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  1. Anybody else having high ping Xbox official in arctic I seem to be crashing every 30 min around the frozen lake.
  2. Allow flyers in ocean biom I understand the point of no flyers in genesis but having them in the ocean biom wouldn’t ruin the game they would actually make sense with all the high rock faces.
  3. i don’t know why we cant transfer from legacy to official most things on official are so mutated and x amount of generations of tames have emerged things have become rather easy. So what does legacy have that we don’t have now.
  4. Yes please let’s get separate pvp/ pve changes going into the new year. Also I’m on the fence with the flyer nerf I agree we shouldn’t be able to point into speed but we should be able to train our flyers to fly faster in someway so we all dnt have to have a wyvern because we are traveling large distances. Would love for someway to increase my flyers speed that will make it more valuable either roll of the dice through imprinting or genetic mutations.
  5. Blackmage2015

    Hair grow

    Hair grow Allow survivors to slow down how fast our characters hair grows it’s way to fast.
  6. I’m looking forward to getting some armor stands and weapon racks for my house let’s make that happen.
  7. Armor stands and weapon racks Would love to have armor stands and weapon racks in my PVE house
  8. Pve Flag that alter timers. I enjoy building In ark and having different timers on everything limits my creativity on official servers. Being able to create a flag out of stone and now everything in that flag radius is 12 days gets rid of the need to log on every 4 days because my thatch structures are going to decay. Or make a flag out of TEK now everything in that flag radius decays after 35 days. flags will not replace the way things are currently claimed or timed. flags will only alter the timer of things in their radius. Flags will only be a pve item you can only use flags that you craft. tek tier flags will be craftable at a rather high level due to the long 35 day timer of tek. you will only be able to place a limited amount of flags. this is just meant as a better tool to enhance the play experience of builders and other players that could benefit from this. it could be adapted to completely overhaul how we claim land but that’s not what I’m here for. This is a tool meant for PVE players
  9. Blackmage2015

    Z seeds

    Z seeds A PVE change I would like to see. Would like for Domesticated z plants to produce 1 z seed every 24 hours. Giving me a way to obtain them and still play the game instead of standing in one spot for hours.
  10. Gacha “toggle” consume food The gacha would make a great auto storage for dropped items like poop, eggs, z seeds. If only their was a way to stop it from eating everything.
  11. I stick with my suggestion. No one ever said you had to like it. Having to stop to force feed something vs having it set to auto eat while on the go.
  12. A must have option it’s so hard to find a drop as a new player sometimes they just dnt spawn and when they do you die before you can access them.
  13. Allow tame to instantly consume food when injured Toggle option to Allow tame to instantly consume food when injured.
  14. Maturation to x2 weekend events. Permanently Add maturation to the x2 weekend events.
  15. At maturation to the weekend x2 event. At x2 maturation to the weekend x2 event.
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