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  1. Not trying to give you a hard time, but you're remembering wrong. If there was ever a time when you couldn't pick up tamed dinos in PvE it was very early in the game. This is something we've been able to do since Early Access.
  2. She specifically said she's playing SP and non-dedicated with a friend, none of this applies to her.
  3. It sounds like you might have Hardcore mode enabled, is the game starting you over at Lvl 1 every time you die?
  4. Because there are still record numbers of people playing on Official servers. No matter how much you and I hate Official rates there are obviously lots and lots of people who are ok with them. WC isn't going to change the Official server for you or me, they would only change the Official servers if too many people are leaving their servers because of the rates. I don't understand why anyone plays on an Official server if they have other options available, but they do, and in large numbers. No matter how much you personally hate it WC isn't going to change the game when there are still so many people playing on their servers.
  5. LoL, well played. But, to be fair, it's also normal after the release a new expansion, and Fjordur counts as a new expansion. Every MMO I've ever played goes through this cycle of lots-of-updates-in-a-short-time after they release a new expansion.
  6. Yes. It's not the trophies that give you the extra levels, everyone who participates in the fight (and survives to the end, if you die during the fight you won't get them) gets the levels.
  7. One could make the same argument for any location on any map that is far from water. Considering how slowly water collects, and how many tanks you need to build relative to the size of a base, my personal opinion is that making the game mechanic consistent is more than any distinctions between maps. Having said that, I'm not trying to argue that you're wrong, we just prefer different answers.
  8. I've done it in the blue zone. For what it's worth, this is on my private server, but having said that there aren't any config settings related to tanks & filling, so I'm pretty sure that being a private server doesn't matter for this function. Agreed, it should work the same everywhere.
  9. I'm not sure what happened with your dinos, but it sounds like maybe your tribe mates aren't high enough level to be allowed into the alpha dragon fight. What levels are they?
  10. While I agree with you in concept, after all there's a whole list of things it would be nice if they would fix. But if we're being realistic this game is coming to the end of its life and most of these fixes aren't going to happen. WC has never been good at fixing problems that their game was causing, not even during Early Access when you would think that customer service would have been important to them in order to get a better reputation. Consider the fact that the tribe log is only 100 lines long, which is just stupidly absurd for a game that is supposed to be based on having tribes doing a lot of stuff all the time. You can fill the tribe log in just a few minutes of someone attacking your base, or you can lose much more than 100 foundations, walls, dino's, etc. if a game glitch causes problems with your base. This is why I, for one, will never spend a penny on ARK2, as consumers we have to vote with our dollars. ARK2 might even be a better game but WildCard will not be a better company, their customer service has always been terrible and will always continue to be terrible as long as they are making crazy amounts of money from their games. You may have recently seen that ARK set a new record for number of live, concurrent players playing via Steam. After almost a decade of awful customer service they are still making tons of money off of the game, and will make more tons of money from ARK2. The concept behind this game is so good that people love it in spite of WC being a terrible company, they will never improve their customer service as long as they keep making money like this. I agree that they should, but they won't. So... if you were playing on an Official server then you should submit your ticket but you should also realistically expect that they won't do anything, and then you'll have to decide what you want to do about it.
  11. When you say "we were the only ones on the server" does that mean you were using your own server, either dedicated or non-dedicated? If so then WildCard and support can't do anything to help you. Before I go into any long explanations, can you confirm what kind of server you were playing on? 1) Official 2) Unofficial dedicated owned by someone else 3) dedicated that youown 4) non-dedicated with either you or your brother being the host. The answer to your question "what can be done" will depend on what kind of server you were playing on.
  12. Unfortunately there is not. After a map becomes Official it will gain it's own separate folder where it saves things like your character, the tribe file and the map file. But when a map is a mod map, or is not Official yet, then those files all get stored in a single folder, which is the same folder the game uses for The Island. Examples of individual maps Scorched Earth = ..\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\ScorchedEarth_PSavedArksLocal ( the LocalPlayer.arkprofile file in this folder is only for Scorched Earth ) Valguero = ..\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Valguero_PSavedArksLocal ( the LocalPlayer.arkprofile file in this folder is only for Valguero ) But... The Island & Mod maps = ...\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal If you look in that folder you'll see files for any mod maps that you use. For example, on my PC I have a Valhalla.ark file because I once played Valhalla for a while in single-player, that's where you'll also find the .ark file for the Fjordur map from when you played it while it was still an unofficial mod. However, no matter how many different mod maps you've played, that folder still only contains one copy of your LocalPlayer.arkprofile, it does not make a separate copy for each mod map. Once you created a new character for Fjorder, when it was still unofficial, the game completely wrote over your Island character and it was gone. The only good news in all of this is that since you're on single-player you have the ability to use admin commands to rebuild your Island character. * If you know what level it was you can use commands to give yourself those levels again. * If you remember what stuff the character had you can respawn those items and give them back. * You can give your new Island character ownership of the tribe that you established before, which will include all buildings and dinos. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Console_commands#Tribe_Management_Commands Command #1 - "take tribe" Command #2 - "MakeTribeFounder" After doing these three things ( restore XP, restore stuff, give tribe ownership) you can put things back the way they were on The Island and it will be as if the original character was never gone.
  13. You have to submit a ticket to support, no one on the forums can help with this.
  14. There are two things you can do that will give you the information you need. 1) Go to the wiki pages for the maps that have been added since you stopped playing. Within the page for each map make sure you read about anything new on that map that you've never seen before. 2) Open your game in single-player, on any map it won't matter which one, and use the "gcm" command to see all of the engrams. Then just look through the engrams to see which ones are not familiar to you. This is the closest thing to a "detailed list" you're going to find. No one is going to be able to give you the kind of detailed list you're thinking of, the only way to get that list is to look through those wiki pages in chronological order and then carefully look through your engrams.
