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  1. I stick with my suggestion. No one ever said you had to like it. Having to stop to force feed something vs having it set to auto eat while on the go.
  2. A must have option it’s so hard to find a drop as a new player sometimes they just dnt spawn and when they do you die before you can access them.
  3. Allow tame to instantly consume food when injured Toggle option to Allow tame to instantly consume food when injured.
  4. Maturation to x2 weekend events. Permanently Add maturation to the x2 weekend events.
  5. At maturation to the weekend x2 event. At x2 maturation to the weekend x2 event.
  6. Once a month allow us to do boss battles without trophies. Once a month allow us to do boss battles without trophies. Would give small time solo players such as me a chance at doing boss runs.
  7. Wyvern tlc Would like to see an over haul of the wyverns males should look different than females. They should be able to swoop like the snow owl or griffin. Each species should have a different set of abilities. fire: should have a more brute build where you can see the red glow through its abdomen. Abilities: stand up punch, fire breath, wing push back. Hit the ground cause an earth quake. Lightning: should have a sleek build be able to see the electricity spark off its fins. abilities: double claw chance of bleed effect, charge up lightning breath, barrel roll Each of these should also have their own characteristics. poison: ice: (new) water: All wyverns would be able to lay eggs as long as they mate in there specific biom.
  8. Really could of gave us a bit more than just a fragmented picture. Show us some new mechanics being released. Or how the map is starting to look
  9. Better food items Different variety of meat from different Tames. Used in better food crafting. Example have food for your tames that will give a x2 x3 x4 buff to maturation, breeding, amongst other things the better the multiplier the better the mats needed. Be able to increase a butcher/ harvest skill to harvest different kinds of skins, scales, plates, bones, teeth, claws, flame poison ice lighting water sacs to makes better armor, tools and weapons. Lastly armor stands and weapon stands.
  10. S+ fence support walls won’t snap into lower section S+ fence support creates a gap on the bottom because the walls can’t clip into the ground on official. Can some one from wild card fix this or can someone give me a work around thanks.
  11. New permanent servers with new rules. Idea #1 everyone starts with a safe zone flag in there inventory when it is placed down it creates a rather large area of pve land. Anything built in this can not be attacked by another player. Outside the safe zone it’s open world pvp.
  12. Can we get 2x maturation aswell
  13. Pipe oil/gas to torches I enjoy building in ark would be nice to have a way to pipe a fuel source like gas to torches to keep the torch light look and feel throughout my base. Without the very time consuming process of refilling all the torches.
  14. Looks like a chicken hawk. Also probably a raptor that can jump and glide like a chocobo
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