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  1. That's true, it's a crappy "feature" of just about every game that is distributed via Steam. The game server must be able to communicate with the Steam infrastructure in order to allow authentication and authorization for each of the clients, which means the server must have full internet access. Other than some of the older games that are still available from Steam, there's no such thing as a true LAN server for a Steam game anymore. The game had to be originally coded for true LAN play (like Half-Life 2: Deathmatch) and even then, even if here is a server version that's truly a LAN server, if you buy the game via Steam a lot of the clients have to be connected to Steam in order for them to get A&A before they can connect to the LAN server. You might want to look into the non-Steam, UWP (universal Windows program) version of ARK, just be aware that it has its own quirks and difficulties (as far as I know, it doesn't support mods yet), and it might have the same issue. Considering that the game client has to connect to WildCard's infrastructure to "see" the list of available servers, I'm betting that the UWP version also has to have an always-live connection to the internet too.
  2. Well that's a shame, but still thank you for asking and posting the answer you got.
  3. I could be wrong, that's why I phrased the answer the way I did. At this point I think the best idea is for you to ask on your unofficial server and see if they can tell you the answer. Also, when you get the answer please share it here, this would be something that is good to know.
  4. It also depends on what kind of gamer he is. How much challenge/difficulty does he like in games? For example, a lot of people who have played PvP in other games don't really get it when you tell them that PvP here is destructive. You can say the words, but unless you seriously hammer the point repeatedly they still don't get it until someone wrecks their stuff. Even if he's seen you lose stuff in PvP and/or heard you talk about it that's not the same as him losing his own stuff after working on it for hours. Is your goal to see if he wants to play ARK on your level, doing the things that you enjoy most, or is it to have a couples experience where you figure out what parts of ARK you both like while avoiding the parts that even one of you dislikes? My general advice would be to start on The Island, at "the beginning" of the game, so that he doesn't get spoiled by a map like Ragnarok that is much richer with higher wild levels, and so he doesn't get overwhelmed with the difficulty of Scorched Earth or Aberration. If he has any interest in the ARK story/lore this also gives him the chance to start at the beginning of the story. Then decide whether you want to do PvP or PvE based on what you think he'll enjoy to get started. No matter what kind of server you two play on (PvP, PvE, Primitive+, Official, Unofficial) you should start a brand new character with him, you to jump into a new server and truly play together to get him started. I've started multiple people in the game, and in my experience people just learn the game more effectively when they start truly from the beginning. When a player joins an existing tribe/base and there is a bunch of stuff already built/tamed/etc they take some things for granted, they don't truly experience the early survival phase of the game, they don't get that extra thrill that comes from discovering things from the beginning and, worst of all they sometimes get overwhelmed and don't want to play because there's to much to deal with at once.
  5. I think that may be a mod, I don't remember any server settings that affect the number of Tribute slots available.
  6. No, they had, and still have, a great vision that has taken time to develop and come to light, it has been long-form story telling. You're playing a game in which humans and dinosaurs exist side by side, but this game has never been as simple as being a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth. You woke up on a beach with a mysterious implant in your arm which clearly hints at a sci-fi game, the Explorers' Notes have been telling you for a long time that this is more than just a dinosaur game, there have always been animals from a bunch of different time periods on earth, and there have been fantastic, non-historical animals in the game for a long time now. If you've been thinking this was just "the dino game" then you were not seeing the many, many clues that were put in front of you.
