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  1. That's only true if you're trying to get a perfect tame on everything you ever tame, no matter what level they are. The normal/standard (and dare I say, sensible) progression is to tame low/medium levels with meat/mutton/mejoberries, then use them to get eggs and harvest prime meat + other ingredients so that you can make kibble for when you want to perfect-tame high levels. No one needs kibble to tame anything Lvl 100 or less, that's just a waste of kibble unless you have a surplus and don't care about wasting it to save some time on the tames. Even for Lvl 100-120 the main benefit
  2. Not ridiculous, that's how DR works everywhere in the game.
  3. ARK is a big, deep game with a lot of content. No matter when you start there's a lot to learn and there's no advantage to waiting. Personally, I suggest you start right away and start learning as much as you can before the DLC. Everyone has to start as a newbie with a lot to learn, it doesn't matter which DLC is released or not released when you first start the game. Whether you want to try PvP, PvE, Unofficial or solo, no matter how you like to play a game and what you find enjoyable there's no benefit to waiting longer. The sooner you start playing the sooner that you'll figure out whe
  4. I don't know what to tell you, I've never had that happen. Wait, do you use cryopods a lot? Just to make sure, are you aware that putting an animal in a cryopod will remove their tracking node?
  5. That doesn't change the answer to your original post. WildCard never intended for the taming HUD to track tames, that was a bug, they have now fixed the bug. The only reason that I brought up the transponder tracker was to help you understand that using the HUD for tracking was never intended and to understand why it's been removed.
  6. The reason they removed it is that it was never supposed to work like that. They already have craftable items in the game that let you track and find animals, if you want to track & find dino's they want you to be using those tools. The fact that the HUD did this was an accident, a bug, and they have now fixed that bug. If you want to track & find your tames you'll need to go back to using the tools that were already built into the game.
  7. Nope. No one can trust anything you say when you tell such an obvious lie. 200k hours would be almost 23 years even if you never sleep and play 24 hours a day. It would be more than 34 years if you play 16 hours a day and sleep for 8. So... nope. [Edit, just noticed the post above mine. Beaten to the punch.]
  8. I'm assuming you are using mods, at least one of them, if you're not using any mods then ignore this post. You basically have two other choices: 1) Wait until your mods get updated to see if that fixes the problem. 2) Test your mods now so you'll know which mod (or mods) have issues. a) Make a backup copy of your save file, disable all of your mods, and see if you can log in. If you can log in then that means one of your mods is causing the problem. b) Start turning on one mod at a time, and by "one at a time" I really mean one at a time. Enable a single mod, tr
  9. There is no single, easy answer to what's best to farm, it's whatever you're good at farming based on your circumstances. It depends a lot on what you've tamed, how much luck you had with levels, whether you've done breeding, whether you've done imprinting and what quality of saddles/blueprints you've picked up along the way. The best thing to farm is whatever you can consistently beat without any losses, since replacing losses takes more time than gathering more artifacts. You can collect new artifacts in a few hours, but replacing lost animals takes a couple of days. If, for exampl
  10. Personally, I don't like rexes in any boss fights. They're too big and clumsy, hard to maneuver and constantly get stuck in each other and on obstacles, I'm a fan of theri's all the way. We did Overseer with 2 yuty, 2 daeodon and everything else theri's. We had zero losses on gamma, 1 lost theri on beta and 2 lost theri's on alpha, and even those losses were because we made mistakes. If we had wanted to do alpha multiple times I'm certain we could have gotten good enough to do it with zero losses.
  11. Hi Vito, apologies for the long delay before replying, I overlooked the notification that you had replied. So let's examine your statement - considering that most of this thread is based on discussing different interpretations it should be self-evident that it's absolutely open to personal interpretation. As previously discussed, I'm currently engaged in a full play through of ARK and neither you nor anyone else has the ability/right to tell us that it's not a story-mode play through, likewise I don't have the ability to tell you whether or not your play through is a story mode play
  12. 1) Get an argy so you can carry things and drop them into taming traps. There are multiple good videos on setting up argy taming traps. 2) Or, if for some reason you don't want to get an argy first, find a place in the redwoods where you want to build a taming trap and use the pteranodon to lure things into the trap. Having said that, losing dino's is part of ARK, it's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when, how often and how many". You will lose dino's so part of playing the game is making sure you have extras, backup dino's in case you need to run out and rescue your item cach
  13. I like best the two "ends" of the player experience best, being new with the challenges you described and at the end of a map when you're doing caves & boss fights. For you, with a very limited amount of time, the only way you're going to experience the end-game stuff is by finding a strong tribe that will take you in and let you contribute/play on your available schedule or play solo (like "local/host" solo) and then use mods to handle all of the repetitious & time consuming tasks that make the middle game so boring. Using a mods that picks up eggs/poop for you or feed babie
  14. Is this your own cluster where you have admin rights, or the ability to access the file system and make a backup copy of a character, or add new map to the cluster? There are multiple ways to do what you want, as described by others in this thread, but you have to be the owner/admin to do them. If you're not the admin of the cluster then you would need to ask the admin/owner to do these things for you.
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