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  1. It's true, no one who works at WildCard will ever play Major League Baseball.
  2. Yes, as long as the saber has fairly normal stats it's definitely good enough for the easy cave, as long as you take you move slowly and don't fight too many things at once. You could tame that saber, immediately enter the cave and start adding levels with the animals you kill during the early part of the cave. Having said that, my suggestion would be to tame it, then take it out for a 15-30 minute run, kill everything you can and put 10-15 levels on it before you go into the cave. This will let you get a little big of practice with how far saber move when they jump, run & run/jump, and it will also let you add some levels to any stat that you think needs to be a little higher. p.s. Something else that's important for all caves (and boss fights) is good saddles. That saber will be good enough for the easy cave, and maybe even some of the harder caves, but if you have a good saddle it will make your cave run more fun. The better your saddle is, less damage the saber will take while fighting because of the armor rating of the saddle, which means you'll have to stop less often to feed it to rebuild hit points. This is why a lot of players prefer sabers to dire wolves in caves, because the game doesn't have saddles for dire wolves so they can never get the armor benefit of saddles.
  3. If you are alive, any animal on Neutral will keep fighting anything that's trying to attack you. If you die, an animal on Neutral will stop fighting if the attacker leaves them alone. If an animal attacks them, they will then continue fighting to the death. Example 1: Your example - microraptors only attack riders, so once the microraptor killed you the argy and the microraptor stopped fighting. I'm betting that the microraptor killed you too quickly for the argy to dive down and join the fight, which means that the instant you died the microraptor became peaceful again and the instant the microraptor became peaceful you argy decided there was nothing to fight anymore. Example 2: If the attacker was something like a Thylacoleo, and if the argy was low to the ground where the thyla could reach it, then the thyla would turn around and attack your argy which would cause your argy to fight to the death. Example 3: When the microraptor killed you, any predator that could reach the argy might attack it, and since the argy was on Neutral it would fight to the death. Considering that most microraptors attack at a low altitude (unless you fly underneath one that it up in a tree) then you argy would probably be close the ground when you died which means any aggressive carnivore like a rex, carno, raptor, etc. might attack your argy and it would fight to the death. It all depends on how high off the ground your argy was hovering when you died. The basic rules to remember are: * most carnivores will attack tamed animals even when there is no player nearby. This applies to any tamed animal, both ground and air animals. * most herbivores will not attack a tamed animal. There are some exceptions, of course. A few animals, like microraptors, will attack players but will not attack tamed animals that are not being ridden (I'm pretty sure a microraptor will completely ignore any non-mounted animals, even if the microraptor is wandering around the map and gets close to them). A few animals (like dire bears) will ignore players and mounts at all times, unless they happen to wander to close and then they'll attack.
  4. 1) It's fairly common to forget an ingredient for recipes and then wonder why they aren't cooking, the most common ingredient to forget is waterskins or water jars. This is something that has happened to most of the players in the game at some point, are you certain that you're including all of the ingredients? 2) Are you running any mods on your single player setup, if so which ones? 3) If you want, we can help you double-check that you have everything you need. If you're still stuck please tell use what you're making and list the ingredients you're using.
  5. FYI Your information is out of date, S+ is being supported again, by the original author.
  6. If the link provided by @Leinx didn't solve it for you, there is also a discussion page on the wiki that shows some additional work/steps that might be of use to you. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Talk:244.3
  7. 1) As you know, insiding is allowed in this game. That's not what you did, but even you had done it, it's still allowed. 2) He's lying about his "appointment", that's not a thing. 3) If you two can't work things out just consider it a 'lesson learned' about communication and teamwork, and move on.
  8. Is this an Official server? Unofficial server? Steam? Windows? Xbox? A Local/Host game? More details are needed before anyone can offer any help.
  9. You can't, stealing is allowed in this game. WildCard believes that it's up to players to be careful who they invite.
  10. When S+ added that new feature, I'm fairly sure they also added a configuration setting that would let you turn this feature off. I don't remember what it's called but if you go to the S+ page and look at the documentation for the most recent update it should tell you the name of that config option and how to set it the way you want.
  11. Yes. Although I'd make sure you have multiple pillars supporting those ceilings, you don't want to have a situation where removing one pillar causes the building to collapse (true story, it was painful).