  7. These are all good questions, if I can get things to work the way I want them to I'll try to remember to come back here and give confirmed answers. In the meanwhile, your first question is also the first question I'm hoping to answer. As far as I know (based on previous testing with local/host games) if you enter/load a map with an object in your inventory that is not supported by the active mods) any unsupported objects simply disappear. I had this happen a while back (like 8-10 months ago), I was using a spyglass mod but decided I wanted to use a different spyglass mod instead. So I subscribed/installed the new mod, removed the old mod from my mod list, and then when I launched my local/host game the spyglass from the old mod was simply gone. I had one in my inventory, a couple in boxes and on dino's, and they just all disappeared *poof*. I have a strong suspicion that this is what would happen if you tried to transfer between maps with objects in your possession that are not supported on the map you are transferring too. And, I'm guessing something similar happens if you try to transfer objects via the Obelisks. Obviously you could upload them from the source server, but when you arrive at the target server the items simply won't be visible in the Obelisk inventory, or they'll somehow be visible but can't be downloaded, won't work or will disappear if you do download them. I'll definitely test transferring a player with stuff in their inventory, and uploading/downloading via obelisks. We don't have any mods that have custom dino's, or that affect regular creatures like the flyer speed mod. Everything we run adds inanimate objects to the game (stuff like S+, Super Spyglass, Castles Keeps & Forts) so I won't be able to answer any custom-dino related questions.
  8. Fair enough, just glad that you were able to solve it.
  9. As a follow up, i just thought of something else. It looks like maybe your Dedicated server did not finish starting up properly, the output in your command window looks different than what I see in mine, but specifically I don't see an indicator that you completed a successful startup. I'm thinking maybe you need to give it more time to complete, then use CNTL-C to close down the server process, exit ARK completely and then restart the game.
  10. Yikes, that does seem like a weird result. So let me ask a few questions: 1) Edit: Nevermind this question, I see it's Win64. 2) When you clicked on "RUN DEDICATED SERVER" it popped up a window asking you to choose the Server Password and Admin Password. a) Did you type anything into either of the Password fields? b) Did you Click "ACCEPT" or "CANCEL" from that pop-up window? 3) When you "hit play" through Steam, are you using the main Steam window and going to Library > ARK: Survival Evolved > Play, or are you right-clicking on the little circular Steam icon in your quick tray and from the menu selecting ARK?
  11. It sounds like the dedicated server is still running in the background. Did you check all processes to make sure that you have ARK completely shut down, or if that doesn't help did you reboot the computer?
  12. Whoops, my mistake. I forgot that we use the "PreventDownload" and "PreventUpload" on our cluster so that nothing can be transferred into or out of our cluster.
  13. You can disable fog but you cannot disable rain. Fog can be disabled with admin command, or with a mod as noted by RedDeadMustang above.
  14. Customizing list of mods on each server in a cluster I run a cluster of dedicated servers, and I'm thinking of making a change to the method I use to load mods on each server/map, with the goal being to have different mods on different maps. My current method uses the gameusersettings.ini file to list the mods that I have in use. [ServerSettings] ActiveMods=111111111,222222222,333333333,444444444,555555555 ...but this means that the all of the mods are available on every server/map, which i don't like. If we add a new mod on an experimental basis I can't add it just to one map to see if we like it, we end up with the new mod on every server regardless of whether we want it there. What I want to do is remove the mod list from the GUS.ini file and instead add the list to the start up files for each server, so I can have a customized list of mods load for each map. Like so: ExecStart=/path/Linux/ShooterGameServer Island?listen?SessionName=TheIsland?GameModIds=11111111,22222222,44444444 -server -log ExecStart=/path/Linux/ShooterGameServer Center?listen?SessionName=Center?GameModIds=11111111,33333333,55555555 -server -log ExecStart=/path/Linux/ShooterGameServer Center?listen?SessionName=Ragnarok?GameModIds=11111111,66666666,77777777 -server -log Obviously it would not be too hard for me to experiment with this and see if it works as intended, but I prefer not to experiment on a production cluster where I might cause problems if I do something wrong. I want to at least see if I can get some confirmation before starting to make changes. So my question is - have any of you done this, and am I going down the right path? Which in turn leads to a secondary question - do I actually need to remove the mods from the GUS.ini file, or will the custom startup commands take precedence and allow me to customize future servers/maps without having to make changes to the existing servers/maps that we have been playing for quite a while?
  15. Sometimes you have to take a minute and appreciate the humor in life.
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