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  1. Are you helping to update the wiki too? Your thread is pretty cool, but it only helps the people that read the forums and happen to find this thread. Considering how much work you've done, if you help improve the wiki then your work will be appreciated by a lot more people.
  2. In one sense you're right. They could have taken a fundamentally different approach to the game right from the beginning, not the suggestions you've listed here, because they're far to easy to exploit, but maybe something like including some sort of "claim" system in which a tribe lays claim to a piece of land that cannot be attacked (their safe zone, so to speak) and then builds outward from that safe zone. That way, if they get raided only the portions of their base outside of their safe zone could be destroyed, but all of their resources and tames inside of the safe zone could never be killed or destroyed. It would be like giving a permanent force field to the center portion of every tribe's base. But... if they did that then it would basically be a different game. There would be limits on how many safe zones a tribe could have, there would be lots and lots of places that you couldn't build taming pens for FOB's, and there would be other complications that I'm not going to spend a lot of time thinking about. Even ORP, which was designed with good intentions from the very beginning, has had bunches of problems over the years, because no matter what system you put in place to try to protect people's bases, there will be other players who do everything in their power to ignore the intent behind those protections and exploit the protective system to their advantage. Essentially, ARK could be a completely different game... but it's not. If you want to play Official PvP in ARK then you are accepting that your stuff can get wrecked, end of story. There might be some Unofficial PvP servers that do what you're looking for, but you need to go out and look for them. There's nothing wrong with making suggestions for changes to the game, lots and lots of improvements to the game are the result of player suggestions or were taken from popular mods, but if you think they're going to change the fundamental philosophy for Official PvP this late in the game, well good luck with that. This is also a good time to remind you that the great majority of people play ARK on Unofficial servers. The version of PvP you're looking for is probably out there, it's just no on the Official PvP servers.
  3. If "Official PvP" was the only way to play ARK then you'd be right, but it's not, so you're not. Official, Unofficial, PvP, PvE, solo, non-dedicated server, dedicated server, mods upon mods... there are many ways to play ARK, and that's what makes it a good business model. If Official PvP in this game is too brutal for you, don't do it, find another mode to play the game that you enjoy more. There are so many ways to play ARK and make it fun for yourself, there's no excuse for blaming Official PvP for your problems.
  4. [Edit] I see from Invincibleqc's response, below, that I misinterpreted the question. Deleting my response here.
  5. Eat a stack of C4 then have a tribe mate catapult you into the giga's mouth.
  6. Because PvP in this game is more brutal than in most games. If you like being captured then you're really going to love when they destroy everything you own and kill all of your tames. If you are new to ARK, my suggestion would that you don't start on PvP, you're better off learning the game on PvE and then moving to PvP later if you want a more challenging version of the game.
  7. They're not on official servers, even if it looks like they are. They might be on a server that uses official settings for most things like taming speed, harvesting and other activities, but which also allows them to see damage numbers. But the setting to see combat numbers is a server configuration. Even if you change your client configuration to see floating combat text it will only work on your solo games or a non-dedicated server that you're hosting. Even if you have that setting enabled, when you log into an official server it won't show you the numbers.
  8. Translation: You've backed yourself into a corner and you don't want to admit you made a mistake. So now you're going to "take your toys and go home".
  9. You keep saying that, and yet it's not true. The alliance mechanic is already different for PvP and PvE, as you yourself have noted. As the game stands right now, today, this very moment, the Alliance game mechanic does not work the same in both PvE and PvP, there are no tribe wars in PvP, that's a difference that already exists. And this means that as the game stands right now, today, there is already code in place that makes the Alliance game mechanic work differently on PvP and PvE. Modifying how the Alliances/Tribe War mechanic works in PvE would have no affect on how Alliances work on PvP, none whatsoever. It's not adding a new mechanic, is modifying the way the mechanic works in PvE without have any affect on PvP at all.
  10. Yes you can, just like PvP allows building in caves and PvE does not. Or rather, maybe you can't, but I guarantee the people who program the game can. If you truly believe that then you don't understand how programming works, of course they can make the alliance mechanic different on PvE and PvP.
