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  1. We need a fan art on sotf. PogChamp to all the cartoons and images
  2. Great Mod A lot of potential,Fast pvp action. Even if some of the fights manage to capture the intensity of sotf We still need SOTF TO Comeback #JATFIXIT. Keep up the Great Work @Deki and The DevTeam!
  3. bring back sotf
  4. yacque

    Fanart Friday 2!

    Bring Back SOTF
  5. There is already Team up going on in Smalltribes, I would love to see 2man tribes or 4 man tribes in Ark Se it would be so fun only if there is no team up going on #JatFixit
  6. I agree with some of your examples and i disagree with some. But i sign this topic because just like me ERROR404 you still have faith. signed by yacque himself 11/06/2018 9h30 pm #MakeSotfGreatAgain
  7. SOTF>all BR GAMES that's a Fact #BringBackSotf #MakeWcSmarter
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