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  1. Self righteous much? Mods are not cheating, single-player is not cheating, altering settings on a private or unofficial server is not cheating. They are all just different ways to play the game - all of which were intended by WildCard, which is why they built the game they way they did. WildCard explicitly, specifically designed the game to be played many ways, Official servers are only one of the many ways that the game was designed to be played. You should reflect on the fact that (last time I checked) over 70% of all players are playing on Unofficial servers, which doesn't even take in
  2. That may seem like a good idea but it's not, because for dinos the food value of cooked meat is only half of the food value of raw meat. They eat twice as much cooked meat which makes it a lot harder to get enough meat for them. Getting enough meat is a bigger problem than how long the meat lasts in the troughs. A better idea is to have a bunch of refrigerators to store meat in between feedings, that way you can give them high-nutrition meat to eat until the trough is empty but still keep your surplus meat preserved in the refrigerators. One stack of 20 raw meat in a feeding trough t
  3. My unofficial server isn't down, it's been running the entire time. WildCard can't control your server hosting service. You should be posting this with the hosting service, not WC.
  4. I'm not suggesting that you "did it wrong", per se, coming to these forums to get help and information from other players is exactly what the forums are for. I'm glad that you came to the forums and I hope that whatever information other people gave you was useful. My only point is that it's not statistics. If you scroll up and look at Joeblow's answer he's saying the same thing I am, he just wrapped his message inside of some friendly sarcasm. "Help" "information" "ideas" "input" "anecdotes" "stories" "personal experiences"... and so on. There are lots of ways to described what you
  5. In all seriousness the best tip is simply, "You're not ready for the lava cave." I'm sure that's not the tip you were hoping to get, but it's the truth. If you lost a pack of raptors, then your raptors need to be better. if you don't have enough ammo then you need to spend more time building up a good system for making lots of ammo. Ark is a game of progression and you have not progressed enough to be ready for that cave. There are so many places to die in that cave that you need to have a good supply of dino's, equipment & ammo so that you can replace anything you lose in there
  6. Agreed, that's true, it's just not "statistics". You might as well have said, "Just want some trigonometry about character and mission loss", what you were asking for was neither statistics nor trigonometry.
  7. You're not going to get statistics from a forum poll, you're going to get a handful of opinions and some advice, that's not how statistics work.
  8. Almost every rathole that people like to talk about in the game involves going into the mesh one way or another. Even if the player doesn't have to cheat their way through the mesh there are parts of their base that wouldn't work unless meshing was involved. Look at the second example in that video, that base is absolutely not a grey area, many of the objects in the base (turrets, doors, walls, etc.) stick through the mesh when they get placed. The narrator says at one point, "...and yes the turrets do shoot, believe it or not." Yeah, believe it or not because they are sticking up into th
  9. Interface Development Kit?
  10. Have a day where you "create your own adventure" by riding a mount you wouldn't normally ride and take it for a long ride just to explore the area on the ground. Every map feels really different when you explore it on the ground rather than exploring them from the air. Personally I like exploring on a thyla (since you mentioned them). They're fast, fun, good in a fight and you can climb things with them that other species can't. Lots of people like to ride rexes around the map (and obviously that's fun too) but I like doing random exploration on something that isn't so tall, it gives you
  11. Carbon-monoxide, Colorado, commanding officer, call out, Columbia, change order, central office, chief officer, certificate of origin... and a lot of other things. You're going to need to give use more context. maybe try using it in a sentence.
  12. You're sort of missing the point of the question. There's a difference between suspecting or wondering whether something might be duped vs. knowing it's duped. Look at the example they gave, "but what if you raid a base and get a bunch of duped tek structures and stuff". Does the OP believe that the simple fact of finding "a bunch" of tek structures is sufficient for concluding that they're duped, do they feel that any large amount of loot that's difficult to acquire makes duping self-evident, or does the OP have some other set of criteria that they use to arrive at this conclusion? Peopl
  13. How would you know if it's duped? Smart answer is: If you know it's duped, don't take it.
  14. I would try catwalks. It will some wrangling to get them to park in exactly the right position, but you should be able to park them across two catwalks so that the eggs drop down through the space between the two catwalks. Also, a classic technique that should work for any species is to park them where you want them to be, put them on Passive and Ignore Group Whistles, then demolish the ceiling/ramp that they're standing on. They will float in the air as long as no one ever whistles at them individually or tries to mount one.
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