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  1. To notify devs or not?

    Just a lil bit
  2. VK Bay 2

    DILO means someone is being a potty mouth
  3. Okay, it happened.

    How about you both just knock it off, mmk?
  4. Multiple seating dinos

    Don't forget that a Karkinos can also be used to transport 2 passengers.
  5. That's going to be a very tricky proposition with minigun turrets since their stand is significantly larger than what automated turrets use. Props for creativity though.
  6. Abberant dinos variant

    Aberrant variants as a whole will tend to have lesser health than their regular counterparts, but they also have more damage than the natives of the other ARKs.
  7. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    I've found glow sticks significantly useful for me in tagging dinos I plan on taming if I ever run into them while lacking the materials to tame them. Just throw a stick at them, head back to base to get the taming materials, then come back and look for the dino with lights. No going "now where did that dino go" for me.
  8. Thank you for continued disappointment

    We most certainly do not give Thickfreedom any sort of access.
  9. Silica pearls, oil and obsidian in Aberration

    Anglers harvest silica pearls, they do not generate the resource.
  10. So about that Old Dino TLC pass...

    https://i.imgur.com/IzB1OEj.png That was posted on their discord on the date mentioned, the information is forwarded by a european contributor, hence the time showing as December 10 rather than 9.
  11. So about that Old Dino TLC pass...

    It has not been "finished for some time now". As of December 9, the Ragnarok devs have stated on their discord that that the remainder of the desert and dungeon will be sometime between December 20-27.
  12. So is there an end to nameless spawns?

    Without charge light to drive them off, nameless will keep congregating on a prey so long as they have an alpha to follow.
  13. Ac inventory?

    Players can now use charge batteries to power electrical objects without the need of connections to an electrical generator/wind turbine or without being in the area of effect of a tek generator. The inventory slots are intended for the placement of said charge batteries.
  14. Megalania Not Dropping Toxin

    It's a known issue and a fix for it will be coming.
  15. It sounds like you are playing pve with flyer carry disabled.