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  1. Is there a way to identify who might be duping in game? Could I witness someone doing it and report them?
  2. That is disappointing to say the least. I worry that the structure of WC may be falling apart which is a real shame because, after the founding staff moved on to Atlas, things seemed to improved. I see Cedric putting a positive spin on things but, these efforts are losing their credibility/value. I've been impressed with Dollie's approach and communication. Unfortunately it feels like something is wrong and the good efforts are being swamped by the bad.
  3. I've not played on Genesis Official servers for a few months because the lag was so bad. Game breaking bad. No one left their bases and just bred stuff. Is it still this bad? I recall someone on my server saying that duping was the cause then but, I'm not code savvy so couldn't see why this was the case. Have WC ever said "We are looking in to the lag"? I filed daily server reports and didn't see any response.
  4. Lost self and Rock Drake to Anti mesh system. Was riding with 3 spinos on follow in Drake nest area. Selected first person while riding then death and appeared to be under the mesh briefly. X=34954.918 Y=114679.813 Z=105132 EU-PVE-OFFICIAL-ABERRATION220 Character Name Tina Tempah
  5. Same for me. They don't like the big fat fish I bring them.
  6. If it has switched to PvP then you prolly can't see it because your filters are set to PvE? Also, this sucks Gas Balls...
  7. and now our server has crashed completely... will it be better when it recovers?
  8. Maybe I'm more sensitive to the way things are now but, I don't remember things being this bad for other DLCs. I found Extinction quite playable and did Aberration.
  9. Server Lag EU 641 I'm not reporting this as a bug but as a topic for discussion. Is this as good as it gets? Do we have to expect poor server performance for Genesis? Is it the missions? On 641 there were accusations of duping or general shenanigans but this surely can't be the reason for such a terrible gamer experience. We can't teleport safely, build, fight, knock out dinos, ride Bog Spiders or, you know, actually play the game. It's great to have x 3 at the moment but that really just means 3 x the lag.
  10. Bog beat down mission EU server 641 As well as constant high ping, we are unable to complete Bog Beat Down as creatures are spawning under the mesh. I suggest there is a timer on the last 1 or 2 creatures that auto kills and respawns until killed legitimately.
  11. Another Ferrox taming thread as of 17/3/20 Just tamed a lvl 95. Took 12 Element to tame Used HLN-a to check taming process and showed 100% effectiveness Plus 40 levels. Start taming increment was 15% but his went down to 8% as I added Element. Tamed out at 95, no extra levels for taming effectiveness. Also had 53% addiction. If this is "as intended" fair enough but, mid taming info from HLN-a should not show effectiveness and level gain. maybe 17 to 20 element for a top tier (Level 150) tame is probably sensible on a map with fairly easy access to element.
  12. We have a tribe built Teleporter in the middle of the course on our server...
  13. What we really need is mute...
  14. Race Missions I'm not the greatest at race games but I do like them and I was excited to see this aspect of game-play in the missions of Genesis. In single player or on a private server these are challenging but not as frustrating as on official servers. There are a few key problems... Problem #1: Is that the client de-syncs with the server so that you find it difficult to keep the dino on track. You can be teleported or generally shot off in any direction and have to make your way back to the track. Problem #2 Creature obstacles. I get it, we are racing in a live environment and
  15. Another confirmation here. Wondering if you have to put more Element in dependent on level?
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