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  1. I just got a similar bug in Atlas, I could hear music on the menu and during loading, but as soon as the game loaded it cut out. Turns out it was my mic built into the speakers. I went into microphone permissions and disabled it for all applications while the game was running and the sound came back.
  2. neocirus

    Card table

    Big facepalm moment guys. The main topic is a card game, something to do when your waiting for an imprint or something. Yes I mentioned gambling, but in a between tribe mates kinda way. I'm not talking risking your whole base or breeding line thing. I'm talking kitchen table blackjack, not Multi million $$$ casino gambling.
  3. 4 a.m youtube and i came across a video about a fire breathing parasaur? Crazy yes, realistic... not really. But the idea of short range, low damage defence for a starter tame? Funny at least.
  4. neocirus

    Card table

    How about giving us a blackjack/card table. I spent too much time waiting the last 30min. for imprints. Maybe make it like a mini mission terminal but only for card games. EDIT: People didn't like the gambling part of it so I removed it.
  5. An easy cure would be to add old age to creatures. My tribe mate has critters from almost 4 years ago still hanging around.
  6. Strange you should get them when you die in official. That's how Ive been getting the corruption skins on official servers.
  7. After a few long house of thought on the toilet.. I've come to a solution to fix problem of servers hitting tame limit and to help reduce the stress on the server caused by bases with 400+ creatures just sitting around. Add lifespans to creatures. By having older creatures die of "old age" you can remove at least 1/2 the tames that have been sitting around for months in a base. Forcing players to breed or tame new creatures. And keeping someone from storing creatures in a base just to log in to feed them. Realistically a tribe in the wild trying to survive wont keep 350 creatures alive when They could use those resources on other things. I'm not talking about a 2 month rex, something more like 6 months? While the max age of dinosaurs is still under investigation that cant keep Devs from making an educated guess on the lifespan of a compy or raptor. Personally I've stopped playing ARK due to the inability to do anything do to space and tame limit filling up fast.
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