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  1. Primitive Assault Rifle

    The assault rifle is a lvl 58 engram.
  2. On the whole our PvP servers are actually showing as being more performance intensive than our PvE servers. There are situations where a PvE server can perform just as poorly, but those are outliers and exceptional situations in contrast to our performance intensive PvP servers.
  3. Accessing the Trade forums.

    Our Early Bird system works in two ways. On one hand, it helps prevent automated spam on our forums. On the other, the process of having to interact with other members of the community builds up a background of a person before they access the trading and tribes section. Think of having to interact with others on our forum as a means of building credit history/ a reputation for yourself.
  4. Transfers into Aberation

    If you don't want to accept our company's stance on the matter that's your prerogative. I'm just letting you know that's how it's intended.
  5. Transfers into Aberation

    My co-workers are a source of this fact.
  6. what is a most useless item in ark

    I don't know about that. Cloth hats are great for inexpensively putting masks on small creatures.
  7. We chase down leads whenever someone tells us there's a new way to duplicate items, but on the whole it's been red herrings and erroneous reports. People cry dupe a lot, specially against mega tribes, when there's little conclusive evidence that it's not just players going ham on grinding. People always say to us "there's a duping trick because look at how all these things people have all have the same durability and damage/armor values", but when you craft something with zero points invested in crafting skill those damage and armor values will always come out the same regardless of how many of them you craft. Then there's also the very real part where most of these reports don't even point us to the root of the problem. It's all after action reports, like someone telling a cop "someone is stealing money", and then they just show an empty bank. Knowing how it's being done is one of the steps towards fixing the problem, and just sending us screenshots of ill gotten gains, while good in that it allows us to punish these offenders, does not help us identify the methods used to acquire said gains.
  8. Transfers into Aberation

    You can only transfer your survivor to Aberration, but are able to transfer your survivor, any items obtained/crafted (sans element), and any creatures tamed from Aberration.
  9. What you do is you get on foot first, shoot a grapple at a creature, then you mount your flyer and take them away. If you are using a griffin then you don't need that first step.
  10. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Yes I did mention it. On the very first page of this thread, where I fairly explicitly stated that we aren't working on a sequel.
  11. Player recruitment

    We have a tribes section, but access to it is restricted to full community members to prevent anyone with ill intent to just sign up on a fresh account and rope in hapless victims.
  12. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    We haven't even made a trailer for the third expansion yet.
  13. That's in reference to dinos decaying when the timer runs out, not to the fix we applied where the dinos can no longer be claimed if they aren't in stasis and with their timers already expired.
  14. Favorite Dino?

    You're confusing sloths with beer horses. Sloths are the ones that gain buffs when they fight insects. And to the OP, my favorite land creature would have to be the procoptodon.
  15. It's the same as it's always been. If a creature is not in stasis by the time their timer goes up, they are automatically decayed. If they are not in stasis by the time that it's up, then they will be decayed upon server restart.