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  1. Its great to see mastodonsaurus here, i was thinking of making mastodonsaurus for the next ark vote, i have already one posted so can't post another one, mine is Koolasuchus Caementus, but it isnt doing very well, and i think the reason to my Koolasuchus failure, is that is not flashy enough, is that or the mechanic are just trash idk. Back to mastodonsaurus, my mastodonsaurus complete name would be Mastodonsaurus Leviathanica, it would be a gigantic saltwater amphibian that inhabits the deepest areas of arks seas.
  2. Yeah i was thinking of something like, maybe to shoot acid balls in mortar mode Koolasuchus uses a new item called acid (strong acid maybe?), that would be passively generated in Koolasuchus inventory over time (the stack size would be 10), every 30 min or so Koolasuchus would generate 1 acid in his inventory. Another way to make Koolasuchus fair for offline raiding would be that for each acid ball that Koolasuchus shoots in mortar mode, it will consume Food, like Daedon. And for the saddle, I totally agree with u, i think the saddle should only hold a moderate amount of rehydrations. Thanks for the feedback, let me know what do you prefer for mortar mode, using food or passively generated ammunition. I will make some ajustments in the submission to make things clear. And again, thanks for the feedback, i love seeing people that also enjoy my ideas.
  3. Common name: Koolasuchus Species: Koolasuchus Caementus Time: Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Ambushing This dossier is made by me, also sorry for bad quality (only let me post 400 kB) Wild: Koolasuchus Caementus is the largest amphibian on the island and also the most gluttonous creature i have seen so far in the ark, sporting sizes of those of spinosaurus. It inhabits the freshwater areas of the island, being more commonly found in rivers where it ambush his preys..... These creatures stays buried in the riverbed almost all his life. Being the only sign of his pressence a column of bubbles that emerges from the riverbed. This titanic amphibian eats his prey whole, the creature opens his maws so quickly that it causes a vortex of water that leads his preys directly to his mouth. Like moderns abyssal fish Koolasuchus Caementus can double or triple the size of his stomach in order to eat preys that are even bigger than him, this sometimes leads to koolasuchus sofocating due to the extreme size of his prey. These creatures are so gluttonous that they eat everything that gets in his way, causing them to eat valuable resources, armors, weapons, etc.... Some survivor hunt them to get these valuable resources. Domesticated: When domesticated Koolasuchus Caementus proves itself as an excellent siege and support creature. It can swallow allies to save them from dangerous situations or, it can swallow enemy mounts or survivors!!!, but this incredible ability comes with his drawbacks, if Koolasuchus has swallowed an enemy or a ally, it becomes sluggish and more susceptible to damage. Also Koolasuchus can fill his stomach with acid and then it can shoot that acid as a mortar, disolving through metal structures and gear. But as said, Koolasuchus Caementus comes with probably his biggest drawback, Koolasuchus has to be wet most of the time or his skin will become fragile....... Now lets explain everything in detail: Taming: Koolasuchus can be found in rivers and is a passive tame, the only sign of his pressence would be a colum of bubbles that emerges from the riverbed, in order to make Koolasuchus emerge from the riverbed you will have to carefully place honey in front of him, or you will ruin the taming (i will explain this later), when Koolasuchus has emerged from the riverbed it will start to swim around, sometimes it will open his mouth, is then when you have to swim to his mouth and feed it with his favourite food honey or prime fish meat (I haven't deciced yet), after sometime you will have a tamed Koolasuchus. Now i will explain the two states of wild Koolasuchus: - Aggresive Mode: If you come to close to Koolasuchus when is buried in the riverbed, it will start attacking you, so you have to be extra careful when placing honey in front of him, when Koolasuchus is aggressive it can't be tamed, this means Koolasuchus will not reset, and will be aggressive for all eternity, disabling taming forever. But when this state is activated, Koolasuchus will drop valuable resources when killed like said in the dossier (The rarity, number of items and the value of the items will depend on Koolasuchus level). - Taming Mode: This state is activated when Koolasuchus have been unearthed from the riverbed with honey. As said Koolasuchus will start to swim around the area opening his mouth casually, letting the survivor to feed it and tame it. Fragile Mode: This state is activated when Koolasuchus dryes, the survivor will know the humidity of Koolasuchus thanks to a bar similar to giganotosaurus rage bar. When the bar reaches 0, Koolasuchus will dry, making it more succepteable to dmg and torpor, also slowing it greatly. You can recover humidity by going in water with Koolasuchus. But thanks to Koolasuchus special saddle you can carry water like a canteen, waterskin or water jar. This specialized saddle lets you carry great amounts of water that can be used to hydrate Koolasuchus when needed. This saddle lets the survivor rehydrate Koolasuchus up to 3 times. Abilities and attacks: - Left Click: Bite - Right Click: Swallow, Koolasuchus will swallow one enemy or ally, when Koolasuchus has swallowed anything his stomach will expand making him more vulnerable to all sorts of weapons and attacks, and also slowing Koolasuchus. If Koolasuchus swallows an ally, the ally will be save in Koolasuchus stomach, preventing it from receiving any damage (maybe it also heals allies inside his stomach???), to regurgigate the ally right click again, the ally can also free himself by clicking multiple times. When Koolasuchus has swallowed an enemy, the enemy inside Koolasuchus will start to receive damage gradually, the only way to scape Koolasuchus stomach is by punching from the inside of his stomach, when enough damage is deal Koolachus will regurgitate the enemy. Koolasuchus can also swallow allied and enemy mounts. - Space bar( Mortar mode): Koolasuchus will fill his stomach with acid, making it more vulnerable, and preventing it from moving. When this mode is activated, the rider of Koolasuchus will be granted a bird's-eye-view (like exo-mek). When this is activated Koolasuchus can launch acid balls to a determined position, making tons of damage to metal structures and gear, this attack is also capable of damaging tek structures. To cancel mortar mode press space bar again. To not make mortar mode OP in offline raiding (credits to Mangost for the idea) I've thought of two ways to make Koolasuchus fair for everyone, the first way would be that in order to shoot acid balls Koolasuchus would need a new item called Koolasuchus acid, this item would be passively generated inside Koolasuchus inventory each 30 minutes or so, this item would be stackeable. The second way would be that for each acid ball that Koolasuchus shoots it would lower its food stat, something like daedon with healing allies. - Pressing C(Acid ball and acid pool): When pressing c, a bar will start to fill, when filled totally Koolasuchus will fire a short distance acid ball, that deals less damage than mortar mode. If this ability is cancelled while charging Koolasuchus will make an acid pool around him, preventing melee enemies or mounts to attack him. Here we have some old sketches and concept art of Koolasuchus Caeementus, this led to the dossier at the top of the submission: And again sorry for bad quality And thats my submission for Fjordur, this creature was also in lost island submission. I think we need more amphibiand in the game, right now we only have two amphibians in the game (diplocaulus and beelzebufo), and i think a giant powerful amphibian would be a neat addition to the game. I based his design and colors on carpet sharks. Having Koolasuchus is Fjordur would be very cool as a sluggish winter amphibian, this would explain his massive size. Also it would be a neat reference to Walking with dinosaurs, specifically to episode 5 (Spirit of the ice forest), where a Koolasuchus makes an appearance.
  4. Hey, i have a question, im going to submit my own creature to the vote, mine is koolasuchus, it was in lost island poll. So my question is, how do i put photos with that quality in my post??? it says you can only put photos of 400 kb or less. Pls answer quicly.
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