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  1. i think they patched kicking player off their mounts with its breath attack and you can not keep a player stunned
  2. this forum is for pvp only ok so i will get in to it i cant find a singe pvp scenario where this is useful im going to be talking about its breath attack because that is what is useful on a wyvern it is the most useless attack i have ever see on a wyvern it stunts you for like a second and does little to no damage which asks why is it so hard to get if it cant stand it own in a fight? so WC can we get some kind of buff to it breath attack? and now that the astrodelphis is a thing why use a wyvern any more? this is just some of my thoughts on it... so what are
  3. im at the point where i dont want to play anymore it is just not worth the pain... it pretty clear Wild card dont know what they are doing
  4. i just cant find a good use for them the astrocetus just sucks so bad at everything how the hell is this being compared to a titanosaur?
  5. have you tried playing unofficial? it may be you best bet
  6. bro it a freaking tek wyvern like what? and watch the dlc is going to be more broken then extinction in pvp the creatures already not looking promising and is that the best they can come up with? a tek wyvern? oh sorry a wyrm.
  7. its a good idea but bad execution coming from wild card im not surprise funny to on how modders do it better then the devs how pathetic!
  8. plus isn't it wild cards decision to make it official
  9. last thing i heard Nekatus does not wont it to be official... so good luck with that
  10. my fav is the Mamgmasaur and the spino my fav mod dino is the Acrocanthosaurus from ark additions
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