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  1. Bring Back Sotf @suvivetheark and truste me u ll have pvp for days.
  2. Old "The island" map Hello, I wanted to know wether or not it's possible to develop a mod on the old island map. Because i am not a fan of the biome in the island and i wanted to make a mod on the old map. Also how can we release a mod in ark sotf workshop. Can you choose between ark SE and ark sotf to release and develop your mod or does it automatically choose on ark SE
  3. We need a fan art on sotf. PogChamp to all the cartoons and images
  4. Great Mod A lot of potential,Fast pvp action. Even if some of the fights manage to capture the intensity of sotf We still need SOTF TO Comeback #JATFIXIT. Keep up the Great Work @Deki and The DevTeam!
  5. There is already Team up going on in Smalltribes, I would love to see 2man tribes or 4 man tribes in Ark Se it would be so fun only if there is no team up going on #JatFixit
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