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  1. you better be joking because this is the worst hot take i have ever seen to date.
  2. ARK 2 is going to have mod support for consoles
  3. oh boy here we go....
  4. lol it is game of the year for 2022 if you cant play it yet everyone else can....stick to ark 1 i guess XD
  5. the ship along with the rockwell ring are gone exploded the eden ring is the only thing left.
  6. i don't know if there is any pvpers in here but the word BOB stands for build on beach.
  7. More world bosses, less arena bosses in Ark 2:I think it would be amazing to have these massive dinosaurs and or boss creatures either summoned through tribute or just wandering around the world and you and your buds and allies or the whole server gets to together and tries to raid this thing like its a World of Warcraft Raid. The devs claim there will be Challenges and maybe that can be a challenge objective. I think that would be very fun. But make sure that the raid dino can't just one shot an entire army of dinosaurs in a single swing (*cough* King Titan *cough*) Do you agree?) world boss's are not a bad idea not my thing but its whatever. Less restrictions towards end game content in Ark 2:I understand Wildcard wants to make something challenging but outright not allowing certain types of gear into the end game content is not the way to go about it (Such as no flyers in caves, cant use grapple hook in tek cave or arena, cant use certain dinos to fight a boss) I think if given enough time and thought into how to make something difficult without restricitng the player would be very possible and alot more fun. Do you agree?) no i don't its in the game for a good reason so you don't cheese stuff if you ever made a game you would understand. Raidable PvE Bases in Ark 2:I think the idea in Ark 1's pvp in raiding other peoples bases is fun and can be thrilling that no other game can give you, but its extremely messed up and mentally damaging for someone to put months of hard work just to have it be erased in a few hours or less. I think having those humanoid creatures we saw in the trailer (whom WC Confirmed that they will have their own tames) having random generated bases that PvE Players can raid would be very fun. While it wont be as thrilling as raiding a PvP base, it'll still be an additional fun thing to do to use resources such as C4 or pvp structure destroying dinosaurs on for us PvE Players (And to solve the issue of people not destroying a base all the way so it doesn't decay. Simply add a 2 day decay timer to that base once a single structure from it has been destroyed.) Do you agree?) if you can't handle pvp than don't play it its that simple and for the our suggestion if it was that simple WC would have done it by now. Build Ark 2 on PvE:Now hold on don't get riled up yet, hear me out. I think its fair that Ark 2 gets to be built for PvE since Ark 1 is still to this day built on PvP. What i mean by this is make dino nerfs and balance changes based on the PvE mode of the survival game. I am not saying to get rid of PvP entirely (though I wish they would). I am saying that I believe its the PvE Players turn to have an Ark where its completely meant to survive against the environment and not players. You can still have the PvP mode. Just treat the pvp players the way you treated us PvE players in Ark 1. which again was making dino nerfs and or buffs completely based on PvP complaints and or demands. Do you agree?) and for the last time ark 1 was not built on pvp get that out of your head. and if pve players get to say what balance changes happens then ark 2 would be incredibly unbalanced people are using equipment and dinos for fighting there is going to be balance changes whether you like them or not and saying you don't want to have pvp in ark 2 is *silly* all because you don't like pvp does not mean people don't want it that's selfish. A Land claim block similar to 7 days to die:Now I know its outright unreasonable to compare games to other games, but sometimes a different game has a really good idea and I don't think theres anything wrong with replicating that idea. So in 7 days to die theres a land claim block that you can make, and it has a radius that prevents players from building within your area. I think this is an amazing solution to prevent people from overloading servers by placing quite possibly 100s of pillars. Now yes people will absolutely abuse the day lights out of this mechanic, but its up to Wildcard to figure out how to make it so people dont torture other players with it or exploit it so it ruins it for everyone. And even if they couldnt figure out how to prevent exploits, I still think its a better solution than the server needing to process 100 structures that aren't being used for their original intended purpose. Do you agree?) no land claim it will be very mush exploited its possible but hard to keep it balanced . Better Inventory Management and Weight System: The weight system in Ark 1 is by far one of the worst weight systems I've ever seen. I'm sorry if this is a controversal stance to take on but its true, I don't think anyone will disagree that its very very stupid that you can have 300 Weight but can only effectively carry 260 weight. Putting 30 points into weight just to have essentially 4 points missing is very unreasonable. Do you agree?) debatable/don't care. I also wanna touch on inventory management, in most survival craft games you spend alot of time looking in your storage boxes putting stuff away and slightly less time taking stuff out. I think an amazing quality of life change would to implement a feature that allows you to remotely store and pull items from your inventory into a selected storage unit in an efficient manner so you spend less time looking at storage and more time for actual gameplay. Do you agree? ) literally a mod but a tek item can fix that. Stacking System Rework: Single stacked items are absolutely one of the most annoying things to deal with in Ark 1 when it comes to common resources such as prime meat, mutton, things like that. I understand these are items that give you a massive advantage in obtaining the dinosaurs, but so much of that meat gets wasted unless you own a cattle to breed prime meat and or mutton (which takes a very long time on standard rates). I think having all kinds of resources stack no matter how much it gives the player an advantage would be a far better quality of life change I know for a fact people would agree on, but I will ask anyway cause many people have different opinions: Do you agree?) debatable/don't care. A better and more detailed map system: While I think it is a nice visual that your character pulls out a mapbook, its very lacking in actual detail with the only information being where you are. and sometimes your glove armor can clip through the map such as Ghillie and Fur. I think having an optional minimap would be an awesome addition for Ark 2 with more map detail and maybe information on dinosaurs. Do you agree?) i personally don't want a minimap it takes away important elements. Heres some last minute general suggestions i'd like to see: Singleplayer functions as efficiently as an open server. A player hosting system that is simple and easy to join without the need of tethering (in other words. I should be able to simply select a multiplayer game thats private to the public and have my friends join without them getting kicked multiple times. If valheim and 7 days to die can do it then I bet you guys can too). Have an actual boat crafting system where I can build a legit boat instead of a raft, and a metal raft that goes slightly faster and uses gas. (Note I understand the sea animals are kinda like boats in a sense. But having legit boats with open space to run around in while sailing would be awesome no?) Do you agree with these?) debatable/don't care overall some of the suggestions are......not great you have to think about what some of the suggestions will do to the game all because you want it some people don't.
  8. i rather fight someone using ESP then aimbot in ark 1 but ark 2 is going to focus more on melee combat but with a cheat client who knows what they can do.
  9. that is useless and ark 1 is getting a "REMASTER" so ark 1 will not die man this community makes no sense to me why don't people like starting over? its a fresh new game? that makes zero sense like was ark 1 really that hard to the point were you want to keep you character and dinos? it blow my mind. man what am a doing this is a pointless debate anyway.
  10. that is pointless and redundant plus ark 1 is getting a remaster so just mod the ark 2 dinos in the game ez. there does not need to be a connection like that its is useless.
  11. its not important at all ark 2 is going to be a fresh experience people are just scared of losing virtual dinos which is a little sad. people need to learn to give it up for a fresh start you don't need your dinos its just a game. i don't even know why someone would make a forum for this.
  12. 2060 after the apocalypse
  13. i know the giga is terrible at traversing that is why i said the carchar is better also there is a trick you can do with the carchar to get full 100
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