  15. As far as I know that's not possible, you would need to run a dedicated server instead. Based on the fact that you're currently running a non-dedicated server, I'm guessing this would mean that you would be running the dedicated server on the same computer that you're using to play the game for yourself which presents two issues: 1) It takes more computer resources to run a dedicated server and the game client on the same machine, so your computer would need to be strong enough to do this. 2) There is some extra work on your router config to set yourself up to connect to your own server. I've never done this configuration but I've seen people talking about it in the server section of the forums.
  16. As far as I know there is not anyway to decrease levels. What you could do is modify your XP settings so that you gain XP very slowly for a while until you feel like it's balanced out and then restore the normal XP setting when you're ready.
  17. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Titanosaur#Taming 16-20 hours.
  18. If you're on an Unofficial server then no one can help you. WildCard has no ability to get into Unofficial servers or affect them in any way, the admin of that server is effectively the owner and they can do whatever they want.
  19. I can think of three possibilities: 1) invision is right - when you logged off your body was in a location where someone could drag you into the water. 2) Server lag & non-synchronization. I'm sure you've experienced rubber-banding and server lag many times, it could be that when you logged off the server thought you were in a slightly different location than you saw on your screen. It wouldn't need to be much, if you log off inside of your building but the server thinks you're standing outside then as far as the game is concerned you're out in the open, which resulted in someone dragging you into the water. 3) If your base is build too close to a stream/pond/lake the server might have screwed up and calculated that either you were in the water when you logged off or were close enough for a piranha to kill you. As you can see, this is just a slightly different version of #2. As for how you prevent it from happening in the future - do what people have been doing since the very beginning of ARK, always store things in a box and log off naked. That way you won't care if you die because you won't lose anything. There are also people who swear that logging off in a bed will prevent problems but I've personally experiences problems even when logging off on a bed - things like being stuck in the bed/ceiling/foundation when I log back in and having to demolish them in order to move. Honestly, for maximum safety it's always better to store your stuff before logging off.
  20. Whoops, I see now that I misinterpreted your previous post. When you said, "The things is here, it doesnt fill up by just sitting there." I interpreted that to mean "It doesn't work here" as in "it doesn't work on my server" or "it doesn't work on this map", but what you were really talking about was the point that they fill slowly when you're not in render range. So basically we should ignore my previous question because it was based on a misinterpretation of your post, sorry about that. As for whether it's a glitch or working-as-intended, I have no idea. I can see your point, it might just be a bug with seniority. After this many years the only thing that matters is how it works and whether it works consistently on every map.
  21. I can't guarantee that Invincible is right, but I can tell you this - on my private server I have seen many times when the in-game player count on the Join window and the Steam Servers window player count don't agree, and the in-game player count is always the correct number. A typical scenario is that I've logged in expecting to find ## of players, used the "showmyadminmanager" command, and then saw that the count on Steam was wrong. But if I log off and look at the player count on the Join window from the game client it gives me the correct number. Obviously I don't do this every time, the number of people logged in isn't that important to me in a private server, but there have been times when I've been curious enough to double-check and every it's Steam that's giving the wrong number.
  22. When you say "here, it doesnt fill up" what do you mean by "here"? Do you mean you're playing on Official, Single-player, PC, Xbox, Unofficial... etc. Also what map or maps are you looking at this not working. Even the wiki says it needs to be confirmed on Scorched Earth. I can say with certainty that it worked on our private server, PC Steam version, when we did Aberration, and it's currently working on Valguero, but of course I can't say whether it's working on all platforms, all maps, and all modes. The wiki tells us how it's supposed to work, but of course that doesn't mean it's working as intended, hence my questions for you.
  23. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Water_Reservoir 1) "It can't be filled up by connecting it to irrigation pipes, but it automatically fills up during rain or snowfall." 2) "They can be filled up by condensed water without the use of rain or snow. Making it, in huge numbers, useful placement for Aberration (and scorched earth(needs to be confirmed) ) , seeing there is no rain on these maps, making it a water creating system without connected water." Translation: They fill up quickly from rain & snow, or they will fill up slowly just by sitting there. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Metal_Water_Reservoir "and it fills very slowly from condensation at all times. It fills much more rapidly during rain or snowfall." Translation: Same thing. Two things you need to keep in mind. 1) Every time you drink from a water tap it uses 100 water from the water tank (or system of tanks). Even if you only "need" 10 water the game still removes 100 water from the tanks. So, if you're using tanks to condense water, which collects very slowly, you only want to drink when you're getting close to zero water in your character, otherwise you're wasting water from the tanks by using 100 at a time even if you don't need 100 to fill your character. 2) If you're going to irrigate crop plots by using tanks to condense water you need to build slowly and carefully. it's easy to place too many crop plots, drain your tanks, and then your crops die because you can't collect water fast enough. When you first place a crop plot the game will try to fill it completely, so you need to be aware of how much water is in your tanks before you place each new plot. Or, you can just place a bunch of them at once and then wait until they're full before you start planting crops. Also, once you have crops growing they will use water during the growing process, I don't remember the specific numbers or how to calculate how much water you need per crop plot per day, if you can't find that info then just make sure you increase your crop farm slowly so you can decide whether you need to add more tanks before adding more crop plots. And again, every time you drink it uses 100 water, it's really easy to kill your crops because you've drained your tanks by drinking too often.
  24. You need to provide more information. What happens? What error message or messages do you get? How far into the process do you get before the error occurs. We can't even guess whether we'll be able to help unless you give better information.
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