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  1. As you've doubtless already discovered, higher level dinos are more risky and take more resources. Something that makes this all much easier (just in case you don't use them already) is to construct taming pens. Find an area where the species (or specieses?) that you want to tame spawn and then build a pen that's just large enough for them to fit into. Smaller animals (like doed's and anky's) will fit into a 1x2 pen (and maybe even a 1x1), and you work your way up from there. There are a variety of highly customized taming pen designs for some of the more esoteric creatures in ARK, but for The Island you can just start with a basic square type pen with some doorways on the bottom level and ramps that you can use to get stuff to chase you into the pen. You run out the doorway on the other side and can knock them out at your comfort & leisure. There are also some good videos for how to build taming pens on a raft, which lets you go on the road and tame anything near a shoreline or rivers. I can be pretty satisfying to park your taming raft in a good location and tame anything good nearby, put them in crypods and sail back to your base with your newfound tames.
  2. Best Creature... best creature. Hmm.... Vin Diesel?
  3. I'm with Grumpy, if you're on Official servers you want to master the art of building with pillars & ceilings. Foundations on Official servers simply don't work the way players want them to.
  4. Usually this means that you placed a container (fridge, storage box, vault, etc) so that it is pushed too far into the terrain mesh, or the game accidentally allowed it to overlap some other object (like placing it too close to a smithy or refrigerator so that the two object overlap). Pick up the fridge and place it a little bit further away from any terrain or objects that it's touching. This happens on my server a lot because we have collision turned off. Even though the game lets us place things so that they overlap, because collision is turned off, the containers will still sometimes be "blocked" like you're describing and we have to move them farther apart.
  5. If you're playing single-player or a non-dedicated server, then Grumpy gave the solution. If you're playing on a dedicated server you need this entry in your Game.ini file. bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true
  6. There two different answers to this question: 1) How do things "look" from your character's perspective. 2) How do you make this possible with the server you've rented. First, the character perspective. You go to one of the three gigantic obelisks on the map (red, blue, green) and you upload your charater and/or supplies and/or animals into the oblisk, then you swap to a different map and download your characters & stuff to the new map. This is something that people do constantly on the Official servers to move from map-to-map. Side note: Technically you can do this at any drop that's coming down from the sky, but since the drops are temporary you have to know exactly what you're doing if you use a drop, it's easier and possibly safer to use an obelisk. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Obelisk Second, from your perspective as the server administrator: You have to run two different "instances" (copies) of the game on the server, with each instance running a different map and each instance/map has to be configured to be in the same cluster. How exactly you create two instances and configure them to be in the same cluster will depend on which hosting service you use. I do this on a machine that I have direct control over, so I start all of my server instances myself, running directly on the hardware that my friend owns. Since you're running on a rented server I'm guessing you won't have to write out the full script that runs your server, instead they probably have fields that you type things into and they build the script for you. Even though your administrator panel where you set up your servers will look different from what I do, I'm going to show you a part of what my startup scripts look like, to help you understand a couple of concepts. ExecStart=/arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer TheIsland?listen?SessionName=PipinghotsTheIsland?ServerPassword=<notgoingtotellyouguys>?AltSaveDirectoryName=Island?MultiHome= -NoTransferFromFiltering -server -log -clusterid=Pipinghots_Cluster ExecStart=/arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer ScorchedEarth_P?listen?SessionName=PipinghotsScorchedEarth?ServerPassword=<notgoingtotellyouguys>?AltSaveDirectoryName=Scorched?MultiHome= -NoTransferFromFiltering -server -log -clusterid=Pipinghots_Cluster A few things to notice here: * the ?listen name is different for each map, it is a mandatory name that WC decided on when they published each map. With a wrong name the server simply won't run the map, or any map at all, it must be exactly the right name. For every single person who runs a copy of TheIsland on a server it looks like "TheIsland?listen" and for every single person who runs a copy of Scorched Earth it looks like "ScorchedEarth_P?listen". * the "?AltSaveDirectoryName=" is technically optional, but I can't stress strongly enough how important it is to use one. If you don't use a different ?AltSaveDirectoryName= for each map your save directory is going to be a nightmare. Troubleshooting any problems with characters on your cluster would give you heart problems. * The "-clusterid=" must be the same for every server/map that you run. You choose the name, but use the same name every time. This specific setting is what allows your characters to move back and forth between different maps. If you don't put all of your servers/maps into the same cluster then your characters can't go anywhere. * Each server/map has to have a unique ?Port= and a unique ?QueryPort= For your reference: https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Server_configuration Having said all this, I strongly suspect that you'll need to rent more than one ARK server from your hosting service and run a different map on each server. Since I have access to my friend's physical server, I can run as many copies of ARK as I want to and they'll all run on this server. But hosting services typically rent a virtual server for each map that you want to run simultaneously. So if you want to run The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth all at the same time you'll probably have to rent three virtual servers at the same time and configure them to all be in the same cluster. But again, I don't run mine on a hosting service so I might be wrong, they might let you run multiple maps on a single rented server, you'd just have to understand that each map uses a fair amount of CPU and memory, so it would need to be a pretty strong server to have good performance with multiple maps running at once. Yes, as long as they're all in the same cluster. Going back to my own setup as an example, I have configurations set up for multiple servers, but I never run more than two at a time (this is because, as I mentioned earlier, each copy of the ARK server running a map uses up some computer resources and my friend doesn't me running more than two instances at the same time on his server). The most convenient way to do things would be to have a copy of every map running all the time so you can