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  1. Again it comes down to ease of breeding for me, which was the genesis for this whole thread. Allos are stupidly easy to tame as well. All the top tier boss animals take 3+ days while Allos arent even half that.
  2. Thanks for the advice but I'm not going through all that stat hunting and breeding to perfection especially when the random 135-150 allos I bred were more than enough to get the job done.
  3. Well we lost the fight but it wasnt because of the Allos. They actually shredded the dragon quite well when it was landed in its nest. We ran into trouble getting it back onto the ground though. Overall I would conclude that Allos are 100% viable boss animals. If it was a grounded opponent like the monkey or broodmother I have no doubt we would have won with ease. If he had done better with the Wyvern Queen in its flying state we would have definitely breezed through the ground combat. Will possibly try again and this time bring our own dragons.
  4. Update: I have 5 tames and 10 babies, so I'll bringing a total of 15 to the fight. Some of the babies hatched with pretty legit stats but some are a bit lackluster. Hopefully leveling them can get the weaker ones up to snuff. I'm shooting to have a minimum of 12k hp and 400 melee but some might not quite get there. Working on raising now so theoretically they should be done sat night and then I'll let them marinate overnight in cryos to get them leveled a bit. Planning on Sunday morning before football for the big showdown.
  5. So when do full transfers open on console?
  6. Hold X The draft is a game changer. You're instantly the fastest thing in the sky besides maybe a skiff. Haven't tested if you can draft off a skiff but that would be awesome.
  7. I'll be sure to record it but I probably wont be ready til next week. Want to tame a few more females to speed up the egg laying process and try to get all the breeding done in one shot this weekend. I'm aiming to bring a minimum of 15 Allos into the scrap.
  8. How much health do you need ? I tamed a 150 male that came out with over 5k health. Another 140 female I tamed came out with over 4k which I now have over 10k after pumping some levels I got from it sitting in cryo overnight. The female still has a good 30 levels left so I can definitely get it to at least 15k with some levels left over for melee. I know a 67 armor saddle isnt god tier but it aint too shabby either and should help with damage mitigation.
  9. First off I know Rexes, Theris, Rhinos etc are better for bosses. This thread is about the viability of Allos. So I'm working toward my first boss fight and I've decided on Allos since they have a really short breed time and I have a 67 armor journeyman saddle bp thats easy to make (I know some people love breeding but its a chore to me). Of course I'll bring along a Yuty and a pig also. I understand the bleed effect doesnt work on bosses but allos seem decent enough in hp and melee to run at least a gamma boss. So has anyone done the bosses with allos?
  10. Yeah I loved Raptor Claus. By far the best event imo. I thought you could cook chibis in the cooking pot outside of events but I guess I'm wrong. Oh well.
  11. Is there anyway to get chibis now (aside from stealing them from other players) ?
  12. Ark is a mix of both for me. Running around wrecking things with a souped up rex or blasting around the map on a tropie is fun, but some of the tasks you must perform to get the high level animals are boring or downright tedious. This game is a trade off, always has been.
  13. 1280 !!!! I got a level 130 with around 270ish BPs last week
  14. The servers have literally never run "fine" since I started this game like 5 years ago
  15. Getting stun locked by a Bary in the water is one of the most frustrating things in this game as well. There should definitely be a cool down on wild dino status effects.
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