months
  8. There are two in game solutions I can think of; 1: when trying to tame a dino, just knock it out, then use cheat dotame. This allows you to go through the work of knocking out a dino (the only fun part of taming anyway) and dotame tames it but you still need a saddle to ride. 2. The other solution is to put troughs down and fill those up to keep everything topped up. You can also use trek troughs and edit spoil timers to prevent all the food from decomposing. All it takes to fill them up is a small amount of time and a few admin commands hope this helps?
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