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  1. i personally don't recommend playing on official pvp. but what is this about the Ferox?
  2. "cough" 7 days to die "cough"......mod idea?
  3. you tek people can stay behind its time for the primitives to rise up! and on a more serious note tek has ruined pvp for me so i for one welcome primitive playstyle and who knows it way make the game more challenging and put survival back in to the game.
  4. DeliaHaze20

    ARK 2!

    did you say ark 2?
  5. it's not the best game i have played ever played. i play pvp and its pretty bad.
  6. yes you can just don't bring anything with you.
  7. going to need more info. like what tribe you are in. how many active members you have. and the game mode. and what platform you play on
  8. a skin for the spino it need cosmetic love skeletal tek zombie i dont care i need a skin for him
  9. have you ever played pvp before? a general not trying to be rude.
  10. a little creepy but its ok... and RIP void Wyvern my fav gen 2 tame.
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