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  1. There is already Team up going on in Smalltribes, I would love to see 2man tribes or 4 man tribes in Ark Se it would be so fun only if there is no team up going on #JatFixit
  2. yacque


    I agree with some of your examples and i disagree with some. But i sign this topic because just like me ERROR404 you still have faith. signed by yacque himself 11/06/2018 9h30 pm #MakeSotfGreatAgain
  3. yacque

    Survival Of The Fittest Reborn!!!!

    I think you love sotf as much as i do but what made sotf so unique and so great was that it's wasnt a "Normal battle royal game" it was SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ,it was hunger game more than A br and i think we can agree if they rebuild sotf we dont really what to see it change to much, we dont really want to see LAND LOOT KILL like all the poopy br games.
  4. yacque

    SOTF needs revival ;-)

    Lies Wc Are working on all the side project u can imagine From the stupid Ark mobile to Ark on Nintendo Ds it's unbelievable but i think WC became either deaf either stupid.It's been 2 years and we still have 0 news from SOTF the CEO said it will come back then Jen said it wont all the community is confused you(WC) are doing nothing to clear this out. You either answer we dont know exactly and that piss me off so much cause it's been such a long time, and WC is still releasing wierd content like who cares about blue or yellow easter eggs.My Question is simple : Is Sotf coming back when (exact date) or is it not coming back for ever (then u lost such big game) -->Your Angry survivors yacque
  5. yacque

    Big News!

    SOTF>all BR GAMES that's a Fact #BringBackSotf #MakeWcSmarter
  6. yacque

    Please get SoTF back!

    I Agree
  7. yacque

    Survival of the Fittest for mobile?

    Yeah great Idea but as u knw guys WC dont really listen.
  8. It's been now more than 2 years that sotf exist and i missed it so much. I heard some rumours about sotf coming back with "snail"(a company).Anyway i just wanna say to Wildcard to do sth about sotf cause it is such an awsome game to play and i am so sad to see it dead so WC dont answer this topic by saying " sotf has been paused"do sth cause i knw u love sotf as much as i do. I am Bored of all those poop BR games sotf was so much better than all of them