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  1. How i can see what Mods work on Offical Servers in ASA?
  2. Wnats about Custom Cosmetic System Phase 2, launching April 1, will automatically download them in the background when encountered during gameplay. Note: Clients can disable usage of these globally or per-Mod-ID. Servers can disable globally or use a whitelist (we suggest servers use our official whitelist, which will be the default). The cosmetics allowed on official servers will be dynamically-white-listed on a daily basis by Overwolf and Studio Wildcard to avoid any exploity or issue-causing cosmetics. Where is that?
  3. Hi, i play Official PVE Servers only. How can i see what Mods work on Official ASA Servers? Why is the no option to sort the mods for this.
  4. Dear Wildcard, please Fix the Login Errors and the Unmount Bug.
  5. One can only hope that they slowly realize what they have done. all servers i know are empty.
  6. Many Different Points. My Personal Point is, i dont want all that work again. The Bossfights was Horrorable for me, i want Taming, Breeding and Farming. I have two Chars lvl 195 and 185 with all Engrams and over 16100 Hours Ark. Give me an Option to Tranfer my Chars with an Full Inventory of Blueprints, Cryopods and Stuff and i am Happy. If the Snail want Money, he can get it from me.
  7. None Talk About "Chibi Slot and Skins Tab", this is a new Microtransactions Feature? I am right when i think you let us Buy the Skins we unlock for Free in Evolved?
  8. I've been playing Ark from the start and now have over 16,000 hours on the account, almost exclusively on Offi servers. Wildcard has always been very bad in terms of information and meeting deadlines has almost never worked. I am deeply shocked by the action now, everything that is being deleted was an incredible amount of work and that is not absolutely necessary for a graphics upgrade. If they need money they should just offer a DLC or start a pre-sale for Ark2. And the fact that you're sitting there now and think you could stay silent and sit it out shows me that they don't care about us at all.
  9. I played this Game for a long Time and had a lot of Fun. but what Wildcard does now spoils all fun for me and for me it's the end of this Game after 16000+ Hours when the Servers shut down. Nice Game but Stupid Developer.
  10. EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles870 is down now since over 3 hours. fix please. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/8711173/downtime
  11. EU-PVE-Official-GenOne641 Down now since over 61 Hours. What Happen? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7659360
  12. Server 920 are 11 times down Today. How many more that Wildcard fix that?
  13. Us Gen 2 Server 920 kicked every player and is Stuck now. Every Char still online and none can Join since almost 2 hours. Please help, we die. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11708270
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