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  1. You will have access to the trading sections once you are no longer an early bird member. Here is a guide on how you can access those sections.
  2. Please repost this in the proper server advertisement section.
  3. Hexagon is an in-game currency similar to Gil in the Final Fantasy games, which you can obtain through various means in Genesis rather than being able to outright purchase it.
  4. I've spoken with both support and enforcement and they are currently in a phase of collecting data from reports given to weed out bogus reports from legitimate ones. No one is discounting these reports as "just insiding". If you have actual proof of these please include the video in your support ticket.
  5. Hey guys, can you let us know what server you're on? If you want you can respond to Cedric's tweet so that the information can be more centralized.
  6. We have a handy dandy pinned topic that helps shed some light on this.
  7. You appeal your ban by submitting a support ticket.
  8. Please make use of the tribes section for your tribe recruiting.
  9. Eli


    Please submit your report through our support section.
  10. If you want to appeal a ban you do that by submitting a support ticket.
  11. There is a tribes section that you can browse to find one that fits your tastes.
  12. Eli

    Nv Smurfy

    Please remake this thread in the server advertisement section of the appropriate platform.
  13. Guys please, keep the geopolitical pissing contest off the thread. It's unrelated to all of this stuff. If you don't want to support it, don't.
  14. This is more of a forum related bug than an Xbox one. Please try some straightforward trouble shooting methods like clearing your browser cache or trying it to sign in/link on a different browser. If the error persists please submit a forum support ticket.
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