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  1. I've always held the view that obelisks and artifact caves should be no build zones. Locking people out of the boss is lame.
  2. Do yourself a favor and look up an island note run (not lost island the original island map) video on YT. You can get to level 70+ in 5 minutes. From there pump your movement speed. At 170 speed you can outrun everything but you can get by with a little less if you prefer more health or weight etc. Sometimes you have to lure predators away first and then race back for your stuff. Dont always try to dive right onto your pack. Hope this helps
  3. Everyone started on the same equal footing in lost island so if you're miles behind other tribes thats on you. I'm at tek level as a solo. Stop complaining and get to work.
  4. Yo WC can I get some retro pay element from the 2 times I already beat the boss.
  5. You dont really need the aim of a 12 year old on mountain dew when the wyverns fly at you in a straight line and are the size of a bus, but whatever works for you.
  6. My server, 209, has been down since yesterday. I'm now missing the 2nd day of a 7 day event. I know there are many many more servers like mine. Surely there will be an extension to compensate those who cant play, right ?
  7. Getting milk is actually really easy. Forget traps just net the Wyv. With a good long neck and shock darts you can ko them before the net breaks. I never raised a Wyv before lost island because I thought it would be a long arduous process but it's actually not hard at all. A high level needs milk maybe twice before it's fully grown.
  8. Its coming in March. Keep your pants on. You can survive a few more weeks without your level 600 super mana
  9. I think LI probably has the best biome transitions imo (geography wise not temperature). It doest feel too abrupt. Some maps feel like they have a literal straight line where one biome ends and another begins. I really like how the red woods is laid out across the map too. It's such a fun map to cruise around on with a Maewing (shoutout to Peppermint). The volcano area is so cool looking at night. Even the desert has a lot of variation in it with black mountains, deep canyons, and open sand. My previous 2 favorite maps are CI and Ab but Lost Island does some things way better than either of them. Still think CI is my overall fav but LI bumps Ab out of the 2 spot.
  10. Love evolved is coming up soon which boosts breeding rates a ton, so that might be a good time to get an army together. I FINALLY got a rex BP from the lab today. Only a ramshackle 35 armor which kinda sucks but at this point I'll take anything over prim. I did Gamma again swapping out a rex for a second pig I got from a raid. Huge difference, beat it with no loses other than the second pig (which was a garbage level 29 when I stole it). Think I'll do gamma one more time which will give me enough element to make what I want to make before I ultimately tackle beta.
  11. Beat Gamma today with prim saddles. Suffered pretty heavy losses, 7 rexes in total, but got it done. Think I'll bring a 2nd piggy next time. No way my army can handle beta in its current state.
  12. I was streaming the football games on my ps4 (sue me) and decided to check in on my base in between the games. Usually I'd switch back to ps5 but I figured I already have the ps4 on so lemme just jump right into ark. Holy smokes Batman. It's so much worse than I remembered, borderline unplayable really. So much stuttering and pop in. Look into getting a ps5 if you can. It's an entirely different game.
  13. I can run the lab naked in like 2 mins flat. Think I've just gotten unlucky with the loot.
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