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  1. i am not sure what your talking about the magmasaur killing turtles but it needs a range increase because 20 foundation range is stupid and its supposed to be artillery also its a pain in the butt to raise.
  2. im kinda disappinted only 4 new creatures and none of them will change the meta
  3. you misunderstood make it like wyvern milk so i stops needing ambergris at 25 maturation.
  4. make it so ambergris is a baby food for the magmasaur it is impossible to raise it solo!
  5. the shotguns range is render range
  6. yup the skies are no longer safe. i hope wildcard know what there doing.
  7. also you cant fit the magmasaur in the tek cave
  8. i will try it on my single player and let you know how it goes.
  9. i had a 133 armor saddle and i know damage calculation enough to now the mana only does 1 to 2 damage a second with a good armour saddle i tested it on default single player and on official with my 30khp magma with a 133 armor saddle a (friend helped me) that is how i know a magma can kill a mana trust me. also the mama only does 0 damage at longer ranges
  10. my magmasaur cant fire his fireball in caves on center plz fix soon...
  11. i forgot to add one more thing its supposed to be a artillery dino but its range is a terrible 20 foundations it need to be higher.
  12. yes thank you!!!! also with a good saddle the magma can kill a mama easy the mamas breath only does like 1 to 2 damage (close range) a second and on abb its super powerfull.
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