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  1. On one hand the missions sound fun and I think I'll enjoy doing them at least at first while they're still new, but if it becomes a situation where I'm in the lava biome and I need fungal wood for example but I have to do a mission I really dont feel like doing just to get a hexagon to travel to the bog it's gonna become a huge pain in the anoose. As Ron said, I'm not thrilled about moving away from the open world concept either but I'll hold my final judgement until Tuesday when we find out just exactly how the biomes connect and the what process of traveling between them entails.
  2. This is exactly what I thought when I read that part too except people spamming turret towers not pillars.
  3. Lol wut.... its 2 maps which they've charged 20 a piece for in the past, so you're saving 5 dollars. Just because 1 map comes out at the beginning of the year and one comes at the end doesnt mean its a years worth of content... it's 2 maps.
  4. We don't even really know what we're getting with part 1 and it's 3 days away...
  5. No flak but I did get a journeyman riot boots bp
  6. I wonder if they'll be any good soakers on gen?
  7. One tip for pvp is to stay as hidden as possible. If you build out into the open you WILL get raided. Paint your structures black or whatever helps you blend in and dont light fires in/near your base. Also helps to have a hidden cabinet of gear/supplies so if you do get raided you have a headstart on the next base.
  8. I find myself extremely unmotivated to play on my val server with genesis being a few short days away eventhough there's still a ton of stuff to do. Pumped to run around as a naked on a strange new map !
  9. Ocean platform - the new pillar spam. Now not even the sea is safe. I tend to go heavy forested areas for my builds as my main defense is staying hidden on pvp servers. The bog looks quite promising as well as very interesting.
  10. Swamp fever should be renamed Corona Virus on OC servers
  11. While the sheer # of new creatures isnt overwhelming, you just have to look at extinction to see that even a few new dinos can completely change the game. Manas dominate pvp now and gasbags are the premiere soakers. Plus owls are one of the best (the best imo) flyers. So with only 3 new dinos in extinction we saw raiding, pvp, and aerial gameplay (to a lesser extent) changed completely.
  12. Not true there's a ton of metal rocks on the giant spiral pillar in the middle of Val's abb area. I farm it all the time with an anky and ravy
  13. This Theyre more of an annoyance than anything because theyre so squishy that even multiple high levels at once can be fairly easily cut down with a decent sword... and my character has zero points into melee. Only time theyre really a danger is when I'm naked and trying to recover a death bag, then they're hell, but with a basic kit of a sword/pike and flak suit you can melt them pretty fast.
  14. I'd love for the snow owl to be featured in the snow biome with some cool new pattern as the current ones on Ext are all either a bland white or grey. There were some amazing looking ones during the Xmas and Vday event and I've seen some very cool bred ones too. A little splash of color goes a long way.
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