  12. Check the aggression settings. If they're on Neutral they might be chasing small animals that wander into the base and attack them, or if they're on Aggressive they're chasing after any hostiles that wander nearby. Heck, they might even be on Passive-Flee and are running away from nearby hostiles. p.s. Also Cowgirl gives good advice. If you use the Follow function properly you can make sure that they will eventually return to base if they're on Neutral or Passive-Flee, and it will often work even for animals that are on Aggressive.
  13. I'm pretty sure the equation is on the wiki somewhere, although I don't remember exactly where, you'd have to pull it up and do some searching. But an even easier method is to use Dododex, if you type in the % value of your weapon it will tell you how many arrows/darts you need. Now I realize that's not exactly what you're asking for, Dododex doesn't tell you that "150% crossbow does ## amount of torpor", but if you compare a 224.3% crossbow to a 100% Longneck, when you see how many arrows/darts are required you can deduce which one does more torpor per shot.
  14. Paragraphs, punctuation and formatting are you friend... assuming you actually want people to read your post. If you just wanted to vent that's cool, but if you want people to read it then it's your job to make it readable.
  15. There's this little thing called "troubleshooting", maybe you've heard of it. It's a process in which you follow a logical series of steps in order to try to diagnose a problem. And when there is information that doesn't make sense for the troubleshooting process you begin by resolving anything that doesn't make sense before proceeding to the next step. The biggest problems in troubleshooting are misunderstandings and misinformation, the first step should always be to clear up anything that doesn't make sense.
  16. That's already how the game works. Bushes don't always give the same amount of fiber & berries, the amount of fiber is already variable and the type/number of berries is also variable. How is your goal any different from how the game already works?
  17. That doesn't make sense, for the following reasons. * If you're running a dedicated server on a computer, then the only thing that computer has to do is run the server. * If you're running a non-dedicated server on a computer, then that computer has to run both the server and your client, which is much more work than just running a dedicated server. Why is it that you think that this old desktop is 'limited' to running a non-dedicated server?
  18. You can use mods or console commands to give yourself more engrams, but if you're just using the basic game there is no way to earn more engram points. Keep in mind that ARK is fundamentally intended to be a tribe game, so the basic mechanics that are built into the game are designed so that it takes more than one person to learn every engram just using engram points. But when you're playing solo on your local/host copy of the game that doesn't matter because you have the ability to use console commands to give yourself anything you want.
  19. Yes, but you'd be better off with Megatheria than Rexes.
  20. Best method is to have a better wyvern. But if you don't, then build a good wyvern trap and lure then into it. Once they're trapped it's not hard to kill them.
  21. It's not a bug. It happens with every major release and sometimes with non-major releases if they have made an addition/change to the default key bindings. For some (stupid) reason WildCard thinks it's ok to just burn up people's time when it's completely uncalled for.
  22. Watch what happens when you accidentally hit the default key mapping for "All Follow Me" while you're standing inside your base, and then tell people that it's not a big deal. Tens of thousands of people (and that's not an exaggeration, it truly is many tens of thousands) have to spend somewhere between 15 minutes and two hours fixing all of their keyboard mappings, graphics settings, video settings, not to mention the quite frequent huge pile of animals all plunged into a corner of their base, every time this happens. Even with a conservative estimate that's at least 25,000 hours of player time wasted every time WildCard made changes that they had no business changing in the first place. If you add up all of the time this wastes it should be extremely obvious that this is a bad, bad policy on the part of WildCard. The true solution is so simple that it's painful. So yes, it is a big deal and people should be complaining about it a lot more. 1) Don't ever change a player's sound settings, not ever. There's no reason for it. 2) Don't change a player's graphics settings. Even if something in the graphics engine has changed it's a lot better for players to make tweaks based on that change than to set everyone back to default and force them to wrestle with their graphics until they can finally get things back to their preferences. 3) If there is a new keyboard mapping introduced only make changes related that new mapping. Like when they added the new whistle command to tell flyers to land, all they had to do was map a key to that new command and then unmap whatever command was associated with that one, specific key. There is no good reason for setting every player's key mappings back to default, it's a garbage decision to do that to people.
  23. Were you able to get things resolved, or still having issues?
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