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  1. real nice wildcard real nice (facepalm)
  2. where in your description do you see bad hit detection?
  3. if you get grabbed use a grappling hook to damage the skiff use a good fabricated sniper rifle or a tek railgun it can shoot through structures or a tek rifle skiff is ez kill. hope it helps.
  4. disable its movement for a short time maybe?
  5. to bad the devs don't look in Game Suggestions.
  6. Two ideas i have... so the first idea I have 1. the magmasaurs smelting ability as a keybind so I don't have to get off when the volcano is erupting. 2. being able to access other inventory/storage with a bloodstalker on. two of my quality of life for me and my tribe and im sharing this to see what the community thanks.
  7. tek saddle or a skeletal skin or a bionic skin...maybe? also I love spino to.
  8. genesis devkit release. when will wildcard release the genesis devkit? asking for a friend.
  9. max dura tek suits is 1500 not a big deal.
  10. I brought up the same thing and I put it in bug report long ago...
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