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  1. Couldn't disagree more about server transferring. Not about the trolling, you're right there, but hey that's PvP. Not to sound like too much of a jerk but if you can't handle your base getting smashed or your dinos getting sniped then don't play PvP. There is PvE for a reason. Server transferring is what makes this game so much more fun for me and I haven't done a raid in well over a year. I just love being able to bounce around and play on different maps. It completely opens up the game. Jump around aberration on my Drake one day, then go flying around CI on a dragon the next,
  2. Frogs are an extremely easy and mobile early game tame that can allow you to travel way easier than on foot. Go for a high level straight away but even a mediocre frog is 1000% better than running around. Just make sure you have plenty of narcs to keep it down. The swamp can be tough though. Kapros are the real danger here. Snakes are a really easy way to get prime for the frog as you can just back pedal and headshot them no problem. Once you get a frog it'll be easier to get up into the mountains for an argy.
  3. Prehistoric Lady Dimitrescu Actually I think thats what I'll name mine.
  4. It is nice when animals conveniently stick their heads through the walls of taming pens so you can get a nice easy shot though.
  5. There's a certain care free charm to being a bob, knowing you really dont have much to lose. Can't wait to start fresh on Gen 2 for this reason.
  6. Never once did I complain that no one has fixed it, just simply stated the fact that it cant be trusted. But according to you I shouldn't have given a heads up that it contains incorrect info if I wasn't going to fix it myself.
  7. My preference on poly is as follows; if I'm crafting something costly like an asc shotty (my 234% damage costs about 1200) is to do a quick penguin run and use organic but I also like to keep a few hundred hard poly laying around if I need a small amount to fix a scuba suit or a craft a canteen.
  8. It sounds kind of harsh but it's true. Took me a long time and many many wipes to refine my base hiding strategy. Each base that gets wiped teaches you something (once you stop screaming at the tv of course). My previous base was a hidden cliff plat base in the center lava cave that lasted for over a year, a massive improvement upon my earlier iterations. Even that was eventually found but taught me another lesson and was up long enough for me to actually grind out boss animals and gear to finally get to tek tier. I now have the base I've spent literally years working towards.
  9. I assume this is on the island and you're talking about the metal mountain to the northeast of the swamp. If so that mountain is fairly close to the shore so you can simply build 3 stone dino gateways on a raft with gates on either end. Then just kite the bird in, shut the gate, KO it and drive away. Should be safe from any predators at that point. If you dont wanna go the raft route just build a 2 story 2x2 stone structure. Have a door to escape out the back and leave the front 4 walls open. Make sure the 4 walls for the front are on one of your quick slots so theyre easy to place.
  10. I understand that people want to do the maps in order, but man that sounds like such a chore in a game already brimming with grindy mechanics. I went to ext today with my doed (not bred just a wild tame) and was getting 1000 dust per light pole. Sadly I dont think doeds can harvest dust from tek animal's bodies or I'd recommend trying it with your farm.
  11. Meh never edited a wiki before nor have I ever come across a game one that was incorrect. Dont plan on starting now, certainly not with a game as neglected as this. I have enough trouble playing ark without losing everything due to DCs and bugs as it is. Just today my whole server crashed as I was over the water on the way to do a boss fight with all my boss gear. Its a miracle I got back in time before drowning. Sorry not gonna sink additional time into the game doing research for a wiki. For the record I find dododex to be off too, especially with tranqs required to KO a dino.
  12. I purposely left it wrong as a homage to how broken the game is. I'm very poetic.
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