just hop to or from any map you want, but that would cost you a fair bit renting multiple ARK instances when you're only using one or two at a time. You're going to need to talk to your hosting service and find out what it would cost to run each instance/map and then decide on how many maps you want to keep running at one time. You can probably see that this is what keeps a lot of people playing on the Official servers. Being able to jump on to any map, or even multiple different copies of same map in a single day if you're on the hunt for something specific, can be pretty convenient but when you're running your own servers this convenience comes at a cost. Whoops, I overlooked this name before I started answering. I'm not familiar with HostHavoc, but hopefully I've given you enough information that you can understand what you're asking for if you decide to contact their customer support. There is another option you can think about, doing one map at a time, in the order they were released. This is what my friends & I are doing and here's why... Each map in ARK has it's own unique feel & flavor. As WC released each new map they added new engrams into the game, they added new dinos, and in a couple of cases added new biomes, the mixture of biomes and the species that are native to that map make it different and more interesting to play. If you teleport to The Center and explore it using high level animals you've tamed on The Island you'll already be over powered for most of the challenges on the map. If you think of each map as being a new and different character in the ARK saga, you won't get to know those characters as well if you already have a powerful herd of dinos and high level characters when you go to each map. If your goal is to "beat" each map as efficiently as possible then by all means jump onto each map with high level characters and the highest level dinos you can. But if you want to get acquainted with, explore, experience and enjoy the unique character and nuances of each new map, then I recommend playing each map with brand new Lvl 1 characters, almost as if each map is a standalone game. I had played quite a bit on PvP, PvE, Official, Unofficial, you name it, before I proposed this to my friends and we've been enjoying the heck out of it. Here's an outline of what we do. 1a) Start The Island with brand new characters. 1b) Level up, explore, tame, breed, do caves, do boss fights, Boom! done with the map. Shut down The Island. 2a) Start The Center with brand new characters. 2b) Level up, explore, tame... but before we do caves, breeding and bosses... 2c) Copy our original high level characters from The Island to The Center. Then we finish the "end game" on The Center using those characters that stared on The Island. 3a) Start Scorched Earth with brand new characters. 2b) Level up, explore, tame... but before we do caves, breeding and bosses... 2c) Copy our original high level characters from The Center to Scorched Earth. Then we finish the "end game" on Scorched Earth using those characters that did bosses on The Island and The Center. Rinse, repeat with future maps. And, of course, customize the experience in any way that makes it more fun for you and your wife. Maybe my way is totally wrong for what you two want to get from your ARK playing experience, or maybe it's right, or maybe it's not quite right and you want to make changes.
  7. Armor is pretty fragile compared to many games, and that's intentional. The way to think of armor in ARK is that it's a backup plan if something goes wrong. Plan A should (almost) always be something like "bring animals that can clear the cave, and if I get dismounted my armor will keep me alive long enough to get remounted." Obviously you can develop all sort of tricky strategies for doing things on foot that will work situationaly (like hanging from grappling hooks and shooting at stuff), but dinos are your primary source of muscle and survivability. Also, many people take extra sets of armor with them because, ya' know, ARK happens. It helps if you have a variety of good mounts so you can take whatever mount is best for the cave you're doing, and with only two people it helps if you bring extra animals on follow to help with the bigger fights. Two people with four animals or six animals have a better chance of succeeding than two people with two animals. Obviously you have to practice animal management, using whistle commands so you can prevent your escort animals from running deep into the cave and getting killed, but it's worth developing those skills when you roll into an area with a bunch of baddies. Also, you'll need those skills when you do boss fights, so you might as well start practicing them now. My personal favorite animals for caving are therizinos (for general purpose caving, if the cave is large enough), megatherium (for caves with lots of insects, again if the cave is large enough), thylacoleo (for general purpose caving, if it's to small for therizinos). But, of course, some of the caves are smaller and you may want to consider taming (and maybe breeding) a good pack of wolves for the pack bonus. Of course other people have their personal favorites, these are just mine. But no matter what mounts you use, always keep in mind that dismounting and fighting things should (almost) always be "Plan B", animals are your main source of power.
  8. Understood, I wasn't making fun of you, just having some fun with the game in general.
  9. I have, but yeah it's quite rare, seen it only twice. It can happen when the quetz is in a mountainous region that allows it to fly into the side of a peak/hill/mountian/column. Even so, despawning is obviously the far more likely answer.
  10. I agree that this seems like a very long time for quetzals to be completely absent. You might want to try using the "DestroyWildDinos" command, which will clear all of the spawn points on the map and should allow new quetzals to spawn.
  11. At any given moment in time, there will be from 0-4 quetzals on The Island. There are four spawn points, and each spawn point will have 0 or 1 quetzals in that area. If you look at this spawn map of The Island you will be able to see that the map is divided into four zones, each zone may or may not have one quetzal each at any specific time. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Spawn_Map/The_Island?creature=Quetzal The quetzal that you found was either killed by something before you went back to get it, or it got de-spawned by the server for being too "old".
  12. As Joe and Grumpy have explained, this is legal. However, that doesn't prevent you from talking to other people on the server to see if this tribe is a well known problem. Becoming involved with the community (or more accurate communities, plural) on your PvE server can be a very useful way to get problems like this fixed. If you intend to stay on that PvE server for a long time then getting to know the bigger and most active tribes, in other words getting involved in the social "politics" of the server can be very helpful. It might be something as simple as talking to someone in that tribe and just asking them to let you in.
  13. That is both fun and... an intriguing possibility. That would be evidence that AI is still more artificial than it is intelligent, despite what some researchers at google might think.
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