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  1. Rag and Val are the 2 best maps in the game, and I'm looking forward to crystal isles. Genesis was a disaster and months later still runs like crap. I paid for the season pass but I'll be damned if I waste my time on Gen 2 at the end of the year when the PS5 looks truly amazing and innovative. So great job WC you milked everyone for 35$ by only selling this DLC as a package deal. They knew exactly what they were doing.
  2. That would be a great plan if the teleportation had a shred of consistency.
  3. Only in broken ark do you have to resort to spaceman technology to defend against mosquitoes
  4. lol leave it up to WC to force this fast travel system down our throats, release it in a completely broken state, and then do nothing to fix it. Bravo
  5. Lol there's a new stupid bug every day in this game.
  6. We payed 35$ for this dlc
  7. There's a challenge and then there's overdoing it. 3x is overdoing it. It's not really a challenge it's more of a time sink than anything. A challenge would have been if the X creatures behaved differently for instance more aggressively or were faster. Slapping a 3x on something is about the laziest way you can inflate difficulty. It's basically making the creature a bullet sponge instead of making an interesting change to their behavior or tactics. To each his own
  8. Which is a joke when you're dealing with high level creatures. WC went way overboard with the X creatures.
  9. They sold the DLC as a package deal because they knew Gen 1 was going to be a mess back at the end of last year. Might as well get as much bang for your buck as you can out of an unfinished unpolished and straight up broken DLC.
  10. Agreed. The first few weeks I tried to tame an X Dunk and finally gave up. It's just not fun or a worthwhile expenditure of my time.
  11. He's not taking people's money and promising them a finished product every time he posts though, is he ? What a useless comment.
  12. Save some time and just throw your ps4 in the bath tub now
  13. Yeah its sad because I think the map itself is the best one they've ever done, but I've all but stopped playing since warzone came out. Once I got by the honeymoon period and the new game shine wore off, I really have no motivation to play. The last time I got on earlier this week I did a few manta ray races then TPd to the artic to do the rhino 500. On the way there the game crashed to the main menu. I started it back up and about 30 seconds later it blue screened. Threw my hands up and havent been on since.
  14. Honestly if I did a mission with a random and they died, I'd steal their stuff.
  15. St1ckyBandit


    They 100% come from different directions but there are plenty of safe spots outside of the caves. I agree with you guys, the meteor shower is amazing. It's probably the coolest effect the game has seen yet, especially when you couple it with just how uniquely wonderful the luna biome looks.
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