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  1. Another reason why I have all structure locking enabled so pin-codes aren’t really needed unless it’s for ally use.
  2. Valguero - Private Xbox Cluster Returned to work on my fort renovation. After a few attempts, I was able to perfectly align by eye the foundations with a door entrance which were then sunken into the ground to allow maximum head space. The ground floor, lengthways from doorway to doorway is slightly over 20 foundations leaving a tiny gap that you can’t get into so it’s bare noticeable. I tried to build walls up to see if they were level with the other floors but they weren’t unfortunately. Instead, I placed a ceiling off a wall at the closest point to the ground, then placed a pillar
  3. Remember when PvP’rs used to Pteranobomb people’s bases which fast tracked the inevitable flyer nerf? You’re right, you just don’t see that level of creativity any more so I agree with you wholeheartedly. People act as if their way is the only way to play and that any suggestions made, even if there are mechanics in place to support it, are wrong and impracticable because PvP’rs say so.
  4. I’d like to congratulate every person in the attached thread for this new change. Like I suggested, the devs figured it’s easier to amend the tribe war mechanic instead of amending the alliance mechanic, so I’ll give myself a pat on the back (don’t bite).
  5. Yeah I love the new Wyvern trench on The Island and The Center.
  6. Different developers work on different things. The devs that created the modded content typically work on the bugs found there. Primitive+, The Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero all have 1-3 person teams, which are all additions to the Wildcard team. Aside from that, not all devs are debuggers, some are artists that may have a focus on content creation. Believe it or not, Wildcard can work on more than one thing at a time. The key thing is the priority in which they base their workload.
  7. What I like about the unknown is my ability to get things wrong in the name of enjoyment. VR seems more probable now.
  8. I understand your point and I’ve suggested in the past why don’t they don’t pool all information on to their own forums i.e. this one, but for whatever reason it seems to an impossible task. I’m just pointing out that news is available and where you need to go to find it.
  9. For everyone complaining about upcoming fixes, check out @Cedric‘s Twitter. Here’s one of his last tweets. (Hint, you don’t need an account!) He leaks just enough info to let you know what’s going on in the background.
  10. Like I said, it plateaus but the higher the number, the better the loot.
  11. Loot quality makes a significant difference at 2x from 1x (what I use) but plateaus out the higher you go. Fishing loot quality is pointless since the nerf carried over into the quality gains.
  12. Snail Games made ArkPark, and since they own the IP, it’s down to them.
  13. Because it’s a new map, and all new maps have evo events disabled for the first few weekends. My assumption would be that everyone complaining are new to the game because the older lot would have experienced this from previously released maps and known the deal.
  14. Take your tinfoil hat off. Please explain to me how Wildcard benefit from you having a second Xbox? Game sharing negates the need to buy a second copy so profit is out the window. Also, this is a non issue on PC but at least they can comprehend the reason for its existence. Nitrado servers were only introduced in late 2017 but the game was released 2 years prior to that in late 2015. Seems a rather long con to wait so long even when they weren’t even sure renting was possible.
  15. I dunno. In terms of memory usage, my brand new Valguero map has already overtaken a fairly built up Center on my cluster. No where near as bad as Ragnarok but still 2nd nonetheless in the chart of memory offenders.
  16. Valguero is smaller than Ragnarok. It’s actually more so halfway between The Island and Ragnarok.
  17. The less people that play on official/legacy, the less servers that are needed and subsequently the less money Wildcard have to spend on renting the servers. Uninstalling = profit.
  18. Use this command to wipe the nests too: cheat destroyall DroppedItemGeneric_FertilizedEgg_NoPhysicsDeinonychus_C
  19. Kibble was changed earlier on in the year so either your perception of time is distorted or you’re raging over nothing. I’d also have to assume you’re playing Primitive Plus because this is the only game mode that has this problem and while no fix has been implemented yet, it has been talked about by the single mod developer who just happens to be the lead community manager for Wildcard, so looking up acknowledgment shouldn’t have been a difficult task had you actually done it.
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