  11. 1) You're going to die. Often. This is true until you really start to learn the game and get used to all of the different ways the game can surprise you and kill you. Therefore, make sure you play the game knowing that you're going to die. Don't carry a lot of valuable stuff on you all the time, only carry what you need for the task you are working on. * Make sure you put beds (or at least sleeping bags) everywhere you need them. It is really frustrating to get killed while building a new base and not having a bed to respawn. * Do you want to tame a dino? Try to only carry the supplies you'll need to tame that dino - those supplies might include foundations and walls to build a taming pen, and they might include a couple of good weapons so that you can defend yourself if anything goes wrong. But don't carry all of your good stuff at one time. * Do you want to build a taming pen in an area that you plan to do some taming in the future? Just carry the supplies you need to build the taming pen, that way if something goes wrong you won't lose a bunch of valuable stuff. * Make sure you have extras. If you know that you always need a pick, an axe, a pike and a rifle, make sure you have extras inside your base in case you can't get back to your body to recover you supplies. * This includes animals. If you tame one pteranodon, for example, make sure you tame two more before you start flying around the map. If you get killed while you're far away from your base, but your animal is still alive, you want to be sure that you can go back and rescue the animal. I've been playing for years, have played on multiple servers (PvP, PvE, Primitive Plus, private servers, you name it) and I still die. Two days ago I was flying across a map and accidentally dismounted from my bird, and of course that's the one time I forgot to bring parachutes. So I had to spawn back at base, get another bird, put on new equipment (and parachutes) and fly out to rescue my gear from my dead body. You're doing to die, often, just make sure you plan for it. 2) Practice taming, a lot, also use Dododex and the ARK Wiki to learn about animals before you try to tame them. * Start with the easy species, dodos and parasaurs, then work on slightly harder ones like dilophosaurs. Tame multiple of each animal so that you get used to the taming process. Then look for animals that have different or unusual taming mechanics (like the Pegomastax). * Get into the habit of using a Taming Calculator (Dododex is the most popular) for all of your taming. If you tame three different dodos, Level 20, Level 50 and Level 100, they are all a little bit different. Use a taming calculator so that you know what to expect. * When you see a new species that you want to tame, don't wait until you find the "best animal", start by taming low level animals so you can see how easy or hard each animal is. You do not want to try to tame a Level 150 for your first tame of a new species, you want to be sure that you understand that species so that when you tame the really good ones you can do it without problems. 3) Start off by playing the game on standard settings. Don't do anything to change the amount of XP you get, or harvesting from resource nodes, or taming times, until you have a good feel for the game. At some point you're going to want to make changes to the game to match your personal preferences and play style, but if you make changes too soon then you won't really understand how the game works and you might make it too easy for yourself. The idea is to have the amount of challenge that you like so that the game stays interesting. 4) If you are the kind of person who likes using mods with your games, don't get them too soon. You really want to get a feel for the game before you start adding mods. And when the time comes that you do add them, only add one at a time, get used to it, learn it, and then if you still want to add more mods go ahead and add them one at a time. Also, keep in mind that the Official servers do not allow any mods, so if you start using mods on your solo game then you're going to get a shock when you go to the Official servers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, you just need to keep it in mind in case you ever want to try an Official server. That should be plenty of "newbie" information for now. Start playing, start practicing, start learning, there will be a lot of things to learn in the future once you get used to the basic concepts of game play.
  12. It was necessary because of a******s kiting dino's where they shouldn't. There have always been cowards who used PvP rules to grief other players because the cowards are afried to compete in PvP. It's always jerks and a******s that force rules like this to be created. If everyone respected how PvE is supposed to work then ORP would never have been needed.
  13. I don't follow that argument, it wouldn't affect PvP at all. If WC added a feature to PvE servers, a feature that said you have to consent to joining a war, that would have zero affect on any PvP player ever. There are other game mechanics (like building in caves) that are different in PvE and PvP based on the server settings, this setting would fall into the same category. I posted earlier that I think forming alliances with people for trading is a bad idea, but that's only because the current Alliances game mechanics are severely flawed for PvE. The whole point of playing PvE is that you should never be attacked without your consent, and that consent should be on a case-by-case basis, even if you're in an alliance. Party A declares War, Party B then has the option to accept or decline the war, it should never happen automatically in PvE.
  14. I never said it is "impossible", don't argue with things I haven't said. As for why (I believe) it's a bad idea, that's just my view of risk management. The system in ARK makes it too easy to get victimized by allies, which is evidenced by the number of complaints and threads from people who have been abused by alliances. I agree with others that the root cause of the problem is that the Alliance system is badly flawed and needlessly puts players at risk, I would be as happy as anyone else to see the Alliance system improved, but until or unless that happens I will continue to recommend that people not use them unless they have a very strong trust relationship with people.
  15. That's true, but I still wouldn't trust one. On PvE, a "123" player is more likely to be a griefer than the victim. Come on now, that's a silly example, one of those problem is an intrinsic part of the game and the other has nothing to do with the game. That would be like saying, "Hard drive crashes are dangerous too" or "Power surges are dangerous too". Those two things can also cause you to lose everything, if you can't fix your computer before your stuff times out, but like the girlfriend example they have nothing to do with the game.
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