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  1. Yeah. Also mutated reapers? Reapers are already quite possibly the most powerful tame without drawbacks. (Giga rage and swimmer water restriction) the only possible drawback is charge weakness, but in my experience, people don't have the foresight to bring a lantern pet.
  2. This seems to be the case with official servers for most games. Unofficial servers are almost always better.
  3. Me neither. I fact, for me gen two has been the most stable map. Much more so than the island.
  4. I was kind of upset about the sino, but then I realized that I could use the glider without damaging my armor. While it doesn't sound like much, it could be really good for high quality armor sets that are really expensive to repair. (Or if you just don't want to maintain multiple pieces of armor, because lets be real. Armor is heavy, and I would rather not have to carry 2 chest plates around.) I could also see its value in places like the lava cave on the island, as lost island will be a free dlc, meaning that rather than transferring over the glider suit from abberation (a paid dlc) you can
  5. Me to. Also on xbox. It happens to me on SE, extinction and ragnarok
  6. Or get it pink to look like congalala or white to look like blangonga from the earlier games.
  7. What ever the 3rd creature is, I hope it is a water one. The oceans deserve some love too.
  8. The reason I would be concerned with the sinomacrops is that it seems like it would be another throwaway tame. Like those many useless shoulder pets I.E. archa, micro raptor, compy, and probably a whole bunch of others that I can't think of right now. If this is added, it would be bizarre, as the last 3 free maps added such cool mounts, like the griffin and the deinonychus. If it is chosen, it would instantly be rendered obsolete by things like the otter and the glider suit (which I'm assuming would be available on lost island as it was on val and crystal isle)
  9. Also, the x creatures take next to nothing from normal weapons and low level creatures. I just hope we aren't "lucky" enough to see a giga variant
  10. Are they stupid because they are based on something from the starwars prequels?
  11. They always end with "we are done with wildcard" but much like people who are "done with domino's pizza", they always come crawling back.
  12. They do have x-reapers so if there is no queen then they will be tameable?
  13. Pineapple is a terrible topping. Pepperoni all the way!
  14. I can't tell you how many times I crashed doing these in single player. I think something about these events just screws up the game.
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