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  1. Why did you before? No one should ever defend cash grab bs, anyone who has ever defended cash grabs has only themselves to blame.
  2. Nothing can be done about it unless you can get your country to pass better consumer protection laws for video games. It's a lovely thought but good luck with that. Until or unless that happens, you only choice is to vote with your dollars. If you don't like a game company then don't buy their products. Unless you're good at getting legislation passed that's your only option.
  3. Weeks? Try 8 years. Mind you, I feel your pain, ARK is a bug-ridden mess, but there's nothing new about that. If people choose to keep paying for a game of this (low) quality, from a company that has lied in many different ways, this is how the game will be managed. Again, I feel you, but they're not going to become a better company.
  4. And you can transfer lots more stuff via the upload, what you can carry on you is only part of the picture. Right back at ya', bad suggestion is bad. No matter how they balance the game, even if it was perfect, it would still be harder for new tribes. PvP in ARK is brutal and destructive, which is how it's intended to be. Your version of balance is not the dev's version of balance. Unless you have something useful to suggest don't bother.
  5. That's not what uploads are for. People have figured out that they can use upload to save stuff, and the devs allow it, but the point of uploads is for server transfers. It's never been intended to be a form of safe storage.
  6. "It's already a problem, so WC please make the problem worse," that makes no sense. Anything that makes it harder for griefers is better. Maybe not perfect, but it's still better than saying, "Hey griefers, it's open season have fun." It's more convenient but it's not "essential". Making things harder for griefers is worth the price of making taming a little bit harder.
  7. Yes. All of these threads you've been in have been about honesty and integrity, which you are making clear you've never understood. Every one of these threads has been caused by WC saying one thing and doing another, talking out of both sides of their mouth, making false promises about what their players can expect. Nearly every conversation for every game that discusses P2W issues is about honesty and integrity, because nearly every company that adds P2W features to their game lies about them. Otherwise known as <drumroll> dishonesty. And the core issue is promising players a level playing field but then adding P2W features that were never disclosed until after people had bought the game. You know, the stuff that you keep failing to understand. You really need to look in a mirror once in a while, your level of failed self-awareness is astounding. I would suggest you take your own advice, but it's clear you're either not willing or not able to follow along. Failed red herring #149. That's been explained in multiple threads. You're either willfully ignorant or incapable of learning how people lose when P2W content is added to a game, or even when a company misleads them about non-P2W content. It seems like you should understand by now that there is a difference between being honest and being dishonest, but apparently these are concepts that bamboozle you. Honest capitalism and dishonest capitalism are not the same thing. Honest selling of products and dishonest selling of products are not the same thing. Fully disclosing information to customers and deliberately concealing and obfuscating information from customers are not the same thing. Truth and lies are not the game thing, and yet here you are many posts later still incapable of telling the difference. These are not difficult concepts, and yet you've never been able to grasp them, which is why you're back here yet again, failing to understand the discussion and arguing about the wrong things. Yup, you definitely need some mirrors in your house. Failed red herring #150. Congrats, achievement unlocked.
  8. Never said it is, you can stop your straw man arguments any time. But you won't, because that's how you roll. Nope. Wrong again. Never said they were. More of your usual straw man arguments. Nope. Wrong again.
  9. Still completely wrong in your understanding of the discussion. This isn't about capitalism, and never has been, it's about honesty and integrity. You continue to fail to understand the discussion and argue about the wrong topic. Swing and a miss. Just one more thing you're wrong about.
  10. A lie of omission is still a lie, no matter how many times you try to deny it this basic, fundamental fact will still be true. WC deliberately mislead people and implied things they knew were false right from the beginning, that's lying.
  11. That same argument is used in every P2W game, and it's always a failed argument because it severely misses the real point. Start with two players of equal skill. Give the first player the P2W cat and the second player a lesser creature. The player will the P2W cat will win more often because they have paid money to artificially boost their effectiveness, that's P2W. That same scenario plays out whether they're both bad players, both medium players or both excellent players. Any feature/component/element/creature that allows a player to spend money to artificially boost their effectiveness is a P2W feature. The skill level of the player who purchases the P2W feature is a meaningless red herring. That's what P2W players get for trusting WC. Still a meaningless argument. P2W does not require that the stakes have to be higher than simply bragging rights. Paying for an advantage is paying for an advantage, regardless of the stakes. And, as you're already agreed, there's some truth to that. The difference was that the paid DLC in ASE was mostly new content, with a couple of P2W elements. They were still P2W, which mattered to every single PvP player in the game, but there were not as much P2W as the ASA DLC and the ASE DLC included a much larger amount of legitimate new content. Again, there is both a quantitative and qualitative difference. Then it's odd that you already supported the idea that the ASE DLC's included P2W features.
