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  1. Eli

    ajuda para iniciante do xbox

    You can't install mods on consoles.
  2. We're mixing things up with submitting reports. To submit an incident report go under support > help in the navigation bar.
  3. This is not a game suggestion. If you are reporting a bug please make use of the proper support function to report it.
  4. Eli

    Deleting tribe on tribes forum

    I've removed the tribe for you.?
  5. Whatever kibble you currently have should still function for taming their respective creatures.
  6. Eli

    Wildcard I never thought ide say this

    It really isn't though. While textures and mechanics give it an ARK-ey vibe, there are mechanics in place that just aren't. A couple examples to this would be the entirety of the sailing aspect (which makes use of waves, wind direction, etc.) as well as server architecture. If the only reasoning for calling Atlas an ARK reskin is due to the similarity of assets and mechanics then I'd have to ask why people weren't protesting that something like say, Batman Arkham Knight isn't just an Arkham City reskin, just to use an example.
  7. Yknow, the community hub is a public forum. This means anyone with an opinion differing from yours is welcome to express said opinion freely so long as it follows the community guidelines. If you wanted to hold private pow-wows you're free to do that through private messages once you're no longer an early bird.
  8. Eli

    How does Raptor Claws work?

    A fast flying mount gives you an undisputable upper hand in regards to visibility and ease of travel when Raptor Claus takes to the night sky, but any quick mount will do.
  9. You get to keep any holiday colored dinos that you tame.
  10. Eli

    bionic skins What?

    The team is looking into the issue.
  11. Eli

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Please make use of the server outage report form.
  12. - Private messages are now limited to 10 per day - Users can store up to 10 conversations
  13. Eli

    PVE 459 crashed and is listed as PVP 443 (FIXED)

    Thank you for informing us of this matter. It is being looked into.
  14. Eli

    458 PVE Crashed and was renamed 448 PVP - Resolved

    Thank you for the heads up. Our server tech will be looking into it.
  15. Eli

    PVE 457 turned into 441 PVP...lol what?

    Thank you for letting us know. We will be investigating the matter shortly.