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  1. No, his post is perfectly clear to me, he contradicted himself. It's pretty simple really.
  2. Yes, he mixed tenses freely in the OP. " I recently [recent past/present] started playing again on Small Tribes. I got lucky day one and met [past tense, but referring to the people he just recently met] some great people who needed to fill a spot in their tribe. We have been [present] building up and instantly getting [present]wiped for two weeks now [present, the people he just met, during the last two weeks]. I don't even know what to do. We were [past tense, and yet clearly referring to the new people that he just met in the recent two weeks] on a pretty friendly server with a pretty hidden base." Context is everything, and regardless of the OP's confusing uses of tenses it's clear that every thing he's talking about has happened in the last two weeks, since returning to the game and meeting new people. Nothing he said has anything to do with the actual past, it's all about his recent (two weeks old) return to the game. Having said that, a bigger question is why you thought it was necessary to argue his case for him, when it clearly wasn't important to him. Your contribution to this thread was to pointlessly but in and "defend" the OP from something he didn't even care about defending for himself. Maybe next time wait to see if someone actually needs defending, he clearly didn't.
  3. AFAIK they don't. The Steam game is a basically an entirely different account from the Xbox game.
  4. So, Invincible, you know I'm a fan of yours but I have to strongly disagree with that level of generosity in your thinking. The only reason they get away with so, so, SO many problem during rollouts is that this is a game with retail customers. If they had any customers that were businesses this would never fly, or even commercial productivity software for retail customers. The only reason that game companies get away with their (constantly) shoddy practices is that they are games. In most games it's not terrible, but in a game like this one, where players can lose thousands of hours of work (for a whole tribe) if they can't get into the game and keep things alive, it's nothing less than abusive. WC created a game in which their players have to do constant maintenance, and that means there should be a publicly acknowledged burden on WC to be more careful, do better testing, significantly reduce their error rate, especially their critical error rate. In most games you don't lose anything, you just can't log in, but when things go wrong in ARK the results are a catastrophic abuse of peoples' time, WC should be held to a higher standard of dependability and being patient with them is not the right response.
  5. There's no such thing, all of the official servers have plenty of lag related issues. The fact is that this is not a game with a monthly subscription, which means that the Official servers are basically a form of advertising. Where WC really makes their money is selling copies of the game to the roughly 90% of all the players who play on Unofficial servers. The Official servers are always going to be the cheapest servers they can possibly run while still being able to tell people, "We have Official servers". Even serves that don't have many people on them still suffer from a variety of lag related problems, no Official server will ever give you the same quality of playing experience that most Unofficial servers do. I know that's not the answer you were hoping for, but it's just the reality of how this game works.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what specific model do you have?
  7. The heavy disk access sounds like it's probably a by product of running your ARK servers inside of a VM, but I'm semi-guessing there because Windows will do that no matter what applications you're using and no matter how much RAM you have to spare. Windows is funny like that, no matter how much RAM you have it will still consistently use the page file even though there is no good reason for it. I'm sure there's some logic over at Windowsland HQ for why they have designed the O/S to behave that way, but in my experience the only way to prevent the system from using the page file is to disable it completely and as long as you have enough RAM that shouldn't cause any issues. If you allocate a page file that's "too small", Windows won't like it and it will misbehave, but if you disable the page file completely then the O/S is better behaved, it's a quirk that I've never been able to figure out. The only downside of completely disabling the page file is that if you ever do truly run out of RAM the machine will crash almost instantly, without warning, and it almost certainly won't give you good logging of what happened, so if you want to try it then you want to be well and truly sure that you have RAM to spare.
  8. Disagree, that's not how the sequence of his post reads. "We were on a pretty friendly server with a pretty hidden base. We have tried moving bases and maps." You're thinking that they left the "pretty friendly server" they were on and then started having problems on other servers after they left the friendly server. But that doesn't make sense, there would be no reason to try "moving bases and maps" if that original server was still friendly. The whole reason they have been "moving bases and maps" is because their original "friendly" server wasn't actually friendly to begin with. If that original server really was "friendly" then they would have already solved their problem by going back to that original server, there wouldn't be any reason for him to ask for advice.
  9. That doesn't add up. If you're constantly getting wiped the server is not friendly and your bases are not hidden. That's PvP in this game. You have 3 options: 1) Build much better defenses for your bases 2) Keep on moving to new servers until you find one that lets you grow more. 3) You and your new friends need to discuss moving to PvE. Nothing that we can tell you on the forums is going to make this better, you have to decide if you really want to play PvP.
  10. My only suggestion would be to experiment with running those config options as command-line arguments. ?HarvestAmountMultiplier=3 or bHarvestAmountMultiplier=3 If either of those works then you would be able to change them in the future by using RCON to send the commands. p.s. That reminds me, I still don't know of a web interface for remote management, but there are plenty of RCON GUI tools available that would do the trick, assuming that the command line syntax works. I do all of my server admin work using PuTTY, but of course it's not a graphical tool.
  11. Have you tested running the server with no mods, just to make sure that the base install of the server is working properly?
  12. That makes sense. The reason the paging file exists is to be a safety valve so the computer can "pretend" that it has more RAM that it does. If your programs require more memory than the RAM+PagingFile then computer will crash. You can achieve the same result on a personal PC by disabling the paging file and running a bunch of programs, eventually the programs will exceed the amount of RAM you have on the computer and it will crash. There's very little you can to do optimize ARK itself, including a dedicated ARK server. ARK is a resource hog and nothing you can do will change that. The recommendation I see most frequently on the forums (from people who's knowledge I trust) is at least 1 thread and 8GB of RAM per ARK server that you're running on a machine plus whatever resources are required to run the O/S. Example 1: If you're running a single dedicated ARK servers on a windows machine, you want at least 12GB of RAM (4GB for Windows and 8GB for ARK) and a two CPU threads (depending on what brand/model of CPU you have that could either mean a single-core CPU that runs two threads, or a dual-core CPU that runs 1 thread per CPU (obviously those would be fairly old machines at this point, I'm not even sure you can find a dual-core CPU anymore, much less a single core that runs two threads, but you get the idea. Example 2: if you're running three ARK servers (let's say The Island, Ragnarok and Aberration) on a Linux machine, you want at least 26GB of RAM and a 4-thread CPU (24 GB of RAM and 3 threads for the 3 ARK servers plus 2 GB of RAM and a thread for the Linux host server.
  13. Great feature, I would never play on a server that was missing it. Great feature. Playing entirely in first person is nausea inducing.
  14. I don't know of any publicly available information on how to do this for unofficial servers. From what I can tell, the evolution events are executed based on something in the code that is known only to WC.
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