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  1. Dont know you tell me? My comment was moved to this topic which is pointless because the devs dont take any game suggestions into account i'd even argue none of them have even looked at this topic since the day they added it.
  2. official orp, why is that so hard to implement??????
  3. thats all 100% but Unfortunately they couldn't care less even if they wanted to snail is pulling the strings ORP and the hardcore modes is nowhere near the top of the list i would be actually stunned to ever see them being added the game was rushed out the door it is not built from the ground up either it is all imported from ase with tweaks here and there, most bugs and exploits still exists and perhaps new bugs and one that is right up there is console commands/INI files, what was the point in updated graphics if the majority of players can turn off foliage ect any command that gives a pvp advantage players will use it, but yet pushing out skins is more important use of time?? and mods these are things that should be implemented down the road when the game is stable and more maps skins ffs what a utter waste of time. snails direction will severely hamper the game its probably time we all just moved on
  4. dino mod, mod spotlight, mods for all! imagine this game if it was properly looked at
  5. There is no chance, check the game suggestions ( a pointless topic thread) for the main orp discussion, ark the player trading platform is the main priority skins and mods at this stage of the games development 🙄
  6. i'll post this again just work on the game never mind the paid poop, just work on the game
  7. i too will also add myself to the count @StudioWildcard wise up and add the orp gamemode that was in the game before fair enough you somehow managed to get the community to purchase the game again, why not just add modes that was in the original game, it would appear that its nothing to do with popularity as you have said before
  8. How long more must this request for ORP be ignored? a gamemode long since established in ase, of which more and more will ask for, no other thread on game suggestions has as many upvotes or replies in saying that any thread highlighting the console commands disaster exploit should be up there too. @wildcard why not give a definite answer as to why not? before you say orp seems popular enough on game suggestions or is there more obvious reasons that would highlight the shortcomings of the present state?
  9. May i ask the distinction from ORP and regular asa/ase servers? whats the flipping difference there is exploits in every facet of the game, i do like the being able to disable anything on the map and just walk through online 24/7 bases, Christ that's a good one, oh i think you highlighted it quite well, garbage filled cesspool that is ark, everything you highlighted is not all specific to ORP "angry man children" wise up, spose thats a rare occurrence in online gaming eh the worst of the worst knows no game mode, nor method, normal pvp what exactly is that in ark whats the standard good riddance to ark is a better phrase
  10. lols wow, How can an updated game be worse than the original, console commands should be disabled, seriously is this even worth the stress anymore
  11. The word on the quarter mile street is Big Vin Diesel has sent many requests for official ORP servers surely wildcard wouldn't let the big man down???
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