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  1. It will make very little difference. 1) Most of the game's resources get downloaded and installed even if you don't own them, you just can't use them. For example, the graphical files that you need to see Wyverns on your computer are installed with ARK even if you don't haven't purchased Scorched Earth and haven't installed Ragnarok, so if there are any updates to Wyverns in the game you would still get those updates even though you don't have the maps installed. 2) As far as I know, you could save a little bit of size & space if you are not suscribed to the DLC maps (like Center
  2. ARK is basically an abusive program, quite often it will consume as much of your computer's resources as it can, and when a computer is having it's resources pushed to the max it's normal for wireless devices to have communication problems. It can happen to hard-wired keyboards & mice too, but it's worse with wireless. There are really only two fixes for this, buy a more powerful computer or use a wired keyboard. I know that's not what you want to hear but it's just reality, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Wired devices are more dependable than wireless devices, this will always b
  3. Just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with what you want, but there is something wrong with expecting it on the Official servers. There are a wealth of Unofficial servers in this game, with many options for game play. Your friends might not join you on an Unofficial server but you would be able to make new friends who enjoy the same style of game you do. You just need to understand that Official servers are never going to give you the experience you're looking for.
  4. You are playing the wrong game, that it not what Official servers are for in this game. If you want a "peaceful" version of ARK then you need to go to Unofficial servers. The danger that you're complaining about is exactly what the large majority of people playing this game are looking for.
  5. The best place to start is by watching a couple of good videos about breeding, you'll probably learn more from a good video than even the best written description. Personally I recommend the breeding series (6 videos) that was created by TimmyCarbine. Just put a group of AC's in a small cluster, right next to each other and set the egg next to them. Usually 4 AC's is good enough, but if you're on a map with extreme temperatures, like Scorched Earth, or if you have an egg that requires extreme temperatures, you might need to put 6 AC's in a cluster. Yes, it's true. Each spa
  6. Yes, it's absolutely true. See the explanation from FieryCat, above. This is something that is covered in any of the good breeding videos, chances are you've already seen it explained and didn't realize it.
  7. If you want only Islands species then Theris are your best alternative, it's worth the extra time to find good ones.
  8. One of the important things to learn about ARK is when to use dying as a strategy. It's true that you won't be able to survive running away, but that's not really your goal. What you want to do is lure the alpha away from the body that you care about so that when it kills you someplace else you safely go pick up your stuff. You might even have to run & die two or three times before you get the alpha to go far enough to be safe, but that's ok because when you go running around naked you don't lose anything when you die. Keep in mind that when you're playing a local/host game you hav
  9. Also, if you haven't done this yet, you're ready to go start looking at the ARK wiki. There is a wealth of information there for questions like this, including separate pages for each dino species, taming strategies, how they are useful, what foods are best for them. https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Wiki
  10. The answer is: "It depends". The basic idea of any PvP base is that you want to make it more expensive for people to break in than the value of the rewards they're going to get from looting your base. The concept of "expensive" depends a lot on what resources are easy for you to get, or what's easy for the raiders to get when they're preparing to raid your base. Example: Let's say you're on a new server and you've built a 2x2 stone hut with a reinforced door. Someone finds your hut even though you have it in a good location, the person who finds your hut is riding a parasau
  11. Hi Jeebusu, yes, the difference between Gamma and Alpha is huge, but it seems to be even bigger than it really is because of how saddles affect the damage that your animals receive. If you look at the wiki page for the Megapithecus you'll see that the Base Damage for Gamma Megapithecus is 400 and the Base Damage for Alpha is 1200, which is only 3x as much as Gamma. If your saddles are even reasonably good then they will be good enough for Gamma and will significantly reduce the Gamma damage, but you need very good saddles to get enough damage reduction on Alpha. I don't remember the exact
  12. In the past were you using a mod, like maybe Structures Plus? I'm on a server that automatically selects the next piece without me having to press the button again, but that server uses S+ and some other mods.
  13. I use the highest I can get before I get tired of taming more and more animals to find good stats. Tame until you're fed up with taming, that's when you know it's time to start breeding.
  14. Hi Hayley, I feel your pain. Breeding definitely seems complicated at first, but once you get the basic concepts it will become easy for you. Rather than trying to give long explanations here on the forums, instead I'm going to recommend that you go to youtube and look for the collection of 6 videos about breeding that were created by "TimmyCarbine". Things used to be confusing for me too, and no matter how many things I read breeding still didn't make sense, but TimmyCarbine gives some good explanations about how the whole breeding system works, it's worth the time to watch his vide
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