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  1. To your first point- Ark is a unique game, maybe the most unique game I've ever played. If there was any real competition to it I think people would leave. Some games like Conan or Dayz are similar but again, nothing is quite like Ark. WC kind of has a monopoly going. Conan's armor sets and building system is better imo but Ark has friggin dinos. Dayz's map is way bigger and has a much more robust weapon line up and shooting mechanics, but Ark has friggin dinos. It's my opinion that people would have dropped this bug filled lag fest a long time ago if something else emerged that
  2. Kapros are akin to a jump scare in horror movies. I've had them come at me from off screen and I dont see them until they're already in the air 15 ft away from clamping onto my face.
  3. I get what you're saying but I still hate when people say this. Ark would seriously be one of the best games I've ever played if it ran correctly and the bugs were kept to a minimum. So much wasted potential. There was one time early on where I tamed a high level argy and was very proud of myself. I had a base with a large hatch frame and ramps going down into the main room. Flew in and jumped off the argy to shut the door. He bugged out getting stuck in the door as it was closing. Insta killed. I was so demoralized. Things like this have happened counless times ov
  4. You singleplayers and your crazy cheats
  5. So the best way to get tek fast is to wait 9 months until October...
  6. Then hopefully we get a raccoon that eats lag next
  7. Also whats everyone's favorite color and where do I buy good beef jerky ?
  8. Just go to val and get deino eggs. You can come out with 20+ in like 10 mins once you get a route down. Theres also bee hives all over the chalk hills so I usually bring my bear. If you need a starter flyer go to CI and tame up a quick dragon. After that the eggs are easy money. Since extraordinary kibble is so easy to make I just use that for everything I tame.
  9. Yeah dude lol. Way different experience on playstation official.
  10. This and imo Ab is the only one thats even good. Every other official DLC runs really badly or in the case of SE has an underwhelming map. I wouldn't recommend gen 1 to anyone ever. It's borderline unplayabe with the constant stuttering..... but gen 2 looks awesome so you might end up biting the bullet and having to buy both to play gen 2.
  11. Agree. I've always thought the para's scan was way overpowered when it's already so hard to stay hidden in this game.
  12. If Gen 2 is stable and fun I think that will bode well for Ark 2.
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