  12. P2W doesn't mean automatic victory, it means paying for an explicit advantage. The problem is that "paying for an explicit advantage" is something people don't want to say and type over-and-over again, so pretty much the whole world used "P2W" as a shorthand for this idea. It may not be 'invincible", but it's definitely overpowered, and that power is purchased for money, that's what P2W means.
  13. Yes, of course there is, and if you don't understand that without it having to be explained then you're exactly the kind of sucker customer that WildCard is looking for. Well done, you just demonstrated how the marketing lie functioned. When WC made a big deal out of saying that the maps in ASE would all be free they were deliberately implying that there would be no additional cost beyond buying ASE, and they knew that wasn't true. That deliberate avoidance of disclosing their plans to make more paid DLC was a lie of omission, and a lie of omission is still a lie. If you say to someone, "I'm not going to punch you," and then you kick them, then the statement was technically "true" while still being a deliberate lie of omission. No matter how you try to rationalize things, that's still a lie. And likewise no matter how you try to rationalize paid DLC in ASA that's still a Marketing Lie of Omission. There were people who explicitly asked WC if they were going to sell other paid DLC during ASA and WC dodged the question, they knew they were using a marketing lie of omission to mask their true intentions. WC knew they were being dishonest, the shame of it all is that more players didn't realize this was happening and withhold their money. If you can use it on said map then it is, by definition, not unrelated, you've just proven that it's quite related. It's even more related if it's explicitly designed to specifically give an advantage on said map, which it is. Your analogy falls flat, it's missing a crucial element. The crucial element is full disclosure in advance. If you give a way a free coke that's flat, lacking carbonation, but you don't disclose that in advance, and then you offer to sell people a "cup upgrade" that also adds carbonation to the drink, that's deliberately dishonest. Your lie of omission is the very thing that makes your free coke a ripoff. This is what WC did, they didn't merely offer to sell a better cup, they're deliberately selling a cup that adds something to the drink itself, a component that they deliberately left out when they gave away the uncarbonated drink. Accusing people of "crying" is the mark of someone who doesn't want to have an honest conversation. Winning is winning, regardless of whether there's an esport league or cash prizes, you're creating a false distinction that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Selling features that give people an in-game advantage is P2W regardless of what the stakes are, even if the only stakes are bragging rights. But the stakes in ARK are much more than bragging rights, P2W in ARK can make a significant difference in the amount time people spend reaching their goals in-game, and that time has value. That's especially true in PvP, where the value of that time can mean the difference between winning or many, many hours of work destroyed in a defeat. But even in PvE it's still true, being able to spend money in order to accomplish goals (farming, caving, beating the bosses, etc.) more quickly means that in the context of PvE selling a P2W items means WC is selling people the time from their own lives at a premium. Even in game with no esports, cash prizes, etc., time still has value. If people like you are willing to buy P2W features that's your choice, but in no way does that negate or invalidate the right of others to criticize P2W features. P2W doesn't magically disappear if there are no prizes, it's still paying money for an explicit advantage. You've offered some great arguments for why people shouldn't buy P2W features, again well done. I agree with you that these things are going to get nerfed (see, we can agree on something) but that means you're partially making my argument for me. What you have demonstrated is that even people who are willing to buy P2W features shouldn't trust WC, they're just going to get ripped off and disappointed in the end. Having said that, this truth does not negate, in any way, the fact that the Train Robbery DLC and the P2W cat are still P2W features, and in no way does that negate people's right to complain about P2W features.
  14. Here's a funny thing, yes, I really do. Turns out you know nothing about my professional experience nor anything about what I know, big surprise. You, on the other hand, come off as a mindless fanboi who's happy to pay for scummy P2W features. There is both a qualitative and quantitative difference between the power-creep that was built in to paid map/DLC's released during ASE vs. the Train Robbery and P2W cat being released in ASA. The ASE DLC included bona fide content, new maps to explore, new adventures, caves, missions, bosses, etc. with the P2W elements of adding more powerful new dinos being only a small component of hte DLC. The ASE DLC, on the other hand, have been mostly explicitly P2W features that offer very little new content that's meaningful for game play other than the fact of being P2W features. AT least half of the Train Robbery DLC was nothing more than P2W objects, and a train isn't remotely comparable to a new map. That's both quantitatively and qualitatively inferior to Scorched Earth being paid DLC during ASE.
  15. There is a difference between power creep in a game and just selling individual P2W features outright. Even though the paid expansions in ASE included some P2W features (power creep from new, better creatures) that's not the same as selling an individual P2W creature for a separate fee. It's also not the same as promising the customers that all of the maps in ASA will be free and then creating a separate P2W Train Robbery DLC. A marketing lie is still a lie. WC promised players that the expansions would be free, but they are sneakily violating that promise by selling P2W DLC along the way rather than simply being honest and admitting there were going to charge more money as new content got released. A lying scumbag is still a lying scumbag no matter what sneaky rationalizations they use to violate their word.
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