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Summer Bash 2019!


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8 hours ago, Ormagodon said:

They know other countries play Ark right? Why would we want Uncle Sams hat and American flags..
(Currently Canada Day long weekend/152 birthday) 

-Face palm-

You failed to say that you're sorry in your post, you are not a true Canadian.

On a related note, happy to get some faster breeding, assuming it includes the whole process.

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Complain complain complain..... Shut up.

Free stuff. And for you clowns saying "fix your game waaaa". It only takes 1 person a couple of hours to create a skin yet the whole team has been working on bugs for a while. You great complainers do you work every second of your work day? No.  so stop crying enjoy the free event. If you truly hate this game stop playing. What kind of intelligence does it take to stop doing something you do Not enjoy. Also stop crying about Americans it only makes us what to be more American. 

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