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  1. @Mai@Cowgirl Well you learn something every day, I was sure that I had done both of those things in the past and they didn't affect mating. Thank you to the two of you for showing me new knowledge about something I thought I already knew.
  2. That prevents them from moving but it doesn't prevent them from breeding. The OP was asking about breeding.
  3. Even if they're on Follow they can still breed if they're set to Wander, Follow doesn't prevent breeding.
  4. Some people want to actually play the game, not just use admin commands to pretend to play the game.
  5. We feel your pain, this is an old, old problem in ARK (it's been happening since the very beginning). The only way to be sure that this won't happen is to remove all of your stuff from your character when you log off.
  6. Are you in a building or cave that's too small for the reaper? Dino's can't be removed from a pod if the area isn't big/tall enough for them. Alternatively, even if there's room, are you in one of the game locations that doesn't allow reapers to be used?
  7. Keeping up with the current content/expansion in order to be competitive is not P2W, that's a silly argument.
  8. Are you trying to join a server that is running the mod? Just installing it for yourself doesn't do anything, the server also has to be running the mod for it to work.
  9. It depends on whether you're someone who "needs" to play games on Ultra settings with 90+ frame rate, or if you're going to play PvP which means you would need the maximum frame rate possible. I'm running it on an 11+ year old PC with a Core I7-9300 quad core CPU, 2-3 year old Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super with an 8 year old SSD and it runs just fine for me. Obviously I don't run it on Ultra settings but the settings are plenty good enough for me to enjoy the graphics of the game and to have a good enough frame rate that it's enjoyable. Even during busy, ferocious fights my frame rate sta
  10. Make extra characters, only transfer characters between servers when you absolutely have to. You might get lucky (like Piffguru above has been lucky) but transferring between servers is always a gamble. It's a low risk gamble that almost always works, but it only takes one failed attempt at transferring and suddenly a whole lot of your time has been wasted for no good reason. You always want at least two good characters that can send stuff back & forth between servers.
  11. What platform are you on, I've never heard of buying engram points.
  12. I have no idea where nooblets base location is, but from your description it sounds like you were in the central dome over the city, as opposed to one of the smaller domes covering the individual biomes. The reason I was asking about coordinates is that near the edges of the domes, where they slope down sharply as they are coming down to meet the ground, it's easy to think that you're inside the dome when you're not. When I was playing on Extinction we had a couple of people get killed in spots that felt like they were inside the dome but, upon further examination, we figured out were sli
  13. Which sanctuary, what coords? Were you flying at the time? If so there's a very good chance that you accidentally flew above the level of the dome to get hit. There isn't "supposed to be" a shield, there is a shield. Having said that it could either be a small mistake on your part or it might have actually been a glitch with an individual meteor, but being in the wrong place by accident is a more likely explanation.
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