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  1. Were you able to get things resolved, or still having issues?
  2. Follow up question, before you copied over the mods from your PC to the server, did you run your ARK client and make sure the mod actually installed? I suspect you have done this, but just checking. The reason I'm asking is that Steam doesn't fully install the mods, it downloads the install kit (or update kit) and then the kit just sits there until you actually run the game client and the game client finishes the installation. This can be seen if you subscribe to a new mod, then open your game client and go to the host/local page, the new mod won't show up on the page at first but in the lower right corner you'll see the message(s) showing the mod(s) being installed. It's only after this installation is complete that you can copy them over to the server.
  3. Just out of curiousity, what if one specifies the mod list in the service file? For example: ExecStart=/path/ShooterGameServer TheCenter?listen?SessionName=MyCenter?ServerPassword=MyPassword?AltSaveDirectoryName=Center?MultiHome=,22222222,33333333 -automanagedmods -NoTransferFromFiltering -server -log clusterid=MyCluster Is it still necessary to create a [ModInstaller] section in the game.ini file and/or is it necessary to use the ActiveMods= in the the GUS.ini file?
  4. Did you run a status check to confirm that the server was fully shut down before you ran the new start command? I've had a few occasions where the shutdown command completed and it returned me to the command prompt, but something still wasn't finished, I had to wait until the status check gave me a good result before I could start the server again. systemctl status <YourServiceName>.service
  5. Lark's list is pretty thorough and comprehensive, you can't go wrong doing everything he says, in that order. I have a strong suspicion that the data on your parasaur was corrupted/overwritten by having the wrong combination of mods, or mods in a bad order. Without knowing all of the mods you were running this is just a guess, but an educated guess. Can you give us the complete list of mods that you have run on your server during the lifetime of this parasaur?
  6. Why doesn't ARK retain comments in .ini files? This is something that has bothered me for a long time, it makes no sense that this happens. When editing the .ini files I like to put comments into them, for obvious reasons. Then, when I start the dedicated server it strips out the comments and keeps only the settings themselves. I've never encountered a program that does this and can't help but wonder why ARK creates this problem for server admins. Now obviously I have a workaround, just like most people do I keep copies of both .ini files on my PC with all of the comments in them, but again that's a workaround not a fix. A program should ignore comments, that's the whole point of comments, and should leave them in the file when the program runs. Has WC ever given any reason for this behavior? I've looked for anything official from them and all I ever find is crickets chirping in the bottom of a black hole (they're very tough cricket, it turns out). Have any of you ever seen anything from WC addressing this issue?
  7. I don't think that WildCard cares how you do it, they have been completely hands-off with regards to how people manage and fund their private servers. And even if they wanted to, they would not have the right to tell you whether to use business or personal Paypal, that's outside of what they can control. If you're requiring people to pay if they join your server then that's more business-like, but if you're honestly just asking for donations then it should be safe for you to set it up as personal, and tell people to use the personal option when they donate so that the business fees don't get deducted. Having said that, if you get so many donations that you end up turning a profit, then you might want to consider using the business option.
  8. Yes, it's perfectly clear that he contradicted himself. That was always perfectly clear, right from the beginning. I never said that I was confused, I said that his claims didn't add up. And just as clearly, you misunderstood my post as much as you misunderstood his.
  9. When you run a dedicated server no one is the host, it's a standalone instance of the game. This usually requires a separate computer and the only thing that computer does is run a copy of the ARK server. Example 1: You own two computers. On one computer you run the ARK server and the server runs 24/7 even when no one is logged in playing. This allows all three of your to log in to the server any time you want, regardless of whether anyone else is playing. Example 2: You rent a server from a provider on the internet, a good example is G-Portal, listed in the reply that Invincibleqc made at the beginning of your thread. You then install the ARK server onto that host machine and run ARK 24/7 on that server. For only 3 players, you could rent the cheapest ARK server that is available and it would still be strong enough for the three of you. If you don't know much about computers and routers, it's much easier to rent a server from a service provider. When you run your own dedicated server in your house you have to make changes to your router configuration in order to let people play on your dedicated server, if this is something that you're not familiar with it can be confusing and frustrating.
  10. Are you certain that you don't have any other copies of those settings anywhere else in the .ini files that would conflict with those settings? I only ask because I've done that before.
  11. Well yes, that could work, but you'd have to constantly communicate with each other to make sure that you know who is running the server today. Imagine this scenario: Monday: Player 1, runs server for Monday, shuts down server, sends copies of the save files to the other three players. Tuesday: Player 2 starts a copy of the server and Player 1 joins him after an hour. Unfortunately Players 3 & 4 don't know about this, so player 3 runs another copy of the server for Tuesday and player 4 joins him. At the end of the day on Tuesday Player 2 sends out a copy of his save files to everyone, and Player 3 sends out a copy of his save files to everyone. Who's save file will you use on Wednesday? If you use Player 2's save files, then all the work that Player 3 and Player 4 did on Tuesday gets lost, or if you use Player 3's save files then all of the work that Player 1 and Player 2 did will be lost. So yes, you can do what you're asking, but I can guarantee that it will result in confusion and hurt feelings at some point. This is why running a Dedicated server is better in the long run.
  12. No, his post is perfectly clear to me, he contradicted himself. It's pretty simple really.
  13. Yes, he mixed tenses freely in the OP. " I recently [recent past/present] started playing again on Small Tribes. I got lucky day one and met [past tense, but referring to the people he just recently met] some great people who needed to fill a spot in their tribe. We have been [present] building up and instantly getting [present]wiped for two weeks now [present, the people he just met, during the last two weeks]. I don't even know what to do. We were [past tense, and yet clearly referring to the new people that he just met in the recent two weeks] on a pretty friendly server with a pretty hidden base." Context is everything, and regardless of the OP's confusing uses of tenses it's clear that every thing he's talking about has happened in the last two weeks, since returning to the game and meeting new people. Nothing he said has anything to do with the actual past, it's all about his recent (two weeks old) return to the game. Having said that, a bigger question is why you thought it was necessary to argue his case for him, when it clearly wasn't important to him. Your contribution to this thread was to pointlessly but in and "defend" the OP from something he didn't even care about defending for himself. Maybe next time wait to see if someone actually needs defending, he clearly didn't.
  14. AFAIK they don't. The Steam game is a basically an entirely different account from the Xbox game.
  15. So, Invincible, you know I'm a fan of yours but I have to strongly disagree with that level of generosity in your thinking. The only reason they get away with so, so, SO many problem during rollouts is that this is a game with retail customers. If they had any customers that were businesses this would never fly, or even commercial productivity software for retail customers. The only reason that game companies get away with their (constantly) shoddy practices is that they are games. In most games it's not terrible, but in a game like this one, where players can lose thousands of hours of work (for a whole tribe) if they can't get into the game and keep things alive, it's nothing less than abusive. WC created a game in which their players have to do constant maintenance, and that means there should be a publicly acknowledged burden on WC to be more careful, do better testing, significantly reduce their error rate, especially their critical error rate. In most games you don't lose anything, you just can't log in, but when things go wrong in ARK the results are a catastrophic abuse of peoples' time, WC should be held to a higher standard of dependability and being patient with them is not the right response.
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