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  1. It's easy to be a critic when you don't contribute anything useful. Talk is cheap.
  2. That's hilarious coming from you. I'll give your comment all the consideration it deserves.
  3. So you'll voluntarily provide an example that completely fails to support your argument, but you refuse to provide one that supports it. Seems legit, yeah that really lends credibility to your claims. Nope, false argument. You don't owe the wiki any more than you owe anything else in life. The basic point is that you're complaining without contributing, criticizing without being willing to help, that's a valid critique in any context, has nothing to do with the wiki specifically and will continue to be valid regardless of any other red herrings you try to throw against the wall.
  4. I'm not missing anything. I already said, "you're not under any obligation to do anything". At no time have I said or implied that you have a specific responsibility to the wiki. The only thing I did was point out that you're complaining about a community, volunteer effort without doing anything to help or contribute. That's a valid criticism in nearly any context, and definitely a valid criticism in the context of a player & volunteer supported resource. You've made the claim that the wiki "has set me back in my own game," and you criticized it by comparing it to other games and
  5. Also, in case it's important to you that this gets acknowledged, that's a fair point. That's a scenario I didn't consider before you pointed it out.
  6. Wow, specious argument much? It's amusing how far you're going to avoid responsibility for your choice to complain while not contributing.
  7. That still comes down to complaining without helping. If you know enough to know that the information is wrong then you do, in fact, know enough about the game to contribute. Translation: The world is not a perfect place, therefore you choose to do nothing. Mind you, you're not under any obligation to do anything, nor am I saying that you have to do anything, you can do or not do whatever you want, it's a free world. What I am saying that if you complain while doing nothing then others have the right to call you on it.
  8. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Nope, I'm not acting like that at all, trying to flip this over on to me isn't going to change anything. I simply pointed out that if you're not going to help fix a problem that you have every opportunity to help with then you don't have the right to complain about it. It's a pretty simple concept that applies to RL as much as to wiki's. Every player in the game can contribute to the wiki, the wiki is only as good as the players who take the trouble to help each other, if you're not going to contribute (and clearly you're deliberatly refu
  9. Yes, new player. That wasn't an insult, just stating the obvious while trying to offer you helpful information. If you're Lvl 82 and still don't know how to get to an argentavis then you're still a new player. There's no shame in being new, we've all had to go through the experience of learning how to do things in ARK.
  10. I feel your pain, this is a good time to let you know that this is how ARK works. There's a reason you see it classified as a "survival game". All survival games involve the game trying to kill you and you needing to work hard to not be killed. And, when you do get killed, there's always a chance that you're going to lose things. If you came from a game like Warcraft then there are parts of ARK that will feel shocking or frustrating, but once you get used to the idea that you're trying to survive in a hostile environment it can be a lot of fun. Part of being successful in ARK is developin
  11. It's an "oops", but I'm betting it's not one that can be fixed in ARK without re-writing some pretty fundamental code (which is definitely not going to happen this late in the life cycle of the game). When you log into the game it rezzes in objects and animals the same way it does when you fly towards a base. You'll notice that animals & characters get rezzed in first, then player-made structures afterwards. This is why, for example, you can see the tames someone owns before their buildings rez in. Same thing when you log in, your body and the icthy rez into the game, the ichty
  12. That's a valid argument for PvP, but invalid for PvE. There's no excuse for attacking or otherwise harassing beach bobs in PvE, that's just being a coward.
  13. Almost every map has multiple locations that are good for resources, especially the basic resources of fiber, thatch, wood & stone. The location of your base is not the most important thing, it's taming good animals. Tamed animals are stronger than wild animals, because you can start putting levels into the stats that you care about. You can make sure that your animals have more HP and Melee than wild animals, which is how you increase your power. If you fly into the mountains mounted on a good argentavis then you don't have to worry about them killing you anymore, you can defeat them
  14. So you're a typical complainer who doesn't want to do your fair share to make things better. Brilliant "joke". And just to be clear, in my view the root cause of this problem is WildCard's fault, not the players. For a game of this size and scope a wiki a) should be Official, b) should be hosted by the game company for free and without adds. I don't expect a game publisher to hire people to maintain a wiki, it's ultimately a community resource, but there are plenty of games that make much less money than ARK that have their Official wiki hosting costs paid for by the game company.
  15. You can find the old trailers on youtube. If you want to play with the old interface I'm not sure if that can be done, but if you just want to see what the old interface looked like then same answer as above, youtube.
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